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Christmas Eve Ball

Liliana@Lilli: (Oh, she is a vampire by the way) *bored now that Maggie is not here and is about to leave*

12/24/2014 #451 Report

Emily@Cole: What do you mean?

12/24/2014 #452 Report
M XxSimpleGirl98xX

Jamie@Lainie: *grins* *walks her to the dance floor* So...Lainie... how did I get the pleasure of your greeting?

Mirabella@Nate: *raises one of her eyebrows and smirks* This should be good... Lets see what you have got Nate..*whispers close to him*

12/24/2014 #453 Report

Antonio@Cole: *tilts his head* do you know how to dance?

12/24/2014 #454 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Lilly@Liliana: (shes a wolf XD) *standing alone by a wall*

12/24/2014 #455 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Lainie@Lilly: maybe *smiles*

@Jacob: *kisses him back deeply*

Arabella@Emily: *nods and waits for her to get her water*

12/24/2014 #456 Report

Liliana@Lilly: (This is going to be interesting :D) *sees her and smiles before walking over*

12/24/2014 #457 Report

Emily@ARabella: *grabs the water and hands it to her* Drink slowly so as not to get the hiccups.

12/24/2014 #458 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Jacob@Lainie: *keeps kissing her allowing ehr to stand as his lips begin to move agaisnt hers*

Lilly@Lainie: *laughs* oh god this stuff is strong *hiccups a bit*

@liliana: *looks over at her twitching her nose*

12/24/2014 . Edited 12/24/2014 #459 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Lainie@Jamie: *shrugs and smiles* I saw you and thought you were worth meeting

Nate@Mirabella: *smirks and takes her hand, leads her to the dance floor*

12/24/2014 #460 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Lainie@Jacob: *stands and wraps her arms around his neck lightly, kissing him*

@Lilly: *laughs and smiles, keeps drinking*

12/24/2014 #461 Report

Emily@Cole: Then listen to him and stay away from her. She is just a little girl.

Liliana@Lilly: *stands in front of her* Hi. *tries not to notice her smell too much*

12/24/2014 #462 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

This event is now over please move back to the main topic.

You can continue your scenes there if you want.

12/24/2014 #463 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Jacob@Lianie: *keeps making out with her* *silently hopes this isnt a messed up dream XD*

Lilly@: whathca drinking lainie?

@Liliana: Hi... *smiles a bit*

12/24/2014 #464 Report
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