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anime penguin fangirl


Name: Fujisaki Nadeshiko

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Grade: 6

Precure Team (OC or Canon?): Guardian Precure

Appearance: She has amber eyes, and long flowing indigo hair, her hair is tied up in a ponytail with a red ribbon that has sakura flower ends.

Personality: Acts like a poilte young lady, but can get mental if she's been annoyed too much

Back Story: ?

Fairy Partner? (If they have one): Melody

Dream: To become Maihime (A japanese female dancer)


Cure Name: Cure Symphony

Cure Appearance:Purple half cut shirt with sleeves, a purple ribbon tied into a four leaf clover with a golden pin with a fancy G on the bottom of the v neck line, Purple Gloves that reaches her elbows (Identical to Cure Lemonades), a dark purple skirt that reaches above her mid thigh, White boots with dark purple trimming at heels and toes that ended at her knees, she has a dark purple choker with her key clasped to it, she has her lock pad wrapped in a white bag with a pink four leaf clover around her hips, her hair is in a low pony tail that reaches her ankles and wears a Purple four leaf clover clip.

Transformation Item Name: Lock Pad

Transformation Item Appearance: Dark purple Touch phone with an amethyst Four leafed clover with a keyhole

Cure Transformation Speech (Like "Precure! Smile Charge!" or "Dual Aura Wave!"): Precure, Unlock my Heart

Cure Introductory Speech (Like "Sparkling and Glitteing, The Light of the future! Cure Happy!"): With the heart to protect children's Happiness, Cure Symphony.

Element (Like Cure Dream represents crystals and Cure Peace represents Lightning): Amethyst Music notes

Attacks (all of them):

- Symphony Amethyst Torpedo

Weapons (If any):

- Purple Giant Torpedo Bullet

- Symphony Wand(Super Guardian Precure): Identical to Fresh Precure's Cure Stick but Has a Purple treble clef head on top of it and has the Guardian Precure color order (Red,Blue,Yellow,Green,Purple and Black) along the stick

Finisher move/Group attack: Precure Guardian Bomber

Possible Hidden Forms that will enter later on?: Super Guardian Precure E.g Guardian Symphony


Name: Melody (Ends speech with "-melo")

Gender: Female

Age: 9 in fairy years

Personality: Outgoing, cool, loves music

Power: To grant Cure Symphony her transformation key

Cure Partner: Cure Symphony

Any special power/job?: Nope

Back Story: ?

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anime penguin fangirl


Name: Tsukiyomi Ikuta

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Grade: 12

Precure Team (OC or Canon?): Guardian Precure

Appearance: Ikuta has waist length dark blue hair that reaches her thighs and dark blue eyes

Personality: Quiet, Lazy

Back Story:She was an ancient Precure with the girls Moms years ago. Then when fighting King Easter, Her teammates lost their powers and got sent back to their world, leaving Ikuta to fend King Easter off herself. But tragically when she was almost defeated, Her mascot Dei sacrificed herself to protect her human partner. Then after watching Dei fade away in her arms, King Easter blasted Ikuta to erase her memory about her past and she started working for him. But when Amu, Tadasa, Kukaya, Kaira and Nadeshiko confessed to her about her past as Cure Panther, she was never Cure Panther. Then Dei's spirit returned to Ikuta and reminded her that she was a legendary Precure called Cure Panther and told her 'That it doesn't matter if she's there or not and what matters is that her spirit will always watch over her' before she disappears into thin air. Then Ikuta regains her memories and transforms into Cure Panther and joins forces with Precure and became their teacher at their boarding school.

Fairy Partner? (If they have one): Dei

Dream: To have Freedom


Cure Name: Cure Panther

Cure Appearance: Black sleeveless cropped top with a dark grey ribbon tied into a four leaf clover with a golden pin with a fancy G on the bottom of the v neck line, Long Black skirt that reaches her knees, White boots with Black trimming at heels and toes that reaches her thighs, Black finger-less gloves that reaches her upper biceps, her hair is let down, wears a headband with black cat ears and a black Four Leaf clover, and has a black circle bag to hold her Onyx Compact ( It's an old Guardian Precure Transformation Item) on her hip.

