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Name: Ariel Emerson

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Birth Date August 1st 1987/ September 8th 2006

Appearance age: 19 Real Age: 28

Appearance : black hair, black clothing, looks like a goth, but doesn't follow lifestyle. Pale white skin, acceptable breast size

Bio: I nice college student from South Carolina , headed to Tennessee to attend a wedding , when all the sudden she is bit quickly ,and is turned into a vampire She becomes a vegetarian, after attacking the near by deer, and desperately looks for help. As she travels , she runs into another and they agree to help her get on her feet ,and teach her the odds and ends of being a vampire. Meanwhile, a few days later they discover she couldn't be detected by normal vampire senses, and realize that is her power. After a few years under their wing, Ariel then sets off on her own adventure, and finding her calling in music Now present day Ariel, now lives in Montana, trying to live out forever. But now the vampire that changed her now knows she exists is coming for her, and she knows she needs help, she calls the only person she can trust, and travels to their location.

Power: to camouflage herself from other vampire senses ( smells ,looks ,etc.)

Scent : if she allows Sunflower, with a hint of citrus.

Friends: Bella, meet once but likes her. And her mentor

She is still trying to find her mate

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A drowninginmythoughts


Name (first middle last): Kailyn Bryce Harper

Nickname: Kail

Gender: female

Species: human

Date of Birth/Re-Birth: April 5th 1992

Appeared Age: 18

Actual Age: 18

Appearance: (face claim: Jacy Jordan) Kailyn is quite beautiful. She has long wavy blond hair that falls near the bottom of her ribs. Her naturally sun kissed skin compliments her stunning green eyes that are lighter in the middle than on the edges and are framed by long dark lashes. She has full lips and straight bright white teeth with a heart warming smile. She is petite standing at only 5'2" and having a slight figure only weighing 110 lbs, she has perky b-cup breasts, slim and toned arms and legs and a flat toned stomach. She has a birthmark below her left breast that somewhat resembles a heart. ( https:// s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/22/de/b6/22deb6ceb2831a31bc93b9b8fb7763ff.jpg )

Personality: Kailyn is very shy and reserved when you first meet her, but as you get to know her she opens up to be her stubborn but very loyal and deeply caring self. She's fiercely protective of those she loves and will always defend them. She doesn't make friends easily and has trust issues, but she is extremely faithful to those who are able to work their way into her heart.

Bio: Kailyn was born to Lillian Harper who was only 19 at the time, Kail never met her father since he left her mother when she was about 5 months along. Growing up Kailyn was raised by her mother and her aunt Amelia who lived with them for most of her childhood until Kailyn and her mom moved out and into their own apartment. Kailyn was always younger than the other people in her grade because she started school earlier than normal. She moved out when she was 17 when she went off to college, she moved into a place with a few of her friends from high school who go to the same college as her. She's going to school for education, wanting to be a special education teacher for young kids. She spends lot of her free time volunteering places when not hanging out with her friends or going out with her roommates.

Fur Color: (if shifter or child of the moon)

Pack Rank: (if shifter)

Power: (if vampire or hybrid)

Scent: rose, vanilla, and lilies

Family and Friends: Lillian Harper (mother) James Greene (father, has never been in her life) Amelia Harper (maternal aunt, helped raise her)

Imprint/Mate: Mase Gareth Patterson


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M missixtyme


Name (first middle last): Mase (pronounced Mace) Gareth Patterson

Gender: Male

Species: Child of the Moon

Date of Birth/Re-Birth: March 29th

Appeared Age: 19

Actual Age: 19

Appearance: He's tall (5'11) and lanky with broad shoulders from spending most of his free time swimming in the ocean. His hair is a mess of wavy auburn locks, which he styles by simply running his fingers through it. He has hazel eyes, fairly pale skin naturally, but since he spends a lot of time out on the beach, he's got a bit of a tan. His lips are thin and crooked. Freckles cover his face, chest, and arms.

Personality: He's not one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He's a little cold, arrogant, and thinks quite highly of himself. His marks in high school (which he obtained through a fair bit of cheating), gave him a false sense of intellectual superiority. In other words, his ego is huge. However, he has a strong sense of right and wrong (except when it comes to cheating, apparently), and his ego has him always wanting to be the hero. Surprisingly, he is fairly kind, the kind of guy to help old ladies cross the street, but it's not like he does it selflessly all the time. He likes the recognition for his good deeds. He loves to party and have a good time. He is very superstitious. He loves to laugh (at others expense). Mase is also a very jealous kind of person. Although he trusts others for the most part, he always has the feeling that other people are out to get him.

