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School RP 2
M megagirlZX

This is a fresh start.

8/21/2019 #1 Report

A young woman by the name of Reiza Magura was looking at the school as she was smiling at the sight. Stara's head pops out of her backpack as she looks at the school as well.

Stara: "So...this is the Precure Academy-Staru?" Reiza: "Looks like it, Stara...! Still, i'm surprised that all Precures old and new come here to learn." Stara: "That's true, sometimes...still, just think of all the many friends we can make-Staru!" Reiza chuckles as she starts to head inside of the Academy.

8/21/2019 #2 Report
M megagirlZX

A crash can be heard just outside the window as Terri got up from a fail parachute.

8/21/2019 #3 Report

Reiza: "Ehhh!?" Reiza was starled by another girl just outside of the window as Stara hides in her backpack again and looking at the girl. "Wh-what in the world...?! Where did you come from???"

8/21/2019 . Edited 8/21/2019 #4 Report
M megagirlZX

Terri groans a bit.

8/21/2019 #5 Report

"Hellooo...! I asked you a question here...! Where did you come from??" Reiza was still shocked that the girl came here in a rather unexpected way. Just then, Stara could feel that the girl in front of her has that potential as she pops her head our of Reiza backpack.

Stara: "...?"

8/21/2019 #6 Report
M megagirlZX

"I just jumped off of a plane and the parachute didn't open."

8/21/2019 #7 Report

"Why a parachute? You have to be...WAAAAY high up in order to use it, you know. Why were you doing it, anyways...?" Reiza said as she was looking at her while Stara was looking at her.

11/9/2019 #8 Report
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