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Character Information Sheets and Species Information
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* * * * * * * Welcome to the Character Information Sheets and Species Information topic * * * * * * *

This topic contains information on all characters on this roleplay except for original characters. It also contains information on all species on this roleplay.

To find a specific character's information sheet, press control(ctrl) and 'F' and type * followd by the character's name.

If you cannot find the character you are looking for then that character's sheet may be on the second page.

*Canon Character Information*

Canon Characters: Characters directly from the Twilight Saga series.

The source of most information was found off of Twilight Wiki. All information, including bonds, personality, appearance, skills/ability and book history can't be changed as they are what make up the canon characters. The role play history of each character comes from important events that have happened in the role play. Minor situations/happenings are recorded in the Character Timelines

All canons characters are Stephenie Meyer's creations and solely belong to her. The role play was borrowing these characters for roleplaying purposes.

*Made Up Character Information*

Made Up Characters: Characters whose existence was mentioned in the Twilight Saga.

MUC character sheets have a small amount of information, setting a base for character's personality, history, and bonds/loyalties. MUC characters are meant to start off with just the basic information, then develop and grow in role play.

The character's relations to the established canon are Stephenie Meyer's creation and were used for roleplay purposes and no other.

*Original Character Information*

Original Characters: OCs aren't from the series and are created by the members who role play them.

*Species Information*

The species information sheets contain information on vampires, Quileute shape shifters, Children of the Moon, hybrids, and witches. All of the species are from the Twilight universe except for witches.

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* * * Character Information Sheets * * *

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Start of Canon Characters:

Table of Contents:

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*The Olympic Coven*

The Olympic, more commonly known as the Cullen family, and also known as Cullen clan, or Cullen coven, is a coven of vegetarian vampires. It consists of Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Emmett, and Edward Cullen, as well as Rosalie and Jasper Hale. Later in the series, Bella Swan and her vampire hybrid daughter with Edward, Renesmee Cullen, are also introduced to the coven. Five of nine members are supernaturally gifted. The Cullens are the second largest and most powerful coven, with only the Volturi ranking higher in number and power, but more mature and stable than most others, a result of abstaining from human blood and hunger for power.

They are known to be very loyal to each other and put more value on human life than most other vampires. Abstaining from human blood takes the competitive aspect out of their hunting instincts, and as a result allows them to form stronger family bonds than traditional vampires. They currently live in Forks, Washington, which they have no plans of leaving, unless forced to.

The Cullens prefer to stay in one place as long as possible, choosing cloudy climates where they can go outside during the day without revealing their inhuman nature. But after 6-7 years, they are forced to move on before their lack of aging is noticed. They own several residences so that they can return to places they have especially enjoyed—but only after enough time has passed that they won't be recognized as the same people who once lived there.

Each member maintains several well-tended identities, complete with documents to support them, which allows the Cullens to establish themselves in new locations as necessary.

Each time the Cullens move to a new place, the relationships they claim to share with one another may shift, too. In one place, two members might pose as father and adopted son, in another, brothers, or uncle and nephew. Regardless, the bonds of love and respect between them are the same.

*Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle is described as looking like a model. He has collar-length blond hair, is 6'2", with a well-toned medium frame, gentle eyes and was 23 when he was changed. He is described as looking like a movie star and many nurses cannot concentrate on their work while he is around. But as soon as Carlisle was settled and married to Esme, Charlie said that the admiration was quickly hushed in the hospital. Carlisle is slight but muscular and has a slight English accent from his youth, but can speak with a flawless American accent. His original eye color was blue before becoming a vampire.

Carlisle was born in 1640 in London, England and was changed in 1663. He is the leader of the Olympic Coven and is loyal to them. He is mated to Esme.

Carlisle's most prominent personality trait is his compassion, which is what prompted him to practice his diet on animal blood and use his capabilities to help people in need instead of killing them. Stephenie Meyer has said that his "compassion-motivated self-control is really so incredible that it almost crosses the line into 'superpower'." He is very family-motivated. Carlisle is also very patient and non-judgmental. He has a passion for collecting art, reading, and studying medicine. He also is very curious about the unknown, such as the genetic makeup of the Quileute tribe. His peaceful and accepting nature has allowed him to make many friends, ranging from fellow vampires to humans and even werewolves, over the centuries. For a time, he was even willing to tolerate life amongst the Volturi, despite the marked contrast between his great compassion and Aro's callous disregard for human life.

Carlisle came up with his own theory as to why certain vampires have enhanced abilities; they bring something from their previous human life into their new vampire existence. Unlike most vampires, after 300 years of practice he is no longer tempted by the scent of human blood, and is able to use it to help him in the workplace, therefore turning his "curse" to his advantage. He also believes that every vampire's strongest ability is enhanced during their transformation. What he brought into his next life was his incomparable compassion for humans and vampires, which was what prompted him to redirect his diet to animal blood in the first place. He also uses his sense of smell to locate injured people who might have a chance to be saved.

Despite his naturally gentle personality and superior control over his instincts, he is also quite adapted in combat much like his adopted children and wife, as he easily conquers newborns in Eclipse.

Book History

Early Life

Carlisle Cullen was the son of an Anglican pastor. He was born sometime in 1640 in London, during a time of religious and political upheaval. His mother died giving birth to him. Carlisle's father and other pastors led hunts for werewolves, witches, and vampires, claiming that they were attempting to rid the world of evil and sin. Many a time, however, these groups would end up killing innocent citizens. As his father aged, Carlisle took over the raids. He was less at ease about killing as his father was, but he was intelligent enough to find a real coven of vampires inhabiting the sewers of London. Carlisle was attacked and left bleeding in the street by a vampire. Carlisle hid himself in a potato cellar for his painful transformation, emerging three days later as a vampire. Carlisle was repelled and horrified by what he had become, and tried various ways of killing himself, including starvation, drowning, and jumping off cliffs. Eventually he was so desperate for blood that while he was hiding in a cave in a forest he attacked and fed on a herd of passing deer. He found that he could survive off animal blood. Carlisle studied at night, becoming a "nighttime patron of the arts." As a result of his meticulous studying, Carlisle was able to become a brilliant doctor. One of the first vampires he met after his transformation was Alistair, who completely shunned company, but because Carlisle had been lonely for centuries, he'd managed to make Alistair respond a little bit before they parted ways on odd terms. Carlisle was studying in Italy when he stumbled across the Volturi, the dominant vampire coven that was led by three vampires named Aro, Marcus, and Caius. After living with the Volturi for two decades, Carlisle moved on to the New World, where he became a doctor and used his skills to help people.

In 1911, Carlisle worked as a doctor in Columbus. Because the local doctor was away, he was assigned to treat Esme Anne Platt, a young teenager at the time, after she broke her leg falling out of a tree. They felt a strong mutual attraction, even though their encounter was brief.

In 1918, Carlisle worked night shifts in a Chicago hospital during the Spanish influenza epidemic. During the epidemic, Carlisle encountered a dying woman named Elizabeth Masen. Her son, Edward, was dying of influenza as well. Elizabeth Masen begged Carlisle to do anything within his power to save her son as she lay dying. Out of loneliness, and armed with the knowledge that Edward was alone in the world, he changed him, making him his companion. The two started traveling together, using the cover story that Edward was the younger brother of Carlisle's late wife.

Not long after, in 1921, Carlisle and Edward moved to Ashland, Wisconsin, where Carlisle was called to the bedside of a dying woman. He was surprised when he found out the woman was Esme, who suffered injuries from a failed suicide attempt spurred by the loss of her child. Remembering her as the ever-so-happy young girl he met before and unable to believe she would meet such cruel fate, he changed her into a vampire to save her life. He then explained to Esme about what he had done to save her. To his surprise, she was not upset by his decision; she, too, remembered their first meeting, and had always considered Carlisle her ideal of a gentleman. They soon fell in love and married.

Carlisle then turned Rosalie Hale, a young woman who was raped and almost killed by her drunken fiancé and his friends before leaving her in the street to die. Carlisle hoped for Rosalie to become Edward's mate, but they were never more than siblings to each other. Two years later, while hunting, Rosalie found a young man named Emmett McCarty who had been mauled by a bear. She carried him over 100 miles back to Carlisle to be changed. Around 1950, Mary Alice Brandon and Jasper Whitlock joined his coven. Alice and Jasper met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1948, and sought out the Cullens based on one of Alice's visions. Rosalie and Jasper pose as twins, taking the surname "Hale" for their time in Forks, while Alice changed her name to Cullen.

Much later, Carlisle and his family moved to Forks, Washington where they had lived before (shortly after Emmett and before Alice and Jasper joined) and had made a treaty with the Quileute tribe, led by a shape-shifter named Ephraim Black. The treaty stated that the Quileutes would leave the Cullens alone and not reveal them to humans if the Cullens would refrain from biting humans - whether to kill or change them - or trespassing on Quileute land. Because of the treaty, the Cullens were able to live in relative peace.


At the start of Twilight the Cullens have lived in Forks, Washington for two years.Carlisle currently works at Forks Hospital, becoming their chief doctor. After his adoptive son Edward saved Bella Swan from being crushed a van that spun out of control, Carlisle treats her. Edward later begins to fall in love, Bella reciprocates Edward's feelings. Carlisle is happy to see that Edward has finally found someone. During this time, another coven of vampires sweeps into Forks. When one of them, James, decides to hunt Bella, Carlisle joins his family in hunting James before he could hurt Bella.. James eventually goes to Phoenix and lures Bella out of hiding but is killed by Emmett and Jasper. After Edward sucked the venom from her, she is able to recover with the help of Carlisle.

