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  • Stormy laughed. "Let's keep this clean!"
  • 12/10/2020 #421 Report
    digi next gen

    "ok!"she said. HArmony Ran to stormy and roundhouse kick her in the stomach.

    12/10/2020 #422 Report

    Stormy flipped back several paces, firing an aqua energy blast from her hand.

    12/10/2020 #423 Report
    digi next gen

    Haemony jumps up and fires a couple of music notes blasts at stormy.

    12/11/2020 #424 Report

    Stormy flipped back again, grunting as she took a blast to the chest. "Nice!"

    12/11/2020 #425 Report
    digi next gen

    "thanks, Wanna see my finisher?"she asked smiling.

    12/14/2020 #426 Report

    "Go for it!" Stormy nodded.

    12/14/2020 #427 Report
    digi next gen

    Harmony smiled, she summoned her wand."The darkness inside your heart, and you shall be purified in justice and in music!"she said. a Pink music note appears in front of her. "Go!" She pulled her arm back."Pink note Shoot!"she yelled. She pushed her arm forward and fired her finisher at stormy ad it exploded at pink light.

    12/14/2020 #428 Report

    Stormy screamed in pain as she was blasted back.

    12/14/2020 #429 Report
    digi next gen

    Harmony looked at Stormy in worry."You okay?!"she called out.

    12/15/2020 #430 Report

    "You could have aimed it somewhere else!" She snapped.

    12/15/2020 #431 Report
    digi next gen

    "sorry!"She said a whole lot upset.

    12/15/2020 #432 Report

    Stormy sighed. "It's okay, I'll live."

    12/15/2020 #433 Report
    digi next gen

    "soo, wanna get ice cream later on."Harmony asked. Melody has currently fainted.

    12/16/2020 #434 Report

    Stormy blinked. "I thought we were sparring?"

    12/16/2020 #435 Report
    digi next gen

    "We are, but it's on me afterward."Harmony said. Harmony ran up to Stormy and kicked her.

    12/17/2020 #436 Report

    Stormy flipped back, and punched the other Cure in the face.

    12/17/2020 #437 Report
    digi next gen

    She took the hit and harmony Punched back.

    12/18/2020 #438 Report

    Stormy grunted in pain.

    12/18/2020 #439 Report
    digi next gen

    "you okay?"she asked.

    1/4/2021 #440 Report

    "I'm fine. I'm just a little rusty." She replied.

    1/6/2021 #441 Report
    digi next gen

    "Oh ok."she said.

    3/15/2021 #442 Report

    "What do you wanna do after this?"

    4/3/2021 #443 Report
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