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Quileute Shape-Shifters Meeting

(I have to agree on you killing him too.)

3/21/2015 #91 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

((jake will more than likely rip limbs off XD wheres sam? hes the voice of reason ehre XDD))

3/21/2015 #92 Report
M Kait Barnes

(I'm reading! XD)

Sam: *Growls loudly* "Al of you. This isn't about death! This is about getting our loved ones back and nursing them back to health. Mental and physical health. We have our weapons, they do too. Stop being children and grow up to be men!"

3/21/2015 #93 Report

(You act like Alec will be in Volturea)

3/21/2015 #94 Report

Brady:*Goes to carter.* Wanna see what the Volturi is capable of. Here oh and look what we are up against. What this sick bastards can do. *Shows pictures of Carminas car inside and out.the car is bented and inside is blood ripped to shreds.* We need to be careful. I say we take down Alec first. Take down the strongest players.

3/21/2015 #95 Report

(Dx Alec bby run )

3/21/2015 #96 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

((jake will hunt him down afterwards XD))

Jake: *sighs* Youa re right sam, lets move now, the sooner we get them before theya re further damaged the better and carter?

3/21/2015 #97 Report

Carter: *growls and shakes his head* No! I will not let my mate be killed, and i wont betray his family! *he couldnt bare it anymore and took off running into thr forest, he was going to tell Alec or maybe Aro of whats happening.*

3/21/2015 . Edited 3/21/2015 #98 Report

Jakob: Next plane doesnt leave for six hours. It would take the same amount of time to prep our plane

3/21/2015 #99 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Jake: STOP HIM! *orders them eharing his thoughts*

Jared: *takes off running after carter*

3/21/2015 #100 Report

Brady: Alright I agree Sam who is leaving and who is staying here?

3/21/2015 #101 Report

Andrew: *Nods and chars after him as well*

3/21/2015 #102 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Jake: Brady you collin and kaiden and Carter are staying here, but the volturi will know we are coming now, carters on his wya there...

3/21/2015 #103 Report

Jakob: *Had phased back to make calls to get plane tickets*

3/21/2015 #104 Report

(Pls Jakob stay pls)

3/21/2015 #105 Report

Brady:*Nods.* Bring my imprint home saf and sound ok?

3/21/2015 #106 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Jake: I promise brady, ill bring ehr and all the others abck safe and sound, Sam i ahte to do this but.....you are staying as well......

3/21/2015 #107 Report

Carter:*he knew he was being followed but he was faster and he knew how to lose them. He ran up close to a main road before phasing back not carinf he was nakes got into a car and drove away before he called Alec* Alec, its me it was a mistake coming here, they want to kill you , there plan is *he procedured to tell Alec the plan*

3/21/2015 #108 Report

Alec: Get to italy now. I'll warn the others, I love you...(xd good volturi is warned xD)

3/21/2015 #109 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Jake: Carter is open for anyone to kill, he is not welcome on the reservation anymore

3/21/2015 #110 Report

Andrew: *Growls* Damn, he got away. *Stares at the car going down the road*

3/21/2015 #111 Report

Carter: okay *he hangs up, he felt pain in his chest, he betrayed his tribe, what will his mom think? He couldnt see her anymore or Embry but he loved Alec more*

3/21/2015 #112 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

This event is now closed.

3/21/2015 #113 Report
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