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Character Introduction (Required)
A Kaeldanny

This general topic is for introducing who your character is. Should you lack a character, see the Character Development and Roleplay Training Topic.


NAME:( Preferably first, middle and last) :_______________________________

AGE: (You may describe with young, old or middleaged, you may use "immortal" or you can merely use a number):________

RACE:(You can be nearly anything, just please don't go overboard. WE ALREADY KILLED YOU YOGG SARON!):________________

Description: (Do not be brief, please. We want to know, we don't want to guess):

Class/ Studies:_____________________

Weapons on your person:____________________________________

Strengths/ Weaknesses:

Beliefs:("I don't believe in the light, you freagin Lighthumper!", "Elune be with you." Ect ect):___________________________________________________________________

Family: (Who's in your characters' life? Are they a bastard or do they come from a Powerful Dynasty?) ___________________________________________________________

Spouse/ Love Interest: ( You may leave this blank, by all means.)

Biography: (Please go all out just as you did, hopefully in your description :P!):

8/25/2014 #1 Report
A Kaeldanny

Name: Kael'dan Allerian Sunstrider

Age: 35

Race: Quel'dorei

Description: Kael'dan towers over most others standing at nearly 8'ft. His body ripples with muscles and he bares many scars- proudly. His right ear is mostly gone as it was severed by a dagger, the very same weapon responsible for the connected scar that runs down his jaw,as well as the sickening scar that runs across his neck. His hair is the same hue of blonde as his father's Kael'thas, come to mention it, Kael'dan looks like a broader clone of his father. The only features he got from his mother, Sylvanas Windrunner, were her clear blue eyes that can either be warm or cold depending on his mood and environment. He dresses as he is expected to, like the King he is. A crown of ancient phoenix fire burns, bright and hovering above his head. He usually wears a smirk, as for the unusual, his lips might be twisted into a thougtful- or hateful scowl. Sheathed across his back is his family heirloom, the legendary sword of righteousness; Quel'delar. On his hips, two hilts sit, when ignited, they burn the exact color of the fire as his crown, as the essence and energies of his fireblades belong to his phoenixes.

Class/Studies: Battle-mage, The Kirin Tor

Weapons on your PERSON: Quel'delar and Blade of Wizardry.

Strengths and Weaknesses: His strengh lies in the family he and his wife created and the resolve of his people, renamed the Sin'dorei.

His weaknesses: Spiders scare the shit out of him, fear of losing his family and wife.

Beliefs: Somewhat believes in the light but not all that much.

FAMILY: His mother and father are Sylvanas Windrunner and Kael'thas Sunstrider. Iiana and Alucard are his adopted siblings .His wife is Zenthara Dawnstrider ,who provided him with six beautiful children that he loves with his entirety.

(His and Zenthara's children, oldest to youngest: Sylvaela, Zenalea, Kaedan, Delarian, Serrana, and Zael'antis.)

Spouse: Zenthara Norealin Sunsrider (Dawnstrider)

Biography: Kael'dan was born to the Prince of Silvermoon and its Ranger General just before the second war. He grew up with his wife and has loved her quite literally his entire life. At age 16, the scourge attacked and his mother left to defend, never to return to him. During his grief of losing his mother, Zenthara gifted him with the news of her pregnancy. On his 17th birthday, Zenthara gave birth to their beautiful daughter, Sylvaela, named to honor her grandmother. Not long after that, his father too left, crazed for losing nearly everything and soon Zenthara, his fiancee was pregnant again. Zenalea would be born two years after Sylvaela. A mere year later, another was on the way, their first boy, Kaedan. Another two years passed and he impregnated Zenthara (now his wife) for the fourth time, only to have twins, Delarian and Serrana, named after the twin blades their parents wielded....three years later Zenthara gave birth to their last and youngest child, Zael'anits. His birth was more complex then the five prior and Zenhara wouldn't be able to provide Kael'dan with any more children. Long by this time, Kael'dan had recieved word from his father's lord regent that his mother was indeed "alive". He lived in her Undercity and held the role of Grand Commander or her army for a few years before the truth of who he was began to weigh on him. He took the throne and restored his family's legendary dynasty.

By the time Kael'dan was 25, he and his wife had six perfect miracles. Having them at such a young age is what made Kael'dan into a man.

He is 35 today, he is a happy king but a much happier husband and father. He's served as Silvermoon's king for nine years now.

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M LadyZenthara

Name: Zenthara Norealin Sunstrider (Formerly Dawnstrider)

Age: 34 (//I count in human years.)

Race: Sin'dorei

Description: She is a skinny, but rather muscular woman who stands to be about 6'2". She's a fiery red head with hair the colour that's only slightly darker than blood. Three scars run vertically down the right side of her face, starting at her eyebrow and ending just above her top lip. Piercing, emerald green eyes watch their surroundings closely and observe everything that happens around her. Sheathed to her side is a blade very precious to her, and it was given to her father by the Sunstrider family. When Zenthara was younger, her father gave it to her. A locket hangs from her neck, and if one should open it, a picture of her mother and father would be on the right side, and a picture of her husband, Kael'dan, and herself as children would be on the left side. If her lips are not pierced, they are in a sweet, humble smile. If she smirks, it will only be to her husband. Though she'd rather be naked (and her husband would more than willingly let her be), she is dressed in a gown of red, gold, and green. When Quel'serrar isn't at her side, a simple, but elegant red staff occupies her back. Just like her husband's, a crown of fire hovers above her red tresses, burning eternally. She has six children with her husband; their names are, from oldest to the youngest: Sylvaela, Zenalea, Kaedan, Serrana and Delarian (twins), and Zael'antis. When she isn't occupied by her family, or by political things, she reads or practices her swordsmen skills in Farstrider's Square.

