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10 Years Later Event
A drowninginmythoughts

January 2015 Event: 10 Year Later Roleplay

12:00 AM USA Eastern Time, Saturday January 17th 2015 - 12:00 AM USA Eastern Time, January 31 2015

You can choose where they are in their lives, whether or not they're single, married, divorced, have kids, are successful, are not successful, anything you want.

You can post where they are in their lives below at any time before the event starts.

If they have kids then post the kid's names below, you can also post the kid's appearances if you so choose.

If your character has kids with another character on this roleplay then how many kids, their names, and their appearances needs to be discussed beforehand.

You may have as many characters as you want as long as they relate to this event and aren't just random people you thought up.

Everything needs to abide by Twilight logic.

Please remember to check in

1/4/2015 . Edited 2/17/2015 #1 Report

Paul and Rachel have a son named PJ (Paul Jr.) He will be about 3 in this rp but he was kidnapped by a Volturi and later brought back to them (few days into the rp he will be back)

1/4/2015 . Edited 1/16/2015 #2 Report
Millions Of Bluebirds

Sam and Emily have two children. A son named Joshua who is 7 years old. Then another son Sam Jr. (Sammy!!) who is 2! :) Emily is nearly six months pregnant with their third child a little girl. :)

1/4/2015 #3 Report

Liliana and Lilly are happily married and have Lyla and another child.

1/4/2015 #4 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Lainie will be 27 and is married to Jacob. They have three children. Twin boys William Oliver Black and Thomas Elliot Black (Will and Tommy :) who are 8 years old and their daughter Sarah Lydia Black who is 2. She is also a few weeks from giving birth to their third son Jacob Michael Black Jr. (J.J. :)

Arabella will be 12 and is living with Sam and Emily a majority of the time.

Katie is 28 and is working at a hospital in Seattle as a pediatrician.

1/5/2015 . Edited 1/10/2015 #5 Report
M Kait Barnes

Aleks and Seth have had a little boy, who's name is Carter. They are expecting another, a little girl, called Jemima. She is 4 months pregnant.

1/7/2015 #6 Report

Faylinn lives in Hawaii and is divorced. She has three adoptive kids who where all abandoned shortly after brith so they where names. Faylinn and her ex adoptive them and go to choose their names. Things bewteen Faylinn and her husband soured thus ending in a divorce. The lids where split up. Her twin daughters Lina Stella Evermoon and Morgan Ashley Evermoon they are 5. She hasn't talked to ex husband in three years and lost contact with most of her family except her mother. She is a divorce lawyer.

Carmina lives in Australia and is single. She has one adoptive son Abel and he is 13. She is currently a police officer down there and has cut off all ties with people from La push except Lainie how she mails sometimes.

1/7/2015 . Edited 1/7/2015 #7 Report
Millions Of Bluebirds

Emmett and Rosalie married AGAIN and spent two weeks abroad on their honeymoon. They bought their own place not to far away from the Cullen's and live there now with their 7 year old identical twin boys who are practically mini versions of Emmett. Charles (Charlie) Jasper Cullen is 3 minutes older than James Edward Cullen and they are inseperable one never seen without the other.

1/7/2015 #8 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Austin Marks will be 29. He will have finished his degree in Psychology and currently owns his own family counseling clinic in Port Angeles. He has been engaged once, but his fiancee broke it off a month before their wedding and he's not dated much since.

1/8/2015 #9 Report
Bunny's daughter

Kaiden will be 33 and a professional clay sculptur. Hazel will be 486 years old and still won't know what to do with her life. Embry will be 28 and most likely a writer. I don't know whether or not any of them will be married or even have mates as of yet

1/8/2015 . Edited 1/8/2015 #10 Report

Andrew has married Bea Hunter/Grace and has two children. A nine year old boy named Ethan Blue Grace and a six year old girl named Lorelei Destiny Grace.

1/9/2015 #11 Report
Xx Adorned by love xX

Mariana and Collin have a three year old girl named Haven Percilla Littlesea and are expecting their second. They are also engaged.

1/10/2015 #12 Report
Cool Kids Don't Dance

Caleb had returned to France a few years after breaking it off with Adelaide as he sees there to be no point in staying. There, he restores the French vampire monarchy and takes his place peacefully as the rightful king with little to no disagreement from his subjects.

1/10/2015 . Edited 1/10/2015 #13 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Jacob is a year older than Lainie. Lilly will be 26. Jared will be 32 (if my math is correct)

1/15/2015 #14 Report

(Yes hi)

1/16/2015 #15 Report


1/16/2015 #16 Report

(same here)

1/16/2015 #17 Report

PJ: *Had been kidnapped when he was a year old and is missing* *Currently in Forks with Alec and Alec has plans on giving him back when he finds Rachel* *Open*

1/16/2015 #18 Report
Bunny's daughter


1/16/2015 #19 Report


1/17/2015 #20 Report
Millions Of Bluebirds

(Hey!! :)

1/17/2015 #21 Report

(Blue!!!!!!! Hi!!!!)

1/17/2015 #22 Report
Millions Of Bluebirds

(Hey!!!!!! XD!!)

1/17/2015 #23 Report

(I is open for you!!!! Maybe we can do a family reunion!!!)

1/17/2015 #24 Report
Millions Of Bluebirds

(Sure!!! :) D'you want to start?)

1/17/2015 #25 Report

(Sure thing.)

Emily/Josh: *sitting on the couch reading*

1/17/2015 #26 Report
Millions Of Bluebirds

Sammy@Emily/Josh: *Runs out of his bedroom stumbling on his little chubby legs having just successfully climbed over the bars around his bed keeping him from falling out* Mommy! *Calls out his dark hair messy and his brown eyes bright as he launches himself onto the couch between his big brother and his Mommy laughing lightly*

Sam@Emily/Josh/Sammy: *Walks in through the back door after having picked up a cookie that was on the table* *Stands in the doorway watching the scene looking amused before entering* I told you...Mommy's boy. *Whispers his his wife's ear gently kissing her cheek in greeting then musing up Josh's hair breaking a bit of his cookie off and offering it to him with a wink*

1/17/2015 #27 Report

Emily@Sammy/Sam: Hello my beautiful, adventurous little boy. *smiles up at Sam* Sammy is not a mommy's boy. He just loves to hang out with his mommy. Wait, Sammy, how did you get out of your bed? *panics a little looking for any bruises*

Josh@Sam/Sammy: Dad!! *smiles and then takes the cookies* Mom, he learned how to climb out of bed months ago. How else does her wind up in bed with you some nights? *pokes Sammy's cheek* I had mom first so go away, baby.

1/17/2015 #28 Report
Millions Of Bluebirds

Sammy@Josh/Emily: *Like always he just grinned widely up at his brother knowing that half the time all he did was annoy Josh but he was to young to understand everything that was being said so he just reached out his hand for some of the cookie* Me. Me. *Strains his little arms trying to catch on to the food in Josh's hand*

Sam@Emily/Josh: You were just blind to our youngests skills, Em. *He assured her and then sits on the arm of the couch beside Emily one arm around her shoulders and his other hand holding the cookie he was still eating watching their boys actions with a relaxed smile*

1/17/2015 #29 Report

Josh@Sammy/Sam: *pushes Sammy back* No! You had more than enough sugar yesterday! *gets up to run away and shoves the cookie in his mouth*

Emily@Josh/Sammy/Sam: Boys, no fighting and no more cookies. Samuel, you gave it to them? *punches Sam's leg and holds Sammy from running after Josh* Josh, stop being mean to your brother and you need to share me with your dad and brother.

1/17/2015 #30 Report
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