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The Gathered Hearts! A flashy Chat Thread!
M megagirlZX

Yes I have but I haven't seen it.

2/12/2015 #31 Report

Okay I am just asking.

2/12/2015 #32 Report
M megagirlZX

Okay and have you heard of Detective Conan?

2/12/2015 #33 Report

Yes I have.

2/12/2015 #34 Report
M megagirlZX

How many episodes did you see?

2/12/2015 #35 Report

Not that many...

2/12/2015 #36 Report
M megagirlZX

Oh I see and the series is still ongoing in Japan.

2/12/2015 #37 Report

Do you like the Final Fantasy Videogames?

2/12/2015 #38 Report
M megagirlZX

Yeah I do like the Final Fantasy series.

2/12/2015 #39 Report

Care to do an Final Fantasy Dissdia Rp?

2/12/2015 #40 Report
M megagirlZX

Not right now at the moment and how's your character coming along?

2/12/2015 #41 Report

I am still trying to brainstorm.

2/12/2015 #42 Report
M megagirlZX

Oh okay though try filling in what you have so far into the profile.

2/12/2015 #43 Report

Yes. I am posting from my 3DS XL at the moment.

2/12/2015 #44 Report
M megagirlZX

Okay and I can help you reformat it to be easier to read.

2/12/2015 #45 Report

I'll edit it myself tomorrow from work. Once an moderator or administrator edits my post, I cannot edit it further.

2/12/2015 #46 Report
M megagirlZX

Okay then.

2/12/2015 #47 Report
A Spirit Dragoness

Anyone heard of the anime Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! ? I've started watching it and it is actually very good.

2/18/2015 #48 Report
M megagirlZX

I've heard of it but I haven't seen it yet. Also happy Chinese New Year everyone! :)

2/18/2015 #49 Report
A Spirit Dragoness

I highly recommend it! It only has seven episodes aired so far.

And thanks!

2/18/2015 #50 Report

I'll check it out.

Happy Chinese New Year!

2/19/2015 #51 Report
M megagirlZX

Cool and actually my friend showed me a clip of the transformation sequence from the show earlier.

2/19/2015 #52 Report

What did you think of it?

2/19/2015 #53 Report
M megagirlZX

It was well made but also really interesting since this is also a magical boy type of anime.

2/19/2015 #54 Report

I guess I'll have to check it out sometime. Do you mind if I have Cure Flare and his kitsune fairy eventually fuse together into one person? The Kitsune Fairy could get turned into an kitsune demon by the bad guys and my male character has to rescue him and then fuse bodies with him in order to keep the new kitsune demon alive.

2/19/2015 #55 Report
M megagirlZX

It should be alright though let's see what Spirit Dragoness thinks about it.

2/19/2015 #56 Report

I guess so.

2/19/2015 #57 Report
M megagirlZX

Yeah and how's your OC coming along?

2/19/2015 #58 Report

Anyone On?

2/22/2015 #59 Report
M megagirlZX

I am.

2/22/2015 #60 Report
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