Bio: Mase was born into an Irish immigrated Catholic family. He has one older sister and one older brother. He was born in Albany Connecticut and lived there until his father, a highly skilled carpenter, was offered a position in Seattle when Mase was fourteen years old. Mase loved Albany, but he loved Seattle even more. He always had a passion for swimming, even when he was a kid, so he didn't mind leaving a landlocked city to go to an ocean front metropolis. When Mase was eighteen, his friends organized a party along the coast. The group decided to sleep in the woods after the party. In the middle of the night, Mase heard what sounded like a scream. Always wanting to be the hero, he left the group and headed deeper into the woods. He came across a young boy, writhing in the foot of a large tree. As Mase kneeled down, the boy lashed out and bit him on the shoulder. The pain was excruciating. When he woke, in the morning, he didn't know where he was. The night's events were almost completely wiped from his mind. He wandered around in the woods for a while, finally coming across the remains of his camp. Two of the boys had died. The police determined that it was the result of a sick and hungry wolf. After that night, a wake of destruction has followed Mase. Numerous times, Mase has awoken in the woods, miles from home, covered in blood. His family has never alerted the police, believing instead that Mase is being plagued by a demon. Besides, the victims the police do find are always ruled to be the work of a sick wolf, or bear. Neither the police, Mase, nor his family have connected the killings to Mase. Especially because, Mase's victims have never been people close to him. Therefore, he has no idea what he is, believing instead that a demon is tormenting him by dropping him in the woods, blooding and battering him. After high school, Mase moved to Forks to go to the community college there, hoping that the move would make his demon leave him alone.

Fur Color: Auburn

Scent: The ocean

Family and Friends: He's close to his family (mom, dad, brother, and sister) and has a large group of friends, although they could be considered more so acquaintances.

Imprint/Mate: Kailyn Bryce Harper

Other: He doesn't know he's a child of the moon, and for some reason when he's in wolf form, he doesn't attack people he knows well.

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Name: Graciela "Grace" Isabel Caravello

Gender: Female

Species: (Human, Vampire, Shifter, Child of the Moon, Hybrid, Witch) Vampire

Date of Birth/Re-Birth: September 10th, 1901/December 24th, 1919

Appeared Age: (if applicable) 18

Actual Age: 110

Appearance: Aubrey Peeples as Jerrica Benton from Jem and the Holograms

Personality: she's polite and sweet. Usually a quite calm person. She doesn't like confrontation or violence but will get involved when things get out of hand. She likes to crack jokes and smiles a lot.

Bio: Grace was born in Venice, Italy in 1901 to Rosalinda and Vincenzo Caravello. Her family was always seen as a happy one but it was far from that. Vincenzo was an alcoholic. He would beat Grace and her brother Michael. He would even rape Grace on a pretty much nightly basis. Her family moved from Italy to Chicago, Illinois. Her father had more access to alcohol and became worse. On Christmas Eve if 1919, he took Grace out for a "walk". On this walk, he tried to rape her. She resisted which led to him beating her almost to death. Carlisle Cullen found her and turned her, but she never joined his family. She became a sort of nomad vampire, traveling by herself. Eventually she found the Cullens again, eager to be taught their way of life, tired of feeding on humans.

Power: basic vampire powers as well as the gift of being able to access anyone's memories by looking into their eyes. All the memories she sees, she remembers as clearly as her own.

Scent: lilies

Family and Friends: considers the Cullens to be old friends/family. Doesn't really have anyone else.

Imprint/Mate: none

Other: She can speak Italian but due to all her years in the US, she no longer has an accent.

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M Kait Barnes


Name: Tallulah "Tally" Bryony Wilson.

Gender: Female

Species: Hybrid. Half witch, half vampire.

Date of Birth: March 8th 1993

Age: 17. She appears that age too.

Appearance: Tally has pale skin, with deep set freckles on her cheeks and nose. Her face is oval shaped, she also has high set cheek bones and a rounded chin. Her eyes are a piercing green colour, similar to her mother's. Her lips are full and a pinky red colour. Her deep mahogany hair often sits in tassels down to her ribs. She has a petite figure.

Personality: Tally is quite the wallflower. She doesn't like to get invoked or do anything that would provoke her to speak. Of course, she makes most of her conversation through nodding and shaking her head. She has a sweet, engaging personality when you get to know her.

