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The Gathered Hearts! A flashy Chat Thread!
A Spirit Dragoness

Come here to say whatever!

9/15/2014 #1 Report
A Spirit Dragoness

(Since nothing has been said...)

So...I was watching Precure transformations/attacks. And I decide to go to the comment section...most of the comments are good (praising the show for various things) or neutral (just commenting their thoughts) which I don't mind if they say they didn't like it. It is their opinion and I won't be a hypocrite by trying to shove the show down everyone else's throats... but when I see "Oh this is such a rip off of Sailor Moon!/Tasteless Rip-Off, Sailor Moon did it better/ Sailor Moon soooooo better then this piece of sh*t/(insert magical girl anime here) made my eyes bleed but I had to have brain surgery after watching ths ripoff/blah blah blah"...who else wants to throw that person out a window of a top-story building?

I mean seriously! Does Sailor Moon fist fight giant monsters?! Huh!? HUH?! NO SHE DOESN'T! She just runs away while her "helping companion" Luna b*tches at her for being "nothing like her last incarnation"! Jeese people watch the show or at least a review before calling b*llsh*t!

11/2/2014 . Edited 11/2/2014 #2 Report
M megagirlZX

I agree with that, for the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it's good that you didn't do it back too but I'll bet that at least a couple of the bad comments there are there to intentionally troll the PreCure and Anime communities.

11/3/2014 #3 Report
A Spirit Dragoness

Yes, and I'd like to introduce them to a really pissed off Cure Moonlight...

Cure Moonlight is sick of your incompetent bullsh*t trollers. Leave my fandom before she escorts you out and wipes the floor with you.

11/3/2014 #4 Report
M megagirlZX

Well hell hath no fury when the normally calm and collective Moonlight is pissed.

11/4/2014 #5 Report
A Spirit Dragoness

*nods in agreement* Amen to that *turns back to trolls and haters* Oh yeah, and the rest of the Cure Army is here to beat the sh*t outta you.

11/4/2014 #6 Report
M megagirlZX

That's going to be one heck of a mess full of haters/trolls... when they're finished.

11/5/2014 #7 Report
A Spirit Dragoness

Yep...*summons popcorn and munches on it*

Want some?

11/6/2014 #8 Report
M megagirlZX

Thanks. *takes some and munches on it too* I can't believe that this series reached 10 years since the premier of the first season in 2004.

11/6/2014 #9 Report
A Spirit Dragoness

I know right! I still go "Oh hi (insert Precure here) every time one shows up at the beginning of Happiness Charge Precure! *troll energy splatters bullet and Cure-proof glass*

They're wiping them out out there!

11/7/2014 #10 Report
M megagirlZX

Same here and have you seen the live action shows of PreCure? *Brings out a colourful cheerleader pom pom.*

11/7/2014 #11 Report
A Spirit Dragoness

No I haven't. Is it good? *cleans blood off the windows and Cheers on the Cures*

11/10/2014 #12 Report
M megagirlZX

It pretty good and there are some full length shows floating around on YouTube that you can watch now though it going to be a bit hard finding some of the live action shows for the older seasons.

11/10/2014 #13 Report
M megagirlZX

Happy First Day of December!

12/1/2014 #14 Report
M megagirlZX

Is anyone still on/active?

12/3/2014 #15 Report
A Spirit Dragoness

OK, can everybody please use this thread only to chat? I don't want to be flooded with chat posts on RP threads :)

2/7/2015 #16 Report
M megagirlZX

By the way, on Sunday, I will be busy at work, but I'll be available from around 12 pm to 2 pm, mountain standard time (GMT-7), when I get my 30 minute break as well as after 4 pm when I am finished with my shift.

2/8/2015 #17 Report
M megagirlZX

By the way the post before pretty much applies to almost every Sunday.

2/9/2015 #18 Report
M megagirlZX

So many different holidays coming up....! :)

2/11/2015 #19 Report

Including Valentine's Day..

2/11/2015 #20 Report
M megagirlZX

Yup and how's your character coming along?

2/11/2015 #21 Report

Still Brainstorming about Her. I am thinking of making an Magical Boy named Cure Flare with an male kitsune fairy. :D

2/11/2015 #22 Report
M megagirlZX

That sounds like a pretty good start then. :)

2/11/2015 #23 Report

His power would be Fire.

2/11/2015 #24 Report
M megagirlZX

Well that makes senses and I can't believe that Chinese New Year is coming up shortly.

2/11/2015 #25 Report

My element in the chinese zodiac is water. My Zodiac element is fire. So I am two conflicting elements.

2/12/2015 #26 Report
M megagirlZX

Oh I see.

2/12/2015 #27 Report

My Chinese Zodiac sign is the Ox. My Regular Zodiac Sign is Aries.

2/12/2015 #28 Report
M megagirlZX

I'm also an Ox but I'm Leo.

2/12/2015 #29 Report

Ever heard of Saint Seiya?

2/12/2015 #30 Report
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