Transformation Item Name: Onyx Compact

Transformation Item Appearance: Just like the Smile Pact from Smile Precure but the cover has an Onyx cover on it

Cure Transformation Speech (Like "Precure! Smile Charge!" or "Dual Aura Wave!"): Precure Unlock my Heart

Cure Introductory Speech (Like "Sparkling and Glittering, The Light of the future! Cure Happy!"): With the heart to protect children's Freedom, Cure Panther.

Element (Like Cure Dream represents crystals and Cure Peace represents Lightning): Onyx Cat heads

Attacks (all of them):

- Panther Onyx Slash

Weapons (If any):

- Onyx Claw

- Panther Baton(Super Guardian Precure): Identical to Fresh Precure's Cure Stick but Has a Black cat head on top of it and has the Guardian Precure color order (Red,Blue,Yellow,Green,Purple and Black) along the stick

Finisher move/Group attack: Precure Guardian Bomber

Possible Hidden Forms that will enter later on?: Super Guardian Precure E.g Guardian Panther


Name: Dei (Deceased)

Gender: Female

Age: 15 in fairy years

Personality: Mature, Mischievous

Power: To grant Cure Panther her transformation charm

Cure Partner: Cure Panther

Any special power/job?: None

Back Story: Dei and Ikuta got into a big fight and vowed to themselves they won't see each other again. Then when her team was defeated and sent back to their world,Ikuta was left to defeat Easter and Dei watched from afar as Cure Panther being beaten by King Easter. As he was Delivering the last blow of power at her, Dei jumped in front and the ball hit her hard and fell into the ground in a crater. Ikuta saw in horror, her best friend dying in the middle of the crater. As Dei whispered her last words to Ikuta, she began to fade away in Ikuta's arms and Ikuta spilling tears on her palms where Dei had vanished.

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Name: Reiza Magura

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Grade: 8

Precure Team (OC or Canon?): Crystal Shine Precure (OC Team)

Appearance: Mayu ranges in at an even 5 feet in height with a slim and slender figure. Her hair is in a ponytail, shoulder length and sky blue hair with a star pin on both sides of her hair. Her eyes is a Sapphire blue color as she also has a frilly blue outfit and a skirt with star patterns on there.

Personality: She has a kind and protective Personality. When she sees someone being bullied or in danger, she's the very first person to come running to their aid. She'll even put herself in harm's way to protect her friends, no matter how big the costs. She does tend to lose herself when looking at the stars. It's the one thing that she always does to calm herself. She also has a minor fear of thunder (surprizingly)

Backstory: A girl, looking up at the stars up in the night sky...the girl had always had a fasination with the stars when she was young. Her mom was an astronomer as she studied the stars. She always brings her daughter with her to see the various stars up in the sky. Of course, because of that, she never had any friends who had the same interests as her or her mom. She was always reserved in her home, looking up at the stars.

In one of her outings with her mom at the age of 15, however, she saw a shooting star that was...coming down right towards her and it hit her in the forehead by something...small and soft. When she opened her eyes, she saw a small, petite fairy and a small red crystal-like star which the fairy was holding. When the fairy came to, she popped up and smiled of the girl, in which she smiled back and picked the fairy up gently, looking at the fairy. When she did, however, the Fairy's ears perked straight up as she felt something bad heading her way as the light in her area was turning dark as something was forming---a Twinenka. When the monster was about to attack, the girl held the fairy closely as her body starts to shine. At that next moment, what happened next was...stunning, to be honest. The girl--named Reiza Magura--became a Precure.

Fairy Partner? (If they have one): Stara

Dream: To be a well-known astronomer


Cure Name: Cure Stardust

Cure Appearance: In her Cure Form, her outfit changes into a poofy dress with a ribbon on the back of her outfit and her star pins turning into stardust and forms the rest of her dress.

