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A Kaeldanny

This is where most of the RP should happen, but don't let that restrict you from trying out things that you don't want to solidify with your character. We can rp those ideas and plots on the Alternative Farstrider Roleplay page.

This should be where we interact and rp with our flesh out characters- this is where we will be using our in game statuses and plots. Once again, have fun.

You're all welcome to create scenes here- which can be converted into In-game events (optional)

8/25/2014 #1 Report
A Kaeldanny

A 12 year old boy followed his best friend around like a puppy and the guards that had followed him around were dismissed.

He laughed softly as he watched Zenthara plop down onto the grassy shaded bank off the shore of their beach. Yes. Kael'dan considered it belonged to he and Zen rightfully.. She looked to him and smiled and he shifted as his palms grew sweaty. She was so beautiful and perfect- and his best friend. He wanted it to be forever more deep down.

If friendship was the only thing he had with her, he would treasure it. The fear that his recent adoration for her would push her away terrified the boy. "Hey Zennie?" He smiled, knowing that he was the only one beside her father with permission to call her such.

8/25/2014 #2 Report
M LadyZenthara

Zen smiled at him, and then rolled onto her back, "Yeah Danny?" she asked. Her voice was melodic and happy. Her bright emerald eyes watched him, happiness glistening within them. "What's up?"

8/25/2014 #3 Report
A Kaeldanny

He smiled at her and hesitantly lay down next to her. His hand brushed hers and he blushed but didn't look away. "The sky." He snickered, "and the stars..both are beautiful but nothing in comparison to you." He snapped his mouth shut, feeling the words tumble out awkwardly.

8/25/2014 #4 Report
M LadyZenthara

Zenthara rolled her eyes and let out a soft giggle, her expression and face lighting up with pure joy.

"You're such a dork, Danny." she beamed at him, and leaned in. She planted a soft, delicate kiss on his nose and smiled, "Best friends until the end, okay? You have to promise me. Promise!"

8/25/2014 #5 Report
A Kaeldanny

He rolled over facing away from her. "O-of course..best friends."

He cursed himself internally. His voice sounded disappointed as he was with both her answer and his cowardice. He should have kissed her. He frowned and watched the ocean waves crash against the sand. That's how his heart felt, in turmoil.

8/25/2014 #6 Report
M LadyZenthara

Zen's small brows furrowed slightly as she looked at him, "What's.... what's wrong, Danny? D-Do you not... want to be best friends?" she asked quietly, a look of panic running across her face.

8/25/2014 #7 Report
A Kaeldanny

He rolled over and looked into her eyes , feeling a sudden burst of confidence, surely something he got from his Windrunner blood. "And if I didn't? If I wanted to be more?" He scooted closer and let his fingers close around hers.

"I don't .... I ..what do you see in Vranesh, Zenthara? You aren't actually... courting him are you?' His voice was shaky.

8/25/2014 #8 Report
M LadyZenthara

Zen nodded slowly, "I am... But it wasn't me that wanted it. His father wanted him to court me more than Vranesh did actually..." she rolled her eyes and sighed.

"They're so stupid."

She paused and looked at him, "What do you mean more than friends, Danny?"

8/25/2014 #9 Report
A Kaeldanny

He sighed and shook his head. "I'm stupid too, nevermind." he sat up and glared out into the ocean. He was going to lose her and he knew if he did, he would never recover.

8/25/2014 #10 Report
M LadyZenthara

Zen's ears wilted, and she looked away. A small twinge in her chest made her feel almost empty and sad.

"I'm sorry, Kael'dan." she whispered, and turned herself away, hanging her head. Her hair fell in front of her face, allowing her to hide it.

8/25/2014 #11 Report
A Kaeldanny

He frowned and pushed himself up, his own ears wilted. "Don't be sorry Zenthara...he-...he better take care of you....h-he better protec-" he stopped and turned before hanging his head and walking off slowly.

He wasn't used to not getting his way or being told no..but more than all, he wasn't used to this empty, crushed feeling. He felt like he lacked purpose, lacked everything needed to win Zenthara's heart.

8/25/2014 . Edited 8/25/2014 #12 Report
M LadyZenthara

Zen sat up and slowly pulled her knees to her chest as she watched him walk away. She felt betrayed, and she couldn't understand why he didn't want her anymore.

Her soft voice murmured after he was gone, a melodic melancholy chime to it, "I love you, Danny..."