New Moon

Carlisle treats Bella in New Moon after she accidentally gave herself a paper-cut at her 18th birthday party and fell on some glass as Edward tried to protect her from a blood-thirsty Jasper.

Some time after this, Edward leaves Bella, and their family move to Ithaca, New York. While living in Ithaca, Carlisle works night shifts and teaches part time at Cornell, where Jasper studies philosophy. Six months later, Edward came to believe Bella was dead, and went to Italy to ask the Volturi to kill him. Alice and Bella were able to find him in time.

Carlisle and his family meet Edward, Alice, and Bella at the airport after Bella stops Edward from getting himself killed. He offers his joy and thanks to Bella for saving Edward. Later, when Bella asks the Cullens if she should join them, he gives his vote in favor of turning Bella into a vampire, even saying he will do it himself after Bella's graduation, though Edward, who was originally against the idea of Bella becoming a vampire, agrees to do it himself if Bella would marry him first.

His family moves back to Forks and Carlisle is quickly accepted by his old staff.


At the start of Eclipse, a string of unsolved murders are happening in Seattle, not far from Forks. But Carlisle and the rest of the Cullens, after hearing the news about them, know that vampires are behind it. Eventually, they realize that someone is creating an army of newborn vampires. Carlisle and his family form an unlikely alliance with the Quileute werewolves. The vampire behind the newborns turns out to be Victoria, James' mate. Her army is destroyed by the combined forces of the Cullens and the pack of Quileute werewolves. While this goes on, Jacob is hurt at the clearing when he tries to protect Leah Clearwater from a newborn. Carlisle treats Jacob's wounds, as they would not be able to take him to a normal doctor. After getting Jacob to phase back into human form, they take him back to his house, and Carlisle is forced to re-break Jacob's injuries, as his bones had healed crooked and out of line. It is while Carlisle is treating Jacob that he takes a blood sample and does tests with it, on the claim that he is fascinated by werewolves. It is then that he finds out that werewolves have 24 pairs of chromosomes, 1 more pair than a human and 1 less than a vampire.

Breaking Dawn

In Breaking Dawn, Carlisle attends Edward and Bella's wedding. After the wedding, Bella and Edward go to their honeymoon place, Isle Esme, which Carlisle gave to Esme as a wedding gift. During the honeymoon, Alice calls Edward but Bella answers the phone instead. Bella then asks to speak to Carlisle, hoping that he could help her understand what was happening.

Bella tells Carlisle that she might be pregnant, and, after being informed of her symptoms, Carlisle agrees. Edward brings Bella back to Forks so Carlisle can perform an abortion, but Bella already feels a bond with her unborn child and insists on giving birth. Carlisle would have gone along Edward in aborting the hybrid, but Esme was against it, and Carlisle would not go against her.

After Bella gives birth to Renesmee and becomes a vampire, Carlisle and the entire family immediately become attached to the newborn baby.

When the Volturi hear of Renesmee from Irina, they believe she is an immortal child, and gather the entire guard and wives and witnesses to destroy Carlisle and his entire family. Carlisle is saddened that Alice and Jasper have left them, but respects their decision. Over the month it takes for the Volturi to arrive, Carlisle and the other Cullens gather a number of witnesses of their own to testify that Renesmee is not an immortal child. He also persuades his Irish friend, Siobhan, to visualize a peaceful situation with the Volturi because he suspects she has an undiscovered talent of manipulating reality.

With help from Nahuel's witness, the wolves, and Bella's mental shield, their efforts are successful, and the Volturi retreat in fear. Carlisle and his family's allies suspect that the Volturi may attempt to avenge their humiliation in the future, and Carlisle says they will stand against them again if that time comes.

Roleplay History

*Esme Anne Platt Evenson Cullen

Esme is physically the oldest member in the Cullen family, being changed at the age of 26. She is described as being 5'6" tall, with billows of gently waving, caramel-colored hair. Her face is heart-shaped with dimples, and her figure is described as slender but rounded as she was changed not long after giving birth to her son. Her human eye color was brown.

She is described as being extremely beautiful and Bella says that she reminds her of "the ingenues of the silent movie era" and that meeting her was like "meeting a fairy tale – Snow White, in the flesh". She is also described as having delicate eyebrows and a warm, compassionate look to her face. In the books, Bella is always amazed by Esme's youth and beauty.

Esme was born in 1895 in Columbus, Ohio and was changed in 1921 at age 26. She is a member of the Olympic coven and is loyal to them. She is mated to Carlisle.

Esme is an extremely warm individual who is gifted with the ability to love the people around her passionately. She has always had strong maternal instincts, which is why she is able to open her heart so easily to her adoptive children and Bella. This is due to the death of her first and only child when he was only a few days old, during her human life.

She is described as being as intelligent as her husband, and a very kind and gentle person. The people around her are genuinely drawn toward her gentle personality.

Esme is also very creative and artistic, and enjoys renovating old properties. Throughout her years as a vampire, she has studied and earned degrees in architecture, art, and photography.

Upon her transformation, Esme did not develop any special talents like Edward's telepathy, Alice's ability to see the future or Jasper's ability to control emotions. However, her ability to show passionate love to the people around her was enhanced and this has become her most prominent feature throughout the series.

Bella comments in Eclipse that Esme is not as skilled at fighting as Jasper, Edward or Alice. This is probably due to her loving nature - meaning she most likely hasn't had to fight much in her life. However, Esme should not be underestimated in battle, as Eclipse showed she is more than capable of fighting if needs be. Esme, along with the other Cullens managed to fight off an entire army of newborn vampires created by Victoria and survived.

Esme, as a very creative and artistic person, works as an architect and enjoys restoring old houses. In New Moon, Alice tells Bella that Esme has been restoring a 17th century house in the forest north of Ithaca, and in Breaking Dawn, she restores a cottage that's over a hundred years old on the Cullen estate for Bella and Edward. Her desk is said to be stacked with plans and blueprints.

She has earned degrees in architecture and art, and has studied photography.

Book History

Early Life

Esme Anne Platt grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio, where she had a very happy childhood. As a teenager, her playful, mischievous nature often got her into trouble. At the age of 16, she fell out of a tree, and broke her leg. Since the local doctor was out of town, she was treated by Dr.Carlisle Cullen. He moved out of town not long after that, but Esme never forgot the kind doctor with whom she had gotten along so well. Initially she wanted to move west to become a school teacher, but she was pressured by her parents to stay and marry. At the age of 22, in an attempt to please her parents, she married Charles Evenson, but she soon realized her husband was an abusive man. Her family urged her to keep quiet about the abuse, and Esme had no choice but to endure it. Much to her relief, her husband was drafted during World War I, finally giving her some peace.

Esme enjoyed a happy period of time while Charles was away, but when Charles returned in 1919, the abuse returned with him. Sometime after his return, Esme found out that she was pregnant. Not wanting her child to grow up in such a dangerous home, she ran away to her cousin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When Charles found her whereabouts, she ran away again, this time to Ashland and posed as a war widow. In order to support herself, she became a school teacher, temporarily fulfilling her childhood dream. The child was born in 1921, only to die from lung fever 2 days later. Esme was devastated. After the baby's death, Esme felt that she no longer had any reason to live, and attempted suicide by jumping off a cliff. When she was found, her condition was so bad that they didn't even attempt to revive her. She was immediately brought to the morgue, although her heart was still beating faintly. Dr. Cullen was working in the area at the time, and recognized her as the happy, beautiful young girl he treated 10 years earlier. Esme regained consciousness in excruciating pain, but she was happy to see Carlisle again. In order to save her life, Carlisle decided to change her into a vampire.

When Esme first woke up from her transformation, Carlisle explained what happened and that he turned her into a vampire in order to save her life. To his surprise, Esme was not upset with his act and she easily accepted her new life. Esme and Carlisle later fell in love and got married. The real challenge for her was the blood lust, and she lost control of her thirst a few times. In time, Rosalie and Emmett were transformed by Carlisle as well, and Alice and Jasper joined the family, becoming her surrogate children, though Esme has a special place in her heart for Edward because he was the first of her adoptive children.


Esme first appears in Twilight when Edward takes Bella Swan to meet his family at their home outside of Forks. She and Carlisle are both warm and friendly towards Bella, and Esme welcomes her with open arms, acting as though she were already part of the family. This is due to her gratitude of the happiness Bella had brought to Edward. Knowing her son had created a song inspired by his love for Bella, Esme asks Edward to play it for her on the piano, which he does. It is mentioned that he had already composed several pieces for Esme since she loves to hear him play.

The Cullens later invite Bella to play baseball with them, and she and Esme act as umpires. When James's coven arrives, the Cullens try to pass Bella off as a vampire, but James catches her scent and attempts to attack her. All the Cullens spring into action to protect Bella, much to the nomads' amazement. Esme swaps clothes with Bella so that they could try to disguise her scent. Esme remains at home with Rosalie to protect Bella's father during her escape to Phoenix with Alice and Jasper.

New Moon

Esme is seen briefly at Bella's birthday; she hugs Bella and wishes her a happy birthday. Alice gives Bella a present from Esme and Carlisle, which is two plane tickets to Jacksonville to visit Renée. While opening her present, Bella cuts her finger on the wrapping paper and Jasper attempts to attack her. Edward shoves Bella out of the way to protect her, but she crashes into the table and cuts her arms on the broken shards of china and glass.

Once Jasper is subdued, the rest of the Cullen family, with the exception of Carlisle, smell Bella's blood and are suddenly ravenous. Emmett and Rosalie drag Jasper outside and Esme follows them, apologizing to Bella and deeply ashamed that she is tempted by the smell of her blood.

