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The Laws of Precure! (Or our rules)
A Spirit Dragoness

OK all students, pay close attention to these rules to stay in the academy! More rules will be added when I think of them so watch out for updates!

OOC Rules:

  1. Try to have more then one sentence per post.
  2. Yes, you are allowed to have Canon Precures. Up to four at once since there's like 80 of them.
  3. You can also control or even create enemies of the Precure (like Zakenna, Ankanbe etc.)) Although ask permission before you attack the school.
  4. And also yes, you can take the Cures Passion or Beat route (be enemies then switch sides and become Precure yourself).
  5. Any canon Precure are teachers at the school (because they are in their early 20's by now. I hope things don't screw up too bad) and take care of the harder invasions.
  6. Absolutely no God-modding or Powerplaying! I can not stress this enough! Just because you're all magical super-powered girls doesn't mean you can dodge every attack and make every one of your attacks hit!
  7. NO MARY SUES/GARY STUS!! These are perfect characters, it's unrealistic and not fun if there's a character who can do everything right.
  8. Your Precure can either be a new member of an existing team of a founder member of a new (Or OC) Team
  9. You can also create Fairies searching for Precure.

IC Rules:

  1. Let's try not to start arguments in class and fight! It's already had enough managing with all the fights!
  2. Students do not reveal themselves as Precure to the world. Sorry.
  3. In a fight when the teachers take you out try to keep a low profile until something attacks. Then try to protect innocent lives and let the teachers handle the monsters! This rule can be broken if we're caught off guard however.
  4. Most of the time you won't start in the academy, so those who already are be on the look-out for new Precures arising!
9/15/2014 . Edited 9/17/2014 #1 Report

I accept the rules :)

9/15/2014 #2 Report

I accept the rules.

9/15/2014 #3 Report
Celestial Guard

Despite my forever wavering hiatus, I accept!

11/17/2014 #4 Report
The Seventh Sage

I accept the rules.

2/18/2015 #5 Report
anime penguin fangirl

I accept the rules

11/1/2015 #6 Report

I accept fully!

6/19/2018 #7 Report

I accept~

9/4/2020 #8 Report
digi next gen

I accept all of that

9/15/2020 #9 Report
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