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Volturi Meeting
We All Need A Nap

Heidi:*walks into the throne room, wearing her signature red dress that clung to her body and showed off her cleavage* Sorry to be late *she bowed a bit*

3/24/2015 #31 Report

Alec: *Looks around*

3/24/2015 #32 Report

(why do I feel like it would be funny if Claire wandered in and totally interrupted the meeting XD lol JK JK ok bye..*shushes self and slowly disappears into the darkness*)

3/24/2015 #33 Report
M XxSimpleGirl98xX

Chelsea: *Walks into the room* *her solid black robe, like leaders on, her light Brown hair curled and now her eyes bright red*

3/24/2015 #34 Report

Caius:Hello brother..now lets discuss two things. How to deal with the prisoners and traitors in our ranks.

3/24/2015 #35 Report
We All Need A Nap

Heidi:*moves to stand by CHelsea and Alec* Good Evening

3/24/2015 #36 Report

Aro: *sits down and looks at Cauis with slight suprise* Traitors? Do tell me, dear brother. *Aro said slightly more calm*

3/24/2015 #37 Report

Caius:*Nods.* Somone or rather a couple of people have been helping the prisoners with alot of things. I feel they should be punished no matter who they are. One for sure is our newly turned member Carmina...Alec knows more.

3/24/2015 #38 Report

Aro:*looks over at Marcus, smiling at him* Marcus, dear brother how are you today? *Aro was quite happy Marcus found someone else to make him happy, and his mate being someone loyal to the Volturi made it even better.*

3/24/2015 #39 Report

Aro:*return his attention to Cauis, nods slowly* Quitw true brother, yet we need them alive enough to lure their mates into our trap. Alec, come here, i wish to see. *He order gently*

3/24/2015 #40 Report

Caius:*Smiles and stares at them.*

Carmina:*Gets wide and goes to sneak out of the room.*

3/24/2015 #41 Report
We All Need A Nap

Heidi@Carmina:*Grabs Carmina's arm and smirks* Where are you going? Traitor. *she said viciously and shoved the other girl into the middle of the room*

3/24/2015 #42 Report

Athenodora: *Lowers her eyes and wraps her arms around herself*

3/24/2015 #43 Report

Aro:*looks at Carmina* My dear girl, where did you think uou where going? *His voice said sweetly with a cold undertone*

3/24/2015 #44 Report
M XxSimpleGirl98xX

Chelsea: *smiles at Heidi* Evening. *nods*

3/24/2015 #45 Report

Carmina@all:*She glares at everyone. * I was leaving.....this no longer concerns me!

Caius@All:Be careful of her...her gift is to trap you in your own nightmare.

3/24/2015 #46 Report

Aro: *nods in acknowledge what Cauis said* I see, yet i didnt dismiss you, i suggest you remeber that for the furter dear child. *Aro said calmly but darkly. He smiled cheerfully after that* Or I'm afraid I'll have to punish you.

3/24/2015 #47 Report

Aro@Marcus: You are welcome brother, how is your mate?

3/24/2015 #48 Report
We All Need A Nap

Heidi@CHelsea: Good day?

@Aro: Master, pardon me, but does that mean you will not be punishing Carmina for being a traitor?

3/24/2015 #49 Report

Alec: *steps forward* (Sorry dinner)

3/24/2015 #50 Report

Aro@Marcus:*smiles* Im just happy for you brother, you deserve happiness. (I thought they were mates)

3/24/2015 #51 Report

Aro: Oh, she will be. *Aro said after taking Alec's and seeing his memories* Take her to the dungeons, Alec have fun, just don't kill her...*He pauses* Yet.

3/24/2015 #52 Report

Carmina@all:*Glares and attempts to flee.*

Caius:*Sighs.* Alec please deal with her. Next what to do with our prisoners. ..plus the other traitors....I fear only Alec knows who the others are.

3/24/2015 #53 Report
We All Need A Nap

Heidi@All:*frowns and shakes her head, Alec was always the one who got to have fun*

3/24/2015 #54 Report

Alec: *uses his power on Carmina and watches her body seize up and go limp* I will stay for the meeting.

3/24/2015 #55 Report

Aro: *smiles at Heidi* You may go after Alec, Heidi.*he says kindly before turning to Cauis* I'm afraid i didnt see in his mind, Demetri has been gaining the prisonera trust by doing whatever he needs under my orders afterall if the prisoners trust him, then the family will trust him and he will lure them into a trap foe us to finish them off.

3/24/2015 #56 Report
M XxSimpleGirl98xX

Chelsea@Aro: *grins stepping up, she was his favorite after all* Aro, what will we do about the shifters and Cullens?

3/24/2015 #57 Report
We All Need A Nap

Heidi:*instantly smiles at this news and bows her head in thanks*

(brb gotta eat)

3/24/2015 #58 Report

Carmina@All:*She doesn't scream out and maintains her glare as the pain courses through her body. She curls into a ball.*

Caius@all:Let's deal with the prisoners and what other punishments to use.

3/24/2015 #59 Report

Caius@All:*He smirks.* Aro you are indeed a smart yet cruel man.

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