When she and her family moved up North, she occupied herself with restoring a 17th century house in the forest north of the city of Ithaca.

Esme is not seen again until she, Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie go to pick Edward, Alice and Bella up from the airport after Bella and Alice prevented Edward from committing suicide. She is very grateful to Bella for having saved Edward's life, and makes her son promise never to scare her like that again. The next day, Bella asks the Cullens to vote on whether or not they are willing to turn her into a vampire and let her join their coven. Esme votes "yes", and says that she already considers Bella part of the family.


When a rogue vampire snuck into Bella's house to get her scent, Esme and her family allied with the Uley pack to watch Bella and Charlie.

Esme is present at Bella, Edward and Alice's graduation and the party held afterwards at their house. After realizing that someone is creating an army of newborn vampires to destroy the Cullens and get to Bella, Esme genuinely accepts the Uley pack's willingness to join forces with them, as Jasper is an expert on newborn vampires and teaches them how to fight them. While watching Jasper and Esme train for the upcoming battle, Bella discriminates Esme's fighting skills as weaker, compared to the rest of her family. However, she does show enough skill to handle her own opponents.

Breaking Dawn

At the beginning of Breaking Dawn, Esme is present at Bella and Edward's wedding and helps Bella to change into her going-away outfit after the ceremony and reception party. As a wedding present, she allows the newlyweds to stay on Isle Esme, a small island off the coast of Rio de Janeiro that Carlisle presented her with years ago, for their honeymoon. She grows close to Bella's mother, Renée, before the wedding.

When Bella becomes pregnant and she and Edward return to Forks, Esme sides with Rosalie and Emmett to protect Bella and her baby, something that also affects Carlisle. She is affectionate towards Jacob and his pack when they break away from Sam's pack to protect her daughter-in-law, and she and Carlisle especially are extremely grateful for their sacrifice. Esme provides Jacob and his pack with clean clothes and food, and offers to let them sleep in the beds in the Cullens' house, though most of them would decline.

After Bella gave birth to Renesmee Cullen, a human/vampire hybrid, Esme welcomes her into the family with open arms, even caring for her while Bella is in the process of becoming a vampire.

While Renesmee is unborn, the pack prepares to attack them to prevent the baby from being born for fear of what the baby might be able to do. While the Cullens suffer starvation, Esme does her best to care for her family and Jacob's pack. As Bella's pregnancy nears its end, Esme accompanies Carlisle and Emmett in escaping the pack's observation. Esme gets caught and almost attacked by Brady Fuller and Collin Littlesea, but Emmett and Carlisle come to her rescue. They return in time to prevent the pack from killing the rest of their family, and then await Bella's conversion into a vampire.

For Bella's nineteenth birthday, Esme and the rest of the Cullens give her and Edward a little cottage in the forest that they renovated. There is an extra room which Esme hadn't found a use for, which later became Renesmee's bedroom. She also gives Bella guidance about how to act human in order to prepare her for Charlie's confrontation.

Three months after Renesmee's birth, Irina mistakes her for an immortal child and reports this breach of vampire law to the Volturi. Esme is devastated when two of her children, Alice and Jasper, leave without notice and is led to believe they had abandoned them all. She and her family then gather a large number of vampire friends to be their witnesses, testifying that Renesmee is not an immortal child but a half-human, half-vampire hybrid. After a brief confrontation with the Volturi and Jasper and Alice return with another hybrid to prove their case, they are able to prove that Renesmee is not dangerous and the Italian vampires leave in peace. As their group celebrates their victory, Esme opens her arms to welcome Alice and Jasper back into her family. Once the threat has passed, the Cullens are able to return to their normal lives.

Roleplay History

*Emmett McCarthy Cullen

Emmett is described as being very tall, very burly, and to the students at Forks high school and some vampires, very intimidating. Standing at 6'5", he is the tallest of the Cullens, towering over Alice by nearly two feet. His strength gives him a rather filled out form, but he is not regarded as being overweight, just muscular. His height helps spread out his weight. He is described as very handsome with dimples and slightly curly, dark brown hair that almost looks black, giving him a childish look not often seen in a grown man. He is physically the strongest of the Cullens. Like the rest of his family, he has pale skin and golden eyes that darken to black as he becomes thirsty. Blue was his original eye color.

Emmett was born in 1915 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and was changed in 1935 at age 20. He is a member of the Olympic coven and is loyal to them. He is mated to Rosalie.

Emmett is a naturally cheerful and childish character. He loves to laugh and make jokes, and would try to lighten up tense situations with his sense of humor. Unlike some of his family members, he never hesitates to speak his mind, which makes Edward very comfortable to be around him. He appears to be thoughtless, impatient, reckless, makes rash decisions and allow his instincts to take over, but also optimistic and never worries about things beyond his control.

He also has a competitive nature. When Bella was being hunted by James in Twilight, Emmett is upset that he wouldn't be going with her, until she points out that he would have a better chance to fight James if he went with Edward. He also displayed no hesitation at the possibility of killing James to ensure Bella's safety after Edward revealed that James would probably hunt her relentlessly, even stating that it was "an option". Despite his tendency to fight, he would sometimes willingly miss out on such an opportunity to protect those he loves.

Emmett is one of the youngest vampires in the Cullen family, which is why the scent of human blood is sometimes harder for him to resist. He does very well when things get out of hand and could resist Bella's blood when she was human. Despite being the most intimidating Cullen, Emmett is actually very loving and caring to his wife Rosalie Hale and the rest of his family.

During free time, he likes to play competitive sports and games, especially anything that involves a physical challenge. His favorite animal prey are bears, and would often wrestle with one before killing it. He also enjoys playing chess with complicated rules, but prefers to play with Jasper and Rosalie rather than Edward and Alice, because of their gifts to anticipate his moves.

Emmett drives a red Jeep Wrangler modified for off-roading.

Emmett has no supernatural talents, but his physical strength as a human was magnified when he became a vampire, which makes him much stronger than the regular vampire. In combat, he relies on strength and would fight so fiercely that others view him as a very intimidating opponent. He is known as the physically strongest vampire in the Cullen family, but not the best fighter.

Emmett has always had a fondness for hunting bears, and enjoys the satisfaction of getting revenge for what one did to him.

Book History

Early Life

Emmett McCarty grew up in the small town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, as part of a large Scotch-Irish family. He had what his parents considered a wild adolescence, never one to worry about consequences and preferring to gamble, drink, and womanize. However, he was a loving child of his family who always kept them supplied with game. He worked on the railroad with his older brothers in Gatlinburg, while his younger 14 year old sister would help their mother with housework.

Emmett was changed into a vampire by Carlisle Cullen in 1935, two years after Rosalie Hale had been changed. When Rosalie came across him, Emmett was being mauled by a black bear in the mountains of Tennessee. He had nearly died from the attack, but Rosalie saved him and carried him over a hundred miles back to Carlisle. Rosalie was noted as saying that it took nearly all her strength not to kill him. She also said that she brought him to Carlisle so that he, with his stronger endurance to human blood, could save Emmett, being afraid that she would kill him instead. Emmett describes this experience as "being saved by an angel who brought him to God". Many years later, Rosalie confessed to Bella that she saved Emmett from dying because of his innocent look, dimples, and curly hair that reminded her of her best friend Vera's child, Henry, and that ever since the day she saw the baby she always wanted a child of her own just like him. While going through the change, Carlisle attempted to inject painkillers into his system to numb the pain, but the venom burned it out before it could spread.

After his painful transformation, Rosalie and Carlisle explained to Emmett that he was a vampire. This did not upset him, however, like Rosalie and Carlisle had thought it would. He put in his own words, "Hell's not so bad if you get to keep an angel with you."

As he still cared for his natural family and knew that he could no longer go back, he had Edward prepare a bag of fortune in the hope of easing their pain over losing a hardworking son and personally left it on the porch. He hadn't looked back since then. He did, however, initially have trouble adjusting to the Cullens' rule of only feeding on animals, and has tasted human blood on several occasions. The Cullens were forced to move around for this reason. He had even run into two strangers whose blood appealed to him like Bella's to Edward, causing him to lose control instantly. In 1937, while living in Forks, Emmett's family came across a pack of shape-shifters and made a treaty for a peaceful resolve; from then on, Emmett and his entire family were forbidden to ever bite humans.

Emmett married Rosalie before Alice and Jasper joined their family - and had done so repeatedly over the decades due to Rosalie's love of being the center of attention, and Emmett would give her anything to make her happy.

Emmett has attended several high schools and colleges, but never earned any particular degree, preferring instead to move quickly from one subject that interests him to the next.


Two years prior to the beginning of Twilight, he moves to Forks with his family from Alaska, where he attends Forks high school with Rosalie, Jasper, Alice and Edward.

He first meets new girl, Bella Swan, on her first day at school during the spring semester. Knowing that Edward is feeling intensely tempted by her blood, Emmett jokingly encourages him to give in to it and get his problems over with, but Edward talks against him. Among the Cullens, he is one of the least worried when Edward started dating Bella.

When Edward takes Bella to meet his family, Emmett is absent because Rosalie is upset by the idea and he tries to comfort her. While playing baseball together, Bella catches dangerous interest from the tracker James, who wishes to kill her for sport. Emmett willingly helps Edward and the rest of his family lead the vampire away to protect her, while hoping to fight the tracker himself.

