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Character Development and Role-Play Training
A Kaeldanny

This section is for those of you that are stuck in that stage of no direction with your characters, as well as for those who have little experience with role-playing. We're happy to you help you learn, and happier to help you create.

Post your thoughts and Ideas for your characters here-

Learn to be a loremaker to love them lorelawyers. :)


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M LadyZenthara

Let me start off by saying Welcome to The Farstriders if you're new. We're incredibly glad you took time to come here and learn more about your guild.

If you are not a member of The Farstriders, by all means, please feel free to ask questions whether it be in-game or on the forums. You can inbox/whisper either Kaeldan (who's the GM of TF) or my character, Zenthara (who's an officer of TF).

Alright, so I have quite a bit of history role playing. I started at a very young age on a site called IMVU. It's been about seven years that I've been role playing, and that's between IMVU and WoW.

If you don't know how to role play, my suggestion would be sit somewhere, such as Silvermoon City, and observe people: watch what they do, what they say, how they say it, ect.

A very good addon that you can get for role play from Curse Clientwould be Total RolePlay 2. If you don't like TRP2, get My RolePlay.

"What is role play?"

Well, role play is basically a story written between you and at least one other person. It's like writing a story, but having no idea what's going to happen next!

Got questions? Ask Zenthara or Kaeldan on Emerald Dream or on the forums here!

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