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The Adventure of a Lifetime! (RP thread)
M megagirlZX

"I do want to ask how did you become a PreCure, if that's alright with you?" Terri asks as she pulls out a coin.

10/22/2014 #691 Report
M megagirlZX

Ciel asks, "Daisy-san, do you want to go check out what Terri and Rene are up to with me?"

10/22/2014 #692 Report
M megagirlZX

Peace pecks at the academy window again to get Nagisa's or Mepple's attention.

10/23/2014 #693 Report

"Sure" Daisy said ****** "its fine, I became a Precure two-three weeks ago. I was walking home with my dad and I suggested we take a shortcut down by the river, he agreed and we walked down there. It was really quiet and getting dark. I felt something strange and then heard a twig snap, I looked over to a bush and saw a very dizzy Daisy step out, I made sure she was okay until I heard my dad yell my name. I turned and saw him being held by a big squid/octopus thing. Daisy then gave me my septer and transformed" Rene explains

10/24/2014 #694 Report
M megagirlZX

"Okay and also it's good that Terri and Rene are talking to each other," Ciel notes as they walk over to Terri and the others. *********************************** "That's cool and what do you want to do now?" Terri asks as she readjusts the gloves a bit.

10/24/2014 #695 Report

"Yeah, well Terri's the first real person Rene's really spoken to" Daisy smiles ***** "I dunno" Rene thought

10/24/2014 #696 Report
M megagirlZX

"I could show you a couple of the case reports of the time when I ended up as a hostage," Terri suggests as she catches a throwing knife with a message by the blade between two fingers. ****************************** "I agree and I wonder how are the Nature PreCure team handling the situation with their parents?" Ciel asks as Enfer walks up beside them.

10/24/2014 #697 Report

"Okay" Rene smiles ******* "they're probably fine" Daisy said

10/24/2014 #698 Report
M megagirlZX

"Let's head back to the library then," Terri replies as she leads them back inside. **************** "Yeah and also how long was Thalia in the book for anyway?" Ciel asks as they follow them back to the library.

10/24/2014 #699 Report

"Two-thousand years" Daisy says nonchalantly ****** "okay" Rene says following Terri

10/24/2014 #700 Report
M megagirlZX

"Wow that's a long time," Ciel replies as they enter her bedroom. *********************************** "I usually only keep the most recent cases in my room though this year in particular I was taken as hostage more than usual which was only once or twice," Terri explains as she pulls out a briefcase with all of the recent cases that she sorted out with her as the hostage at one point at least.

10/24/2014 #701 Report

"Well that's in Earth years" Daisy adds ****** "huh, Terri -" Rene started but she cut herself off and thought for a moment

10/24/2014 #702 Report
M megagirlZX

"I see and at least we have more support now for any future battle," Ciel notes as she hops onto Terri's bed. ************* Terri glances up as she was looking for a particular case.

10/24/2014 #703 Report

"Well, I'm stronger than I look" Thalia laughs

10/24/2014 #704 Report
M megagirlZX

"That's good and it looks like she found the case," Ciel notes as Terri pulls out a folder with a silver label from the briefcase.

10/24/2014 #705 Report

Daisy floats and sits on Rene's head, breaking the girl from her thoughts

10/24/2014 #706 Report
M megagirlZX

"This one case was the most peculiar one as well as when I was a hostage for the longest time," Terri explains as she opens the file.

10/24/2014 #707 Report

"Why was it parculiar?" Thalia asks

10/24/2014 #708 Report
M megagirlZX

"It was because of the connection between the clues and the locations of the hideouts that we uncovered with the clues, and I was knocked out during one of the police raids and was held hostage for about 3 days by the ringleader of the operation," Terri explains as she shows them a series of pictures of the clues and locations.

10/24/2014 #709 Report

"You get into all sorts of trouble" Daisy laughs

10/24/2014 #710 Report
M megagirlZX

"Yeah and since Phantom was with me at the time, she helped me escape a couple of times especially when she can go around freely and almost no one would notice," Terri explains as Phantom simply turns away slightly to cover her face from embarrassment of being praised.

10/24/2014 #711 Report

Thalia and Daisy just smile with Rene back in a long trail of thought

10/25/2014 #712 Report
M megagirlZX

"Also even though this case holds the longest time, there was a case with the worst possible conditions for being a hostage," Terri explains as she pulls out another folder with a silver label.

10/25/2014 #713 Report
M megagirlZX

Phantom brings out a couple of rings and a piece of string. She then ties them together in a certain way.

10/27/2014 #714 Report
M megagirlZX

Jacques' falcon lands on the railing of the balcony that leads to Terri's room.

10/28/2014 #715 Report
M megagirlZX

Tai's doves lands beside the falcon on the railing.

10/29/2014 #716 Report
M megagirlZX

Phantom then feels a slight but noticeable headache and Enfer walks over to her feet after she notices her condition.

10/30/2014 #717 Report
M megagirlZX

Enfer wraps her tail around Phantom's ankle.

10/31/2014 #718 Report
A Spirit Dragoness

"Hm?" Nagisa looked up at the window to see the dove. "Oh." She opened her window to let it in.


Hiroshi yawned in bed.

"That was tiring!" She sighed. She looked at Orion, who was asleep on her pillow.

11/1/2014 #719 Report
M megagirlZX

Peace hops over to Nagisa's desk and pulls out an invitation card that allows Nagisa to bring any number of people to the event that Terri and the others are attending from under her wing. Peace coos happily at Nagisa after setting the card on her desk.

11/1/2014 #720 Report
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