He also assists Jasper in ripping James apart and burning the pieces as soon as they find him at Bella's old ballet studio in Phoenix. Afterwards, he returns to Forks and attends the school prom with Rosalie as his date.

New Moon

Prior to New Moon, he went on a vacation to Africa with Rosalie.He is present during Bella's 18th birthday party and gives Bella a new radio for her truck without her permission. When Bella gets a paper cut while unwrapping a present, Jasper loses control and attempts to attack her, Emmett holds him down. Even though Bella gets a bigger cut by Edward's attempt to defend her, Emmett manages to remain stable. After Edward decides to leave Forks with his family, Emmett moves up north with them, where he once again renews his marriage with Rosalie.

When Bella, Alice, and Edward return to Forks after Bella and Alice's successful mission to prevent Edward from committing suicide in Italy, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Esme and Carlisle pick them up at the airport and officially move back to Forks. The next day, Bella gathers the Cullens to vote whether to let her become a vampire and join their family. Emmett votes "hell, yeah" in her favor. He also shows interest in fighting the Volturi, but is willing to find another way instead of risking Bella's life.


Emmett almost crosses the line in Eclipse when chasing Victoria to the border line to La Push, where they meet the werewolves. Emmett attempts to attack her, but she dodges away, prompting him to fall on Paul, and a fight almost erupts, especially with Rosalie's influence. However, Carlisle and Jasper manage to calm things down before it gets out of hand.

The next week, Emmett, Jasper and Edward go on a weekend hiking. When they return, Edward catches the scent of an unknown vampire in her house and sends Jacob, Jasper and Emmett searching for the mysterious intruder. He also teases Bella after finding out that she broke her hand punching Jacob in the face.

When they find out that Victoria has created an army of newborn vampires, Emmett goes under training with his family and the wolves of the Quileute tribe in preparation for a battle against them while Edward and Seth protect Bella. Because Emmett is physically the strongest vampire, he poses as a newborn example during training.

During the confrontation, he goes into war with everyone and wins without a scratch.

Breaking Dawn

Emmett is present in Breaking Dawn at Bella and Edward's wedding and the night before when he takes Edward and Jasper out on a "bachelor party", threatening to break down her house if he didn't come.

While Bella is pregnant, Rosalie volunteers to be her guardian from the rest of the family, and Emmett sides with them. He is rather frustrated by his inability to fight the Uley pack, who intend to sacrifice Bella to prevent the baby from being born. He is in constant torment by his thirst and his inability to quench it due to the threat of the Uley pack that keeps him and his family indoors. He eventually escapes the wolves whilst protecting Esme and Carlisle, and manages to hunt for a while before rushing back home to stop the wolves from attacking his family.

After Bella gave birth to his niece, Renesmee, and became a vampire, he frequently mocks her and Edward's sex life. His mocking ends when Bella challenges him in an arm-wrestling match and wins, being much stronger than him due to her newborn state, much to his irritation. By winning the bet, he is silenced as the prize. He constantly demands rematches after every loss.

Three months later, on an ill-fated day, Irina travels to Forks to make peace with the Cullens, only to mistake Renesmee for an immortal child and eventually reports her misinterpretation to the Volturi. Once Alice gets a vision of their coming to end their family, Emmett comes up with the plan to prove to gather a number of witnesses in their favor, to which they agree. He and Rosalie are then assigned to find nomadic vampires and send them to Forks while Carlisle and Esme look for vampire covens.

When he returned home, he is assigned with teaching Bella how to fight after Edward refused to do it himself. However, he also uses the lessons as a way to get back at Bella for winning all the arm-wrestling matches. When the trial with the Volturi looks about to turn into a fight, he shares a passionate kiss with Rosalie. The situation ends in peace, however, and they are able to return to their normal lives.

Roleplay History

*Rosalie Lillian Hale

Rosalie is described as being the "most beautiful person in the world", as she is astoundingly gorgeous, even for a vampire. This is due to her natural beauty as a human. She is 5'9" tall and statuesque, with an elegant figure similar to a model's. She has long wavy blond hair that falls halfway down to the middle of her back that perfectly suits the golden/black eyes that she shares with the rest of the Cullens.

In her human life, Rosalie was described as a woman with beauty, elegance, class, and money. Her eyes were described as being like violets when she was a human. She enjoys wearing beautiful and elegant dresses with jewelry that reflect her beauty.

Rosalie was born in 1915 in Rochester, New York and was changed in April of 1933 at age 18. She is a member of the Olympic coven and is loyal to them. She is mated to Emmett.

Rosalie is described as being narcissistic and self-centered, but extremely loyal to her friends and family. She became very shallow and naive as a result of the attention and love caused by her beauty as a human, and had never been envious of anyone other than her best friend Vera, who had found love in her marriage. Even so, she thought her human life was perfect. Rosalie enjoys the effect she has on men who become easily stunned by her beauty and women who become jealous of her; however, because of this, she is not happy when someone else appears to be more attractive than her or receive more attention than her.

Rosalie has a hobby of enhancing cars and doing anything mechanical. Like Edward, she is a musician, though not quite as good. Her mechanical skill is the one trait that surpasses her brother's. She also enjoys decorating her closet and admiring herself in the mirror.

Rosalie treasures humanity more than anything and often wishes she was still human; her desire is so great that she is willing to trade anything and everything she has for a second chance at being human. Always wanting children of her own, Rosalie supports Bella's decision to keep her daughter and her former resentment of Bella eventually turns into a sisterhood. Rosalie can appear to be bitter and cold, due to being beaten and raped by her ex-fiancé and her depression over being a vampire, and angers easily. She learns to appreciate life as a vampire after finding Emmett, as she had gotten "half of her happy ending".

Because Rosalie was already angelically beautiful as a human, the transformation only enhanced her beauty, making her many times more beautiful than most vampires. So far, Bella has only mentioned one other vampire whose beauty was comparable to hers: Heidi from the Volturi. Her musical talent was also enhanced, as was her mechanical talent, even though she did not practice them in her human life. In Twilight, Edward also talks about her tenacity, or "pig-headedness".

Nevertheless, her vampiric transformation has also provided her with physical capabilities that allow her to fight off her enemies.

Book History

Early Life

Rosalie Lillian Hale was born in Rochester, New York, in early 1915; she had two younger brothers, a housewife for a mother, and her father worked at a bank. Her father's job helped keep the family wealthy during the Great Depression. She was born beautiful and constantly praised, making her vain and self-centered as a result. Her parents took pride in her looks, which she enjoyed. She also enjoyed her father's pleasure in buying her beautiful clothes, her girlfriends' envy, and the admiration of every man she passed. The result of all this attention was that Rosalie tended to be self-absorbed, shallow, and materialistic. However, unlike her social-climbing parents, who always wanted more out of life despite their already elevated status, Rosalie was just happy in the knowledge that she was Rosalie Hale, and that she was very beautiful. She was, however, bothered by the superior beauty of the members of the Cullen family: Carlisle, Esme, and Edward, but because she hardly saw them, she did not let that get the better of her.

One day, Rosalie's mother had her dress up to deliver her father's forgotten lunch to his job, in the hopes that the son of the bank's owner would take notice of Rosalie, and it worked. Royce King II sent roses to Rosalie and, after making a comment that her eyes were like violets, Rosalie began receiving them, too. Their relationship was solely based on physical attraction, as Royce was often too busy at the bank. They became engaged and one week before the wedding, Rosalie visited her good friend Vera, who Rosalie envied for her baby boy. At one point, when Vera's husband kissed her, Rosalie finally noticed the lack of love in her relationship with Royce that was so obvious in Vera's. While walking home, shaken by her thoughts about her loveless relationship, Rosalie stumbled across her drunken fiancé and his equally drunk friends; Royce bragged about his fiancée's beauty which eventually led to Rosalie being brutally gang-raped and beaten before being left in the street to die.

Rosalie was found by Carlisle, the scent of blood having attracted him to the dying girl. He carried her to a room where he turned her into a vampire, worsening the pain she was already in. She awoke to the voices of the Cullens arguing with Carlisle about him saving Rosalie. Edward was unhappy with the idea that Carlisle had changed her in the hopes that she could be his mate. Rosalie was furious at Edward's rejection, even despite her own lack of feelings for him as well. Her vanity still needed feeding and she was surprised and hurt that Edward wasn't attracted to her. Upon seeing her reflection, Rosalie's unhappy mood increased with her now improved vampiric beauty, because it meant she was no longer human. Rosalie soon avenged her death by killing Royce's friends one at a time. Having saved Royce for last, Rosalie donned a bridal gown for dramatic effect and found him locked in a windowless room with a thick, vault-like door guarded by two men. Killing the guards, Rosalie entered the room where she tortured Royce to death. Though she killed seven men, she was very careful to not spill even the smallest drop of their blood, knowing that she wouldn't be able to resist and repulsed by the idea of having any part of them inside her. After her revenge, Rosalie begrudgingly joined the Cullen family. Carlisle had intended for Edward and Rosalie to be like he and Esme were, but Edward only loved Rosalie as a sister.

Two years after her transformation, in 1935, Rosalie stumbled across a young man named Emmett McCarty being mauled by a bear outside of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Emmett's features reminded her of Vera's young son Henry, and, because of this, Rosalie chose to rescue the dying man. Rosalie resisted the urge to drink Emmett's blood and carried him over one hundred miles to Carlisle, who then turned him into a vampire at her request. Emmett accepted his new status quite well, and became Rosalie's mate. They rarely separated after this; the two having found in the other their true soul mate. Edward had once told Bella that they were always together, and it was hard to be in a five mile radius of them. The pair would marry often and sometimes lived separate from the rest of their adopted family so as to live as a newlywed couple. In 1937, while living in Forks, they were discovered by Ephraim Black's pack of shape-shifters. To secure both sides, the Cullens and the pack made a treaty: they shall not attack or expose the Cullens unless they bite a human or cross over to the Quileute traditional lands. They moved away sometime after the agreement was made.

