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Volturi Meeting
A drowninginmythoughts

Volturi Meeting

3:00 PM USA Eastern Time, Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 - 5:00 PM USA Eastern Time, Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

The Volturi has captured the mates, imprints, and some children of those they want to join them and are holding them for ransom as well as torturing some of them.

This meeting will be held in Volterra, Italy in the Volturi Castle

In this meeting the Volturi members are getting prepared for the inevitable battle they know will happen.

All members of the Volturi are required to attend attend.

Also those who are captured may also attend and will be able to talk to each other from where they are being kept but will not actually be a part of the meeting.

If anyone is unable to attend you need to let someone know before hand and your character may be subbed by someone else.

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3/24/2015 #2 Report

(Great! Alec can tell Marcus how hes gonna murder people and Marcus can ignore him xD)

3/24/2015 #3 Report

(Its a joke Dark(

3/24/2015 #4 Report


Alec: *Standing to the left of Caius' throne where he normally stood in meetings*

3/24/2015 #5 Report

Alec: Master Marcus/ *Nods in greeting*

3/24/2015 #6 Report
M Jesse'sGhostGirl28

(I'm on the regular rp if anyone wants to join)

3/24/2015 #7 Report


Alec: Where are the others?

3/24/2015 #8 Report

Caius:*Walks in and stares ay everyone.*

Carmina:*Has isolated herself in the corner leaning against the wall praying to go unnoticed. *

3/24/2015 #9 Report

Caius:*Aporoaches Marcus and reeks of blood.* Hello brother

(Hiya Moon!)

3/24/2015 #10 Report

Caius:Seems most members haven't arrived yet. I say we just kill the prisoners.

3/24/2015 #11 Report
M XxSimpleGirl98xX

Chelsea: *Walks in* *her hood on eyes bright red*

3/24/2015 #12 Report

Alec: *Murmurs* Has anyone seen Master Aro as of late?

3/24/2015 #13 Report

Caius:*Shrugs.* Thats fine with me I do love torturing them. Their screams arenlike music to my ears. *He says with a chuckle and looks at Marcus.* I hear there are some traitors within our ranks. I am sure Aro would agree that torture the traitors.

Carmina:*Stiffens when she hears that.*

3/24/2015 #14 Report

(Sorry Im late)


3/24/2015 #15 Report

(Hello people)

3/24/2015 #16 Report

Aro:*enters the throne, he was not late everyone else was just early as he walked gracefully to his throne* Brothers. *He said cheerfully to Marcus and Cauis*

3/24/2015 #17 Report

(Oh, cool i just got online so dont even know i missed it, sorry moon see ya in regular rp then)

3/24/2015 #18 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Since this meeting didn't really do well I'm going to be extending it until 7:00 for all those that want to continue.

3/24/2015 #19 Report
M XxSimpleGirl98xX

(I'm here)

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3/24/2015 #21 Report

(I made it to the extenstion! Thanks Jen just finished working on an exhibiton. So tired Zzzz)

Athenodora: *Open*

3/24/2015 #22 Report

(Im here)

3/24/2015 #23 Report

(I am here also!)

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3/24/2015 #25 Report


Aro:*enters the throne room*

3/24/2015 #26 Report

Caius:*Enters and watches everyone around the room.*

Carmina:*Isolates herself in a corner and leans against the wall. She is praying no one notices her.*

3/24/2015 #27 Report

Athenodora: *Creeps in and stands out of the way with Sulpicia, can smell new blood on Caius and isn't speaking with him*

3/24/2015 #28 Report
We All Need A Nap

(Oh good I thought I'd missed it)

3/24/2015 #29 Report

Aro:*walks to his throne gracefully* Brothers! *He says cheerfully.*

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