Biography: Tally was born on March 8th, just two years after her sister, Adrianna, had been born. Their mother had an encounter with Tallulah's father, he impregnated her - the pregnancy not lasting long, and the birth left Tally motherless after she was born. Tallulah was immediately taken in by Adrianna's father, even though she had been put up for adoption because they didn't think they could "handle a child at a young age".

As she was growing, David knew something was not 100% normal. Of course, he thought the baby was his. As she was showing vast growing and abnormal hunger, he assumed his deceased wife had an affair.

Tally's life, however, was quite normal after her growing stumped and she was able to go to school. However, being half witch half vampire, her powers began to kick in and she was, again, rejected by her peers at school.

At 18, after finally being told of her sister, she'd set out to find Adri. David didn't like that, as he didn't want any contact with her in case she wanted answers.

Tallulah has arrived in Forks, in hope of finding her sister.

Power: Normal vampy powers.

Scent: Red Velvet Cupcakes

Imprint/Mate: *open for one if wanted?*

Family and Friends: Rosanne/Mother: *deceased*


Unknown Father


Other: N/A

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Name (first middle last): Joeb Elijah Moore

Gender: Male

Species: (Human, Vampire, Shifter, Child of the Moon, Hybrid, Witch) Human

Date of Birth/Re-Birth: 13th October 1992

Appeared Age: (if applicable)

Actual Age: 17

Appearance: (links are okay) His face claim is Jakub Gierszal (when he had black hair). Elijah has dark blue eyes and black hair that is often tousled. He is rather thin and ragged, with several scars and cuts over his body. His skin is very pale, but around his eyes it is slightly red. He appears very dark, and many people avoid him for this. He wears dark clothing, mostly hoodies and jeans.

Personality: Joeb is mostly quiet, but around people he knows he can be playful and confident. He was diagnosed with bipolar at 13, and so he has frequent and suicidal mood swings. If someone goes out of their way to be mean to him, he will break down. He can become angry and delusional, also hearing voices, seeing things and changing past situations in his head (he would be diagnosed with schizophrenia). He loves nature, especially rain, and he also loves indie music.

Bio: (at least four sentences) Joeb was born in South California. His father was abusive to his mother, and so they got a divorce when Joeb was seven. He had been beaten as well, and was the one to plead to his mother to leave his father. He was a very scrawny child due to being malnourished. His mother took him north to Washington State to live in down town Seattle. She got a job as a waitress, and Joeb started school. However, he was badly bullied. This lead him to self harm, as well as suicidal thoughts. The school councillor started having regular sessions with him when his grades dropped. One day Joeb got in a big fight after the bullies picked on some little things about him. He exploded into anger, beating the bully bloody, causing him to go to hospital. He passed out, and woke up in hospital. After that, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and did not go back to school. He could see he was causing his mother a great deal of stress due to being homeschooled, and so he made a plan to run away to the sea.

Fur Color: (if shifter or child of the moon)

Pack Rank: (if shifter)

Power: (if vampire or hybrid)

Scent: (optional) he has the scent of tea leaves, rain and paper.

Family and Friends: He has a mother, a father (but has no contact with him), and a grandfather and grandmother in California.



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Just Lil Ole T

Name: Alexis Carrie Cooper

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Date of Birth: March 3, 2010

Age: Newborn

Appearance: Brown hair that will eventually be slightly curly, dark brown eyes and a cute little button nose.

Personality: She's quiet, pensive around most people but around her friends and family she'll (eventually) be fun loving and outgoing.

Bio: Alexis is the first child born to Aaron and Cassie.

Family and Friends: Aaron Cooper (father), Cassie Ragsdale (mother), Dylan Cooper (uncle), various other aunties, uncles and adopted family.

Imprint/Mate: None atm.

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Let love win

Name: Ava Isla Amos Gender: Girl Species: Hybird Date of birth: August 23, 2000 Appeared age: 16 Actual age: 16 Appearance:https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&ved=0ahUKEwjH3cWeld_LAhUERyYKHaiKBsgQjhwIBQ&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.chicagonow.com%2Fsix-brown-chicks%2F2014%2F11%2Fwhy-black-men-wont-marry-black-women%2F&psig=AFQjCNH4do575LrVdPyphocw1D6sJzjyHA&ust=1459109664092023&rct=j Personality: Sweet caring outgoing

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