By 1950, the family welcomed two new additions, Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale. Due to their similar features, Rosalie and Jasper would often play the role of biological siblings, even twins. During the long decades of her life, Rosalie developed a passion for collecting cars akin to her adopted brother Edward, and is a brilliant mechanic. She has attended several high schools and universities, and earned degrees in electrical engineering, business, and astrophysics, and has also studied medicine to help Carlisle keep up-to-date with the latest advances.


Rosalie moves to Forks with her family two years prior to the beginning of Twilight. She is furious when Edward saves Bella Swan from being crushed by a car and accidentally gives their secret away. At one point, she planned on killing Bella to solve their problem, but Carlisle and Alice persuaded her otherwise.

When Edward and Bella begin a romantic relationship, Rosalie becomes jealous of her, because she is able to get Edward's attention after she came to believe that he wouldn't be fond of anyone on Earth. Another reason is that she thinks Bella has made a mistake falling in love with a vampire. Because of these reasons, she ignores her at all costs, and even stays absent when Bella comes to meet her family.

While playing baseball with Bella watching, James's coven appears. When James's lust for deadly games endangers Bella's life, everyone works hard to protect her, but when Edward asks Rosalie to wear Bella's jacket to lead away the vampire, she angrily replies"What is she to me?". Carlisle tells her that Bella has become a part of their family now, and it is their responsibility to protect each other. This statement causes Rosalie to reluctantly take the role.

After James was destroyed, she goes back to Forks and attends the school prom with Emmett as her date.

New Moon

Prior to the beginning of New Moon, Rosalie and Emmett went on a vacation to Africa for a couple of months. By this time, they had already graduated from Forks High School.

Rosalie attends Bella's 18th birthday party at their house.

Edward decides to leave Forks for Bella's safety, and they move away together. During their time away from Forks, Rosalie and Emmett get married once again. In the months that passed, Rosalie finds their new life fairly uncomfortable because of Edward's absence. When Alice has a vision of Bella jumping off a cliff, she tells Rosalie about this and rushes back to Forks to help Charlie, only to learn that Bella was still alive. Rosalie, not knowing the whole truth, informs Edward about the 'incident' in hopes that he will return home and life will go back to the way it was. Her plan backfires when Alice calls and tells her that she has accidentally caused Edward to go to Italy to provoke the Volturi to kill him, since he cannot do it himself. However, Bella and Alice manage to arrive in time to prevent his suicide attempt. After this, the family returns to Forks, and Rosalie apologizes to Bella and Edward for her behavior.

The next night, Bella visits the Cullens, asking them to vote in favor of her becoming a vampire and joining their family. Aside from Edward, Rosalie is the only one who votes "no".


In early Eclipse, as Bella, Alice and Edward come close to graduation, Rosalie wishes to talk to Bella alone, but because Edward is always at her side, she is forced to wait for the opportunity. When Alice 'kidnaps' Bella on Edward's command, Rosalie uses the chance to have a heart-to-heart with her for the first time. She tells Bella her life story; who she was and how she became a vampire. She also asks Bella to think about how much she is giving up by becoming a vampire: something Rosalie would never have chosen if she had a chance. It's made clear that Rosalie still doesn't like Bella very much, because of her choice.

As soon as they realize Victoria is back and has created an army of newborn vampires to attack the Cullens, Rosalie participates in a battle plan with the Quileute werewolves, but keeps her distance as their scents disgust her.

They successfully destroy the vampire army together. She is last seen witnessing Bree Tanner's execution by the Volturi with the rest of her family.

Breaking Dawn

Rosalie participates in Bella and Edward's wedding at their house. She voluntarily helps fix Bella's hair and plays Edward's piano during the ceremony, and later sees them off at the reception.

During their honeymoon on Isle Esme, Edward impregnates Bella. When Edward decides to abort the baby for her health, Bella calls Rosalie for help. Rosalie then shields her from the rest of the family. Because she cannot have children of her own, she hopes that by helping Bella, she would achieve that goal in an alternate way.

During the baby's agonizing birth, Rosalie tries to deliver the baby, but the massive amount of blood overwhelms her and she loses control. Jacob kicks her out of the room before she can attack Bella, then proceeds to help Edward delivering. Once she regains enough control, she takes the baby away to give Edward free hands in the transformation of Bella into a vampire. Rosalie joyfully cradles the newborn Renesmee Cullen in her arms just as Jacob is about to kill Renesmee, thinking of her as the monster that killed Bella. However, Rosalie runs and hides with Renesmee until she brings her back three days later after Bella is successfully transformed into a vampire and Jacob can see that Renesmee did not in fact kill Bella.

After Bella's transformation has been shown to be successful Rosalie continues to care for Renesmee like her own child, also beginning to treat Bella like part of the family due to their common ground on the child. Over the next three months, she and Alice make a baby album for Renesmee.

When Renesmee is mistaken by Irina to be an immortal child and reports to the Volturi, Rosalie runs off with her family to gather as many friends as possible to help them witness in their favor. When the confrontation with the Volturi nearly turns into a fight, Rosalie shares a quick, passionate kiss with Emmett.

The situation doesn't turn violent, however, and, once the Volturi leave, she shares a longer kiss with him. After this day, they are finally able to live their lives in peace.

Roleplay History

*Jasper Whitlock Hale

Jasper is 6'3" tall and has honey blond hair that falls just above his collar. He is muscular, but lean, unlike his brother Emmett. Like the other Cullens, he has pale, marble-like skin, inhuman beauty and bruise-like purple shadows under his eyes, which appear gradually as his thirst increases. He has golden eyes, like all vegetarian vampires, which turn darker, eventually becoming black, as he grows thirstier. His original eye color was brown.

He has many scars on his body, face, neck and jaw from the bites of vampires he fought during his time in Maria's coven. These scars are invisible to humans unless contrasted by a strong light, but when viewed by someone with supernatural eyesight they are said to be his most dominant feature, causing defensive reactions in vampires who don't know him. In Breaking Dawn, Bella thinks the scars "screamed dangerous."

Jasper was born in 1844 in Houston, Texas and was changed by Maria in 1863 at age 19. He used to be a member of Maria's army in the Southern Vampire wars but is now a member of the Olympic Coven and is loyal to them. He was the former mate of Maria but is now mated to Alice.

Jasper can sometimes pass as cold, because he has a very militaristic mindset from his time as a human in the Confederate army and later as a vampire in Maria's army. However, the truth is that he is a very kind, polite, gallant and simply good person. He is described by Alice as 'a good Southern gentleman'. He is a natural scholar and avid reader, and has a shrewd mind on business and battle tactics.

Jasper is completely in love with Alice and he often acts a lot more open when he is around her. He would also do everything to protect his family, sometimes being a bit overprotective when trying to protect Alice.

Jasper has the least control over his thirst and would occasionally find human blood tempting, making him uncomfortable around humans, as proven when he tried to attack Bella after she bled from a paper cut. To keep him in check, Edward and Alice would team up to help him, though he finds it irritating. Because of this, he would feel smug whenever someone else in his family was having the same hard time; for example, he expected eagerly for Bella to lose control of her thirst when she became a vampire in Breaking Dawn, however, Bella's remarkable control as a newborn made Jasper question himself and eventually begin to expect more control of himself, and reevaluate his view on newborns.

In the Cullen family, Jasper is the best fighter, the second fastest (after Edward), and the second strongest (after Emmett).

Out of the entire family, Jasper is only member to possess any military experience prior to being converted into a vampire. His experience on the field allowed him to single-handedly slay newborn vampires who had reached the end of their first year. As mentioned in Breaking Dawn, the Quileute wolves consider Jasper the largest strongest opponent above all the other Cullens, describing him as "power and speed and death rolled into one."

His greatest weakness is his thirst for blood: he had lived in a coven where blood and battle were all a vampire could think about. Even after decades of joining the more peaceful Cullen family and practicing vegetarianism, he still has a hard time abstaining from human blood, which can easily make him lose control if they are in close proximity.

Because he was charismatic as a human, Jasper can sense and change the emotions of others as a vampire, though he must be careful not to constantly manipulate those around him, so as not to create a false reality of others simply feeling what he wants them to feel. His gift is one of few that can affect Bella without getting blocked by her mental shield, because his power can actually influence people's feelings rather than create an illusion.

He mainly uses it to calm down people who have been angered, to end a situation peacefully. During his years with Maria and her coven, his power allowed him to control the newborn vampire soldiers better, which is what made him Maria's favorite. He could constantly sense the pain of those he killed, either for position or sustenance. This experience made him emotionally damaged as he found killing the only way for survival, until he met Alice and started the process of satisfying his thirst with animal blood.

Although his power is useful, the mood he inflicts only lasts for as long as his targets are within his range.