Transformation Item Name: Star Saber (Stardust's transformation item), Twilight Star Crystal, Rainbow Tiara

Transformation Item Appearance: Star Saber--Stara transforms into the Star Saber for Cure Stardust's transformation

Twilight Star Crystal--Used to transform into Cure Twilight Star

Rainbow Tiara--used to transform further into Cure Rainbow Star

Transformation Speech (Like "Precure! Smile Charge!" or "Dual Aura Wave!"): "Precure! Stardust Wave!"

Cure Introductory Speech (Like "Sparkling and Glitteing, The Light of the future! Cure Happy!"): "The Stars, sparkling in the stream! Cure Stardust!"

Element (Like Cure Dream represents crystals and Cure Peace represents Lightning): Cure Stardust represents the light of the stars

Attacks (all of them): Precure Cosmic Beam (Star Saber offensive attack)--Starlight gathers around the blade as it gets energy from it until she unleashes it in an ark, sending a beam of cosmic starlight at the target.

Precure Stardust Pulsar (Star Saber Defensive Attack)--Stardust starts to form around the people she was protecting and raises the saber up high, making a star barrier around them.

Weapons (If any): Star Saber, Twilight Staff (When in Cure Twilight Star form), Rainbow Bow (When in Cure Rainbow Star Form)

Finisher move/Group attack: Precure! Shining Comet!

Possible Hidden Forms that will enter later on?: Cure Twilight Star, Cure Rainbow Star


Name: Stara

Gender: Female

Age: 9

Personality: Stara has a kind and bubbly personality. She always sees the light in the darkness in each and every situation, even if the situation is bigger than anything ever seen before. She also ends her sentences with -Staru.

Power: See transformation item

Cure Partner: Cure Stardust

Any special power/job?: To find the seven star crystals and save the World of Twilight--her home--and the World of Stars--Reiza's home.

Back Story: The World of Twilight--a beautiful place where all fairies that resides in the stars consider their home with Stara as Queen Cosmos' loyal and faithful advisor and protector of the Seven Star Crystals. She and Queen Cosmos had an inseparable bond that couldn't be broken. That is...until that one fateful day. A giant black hole appeared in the sky, sucking all of the light in the World of Twilight and captured all of the fairies...all except for one. Queen Cosmos--before she was sucked inside with six of the seven star crystals--told Stara to find the one who looks at the light of the stars.

Stara nods as she grabbed the last of the seven star crystals and flees the now grey and lifeless world of twilight, where she would meet a certain girl who looks up at the stars.

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Name: Kotoha Hanaori

Age: 7

Gender: Female

Grade: 3

Precure Team (OC or Canon?): Storm Strikers Pretty Cure

Appearance: Kotoha has long green hair, flowing to her waist, and she has bright sea green eyes. She has slightly pale skin, and is usually wearing a sea green sundress, to match her eyes. She has a missing tooth, so she speaks with a bit of a lisp.

Personality: She's kind, caring, shy, sweet, and gentle. She always prefers to talk things out, and she hates violence, though she'll fight if she has to. She is also a bit of a bookworm, reading anything she can get her hands on.

Back Story: She lives with her mothers, and is often bullied for having two moms. She took a beginner's karate class to defend herself, and she was always alone in class. She met her fairy partner, and became Cure Storm right at the beginning of her new school year.

Fairy Partner?: A cat like creature named Kova, ends her sentences with -ova.

Dream: To save the world.


Cure Name: Cure Stormy

Cure Appearance: As Cure Stormy, her eyes become bright green, while her hair turns cyan and grows to her knees. The left side of her bangs are distinctly pointed, with a cluster of teal roses. She wears a long green and blue dress with deep cyan accents and wing-like sleeves, with the skirt splitting open in the front, revealing a shorter cyan skirt underneath. On the left side of her chest is an indigo rose with a blue and green heart brooch. On her waist is a deep cyan ribbon while her boots are cyan also with dark indigo ribbons. Her accessories include cyan lightning bolt shaped earrings, a dark blue choker, a wristband resembling petals on her left wrist, and an indigo opera-length glove on her right arm.

