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A Kaeldanny

Eventually she leads him to the spacious, familiar cabin his brother lived in Just on the bank of Dandreds fold, next to the Undercity. A tall man stood on the dock over looking the lake, his back turned to them. The closer they got they could see his angered worried expression.

Kael'dan wasn't a happy man right now. His eldest daughter was gods no where and he'd only just gotten home.

8/30/2014 #61 Report

Alucard recognized his brother even before he saw his face, and now he knew why the girl looked so familiar. He noticed the look on Kaeldan's face and bit his lip. "Perhaps I should visit another time.."

8/30/2014 #62 Report
A Kaeldanny

She giggled and him and bounced up to her father, hugging him from behind and beaming as his angered expression shifted into one of utter relief. His voice was stern. "Sylvaela Sunstrider! Never DO that agai-" she interrupted her father when she scoffed and pointed at Alucard. "But my hunt was extremely successful yeah?"

He bit his own lip, and brightened before grinning. "Yogg SARON! ALUCARD!?!"

8/30/2014 #63 Report

Alucard smiled weakly at his brother and nodded. "It's been a while, hasn't it?"

8/30/2014 #64 Report
A Kaeldanny

"An understatement! So? Tell me where you've locked yourself away reading? May I even ask you suggest some good books for me?" he laughed and gave his daughter one look, telling her to go inside- and to STAY there. "Come on brother! Its warm inside, I should think. 7 people running about would keep a home warm."

8/30/2014 #65 Report

Alucard thought about making an excuse to leave, to not have time, but he couldn't turn away family. He nodded once and headed for the door to the home.

8/30/2014 #66 Report
A Kaeldanny

Kael'dan smirked and lead them in. The house itself SEEMED small but in reality, he'd used magic to expand the house from within. It was quite impressive all in all. Within the 6 children he and Zenthara were raising occupied themselves in their own way. The youngest, merely five years of age brightened and ran up to Alucard.

After all, Kael'dan noted, Zael'antis had taken a great interest in his father's brother. He had demanded stories about him and Danny as children before bed and about the day. "ALUCARD! ALUCARD! DADDY! LOOK! ALUCARD IS BACK!"

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At first Alucard seemed to be a bit overwhelmed at everything to take in. The home, the children, he continues to look around. "you must stay busy with the kids, eh?"

8/31/2014 #68 Report
A Kaeldanny

Kael'dan shrugged and smirked at his brother. "The two older girls take care of themselves now somewhat, when they aren't running off, " he shot a look to Sylvaela who sat with her sisters, Zenalea and little Serrana. He looked around. "I take that back, the boys do." Zael had already run off, distracted by something equally as fascinating to him, probably up to something bad with his two older brothers he adored.

8/31/2014 #69 Report

As Alucard watches the children run around and play, something flashed in his eyes, that could only be described as sorrow. He tried to avert his brother's attention to the conversation to distract him from noticing this. "Our mother must have thought the same about us, you know."

8/31/2014 #70 Report
A Kaeldanny

Kael'dan would have seen the look in Alucard's had he not been staring proudly at his family. He chuckled and smirked at his brother, ripping his attention away from his kids. "I'd imagine, yes, WE'RE boys."

8/31/2014 #71 Report

Alucard smiled a little. "Indeed, we are."

8/31/2014 #72 Report
A Kaeldanny

He beckoned them into the little bar like area and poured them some drinks, before sitting and gesturing for Alucard to do so as well. He slammed his hand down and grinned. "So Alucard, tell me the latest" he leaned forward, taking a drink and looking expectantly at him.

8/31/2014 #73 Report

Alucard sat down next to Kael'dan, avoiding his gaze and just watches the liquid in the glass. "Nothing, really..just..still searching for a purpose I guess."

8/31/2014 #74 Report
A Kaeldanny

He nodded and changed the subject , not wanting to encourage his brother to dwell on it. "Speaking of mother, have you seen her lately?'" He certainly had himself, he was her grand commander after all. He was usually off fighting under her banner.

8/31/2014 #75 Report

He shook his head. "No. I've been traveling more doing lateley. I was planning on visiting her sometime this week though. Why?"

8/31/2014 #76 Report
A Kaeldanny

Kael'dan shrugged. "I'm sure she'd like to see you. It's a change for once, I bet she's terribly bored of me by now."

Sylvaela grinned and hopped up. "Maybe of you but never of me." True, Sylvanas had taken her namesake under her wing with training.

8/31/2014 #77 Report

Alucard smiled at Sylvaela. "I'm certain you both keep her on her toes, more than you'd think."

8/31/2014 #78 Report
A Kaeldanny

Sylvaela raised her chin and smirked. "I assure you, I'm no child. I am well capable of talk on care of myself AND my business."

Kael'dan shook his head and whispered to Alucard, "Don't argue , just agree. "

Sylvaela was a very very fitting name for the girl. Very.

8/31/2014 #79 Report

He took his brother's advice and nods. "Of course. Sorry for making you beetle ice I thought you weren't otherwise what you claim to be." He smiled a little.

8/31/2014 #80 Report
A Kaeldanny

She brightened, but her lips pressed together and she mulled over his answer. She hummed, "hmm okay."

Kael'dan sighed and looiked to Alucard, meaning something was weighing on him by his expression.

8/31/2014 #81 Report

Alucard arched a brow at his brother's sudden change in mood.

9/1/2014 #82 Report
A Kaeldanny

Kael'dan dismissed it with a long blank look. He didn't want to burden himself and bring it up. He changed the subject yet again.

"The dogs are asking to be thrown in a kennel again. Can't blame em, all dogs wanna run free."

9/1/2014 #83 Report

Alucard looked at his drink, and downed it in one gulp, then sighed. "I know what you're trying to do, brother. Don't feel like you have to change subjects for my sake. It's not going to change anything."

9/1/2014 #84 Report
A Kaeldanny

His shoulders slumped and he took a drink of his own, his expression just as blank as before. " Word has spread throughout Silvermoon who I am....who my father was. The people....they're already demanding I fulfill his promises." He sighed and shook his head.

9/1/2014 #85 Report

Alucard nodded. "I can say that wasn't expected to happen at some point.."

9/1/2014 #86 Report
A Kaeldanny

He frowned. "The Thalassian assault force is already fighting in my cause...whatever that is. People are claiming that they need a king, not a Lord regent...."

9/1/2014 #87 Report

"What are you thinking about doing, then?"

9/1/2014 #88 Report
A Kaeldanny

He frowned. "I'm deciding. It is my responsibility and I cannot ignore that....I'll need to speak further with Lor'themar and his council." He pinched his nose and sighed.

9/1/2014 #89 Report

Alucard nodded to himself. " I trust your judgement. You'll do what's right, I know."

9/1/2014 #90 Report
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