Book History

Early Life

Jasper Whitlock joined the Confederate Army before he turned 17, using his way of persuasion. In the following 2 years, he was promoted to major in the army and became the youngest major in Texas. After evacuating women and children, he rode on his way back to Galveston and met the vampires, Maria, Lucy and Nettie, who had recently lost their respective territories to other covens. Maria knew from his suit that he was in the military and changed him into a vampire in hopes of utilizing his training and experience to create an efficient army. He and other newborns helped Maria reclaim her territory and later claim dominance over others. Nettie and Lucy gained territories of their own, but when they tried to rebel against Maria, Jasper sensed their malevolent emotions and teamed up with Maria to kill them. Jasper and Maria seemingly shared a short romantic relationship but she never got over her deceased mate. When he became a vampire, he gained the ability to feel and manipulate people's emotions which was very useful in controlling the younger newborns. Jasper commanded Maria's newborn army that participated in the Southern vampire wars. Since Maria wouldn't keep vampires after the first year of their transformations, Jasper was responsible for disposing of them, something he felt remorseful of because he could feel their pain when he killed them just as much as he could feel the pain of his human victims. Overtime, the pain and cruelty of such existence depressed him to no end. While in the army, he befriended a newborn named Peter, whom he persuaded Maria to keep because of his advanced combat skills and kindred spirit.

When Peter ran off with Charlotte, a newborn that they were supposed to kill, Jasper allowed them to escape. After this incident, Maria's feelings for him changed: he could sense how fearful - and somewhat mistrustful - she was toward him, and knew that she would plot a way to destroy him. He began planning how to destroy her first, despite his reluctance to the idea of destroying the one person who mattered to him, but his years in the coven had affected him so deeply that he almost became a savage.

In 1938, Peter came back and told Jasper about the way vampires could coexist up North. He immediately left Maria and her coven to join Peter and Charlotte. However, he did not find peace, since he could still feel the emotions of his human victims, which deeply depressed him. Eventually, he left Charlotte and Peter. He tried to kill less often, but the thirst always grew overwhelming.

In 1948, he ran into a diner in Philadelphia and met Alice Cullen. At first, he was puzzled by her happy behavior around him, but nevertheless, her joyful emotions impacted him greatly. As it turned out, she had been waiting for him. When she held out her hand, he took it, and felt an unfamiliar emotion for the first time: hope.

She also told him about the ability to survive off of animal blood instead of human blood, as well as their future with Carlisle Cullen and his family. He didn't know such a thing could exist but he followed her. With the help of Alice's 'sight', they searched for the Cullens, and in the meantime, learned to adjust to 'vegetarianism'. Finally, they located the family in 1950 and quickly joined them. Sometime after that, by Carlisle's suggestion, he and Alice married; due to their physical similarities, Jasper changed his surname to that of his adoptive sister Rosalie's, and occasionally poses as her twin. Out of the whole coven, Jasper has the hardest time being around humans, due to his unrestrained upbringing as a young vampire in a violent army environment. He was not taught to control or how to regulate his blood lust, and this imperfection continues throughout the next 50 years, leading him to burden himself with the mentality of feeling weak by not being able to possess the same level of restraint as the rest of his family.

Maria sought him out when they were in Calgary. The encounter prompted the family to move again, and Jasper politely asked Maria to keep her distance, because he had no interest in rejoining her coven and lifestyle.

Throughout his time with the Cullens, he has attended high school and university many times, and earned degrees in history and philosophy.

Sometime in the 1980s, he started doing business with a lawyer who forged illegal documents to help provide his family with new identity certificates. After the lawyer retired, his apprentice, J. Jenks, took over.


In Twilight, Jasper is a senior in Forks High School, along with Rosalie and Emmett. When Edward saves the new girl, Bella Swan, from a car accident with his supernatural strength and speed, Jasper is very upset by this act because he has given away their secret. He later learns to come to terms with Edward's involvement with Bella when they begin dating. However, when Bella visits their family for the first time, Jasper is forced to keep his distance for her safety.

During a baseball game, Bella gets unwanted attention from the tracking vampire, James. Jasper assists Alice in taking Bella to Phoenix in order to escape James. While hiding in a hotel room, he senses Bella's guilt of putting them in danger and tries to convince her to not feel guilty, but to no avail. At the airport, Bella takes Jasper to go find a place to eat. Really it was just a ploy to get lost in the crowd and go meet James at her old ballet studio. When they find her, Jasper assists Emmett in ripping James apart and burning the pieces. After James' death and the escape of his mate, Victoria, he returns to Forks and attend the school prom with Alice as his date.

New Moon

In New Moon, the Cullens throw an 18th birthday party for Bella.

While opening a gift, she cuts her finger lightly and starts bleeding. Since Jasper is the newest vegetarian vampire in the family, he is overcome by his bloodlust and tries to attack Bella, only to be stopped by Edward, though Emmett puts Jasper in an unbreakable grip. Edward pushes Bella away and she is not bitten, but is injured further when she crashes into broken glass, requiring stitches. After Jasper nearly bites Bella, he and his family move away from Forks in an effort to protect her from their world, demanded by Edward. After they moved up to Cornell, Jasper started studying philosophy.

When Alice has a vision of Bella jumping off a cliff, she rushes back to Forks alone. However, when Rosalie tells Edward about this incident, he is led to believe that Bella has died and travels to Volterra, Italy for a suicidal plan. Jasper is warned by Alice to stay put while she and Bella rush to Italy to stop him. After they successfully saved Edward from committing suicide, Jasper moves back to Forks with the rest of the Cullens.

At the end of New Moon, Bella gathers the family to vote whether for her to become a vampire or stay human. Jasper casts his vote to make Bella a vampire.


The events in Eclipse focus more on the newborn attacks caused by Victoria's creation of her newborn army in Seattle. Jasper is the first to suspect that someone is creating an army of newborn vampires, but dismisses it for awhile because he thinks he has read the signs wrong, until his suspicions are proven correct.

The Cullens turn to him for guidance in preparation for the upcoming battle against Victoria and her savage army. He helps train both the Cullens and the Quileute wolves by putting on sparring demonstrations, and pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of newborns for both groups. Jasper, however, attempts to be everywhere at once during the battle, helping his family and the wolves fight while protecting Alice, and ends up getting bitten by a few newborns in the process.

Breaking Dawn

Jasper feels Bella's nervousness about her marriage to Edward and is able to calm her down for a short period of time before going on a private bachelor "party" with Edward and Emmett. On the day of the wedding, he is assigned with picking up Renée and Phil from their hotel.

When Bella became pregnant with a half-vampire child, he is one of the family members who wish to abort the child for her health, but because some of the other family members are against the idea, he decides to remain neutral. With the Uley pack threatening to kill Bella and possibly some of his family, Jasper guards around the house. It does not take long before he learns to love his new niece, Renesmee Cullen. He is also seen active in the fight with the wolves while guarding the house from their assault.

While Bella is a newly turned vampire, Jasper is always standing beside her to make sure she wouldn't lose control and hurt anyone. He is shocked by the fact that she is able to retain self-control, something that most newborns aren't capable of doing. This causes him some dismay over his own struggles with self-control, even as a mature vampire, and also prompts him to re-evaluate his view on newborns.

When the Cullens realize the Volturi are coming as a result of Irina's wrongful accusation about Renesmee, Jasper flees with Alice to South America in hope of finding someone more connected to his adoptive niece's species. It is revealed that Jasper has a secret business relationship with a lawyer in Seattle named J. Jenks after Alice leaves Bella clues to find him. Jasper has been employing him and his former partner to make illegal documents for the Cullens whenever they move to a new place, and this connection allows Bella to forge fake ID's, passports, and a driver's license made for Renesmee and herself. Jasper and Alice's search eventually leads them to South America where they find a human/vampire hybrid named Nahuel. They bring him and his biological aunt, a vampire named Huilen, back to Forks in time to prevent a fight between the Cullens, the other vampires, the wolf packs, and the Volturi.

After the peaceful outcome of the situation, Jasper and Alice are welcomed back into the Cullen family. Bella decides to take over Jasper's relationship with J. to save him heart attacks since J. found Jasper to be 'intimidating'. Also, Jasper has a brief conversation with friends Peter and Charlotte before they departed.

Roleplay History

*Mary Alice "Alice" Brandon Cullen

Alice is a very beautiful person, petite, the shortest of the Cullens at 4'10", "thin in the extreme", with small, "pixie-like" features. She is also described to have large eyes and long, delicate eyebrows. Her hair is cropped short, spiky, and inky black because her head was shaved in a mental hospital and was in the process of growing out when she became a vampire. Her original dark brown eye color was replaced by medium gold after she became a vegetarian vampire. She moves very gracefully, continually cited as dancing, with a carriage that would "break any ballerina's heart", as described by Bella in Twilight. Also in Twilight, James states that, when they were human, Alice's blood smelled much better than Bella's. This could indicate that Alice was James's singer.

Alice was born in 1901 in Biloxi, Mississippi and was changed in 1920 at age 19. She is a member of the Olympic coven and is loyal to them. She is mated to Jasper.

Alice is optimistic. She often ignores other people's advice and does things her own way, which usually results in the outcome being better than predicted. She is kind and cares for those she loves. She loves to sing with music three octaves higher than the song really is with her silvery bell-like voice. She has vicarious fun dressing up Bella "like a three-dimensional paper doll" and decorating for and throwing parties.

She also loves shopping at expensive shops in large malls as well as makeovers and playing the stock market to make money. Alice seems to think that Bella should do everything a normal teenager should do (i.e. love to shop, party whenever possible, etc.). Alice is also described as being a very fashionable person, going on massive shopping sprees with the money she helps her family make by predicting the stock markets. In Breaking Dawn, Edward tells Jacob that Alice almost never lets them wear the same thing more than once. Alice enjoys buying clothes for Bella. In Breaking Dawn, Esme furnishes a cottage for Edward and Bella, and Alice stocks the closet with an overflowing amount of clothing. Alice is often disappointed when Bella doesn't dress as she wishes. Her adoptive sister, Rosalie Hale, shares her intense love for fashion. Although Alice and Edward are very close, Edward often playfully calls her annoying, as he says in Eclipse when she is telling Bella about the graduation party. Edward and Alice have learned how to have a sort of mental conversation.