Transformation Item Name: Storm Cyclone Amulet

Transformation Item Appearance: It's a cyan/blue/green ball, that has the symbol of lightning on it. It grows about three times its size when she fully activates it.

Cure Transformation Speech: "Precure, Storm Warning!"

Cure Introductory Speech: "The Blazing Lightning, Surging Through The Heavens! Cure Stormy!"

Element (Like Cure Dream represents crystals and Cure Peace represents Lightning): Her element is lightning.

Attacks (all of them):

Weapons (If any): Storm Rapier, a small silver sword similar in shape to the tacts of the Heartcatch Precure.

Finisher move:

Possible Hidden Forms that will enter later on?: Super mode to be revealed.


Name: Kova

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, possibly ancient.

Personality: Brave, kind, loyal, intelligent, caring, and sweet, she'll do anything to protect Kotoha, even if it means self sacrifice.

Power: She has the power to fire lightning bolts from her cheeks.

Cure Partner: Cure Stormy

Any special power/job?: She can turn into a human to advise Kotoha.

Back Story: She is from Ventus Land, a world of storms and spirits and cyclones. When her kingdom was attacked by Emperor Stormicon and his forces, she was sent to find the Legendary Warrior Precure, in hopes of stopping Stormicon from absorbing her storm home, as he had done so many others before him. She met Kotoha, and granted the young girl a Precure form.

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digi next gen


Name: rinko monako

Age: 13

Gender: female

Grade: 8th

Pretty cure team: let's play! music precure

Appearance: Skinny tanned skinned girl, that stands 6'5 she has short ginger-colored hair up to the top part of her back with bang side-swept, she also has magenta-colored eyes. She wears a brown sleeveless t-shirt with a blue music note on it. She also wears a pink jacket with a heart on the right side. She has on blue jeans and pink tennis shoes.

Personality: Rinko is very carefree and loves to play the guitar, she don't like bullies and stand up for anyone she always tries to help people too, she hates homework.

Back story: grew up in vibe city, her parents own a music shop, when she became a precure when melody fell on her head.

Fairy partner: melody the rockstar fairy.

Dream: To be a rockstar.


Cure name: cure harmony

Appearance: she has hair that grows beyond her waist in two ponytails with two pink bows on both sides on her hair, her eyes a lighter shade of pink. She wear a pink mini dress with white ruff, she has a white brooch with a white star shape crystal embroidered into it. She has white on top of the pink dress. She wears pink boots with white stripe on top of it with a a music note on top on the shoes.

Transformation item name: rhythm player.

Transformation item appearance: a pink heart-shaped hand-sized player with a hole that the melodic crystals go into.

Cure Transformation speech: Precure! Let's play a song!

Cure introductory speech: with rhythm and melody combined together I'm cure harmony!

Element: music notes and flower petals

Attacks: mega harmony burst( flowers gather around her and she jumps up along with the petals and twirls around then points at the target and the petals glow and With a flick of her hand the flowers flies to the target and explodes.)

Weapons: musical wand( a white wand with a pink treble clef on top with three pink gems on each side.)

Finisher/Group attack: pink note shoot( cure harmony get out tone wand and shout her incantation and makes a note the pull her left arm back and push it full force purifying the target.) Musical song blast( a group attack where all of them get out of their wands and summon their notes and they combine into a multi-colored beam purifying the target.)

a possible hidden form that will enter later on: heavenly harmony


Fairy name: melody(always end her sentence with -lody)

Gender: female


Appearance: a pink dog-like fairy with blue ears and eyes she has on a white collar with a pink note, she also have a two tufts of fur that look likes wings. She can float like any other fairy.

Personality: happy always cheerful and very determined to do things.

Power: able to summon a melodic stone to allow Rinko to transform.

Cure partner: Cure harmony/Rinko

Dream: find the musical prism shards and try to restore order to melodious.

