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Christmas Eve Ball

Bella@Cole: It reeks, sorry.

@Edward: Dear me. She is your daughter.

12/24/2014 #151 Report

Paul@Lainie: Having fun?

12/24/2014 #152 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Lainie@Paul: *nods* yeah I guess so, are you?

12/24/2014 #153 Report

Bella@Cole: Nevermind, take it out, please?

Paul@Lainie: Not really, a little bored actually.

12/24/2014 #154 Report
Xx Adorned by love xX

Mariana@Lainie: *walks over to her and pokes her* Poke *smiles*

Edward@Cole: *shrugs* What made you decide to join?

@Bella: *raises an eyebrow* What's that supposed to mean?

12/24/2014 #155 Report

Nessie: *Sitting outside in the back garden, enjoying the quiet* (Hello! I am only on for a bit! :)

12/24/2014 #156 Report

Claire@Arabella: *points to a table* over there!

12/24/2014 #157 Report



12/24/2014 #158 Report

(Here but slow)

12/24/2014 #159 Report
Gomez Addams of Addams Family

Carlisle@Bella/Cole:*frowing as he trys to find his wife Esme*

12/24/2014 #160 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

(Rosie!! *huggles*)

Lainie@Paul: *nods* so am I

@Mariana: *smiles and pokes her back* Hey Mariana

Arabella@Claire: *smiles and toddles over there, isn't tall enough to see over the edge of the table so just reaches her hand up and grabs a few cookies, goes back over to Claire*

12/24/2014 #161 Report
Xx Adorned by love xX

Edward@Cole: *nods* Does this mean you'll be changing your diet too?

12/24/2014 #162 Report

(Hello! Can you start please?)

12/24/2014 #163 Report

(Hi Rosie)

Bella@Edward: She is moody. I am just kidding. *smiles up at him*

@Cole: *smiles* Outside, it should be by the garage. Unless the boys moved it.

12/24/2014 #164 Report
Xx Adorned by love xX

Mariana@Lainie: *smiles* Hey Lainie

12/24/2014 #165 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

(Hey Spenceroo :D)

12/24/2014 #166 Report

Claire@Arabella: *giggles and twirls around some more*

12/24/2014 #167 Report
Gomez Addams of Addams Family

(sorry carlisle is open for rp Moon)

12/24/2014 #168 Report

Paul@Lainia: *smiles and nods*

12/24/2014 #169 Report
Xx Adorned by love xX

(Hey Rose!)

Edward@Bella: Uh-huh *says with a smirk*

12/24/2014 #170 Report

Bella@Cole: *continues to make sure everything is okay*

12/24/2014 #171 Report

Leah@Nessie: *walks outside, not one for crowds. Sees her* Mind if I take a seat?

12/24/2014 #172 Report

Bella@Edward: She is your daughter though, but only she is being moody and getting in trouble. *kisses his cheek*

12/24/2014 #173 Report
Cool Kids Don't Dance

(Heyyyy I'm actually here now :s)

12/24/2014 #174 Report
Xx Adorned by love xX

Edward@Bella: *raises an eyebrow* Getting in trouble?

12/24/2014 #175 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Lainie@Mariana: *smiles* having fun?

@Paul: *smiles at him and sips her drink*

Arabella@Claire: *giggles and starts to twirl too*

12/24/2014 #176 Report

Bella@Edward: Oh you know, being a typical teenager. That kind of stuff. *looks around the room*

12/24/2014 #177 Report
A drowninginmythoughts


Katie@Caleb: *standing to the side, sipping her drink*

12/24/2014 #178 Report

(Hey Caroline)

Paul@Lainie: So..... *looks around nervously*

12/24/2014 #179 Report

Claire@Arabella: *laughing as she spins*

12/24/2014 #180 Report
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