Alice is known as the most agile vampire in the family, supported with her precognitive powers. Despite her tiny size, she is a very capable fighter. She uses a very agile and somewhat artistic style of combat, performing leaps and jumps around and over her opponents, distracting them and then easily defeating them. She has shown great mastery in martial arts, being the best female fighter of her coven, as well as possibly second or third best overall fighter in the family. Her fighting style is very creative and somehow logical, as she doesn't only use sheer strength and speed, but can incapacitate her enemy by several methods of sneaky attacks and tactics, by attacking from above or down to the opponent.

Alice has also a very good evasive skill, able to dodge an attack seconds before touching her, usually by some athletic feats, and be still fully concentrated to attack back immediately. Despite her tiny body structure, Alice has also proved her surprising physical strength, as she could deliver lethal punches, palm thrusts, and kicks to much bigger and heavier opponents and sending them flying away.

Alice has the power to see into the future. The premonitions she experienced as a human are intensified in her vampire life, and she uses them to her advantage in order to keep her family safe. It mainly works by her focusing on a certain object or person and keeping track of its decisions. She can also focus on several objects at the same time, up to the limit her mind allows. Her power is also one of few not affected by Bella's shield. She makes extra money by using her power to predict windfall investments in the stock market. As a human, she only received visions at certain times while at most times, she felt the predictions.

The vision shows up after someone's decision, that probably means that her power is working all the time like a system alarm, no matter the distance of the target.

However, Alice's foresight has many limitations: she can only see the outcome of someone's decision once it is made - meaning the future can change all too quickly; and if the decision is not firmly rooted, she can see several possible futures at the same time. Also, her vision can be clouded if someone else's decision is involved. Her greatest limitation is that she cannot see any future that involves Quileute shape-shifters or vampire/human hybrids, even if it could be someone else's decision that she is tracking. This is a mystery that Carlisle has theorized is due to the nature of the shape-shifters, who, in the split second it takes for them to phase, don't technically "exist". Carlisle also believes that there may be a link with the shape-shifters and Renesmee having 24 chromosome pairs. Alice theorized that she cannot see Renesmee and the shape-shifters or anything connected to them because she has no experience as being one of them; she sees vampires best because she is one, and can see humans "okay" because she used to be one. Alice, while talking about her talent, describes herself as being "far from infallible". Alice also has the ability to draw a scene that she sees in her visions without looking, and also rather quickly. Edward's power of mind reading allows him to see what Alice sees at the time when they are in close proximity.

Alice's gift makes her greatly prized by the leader of the Volturi, Aro, who wishes for her to join his guard, thinking she would be very useful. Aro wants Edward too, though with less intensity. However, her bond to her family keeps her from joining the Volturi, despite Chelsea's ability to manipulate relationships.

Book History

Early Life

Alice was born into a middle-class home in Biloxi, Mississippi, in 1901. Her father was a jeweler and a pearl trader. Alice's mother tended to their home because her father traveled often. Alice was prone to having premonitions of the future since she was a child, though they weren't always correct. Though she rarely spoke of her power, people in town talked a lot during her adolescent years. On two occasions, she tried to warn a friend and a cousin with her unfortunate predictions, but they refused to listen and when the predictions came true, she was blamed for cursing them, earning her the epithets of "witch" and "changeling" from the townsfolk.

Alice had a horrifying vision of her mother being murdered by a stranger and tried to warn her about it. Though she believed her, her father did not. After months of precautions with nothing serious happening, her mother put her guard down, and was eventually killed. While Alice saw it happen and tried to explained that it was murder, it was declared accidental and her father silenced her.

Within six months, her father remarried a blonde Yankee from Illinois whose father was a promising customer. Alice's stepmother treated her coldly while making a pet of her sister. Alice suspected that the marriage and her mother's murder were all planned and carried out by her father, who raged at her for suggesting ill of his new wife.

Then, Alice had a vision of her father and her mother's killer planning to kill her, revealing the true face of her father. She tried to hide in her closest relatives' house, but they drove her away as they still blamed her for the death of their son. Alice then rushed to the town's marshal, but her father was already one step ahead of her. He told the townsfolk that his daughter had gone mad, and had her trapped in a mental asylum two counties away.

While in the asylum, her head was shaved during the threat of typhoid outbreak. She also endured electroshock therapy which rendered her with total amnesia, but it also restored her naturally cheerful and humorous self. A vampire who worked at the asylum befriended Alice and treated her like a daughter. He also frequently visited her with objects hidden in his hands to test her powers, and shielded her from other horrifying treatments as best as he was able.

One day, Alice had a vision of a powerful tracker named James coming after her, which occurred the moment he caught her faint scent. She informed the vampire of this, and he planned to escape with her, but Alice still saw James catching up to her, and every option he offered her ended the same way. When he decided to change her, Alice saw that this would be very close, and they might not have enough time. The vampire immediately bit her, took her away and went to distract James, sacrificing himself in the process. When James finally found her, her blood was already fully turned and he decided to let her live a savaged existence to see how she might turn out in the future. When she woke up, the pain of the venom erased all of her memories, just like the shocking treatments did. But her premonitions were also intensified and her first vision was of Jasper Whitlock becoming her mate and of a happy future with the Cullen family.

She and Bella Swan are the only two people to ever escape James. Unlike most of her adoptive family members, she developed a conscience on her own, which kept her from feeding on humans, though her success was sporadic. Knowing that she and Jasper would join the Cullen family in the future, she started practicing a "vegetarian" lifestyle while waiting for Jasper to show up.

In 1948, she waited for him to arrive at an empty diner in Philadelphia; by now her self-control was comparable to the Cullens. She was very excited when he finally arrived, and Jasper reciprocated her feelings very quickly. In 1950, they joined the Cullens' coven and got married a short time after. Alice started using the surname 'Cullen', while Jasper adapted to the surname 'Hale' to ease some of the confusion and gossip they cause to the humans around them.

Alice had come to love everyone in her adopted family, but grew increasingly fond of Edward, who understood the burden of her supernatural talent. Sometime after joining the family, she attended several high schools and colleges and earned degrees in fashion design and international business.


Alice makes her first appearance in the series in Twilight, at Forks High School. When Edward first states his attraction towards Bella, Alice is interested, since she had a vision about her and Bella becoming good friends and knew that it could one day happen. Therefore, she is very supportive of the relationship between them. She is desperate to meet Bella but Edward forbids her. On Friday, Alice takes up the courage to introduce herself to Bella.

When Bella comes to visit the Cullens' house, Alice is polite and friendly, acting as if Bella is already a member of the family.

Later that day, the Cullens decide to play baseball, with Alice as the pitcher, and invite Bella along to watch. Three nomadic vampires, James, Laurent, and Victoria, arrive. Alice had a vision of them showing up later in the week, but after hearing the baseball game they had decided to investigate. With Laurent taking the lead, Bella assumes that he is the leader of the coven, but it is soon revealed that James is the leader, and they intentionally tried to fool the Cullens.

Because the decisions are made so quickly, Alice fails to see the coming events.

Laurent shows interest in their lifestyle, and Carlisle suggests they all go back to the house where he will then explain their diet of animal blood. It seems that Bella will be able to walk away unnoticed, when James suddenly catches her scent.

Laurent defuses the situation and the three vampires leave. Edward, having read James' intentions, knows that James won't give up so easily and tries to leave town with Bella.

Bella, not wanting to leave her father unprotected, devises a plan for her to go into hiding in Phoenix, Arizona, brought by Alice and Jasper. The Cullen's work together while Bella is being hunted, with Esme and Rosalie chasing Victoria, and Carlisle, Emmett and Edward chasing after James, trying to lead him away from Bella with a false trail. After losing Victoria's trail, Esme and Rosalie go back to Forks to protect Charlie, Bella's father.

After arriving in Phoenix, they stay in a hotel, and Alice receives a vision of a ballet studio, not understanding what it means. Alice then sees Bella's mother Renée's living room in Phoenix. They realize James has changed his plans and calls Edward. Just before Alice, Jasper and Bella reach the airport to meet Edward, she sees Bella in the ballet studio, and although what she sees is unclear, we know that it is something horrific. Alice does not inform Bella of it. When Alice, Jasper, and Bella wait for the rest of their family at the airport, Bella slips away from the girls room, causing Alice great worry.

The Cullens realize immediately that Bella has gone to the studio, and they rush there. They arrive in time to help fight off James and kill him. When it becomes clear that James' bite has very badly injured Bella, Edward quickly sucks the venom out of her blood. Alice doesn't leave the site, assisting Carlisle and Edward with Bella's treatment, although the blood tempts her to kill Bella. After being informed that Bella is recovering, she presumably returns to Forks.

After the incident, Edward mentions to Bella that Alice went a little too far fabricating evidence to cover up the vampire attack on Bella.

A few weeks later, Alice attends the high school prom with the rest of her family, helping Bella get ready. Bella described that Alice was 'treating her like a guinea pig barbie'. Alice insisted that she should behave while playing with her as she has no memories of being human. There, Alice is one of the people in the center of attention, captivating everyone with her looks, dress, and dancing.

New Moon

Alice arranges a party for Bella's 18th birthday in New Moon, but things get out of hand when Bella gets a papercut and her blood causes Jasper to lose control. Edward tries to protect her, but accidentally shoves her into a pile of glass, worsening her injuries. When the Cullens leave, Edward requests that Alice not say goodbye to Bella partly because it would make it harder, and partly to make a clean break.

