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P101 Roleplay Character Submission
M BuBuWinter

Here's where you place the characters you'll be roleplaying as for the Pirate101 RP. You can do more than one character, but everyone you're playing as must be posted here UNLESS they're an NPC. Please use this only for submitting characters, and keep it relatively free from any chat-like replies. You do not have to wait for us to accept your character; once the character's submitted, you can join the RP. :)

7/2/2014 . Edited 7/2/2014 #1 Report
Captain Jack Harkness 111

Name: Charles Vane

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Class: Buccaneer


Weapon: A broadsword, a pistol, and a dagger.

Personality: Charles Vane is a fierce, brave pirate who sets his own morals, often ignoring any rules set for him. He is charismatic and clever, but has a recklessness that borders on pathological. He is generally kind, but naturally selfish, and has a habit of valuing his own ludicrous ideas long before he will consider sensible or rational approaches to any problem. And he enjoys his drink very much. He will often cheat in duels and whenever he is called on it, he will simply say, "Pirate!" He has his dark moments, just like any other pirate. He has a mysterious side, which can show quite often. He also has a quick wit rivaling Jack Sparrow's. He comes to love many people along his adventures, but trusts few people besides himself. He strongly dislikes failing in general, but recognizes the fact that it is how people learn. This makes it easier for him to laugh at himself, at times. He has a sort of aura about him, making him interesting to be around. Overall, he is just everything we love about pirates.

Likes: Brawling, drinking, sailing, treasure, fishing, and battle.

Dislikes: Losing, dying, being captured, and overall failing in general; but he can still laugh about it most of the time. He also despises all of his enemies, and shows them no sympathy whatsoever. Let alone empathy

History/Bio: Charles Vane was born on his parents ship. His parents were both famous pirates you see, Erica the Red and Captain John Vane. They became simple sailors when Charles was born, so he wouldn't be in danger all the time. Ten years later, while the ship was in the skies of Grizzleheim. It was a foggy night so nobody could see in front of the ship. Because of this, the ship wrecked onto one of the many rock shores of Grizzleheim. Ten-year-old Charles was the only person who survived the wreck, but he lost his memory. He walked for miles, three days in fact, until he arrived at a Grizzleheim village where a bear clan lived. He was treated as a guest and the elders of the clan helped him regain his memory by using a spell to MAKE him remember. He regained his memory and realized his parents died in the shipwreck. The bear clan took him in and decided to raise him as their own. It was the Bear Clan who raised him, teaching him all of their skills. How to fight, how to fish, how to sail and more! Twenty years later, 30-year-old Charles Vane still kept his name and decided to leave Grizzleheim to travel the spiral! At that, he took a sloop and some supplies, and sailed off to find the terrible beastie. Problem was, he started his search with Valencia. Not very smart. He got to Sivella, and ended up arrested for brawling with armada troops. He was supposed to be brought to Dreadnaught Regal, an execution center in Port Regal skyway to be hanged for his crimes. It was a ten day trip, but when they were three days away, Boochbeard attacked the ship and succeeded! He freed Charles, sank the Erebus and sailed Charles back to Skull island. Where he met many other pirates. He decided to become a pirate, thinking it would be fun to get some adventure. And so the adventures of Charles Vane began!

Please give me your honest opinion of this OC!

9/10/2014 #2 Report
M BuBuWinter

*delayed by like 18 days*

*majorly fails at life*

Nice character, though personally I feel he's a bit too stereotypical (I'm a stickler for originality xP). Still, stereotypical characters can be successful if characterized and executed correctly. I still would suggest trying to find things that set him apart from other pirates, just to make him more interesting.

(That's my honest opinion anyways xP)

I'll post more of my OCs for RPing later so we can maybe finally start something xP

9/28/2014 #3 Report
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