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The Guide to Finality's Dusk
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* * * * The Guide To Finality's Dusk: A Twilight Saga Roleplay * * * *

This is the official guide to Finality's Dusk. It is filled with information about the roleplay.

*Peole who run the roleplay*

Administrator (Admin): Jenna

Moderators (Mods): Lobo, Holly, Kels


These are big things that have happened, if you want to know more minor things or things about character's day to day life then check the Character Information Sheets and Species Information Sheets or Character Timelines

On November 15 2014 the roleplay was created.

March 2015: The Volturi kidnapped the mates, imprints and children of those that they wanted to join them. They were kept there for roughly 2 months before being rescued by the Cullens and the wolf pack. During their stay there many of them were tortured. During all this the Uley pack and the Black pack became one pack with Jacob as the Alpha after Sam and Jacob decided that it would be best for everyone if this happened.

*Important Pinned Topics*

Announcements: This topic is where the Admin and Mods post things that they need members of the roleplay to know.

The Master List: This is a topic that includes a list of all characters and their statuses, such as who roleplays as who, which characters are open, accepted couples (canon, non-canon, MUC and dating), Vampire information (coven leaders, powers, and Volturi ranks), Quileute Wolf Pack information (heights, imprints, male vs. female, ranks and fur colors), and Children of the Moon information (traveling pairs), and Witch information (powers)

Character Information Sheets and Species Information: This topic holds all information regarding each individual character as well as each species existing in the Twilight universe plus witches.

Original Character Sheets: This topic holds the information sheets on all original characters on the roleplay.

The Chat Topic: This topic is where role play members as well as the general public can chat and post external links.

The Guide to Finality's Dusk: (This Topic)

Character Timelines: This topic is where members post character timelines which are posts making up a timeline of the situations each character goes through in their daily lives. Character's day to day lives are left recorded in their while the major parts are in their information sheets.

Check In: This topic is where members check in to show that they are participating in the role play.

Introduce Yourself: This topic is where all members post to introduce themselves to the roleplay when they first join.

*Differences From the Books*

Instead of imprinting on Renesmee he imprinted on his friend Lorraine Tate during New Moon.

Instead of the reason the pack and Jacob didn't kill Renesmee being that Renesmee was imprinted on by Jacob, Rosalie ran with Renesmee for 3 days until Bella had woken up from her transformation and it was shown that Renesmee did not kill Bella. The Cullens also promised to watch Renesmee closely to ensure that she doesn't do anything that would break the treaty.

*Procedures and Terms*

Times Period: This roleplay takes place in 2009, 3 years after Breaking Dawn

Time Zone: The time zone for this roleplay is USA Eastern time

Roleplay Time: 3-4 months in real time equals 1 year in roleplay time. 1 week in real time equals 1 month in roleplay time. 1.75 days in real time equals 1 week in roleplay time. (the week time is really only used/helpful with pregnancies)

Pregnancies: Pregnancies must be approved unless you plan for your character to have a miscarriage or get an abortion in which case you don't have to get permission. Characters are pregnant for about 10 weeks/70 days in real time, unless the baby is born early. If the character who is pregnant is a shifter than it's 35 days. Third generation babies are not allowed.

Baby OCs: Characters do not have to be in a permanent relationship to have a baby. Once your character has a baby either of the people playing the parents must play the baby until he/she is 1 year old. After that whoever was playing the baby can continue doing so, unless they already have 5 characters in which case someone else has to roleplay as the child.

Weddings: Weddings are considered events and must be accepted by a moderator. Weddings take place in separate topics and must have a date and time as well as a plan for who does what. There can only be one wedding a month and new members are not allowed to have their characters get married.

Character limit: Members are allowed to have up to two canon characters, two made up characters, and five original characters. All roleplayers are required to have at least one canon character.

Character Dropping: Members are allowed to drop characters often and at any time.

Dating: Characters who are dating are temporary couples. If members want two characters to start dating they have to get accepted first. Couples are able to date for up to three months at most but can break up any time before that and are able to date again two weeks after the date of their breakup.

Permanent Couples: These are couples that are either canon couples or non-canon couples who aren't dating. These are couples that don't have to breakup.

Crazy Days: Crazy days take place on Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday. During these days you can play your characters completely out of character and Twilight logic does not apply. You can do whatever you want with your characters on crazy day but whatever happens on crazy day stays on crazy day

Pausing: Pausing is when members have to sign off but don't want to end a scene so instead they pause in until the next time all the members involved in a scene can be on at the same time.

Time-skipping: Timeskips are used to simply skip over periods of time. Such as an M-rated scene or if your character goes to sleep and you want them to wake up in the morning.

Repost: Copy and pasting a post to post it again.

Splitting: Members are able to split their characters so that one character can be having many different conversations at the same time.

Subbing: Subbing is temporary roleplaying of a character that isn't taken. A member can sub a character until the character is taken by someone else.

Disclaimer: (Yes, most of this is from the Original Twilight Role Play, and some of the formatting on this roleplay is on there too, I do not take credit for the posts that were used to help set up on this RP.)

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