8/26/2014 #13 Report
A Kaeldanny

Kael'dan couldn't sleep that night so he waited. When night fell, he found the tree and scaled it up into Zenthara's bedroom. He sat on her windowsill for a long moment and he couldn't turn away...so he stepped in. She looked like she had fallen asleep crying. He kicked off his shoes and slowly slipped into her bed, pulling her to lay on his chest as he traced her cheek with the tip of his finger. "Zenthara,",he whispered loud enough to wake her. He hoped she would wake.

8/26/2014 #14 Report
M LadyZenthara

The young girl sniffles and nuzzled into him, her eyes staying closed.

"Hi..." she murmured softly, before finally opening her eyes. "What are you doing here?"

8/26/2014 #15 Report
A Kaeldanny

He shrugged and kissed her softly, his lips matching hers perfectly. When the kiss broke he smirked, his chest tightened as he waited for her reaction

"That's what. Tell Vranesh and his father to fuck off. You're mine and only I can love you."

8/26/2014 #16 Report
M LadyZenthara

She closed her eyes and returned the kiss, then nodded, "I will..." she said softly, and nuzzled herself into him. She slid her fingertips over his chest, slowly, and kissed him softly.

8/26/2014 #17 Report
A Kaeldanny

He smiled and kissed her neck. "Good. You're going to be.my queen, if you like it or not."

8/26/2014 #18 Report
M LadyZenthara

Zen nodded and smiled, "I promise." she said, tilting her head to the side to let him kisses again.

"I mean it."

8/26/2014 #19 Report
A Kaeldanny

A stupid huge grin flitted across his face. "I wanted to do that earlier but you know, I thought you ONLY wanted to be my best friend. I was going to disappear only to lower myself to drastic levels and make my grandfather tie our houses. I love you Zenthara and the only way I could tell you was by showing you. Sneaking into your house? Pretty risky. Shows my dedication. I mean hell! You're mother and father would have my head! I must really loveyou, eh?"

8/26/2014 #20 Report
M LadyZenthara

"Well.... My mother might, and daddy might only want it for a little while, but... You're only 50% at risk." she smirked, and kissed him deeply, letting her eyes flutter shut.

8/26/2014 #21 Report
A Kaeldanny

"50% eh? I think I can live with that, as long as I'm living at your side." He got up and locked her door before pulling off his shirt and pants. He prefered sleeping in his boxers. Zen had seen him nearly naked before when they went swimming at the beach but that was when they were a bit younger. He had grown modest somewhat, but now that all went down the drain. For being almost 13, he was well built. He moved back and slipped into the bed, intertwining their bare legs. "So, how come you never told me you felt the same?"

8/26/2014 #22 Report
M LadyZenthara

She blushed and looked away for a moment, "I-I... Was afraid you wouldn't feel the same. And I didn't want to ruin what we had by making it awkward." she murmured quietly.

She looked back to him and gently brushed the blonde hair from his eyes.

8/26/2014 #23 Report
A Kaeldanny

He smirked. "I'm surprised you didn't realize that I liked you. I've been checking you out lately- I like what I s- no. I love what I see. You're mine Zennie, and tomorrow we're gonna go let Vranesh and his father know, okay? "

8/26/2014 #24 Report
M LadyZenthara

She blushed softly, and hid her face behind the blankets, giggling softly. "I'm okay with that, Dannybear."

8/26/2014 #25 Report
A Kaeldanny

The Prince ducked under the blankets as he crawled over her, pinning her to her bed. He kissed her and smirked. "I love you Zenthara.." He mused for a moment, "Zenthara Sunstrider..." He lit up, his blue eyes bright with excitement, "very fitting for you, yeah?"

8/26/2014 #26 Report
M LadyZenthara

"Very." she purred and kissed him deeply again, her emerald eyes alive and full of love.

"Forever and always, Teddy Bear."

8/26/2014 #27 Report
A Kaeldanny

He smirked. "No matter what Zenniebug." He stroked her face with his thumb lovingly. "I should have claimed you sooner. I've missed out on your sweet kisses."

8/27/2014 #28 Report
M LadyZenthara

Zen laughed softly and beamed up at him, "I missed out on your's too... I'm really happy you felt the same.." She looked away, "It would've hurt knowing you didn't love me like I loved you."

8/27/2014 #29 Report
A Kaeldanny

He hushed her with a soft reassuraning whisper. "I've always loved you Zennie. Always. "

8/27/2014 #30 Report
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