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Meet your Teachers! (Canon Claim)
A Spirit Dragoness

Just ask for a character and your good to go! Here are some notes too.

  1. If your Cure needs a partner you RP both, they also count as two Cures.
  2. Same thing with a Fairy Partner (but Fairies don't count as Cures)

Taken Characters:

Cure Happy - Me

Cure Black/Cure White - Me

Shiny Luminous - Me

Cure Melody - Cure Hydra

9/15/2014 . Edited 2/1/2015 #1 Report
Celestial Guard

May I have Hibiki?

11/18/2014 #2 Report
A Spirit Dragoness

Feel free to take her! And I'm going to re-boot this add a new RP to the forum. (Hibiki is somehwere between early to late 20's by the way. And you get the option of controlling Hummy too.))

2/1/2015 #3 Report

I got a question... May or can I be one?

7/13/2015 #4 Report

I'd like to claim Hanasaki Tsubomi, Kurumi Erika, Tsukikage Yuri, and Itsuki Myoudouin! AKA, Heartcatch Precure~

9/4/2020 #5 Report
digi next gen

i want to claim suite precure!

11/30/2020 #6 Report
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