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This is where you can find information about anything and everything important to this roleplay

11/15/2014 . Edited 2/17/2015 #1 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

New Morning: Roleplay One is now open

11/15/2014 . Edited 11/15/2014 #2 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Two more vampire spots are open

12/15/2014 . Edited 12/15/2014 #3 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Merry Christmas.

12/24/2014 . Edited 1/12/2015 #4 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

All choices from the "which of these plot twists do you want to happen?" poll that received 10 or more votes are likely to happen.

The plot twists that are likely to happen include:

1/22/2015 #5 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

There are now 2 more baby spots open and 3 more permanant character spots open.

2/3/2015 #6 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Based on the results from the poll everyone will now be allowed 5 characters instead of 3.

2/6/2015 #7 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

From now on when you come on the roleplay you need to post in bold.

2/10/2015 #8 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Carlisle Cullen is now open to roleplay.

2/23/2015 #9 Report
A drowninginmythoughts


We will be starting a new plot that will span over the next few weeks.

The Volturi is capturing the mates, imprints, and some children of those they want to join them and holding them for ransom.

There will be several events for the rescue of those that are captured.

This plot will also result in the merger of the packs.

In order to get their imprints back, Jake and Sam agree to form one pack, with Jake as alpha (coming to that conclusion after a long talk), to go get them back, along with the help of the remaining Cullens

The merger may not work out exactly like that but something like that could happen. Either way it will result in the merging of the Quileute packs.

Event List

Those that will be captured will be captured on March 20th

From now until the 20th all Volturi members will know that this will happen and should probably be talking about the kidnapping that is to come.

Cullen (Vampire) meeting: March 21st, 12:00 PM USA Eastern Time - 2:00 PM USA Eastern Time, after everyone realizes the people they care about have been kidnapped. All Cullen characters and other vampires are required to attend.

Quileute Shape-Shifter Packs meeting: March 21st, 2:00 PM USA Eastern Time - 4:00 PM USA Eastern Time, after everyone realizes the people they care about have been kidnapped. All Quileute Shape-Shifter Pack members are required to attend.

Cullen (Vampire) and Quileute Shape-Shifter Packs meeting: March 22nd, 2:00 PM USA Eastern Time - 5:00 PM USA Eastern Time, when the two groups come together to try and decide what to do about the kidnapping situation. All Cullen characters, Quileute Shape-Shifter Pack members, and a few other characters are required to attend, if you are unable to attend then you must let someone know.

Volturi Meeting: March 24th, 3:00 PM USA Eastern Time - 5:00 USA Eastern Time, The Volturi members are getting prepared for the inevitable battle they know will happen. All members of the Volturi will attend. Also those who are captured may also attend and will be able to talk to each other from where they are being kept, those who are captured will not be a part of the meeting though.

Cullen (Vampire) and Quileute Shape-Shifter Pack meeting: March 26th, 4:00 AM USA Eastern Time - 7:00 PM USA Eastern Time, the meeting where they prepare to get ready for when they go to rescue the people they care most about. All Cullen characters and Quileute Shape-Shifter pack members must attend.

The Battle: March 29th, 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM, The Battle between the Volturi and the Cullens/Quileute Shape-Shifter Pack in order to rescue the people that have been captured. All Volturi members, Cullen characters, Quileute Shape-Shifter pack members, and those who have been captured must attend. If you are unable to attend you have to tell someone before the battle.

Those who are kidnapped - Those who want them back

Renesmee Cullen - Edward Cullen and Bella Cullen

Faylinn Hale - Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale

Emily Young - Sam Uley

Kim Connweller - Jared Cameron

Claire Young - Quil Ateara V

Rachel Black - Paul Lahote

Lainie Tate - Jacob Black

Leah Clearwater - Tony Moonlight

Charisse Ocampo - Brady Fuller

Mariana Hunter - Collin Littlesea

Mirabella Tesson - Embry Call

Antonio Renz - Cole Cullen

Lilly Black - Liliana-Mae Robins

Jordan Tate - Temperance Moonlight and Cole Cullen

Briseis Hunter - Andrew Grace

Kristina James - Mason Hunter

If you really don't want your character to be a part of it then let Jenna know.

3/17/2015 . Edited 3/30/2015 #10 Report
A drowninginmythoughts


For those who don't have characters involved in the plot events or just want to do this anyway:

You can create temporary oc wolves that will be kidnapped along with the other imprints/mates/children.

These oc wolves are expendable characters and are temporary.

3/18/2015 #11 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

As of today...

Renesmee Cullen, Faylinn Hale, Emily Young, Kim Connweller, Claire Young, Rachel Black, Lainie Tate, Leah Clearwater, Charisse Ocampo, Mariana Hunter, Mirabella Tesson, Antonio Renz, Lilly Black, Jordan Tate, Briseis Hunter, and Kristina James

have been captured.

3/20/2015 #12 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Results of the Poll:

On average the ignoring problem was rated 2.76

We will work to try and make it so this isn't a problem anymore.

4/29/2015 #13 Report
A drowninginmythoughts


Need some new Mods

If you're interested....

5/21/2015 #14 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Moon left, and deleted all his posts (over 20,000) before he did, he deleted all of these before I realized what he was doing and was able to block him, so if you look back at old RPs and it looks like someone is role playing with themselves that's what happened.

5/21/2015 #15 Report
A drowninginmythoughts


I would like to clarify that if you want two characters to be imprints then they need to imprint on each other the first time their eyes meet. Since that is how it works.

Also you can only have an imprint couple if there are any non-canon couple spots open.

If your characters have already met you can either say that their eyes haven't met or just have them act from the start that they already imprinted and then when your characters get a permanent spot you can just say they imprinted in the beginning.

However, imprinting is rare so it can't happen with every couple.

6/25/2015 #16 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Based on recent poll results members are no longer required to play a canon character, however if canon characters stop getting taken then this rule will be re-established.

7/13/2015 #17 Report
A drowninginmythoughts


1. Absenses: from now on if you are going to be gone or slow for a period of time you need to post in the absenses topic.

2. Character limits: everyone is now allowed 5 original characters instead of 4 original characters.

8/13/2015 #18 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Update: since imprints are supposed to be rare there will be no more imprints right now, this is subject to change at some point.

8/15/2015 #19 Report
A drowninginmythoughts


Character Limits: there will now be a character spot for children, making the character limit 2 canons, 2 mucs, 5 ocs, and 1 child, and other children go in ocs.

8/19/2015 #20 Report
A drowninginmythoughts


There are two new important topics to know about.

Advertisement: Here you can advertise anything you want whether that be a fanfic, a roleplay, social media, or anything else.

Roleplay Ideas: Here you can post ideas you have that will help the roleplay.

10/6/2015 #21 Report
A drowninginmythoughts


The rest of October 15 will be a random crazy day because it's my birthday :P

10/15/2015 #22 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Hey guys, I'm sorry I've been so absent lately, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things :)

If there's anything that you need updated on the Master List than please post something saying what you need in that topic.

Also if you have a PM that I haven't replied to then just reply with something to bump your post up to the top of my inbox.

Thanks to all of you for being so understanding in these tough time, I love you all.

1/14/2016 #23 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Im going to try and bring this roleplay back to life!

Lobo tried and failed, this forum is Dead Sorry everyone!

2/8/2017 . Edited 7/21/2018 #24 Report
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