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Roleplay Three: Afternoon Approaches
A drowninginmythoughts

* * * * * Roleplay Three * * * * *

This roleplay takes place in 2008. A year after breaking dawn.

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1/12/2015 . Edited 3/11/2015 #1 Report

Julius@Cole: Well I feel like your wasting my time * turns to walks away*

1/12/2015 #2 Report

Jordan@Cole:*picks up the bag and looks inside* * eyes widen at the sizes* How did....? Never mind. *mutters closing the door and slipping the jeans and shirt on slightly frowning at the ahort sleeves*

1/12/2015 #3 Report
Xx Adorned by love xX

Edward@Cole: *smiles softly* Really? And you've talked to her?

1/12/2015 #4 Report
Cool Kids Don't Dance

Caleb@Adelaide: He cocks his head in question. "What about her?"

Collin@Mariana: He whines and flips onto his stomach, covering his head with a pillow.

1/12/2015 #5 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Lainie@Mariana: *nods* yeah, it is

Lainie@Cole: *nods* sounds boring

1/12/2015 #6 Report

Adelaide@Caleb: "You mentioned her" she reminds softly. "She was your number two"

1/12/2015 #7 Report

Jordan@Cole: *smiles slightly at the shoes, she preferred to go barefoot, it was just easier but nonetheless she slipped them on. She sighed as she grabbed her long sleeveed jacket from the dirty clothes and she slipped it on, she walked out of the bathroom unsure of where to go her hair still wet*

1/12/2015 #8 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Lainie@Cole: *smiles softly* so how are you and Antonio?

1/12/2015 #9 Report
M XxSimpleGirl98xX


Mirabella@Cole: *frowns* Is it bad I wanted him to tell me to stay?

1/12/2015 #10 Report

Julius@Cole: I did *glares*

1/12/2015 #11 Report
Cool Kids Don't Dance

Caleb@Adelaide: "Oh, right, well, she gave birth to two healthy colts this morning."

1/12/2015 #12 Report

Antonio@Cole: * bites his lip and strokes his chest* maybe you can show me those ideas later

1/12/2015 #13 Report

Jordan@Cole: *closes the door behind her, hears his voice and follows it playing with the stacks of bracelets on her wrist, all of them black and braided except for a blue one at the top of the stack* Thank you. *she says with a smile* But this isn't necessary.

1/12/2015 #14 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Lainie@Cole: *nods* that's good

1/12/2015 #15 Report

Julius@Cole: maybe I wanted you to

1/12/2015 #16 Report
Xx Adorned by love xX

Mariana@Collin: *shakes her head and stand, deciding to let him sleep for now while she goes to find a snack. Gets up and goes down to the kitchen*

@Lainie: *nods* Anything bad?

Edward@Cole: So she just came and left....*frowns*

1/12/2015 #17 Report


Jordan@Cole: Uh... I may not have parents but uh, I-I'm managing alright.

1/12/2015 #18 Report

Julius@Cole: what do you want from me? *eyes him determine to figure it out*

1/12/2015 #19 Report
Xx Adorned by love xX

Edward@Cole: And Jasper's still in Texas?

1/12/2015 #20 Report

Jordan@Cole: *nods* Yeah.

1/12/2015 #21 Report

Adelaide@Caleb: "That's great" she replies. "No wonder you're so happy"

1/12/2015 #22 Report

Antonio@Cole: * raises his hands out for him and pouts* come love me!

1/12/2015 #23 Report
Bunny's daughter

Embry@Cole: *watches him quietly, lifts his head a little more*

@Mirabella: *finishes making the food*

1/12/2015 #24 Report
Xx Adorned by love xX

Edward@Cole: *sighs* At least one of them came back...

1/12/2015 #25 Report


1/12/2015 . Edited 1/12/2015 #26 Report

Jordan@Cole: *crosses her arms with a frown* A few days.... or weeks... *thinks to herself* Ago.

1/12/2015 #27 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Lainie@Cole: we're okay, haven't seen him in a little while

Lainie@Mariana: depends on how you look at it

1/12/2015 #28 Report
Xx Adorned by love xX

Edward@Cole: Have you seen Nessie lately?

Mariana@Lainie: I'll only be able to look at it a certain way if you tell me

1/12/2015 . Edited 1/12/2015 #29 Report
Cool Kids Don't Dance

Collin@Mariana: He's fully awake a few minutes later, and he goes downstairs to find something to eat, not knowing that she was there, so he was only wearing boxers.

1/12/2015 #30 Report
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