Backstory: was one of the queen royal music fairies until the king stole the musical prism, but the queen and fairies tried to get prism back, but the prism broke into shards and the fairies along with melody split up and try to find the shards, melody fell from a tree and accidentally hit Rinko in the head by accident and felt something from Rinko there they become best friends and partners.

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digi next gen


Name: Daisuke Tokikoma

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Grade: 8th

Precure Team (OC or Canon?): Seven Deadly Sins Precure

Appearance: Daisuke is a tanned skinned young girl, that has silver-colored eyes and has blonde hair in long twin ponytails, with two tufts of hair that looks like wings. she wears a silver shirt with a pink pocket, she wears a green sleeveless vest, she wears blue pants with a green stripe at the bottom and yellow and silver socks with pink shoes with yellow soles with a pink stripe also.

Personality: Daisuke is Kind And Friendly, She loves To read books and Practice Kendo, She is Curious About Some Things and hates Bullies, She loves mochi, And sometimes gets confused about most stuff.

Back Story: Daisuke was born to Hina and Taichi Tokikoma, Her father was a Musician and secretly a demon slayer, while her mother is a sensei in teaching kendo, They met when Taichi was playing music in the dojo, they then married a year later, a few years later Daisuke was born on Sept the 8th when Daisuke was 7 a terrible thing happened and She met a demon, The demon tried to attack her, instead it fused into her soul, causing her to be a little aggressive and sadistic, She sometimes have to fight the demon for control, and sometimes wins.

Fairy partner: Komosan the Two-tailed holy fox Fairy.

Dream: Wants to become a Kendo Champ in her region.


Cure Name: Cure Luce

Cure Appearance: Her hair Becomes purple and fuses into a ponytail And her eyes shift to the color blue, She wears a pink dress with silver short sleeves and a green heart-shaped brooch with a dragon on it, She wears purple dress shoes and pink fingerless gloves.

Transformation Item Name: the Oni Commune

Transformation Item Appearance: It has a Smartphone appearance with Komosan as the screen, It's color is based on her fairy partners, with a green button.

Cure Transformation Speech (Like "Precure! Smile Charge!" or "Dual Aura Wave!"): "Precure! Sins Awakening!"

Cure Introductory Speech (Like "Sparkling and Glittering, The Light of the future! Cure Happy!"): "The user Of fire, With the will of Wrath and Truth, I'm Cure Luce!"

Element (Like Cure Dream represents crystals and Cure Peace represents Lightning): light with a bit of darkness and fire.

Attacks (all of them):

Weapons (If any): Sword of truth: A small blade with pink gems on it, with a fire emblem, embroidered into it.

Finisher move/Group attack:

Possible Hidden Forms that will enter later on?: Awakened Luce.


Name: Shikoku

Appearance: Shikoku is A Demon That has Short unkempt purple hair With Bear ears, And Red eyes with slitted pupils, She Wears a Long black trench Coat, and black pants with combat boots, She also has a purple wolf tail, and a silver belt that keeps tools and items for just incase.

Introductory Speech: "The Embodiment of Wrath, Shikoku!"

Element: Darkness with bit of light and also fire.


Finisher move/Group attack:

Possible Hidden Forms that will enter later on?: Deity Shikoku


Name: Komosan The holy two-tailed wolf fairy.

Appearance: A Silver Wolf-like fairy with two tails and green eyes with a yin mark on her head, and with white tips on her tails.

Gender: Female

Age: 100 years old

Personality: Komosan is Observant and watchful, She's extremely chatty, She likes to read and ask about some things.

Power: She holds the power of the holy power that is different from her Twin brother Kurosan, She can also change into her commune form like the others and can float in the air.

Cure Partner: Cure Luce/ Shikoku.

Any special power/job?: Find the Seven deadly Sins Precure, so they can help save their homeworld And try not to get on Shikoku nerves.

Back Story: After the dark Generals attacked her homeworld, She needed to find the Seven deadly sins precure, She found Daisuke and shikoku, when she has gotten hurt, by the dark general, Daisuke tried to protect her but ended up getting hurt also, which awakens her to become cure luce.

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