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Roleplay Five
A drowninginmythoughts

* * * * * Roleplay Five * * * * *

This roleplay takes place in 2008. Two years after Breaking Dawn.

How to Roleplay

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3/26/2015 . Edited 4/28/2015 #1 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Lanie@Alec: *shakes her head* you can torture me as much as you want as long as you don't hurt anyone else

3/26/2015 #2 Report

Alec@Lainie: Why would I ever make that deal

3/26/2015 #3 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Lainie@Alec: I don't know

3/26/2015 #4 Report

Alec@Lainie: so............Im gonna kill Benny

3/26/2015 #5 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Lainie@Alec: *shakes her head and holds Benny closer* no!

3/26/2015 #6 Report

Alec@Lainie: You didnt do as I said

3/26/2015 #7 Report


3/27/2015 #8 Report


3/27/2015 #9 Report
Cool Kids Don't Dance


3/27/2015 #10 Report

(Soooo fuckin tired, came home and just passed outttt)

3/27/2015 #11 Report

All: *Open*

3/27/2015 #12 Report

(Yo moon wanna rp)

3/27/2015 #13 Report

Ej@EJ@Cole: *in Coles bedroom, Hoppers hopping around with his steady thump noises*

3/27/2015 #14 Report

Seth/Bea/Adelaide/Arden: *open*

3/27/2015 #15 Report

(Hello?) Blake/ashley *open*

3/27/2015 #16 Report
Cool Kids Don't Dance

(yoooo. again.)

Caleb/Collin/Tobias/Ella: *open*

3/27/2015 #17 Report


3/27/2015 #18 Report
Cool Kids Don't Dance

Caleb@Blake: He's in the midst of a hunt; in a slightly depressed state but mostly cool and collected.

3/27/2015 #19 Report

Blake@caleb: *blake pushes back her brown hair. And takes a deep breath. See stands on top of cliff looking out.*

3/27/2015 #20 Report
Cool Kids Don't Dance

Caleb@Blake: He catches her scent and wanders closer, until he's standing a few feet behind her. "That's not very safe, y'know."

3/27/2015 #21 Report

Caleb@blake: *blake does not look back at him. She sticks one leg over the edge.*

3/27/2015 #22 Report
Cool Kids Don't Dance

Caleb@Blake: He frowns and puts a hand on her shoulder. "What are you doing?"

3/27/2015 #23 Report


3/27/2015 #24 Report

Blake@caleb: testing something* Blake turns around to face him and take half a step back*

3/27/2015 #25 Report


3/27/2015 #26 Report
Cool Kids Don't Dance

Caleb@Adelaide: (can you reposttttt?) // Caleb: He raises an eyebrow and moves his hand, shoving them both into his pockets. "By all means."

3/27/2015 #27 Report

Blake@caleb: *blake falls backwards. She smiles as she falls to the ground. But she lands on her feet*

3/27/2015 #28 Report

Adelaide@Caleb: She frowns, biting her lip as she looks down. "I don't understand. Did something happen?" She reached for his hands, her eyes meeting his. "I thought things were going great...I thought you were happy."

3/27/2015 #29 Report
Cool Kids Don't Dance

Caleb@Blake: He peers down at her from the edge and turns to run down to meet her, using his super speed. "What exactly was that testing?"

3/27/2015 #30 Report
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