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Roleplay Three: Afternoon Approaches

Jakob@Rose: (Idk hes ahybrid so a kid for him was like last year) You are in the forest, the mud slides and horses get their hooves caught and break their legs, now as I said, get your horse to your stables or they could get hurt

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Nessie@Bella: "Mom leave me alone. No one told me and then Uncle Emmett accuses me of scaring the stranger I haven't ever seen before when I was trying to cheer him up." *Fights back tears she runs*

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Bella@Nessie: No! No more running from me! I am your mother and am here to help you! I will speak to your uncle about this if you just talk to me.

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M Kait Barnes

Sam@Emily: He smiles softly and looks down at her as she bats her eyelashes. "I can't resist you're beautiful face." He mumbles and strokes his hand against her cheek. (Okay!)

Rosemarie@Jakob: "Calm down." She mutters and shakes her head, pressing her lips together and tying her hair up, jumping up onto her feet. "As I said, she's used to the rain. I've had her since I was 10."

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Nessie@Bella: *Turns to her, stopping, her tears have fallen* "Tell me you didn't know about this ..."

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Emily@Sam: That is why I did it. *smiles wisely*

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Bella@Nessie: Know about what?? Who's son do you mean??

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Nessie@Bella: "Emmett and Rosalie's. They have a little boy hiding in their room."

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M Kait Barnes

Sam@Emily: "You're so evil!" He grins and pulls her waist closer to him, nuzzling his face against her neck and laughing softly.

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Jakob@Rose: *Rolls his eyes* I've been riding for years and these woods cripple many horses. There is a reason tracks and derbys are not open on rainy days

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M Kait Barnes

Rose@Jakob: "And there's a reason my mother trusted me with a horse at 10." She grins cheekily and lifts herself into one of the stirrups, pushing herself onto her horse's back and rolling her eyes in a teasing way.

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Bella@Nessie: Since when?

Emily@Sam: *laughs and holds him close*

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M Kait Barnes

Sam@Emily: He gently presses one loving kiss to her neck - humming and pulling his head back to look at her.

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Emily@Sam: *moans a little and looks at him* I love you very much. I hope our boys are handsome and sweet like you.

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M Kait Barnes

Sam@Emily: His eyes darken ever so slightly as he hears her little noise. "I love you, Em. Very much." He places his lips against her neck, lingering them there.

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Jakob@Rose: 4 is when I got my first horse. Even The most experienced riders cant help.

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Emily@Sam: *moans softly again*

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(Hi all who are coming on :D)

Nessie@Bella: "That's not a question you should ask me ..."

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M Kait Barnes

Rosemarie@Jakob: "I'll take it into consideration. Thank you." She nods once, letting Indigo trot around for a bit, letting her gain her surroundings again.

Sam@Emily: His eyes close as he keeps his lips against the same place of her neck, his hands holding her small waist.

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Jakob@Rose: *he rolled his eyes* Don't listen to a champion racer. *Starts riding to his stables*

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M Kait Barnes

Rosemarie@Jakob: She watches him and shakes her head, a small smile approaching on her lips and riding back to her house. (Skip?)

Sam@Cole: He's just about to enter the diner, but stops outside, his fists curled at his sides - hungry after having to rid of another leech earlier that day.

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(Haha I really AM tired :P)

(I can RP with you Dark, who would you like?)

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Jakob@Cole: *Physically nineteen, polishing a trophy of his for horse back riding*

@Rose: (Mhmm) *At a derby, he was in the owners box talking to some people* *It was an amateur derby so he wasnt eligible to compete any horses*

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M Kait Barnes

Rosemarie@Jakob: She's there with her best friend, whose competing, her eyes bright and looking around, smiling happily and shoving her hands into her back pockets.

Sam@Cole: He smells Cole in the distance and grumbles beneath his breath, looking around and waiting for him to appear, shaking his head and continuing to mutter beneath his breath. (Hiii :D)

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Jakob@Cole: Come in Cole.

@Rose: *He enters the pitch to start announcing and does so quickly and murmurs smoothly a list of impressive titles he and a horse of his had won* Let the race begin.

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M Kait Barnes

Rose@Jakob: She hears his familiar voice and twists her head - watching him and shaking her head with a smile - eyes rolling in a playful way.

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Jakob@Rose: *Watches the race from his stand*

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A drowninginmythoughts

Please move to Roleplay Four.

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