Personality: She is a very loving woman, who gives what she can to those who she loves; however, Zenthara can also be very unforgiving, especially if one were to get in the way of her family, or try to harm her family. She is strong-willed, and doesn't give up easily. Anger can get the best of her at times, but she keeps a clear head, and continues on.

Weapons: Quel'serrar

Strengths: Her strengths are her children, and her husband. Without them, her husband especially, Zenthara would not be where she is now.

Weaknesses/Fears: Death, Cultists, Fear of losing her family


Family: She was raised an only child to Thal'antis Dawnstrider and Aldenra Sunblade. Kael'dan Sunstrider is her husband, and they have six children, all of which she protects with her life.

Spouse: Kael'dan Allerian Sunstrider

Biography: Growing up, Zenthara would spend her time on the beach, directly by Windrunner Spire. She lived a few villages over, but every day, since she was three, she would run to the beach to escape her mother's torturous ways. When she was at home, her mother would beat her, and treat her like utter garbage. Her father, growing up, was her hero, and she loved with him all her heart. Her father disliked her being around Kael'dan so much, especially in their teenage years, but finally he had come to accept it, and he allowed their relationship to continue. At the age of sixteen, she became pregnant with her first child, a girl named Sylvaela. Two years later, their second girl, Zenalea joined the family. After another year, their first son, Kaedan, was born. At age nineteen, Kael'dan and Zenthara finally married. After two years, yet again, Zen became pregnant with twins, Delarian and Serrana. The twins were named after Zen and Kael'dan's sister blades. After another three years, their final child, a boy named Zael'antis came into the picture. This birth wasn't the easiest however, and it lead to her almost dying during labor. She survived, however, and continues to live her life, filled with love, happiness, and giving her husband "the look" when he deserves it.

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NAME: Krasuars Bloodstrider

AGE: 105

RACE: Sin'Dorei

DESCRIPTION: A stern-face hid behind a mask shaped as an eye, which he uses to mock himself for him to remember his pain. His hair is styled into a Hawk hairstyle with a purple dye. His left eye, which is his only eye, are emerald colored and gleams a sinister tint. His body is muscular and firm, fitted with a menacing Shadow aura armor.

Class/ Studies: Training as a rogue from his early years he quickly learned how to manipulate people and read everyone around him.

Weapons: He uses two Hacksaw-like fist weapons with a circular grip.

Strengths/ Weakness: He is very quick and agile being able to tear down an enemy in a few seconds. He can also lie and deceive his way out of almost any trouble. In spite of all of this, he has a missing right eye due to a torture he experienced in Dalaran, weakening his coordination.

Beliefs: He is Agnostic believing that there is God but no religion can answer who he is.

Spouse/ Love Interest: He doesn't want any intimate relationships due to him not wanting to be loyal to anyone but himself. He would rather have people to sleep with whenever he wants and One night stands. He is also Bisexual.

Biography: After being born to a mother who didn't want him he was sent off to work at a farm right by the outskirts of Orgrimmar, there he trained himself how to kill and met a woman he fell in love with. She was later killed by a raid of Nomads. With his fury he killed all of them and was branded a hero. He then lived in Orgrimmar for a while but then a letter came in the mail from his father stating that by the time that he would get the letter his father would be dead. Never meeting his father he wanted to learn more about his past. The letter then stated his mother was a woman by Devina and she would still be in Silvermoon. He then traveled to Silvermoon and met his mother, not even one day and he already hated her for looking like an immature woman who knew nothing but lust and sex. After his first year in Silvermoon he was then a part of The Farstriders and rose to become a Lieutenant in them.

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NAME: Alucard Windrunner.

AGE: mid 20's.

RACE: Blood Elf.

Description: Perhaps a bit smaller in muscle build than most blood elves, but not unhealthily so. His hair is long, and a little messy, with half parted to one side and occasionally covering up his eye. He wears a blue and gold trimmed armor when expecting combat, and usually plain black pants and a blue or gray shirt when in casual attire. His eyes are a his best feature, a sharp almond shape that gives his face an almost feline look to it. his ears are heavily pierced, and his septum is pierced as well. His hair is raven black, and his skin is very pale, but in all he is an attractive man.

Class/ Studies: Archery, alchemy, and herbalism.

Weapons on your person: A bow, and two daggers.

Strengths/ Weaknesses: He is a skilled hunter and can use his daggers efficiently as well. Magic, and sword bearings are not his strong suits.

Beliefs: Uknown.

Family: Adopted into the Windrunner family, Kael'dan being his brother and Sylvannas his mother. Biological parents are unknown.

Spouse/ Love Interest: none

Biography: Alucard is a typically quiet man, the younger of the two Windrunner sons. Alucard was adopted by Sylvannas Windrunner at the age of 5, as she saw potential in the young boy and decided to take him under her wing. He grew up keeping his head down and averting his gaze from others, only confiding in his mother and older brother, Kael'dan. Although being a trained and skilled hunter, he also has an interest in alchemy and the science behind it. When Alucard was in his teen years, he fell in love with a young blood elf, Cosete. Talk of marriage and children were on their minds, but his happiness was cut short, when his love met her untimely end. Without getting into specifics, Alucard still mourns his lost love to this day. Soon, his pain had become numb, and he decided to travel the Eastern Kingdoms to ease his heavy heart and mind. To this day, with the occasional visit to Undercity to visit his family, he travels alone. Perhaps someday he can find some closure, and move on with his life. But for now, he searches for something to fill the gap in his life he now carries with him.

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