During her time away, Alice takes time to research her human family with what little clues she had from James and discovers that she had a younger sister named Cynthia and a niece, the latter of whom is still alive in Biloxi. She also found her grave and discovered that the date on her tombstone matched that of her admission to the asylum. However, she failed to find out much else and so never learned of her father's cruelty or her creator.

Months later, Alice gets an unexpected vision of Bella jumping off a cliff and rushes back to Forks. Thinking that Bella has committed suicide, she travels to Forks as fast as she can, driving Carlisle's car. Alice soon arrives at Bella's house and is confused to find her alive. It is discovered later that Alice cannot see the Quileute shape-shifters, which is why she didn't see Jacob Black pull Bella out of the water or Victoria's return. After some explanation about the cliff diving episode, she is more relaxed and goes hunting because Bella has asked her to stay for awhile. She tells Bella what the Cullens have been up to and finds out how hard it was for Bella when they all left her.

Rosalie soon tells Edward over a phone call why Alice has gone to Forks. Alice sees this and helps Bella get to Volterra, Italy to stop Edward from exposing himself to the world and being killed by the Volturi.

She asks Jasper to stay put to protect him. In the Volturi's headquarters, Alice convinces Aro that Bella will become a vampire in the future, allowing them to leave safely. By the time they return to Forks, their family is present to welcome them back and officially move back to town. Alice is the first of the Cullens who vote in favor of Bella joining their family, but she is reluctant to do it herself, as she'd suggested to Aro.


Being liked by Charlie, she has unlimited visitation rights during Bella's punishment for leaving for Italy in New Moon. Alice has a vision of Victoria coming back, and Edward convinces Bella to go to Florida for the weekend to visit her mother. After Bella's successful attempt to sneak past Alice's vision to visit Jacob, Edward bribes Alice with a canary yellow Porsche 911 Turbo (like the one she stole in New Moon) to kidnap Bella so she won't go to La Push to visit Jacob while he goes hunting for the weekend. Eventually Bella escapes with Jacob while they are at school, but Alice still gets to keep the Porsche. She doesn't seem to think badly of a treaty with the La Push werewolves.

Victoria creates an army of newborn vampires and manages to evade Alice's vision by letting Riley choose her warriors, but Bella figures out her plan and tells Alice this on graduation day. That night at the graduation party, she receives a vision of the army's coming and the family prepares a battle strategy led by Jasper, while also forming allegiance with the wolves to increase their victory. During training sessions, she can use her visions to predict her opponent's movements. She fights the newborn army with the majority of the Cullens and the pack, but Jasper doesn't let her do anything out of fear for her safety and ends up getting mildly injured.

Alice is highly upset when she sees a vision of Bella and Edward getting married in Las Vegas and confronts Bella about this. She tries to persuade her to let her arrange an official wedding for them to not much avail. After the newborn army's threat was eradicated, Bella makes a mature decision by giving in to Alice's wishes. Alice is visibly thrilled to be her maid of honor and getting to arrange everything for the wedding, with only veto-power on the guest list. Bella also tells her August 13th is the latest date for the wedding, which is exactly one month before Bella's birthday.

Breaking Dawn

At the beginning of Breaking Dawn, Alice helps Bella get ready for her wedding to Edward by helping her with her dress and makeup, and giving her her garter, since she's her bridesmaid. Bella is not yet informed about the honeymoon's destination; so Alice packs her bags for her. When Bella first looks in her suitcase she is surprised to find that Alice packed a lot of lingerie. It is Alice's tampons which makes Bella realize that she has missed her period and is pregnant.

In Book Two, Alice plays a minor part mainly because she no longer sees Bella's future while she is pregnant with Renesmee, whom she also cannot see. It gives her migraines to try, and she can only see a few minutes into Bella's future. She is greatly relieved when the shape-shifters (Jacob's new pack) come, because then she can't see anything at all, and it numbs the pain. Alice becomes very close to Jacob, since his presence numbs the pain. She also shares Jacob and Edward's initial hatred for the baby, but learns to overcome it after some time. When Bella goes into life threatening labor, Rosalie tries to deliver the baby but loses control to her thirst, and is kicked out of the room. Then, Alice grabs Rosalie's neck to forcefully pull her away until she could control her blood lust again.

Seconds after Renesmee's birth to kill Alice's family, and she almost gets mangled trying to protect them.

After Renesmee's birth, her inability to see Bella's future is removed. After Bella becomes a vampire, Alice presents her with a nineteenth birthday gift (even though Bella was transformed at eighteen) - a cottage from all the Cullens. There is also a great wardrobe area in the small cottage that Alice convinced Esme to add in.

Months later, when she has a vision of the Volturi coming to end her family after Irina, a member of the Denali coven, mistakes Renesmee to be an immortal child, she leaves the Cullens with Jasper, making them think they have abandoned them when the truth is they are on a secret mission to save them all. Before she left, she gives Bella clues to help her save Renesmee in case she doesn't come back on time: a piece of paper from Bella's book with the name J. Jenks. He goes on to prepare fake birth certificates, passports, and driver's licenses for Renesmee and Jacob to escape. While looking for a potential hybrid, she and Jasper send any vampire they can find to the Cullen house (Senna, Zafrina, Peter and Charlotte). With help of an Amazonian vampire named Kachiri, her search eventually leads to a 150-year-old hybrid named Nahuel, and his pure vampire aunt, Huilen. Alice and her party then make it back to Forks right before a fight starts between the Cullens and the Volturi, and present Nahuel as a prominent witness to prove that vampire hybrids are no threat to the secret of their species.

Eventually, the fight is prevented and everyone is left alone.

After the Volturi leave them in peace, the Cullens welcome Alice and Jasper back with open arms and question them about why they left them without a goodbye, but she smiles and explains she had to find Nahuel without Aro's knowledge of it or Aro would never have committed to withdrawing.

Roleplay History

*Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

Edward is noted to be extremely attractive. Bella has often described his appearance as similar to the mythical Greek god, Adonis. His facial features are described as perfect and angular - high cheekbones, a strong jawline, perfect eyebrows, a straight nose and full lips. His untidy hair retains the unusual bronze shade that he inherited from his biological mother, Elizabeth Masen. His eyes, once green, are now described as topaz or liquid gold. His appearance changes if he goes long without feeding: his eyes darken, becoming onyx black, and purple bruise-like shadows appear beneath his eyes. Edward stands at 6'2", and has a thin and lanky but muscular body, remaining frozen physically at 17 years old, though he is technically over a hundred.

Edward was born on June 20th in 1901 in Chicago Illinois and was changed by Carlisle in September 1918 at age 17. He is a member of the Olympic coven and is loyal to them. He is mated to Bella.

Edward is usually described as brooding and stubborn, but also very kind and compassionate. Bella also describes him as charming, polite, and determined. He easily dazzles human females with his beauty, scent and body, and persuades them to do his bidding. He always puts Bella's safety, humanity and welfare before anything else, and goes to great lengths to protect her from what he sees as danger. Edward is also a bit of a romantic at heart. He often over analyzes situations and has a tendency to overreact, especially in situations where Bella's safety is potentially at risk.

He retains some of the traditional mindset and outdated speech from his human life in the early 20th century. The development of Edward Cullen's character was influenced by Gilbert Blythe, Fitzwilliam Darcy, and Edward Rochester – particularly the latter, who, like him, sees himself as a "monster". Edward puts his free time to great use. Since vampires do not sleep, he employs the night hours reading books and studying languages, science, business and music, becoming a virtuoso on the piano he owns in his house. As a human, he learned to play the piano and became a very well-playing pianist. This trait was carried on to his transformation, and as a result he has a liking to composing something that comes passionately. Edward enjoys listening to a wide range of music, including classical, jazz, progressive metal, alternative rock, punk rock, but he dislikes country. He prefers indie rock to mainstream, and appreciates rock and classical music equally. He surprises Bella in an early car ride by having Debussy in his CD player. Edward mentions in Twilight that he likes music from the fifties better than the sixties, and dislikes the seventies entirely and comments that the eighties were "just bearable". He never comments on the music from his own teen years, as well as the twenties swing music which came a few years after his turning.

Edward and his family all enjoy driving fast. He has a hobby of collecting cars. He owns a Volvo S60R, which becomes a C30 in the movie adaptation, and an Aston Martin Vanquish as a "special occasion" car. He also gave his sister Alice a yellow Porsche 911 Turbo as a gift in Eclipse. Esme described him as a gentleman. Although Edward appears convinced of his own soulless status, Bella noted that he must believe on some level that he possesses a soul as, when he saw her in Volterra while believing that she was dead, his automatic assumption was that he had gone to Heaven with her rather than that she was still alive.

Edward is the fastest vampire in the Cullen family. He is a skilled fighter in the Cullen coven, though for his speed rather than being the strongest.

Edward possesses the gift to read the thoughts of those around him. His gift is different from Aro's, which is limited by his need to touch the target and can access every thought a person has ever had. Aro is intrigued by Edward's power because he can read people's thoughts from a distance and what is going through their mind at that moment, and wishes to make him part of the Volturi guard. However, Edward has no interest of belonging to any authority.

Edward's power seemingly comes from his dormant ability to read people as a human, which became a supernatural talent when he became a vampire. He can hear all "voices" in close proximity with him, but has learned to block out the ones he is uninterested in by focusing on one voice or something in particular. Edward mentions that his ability is like being in a room where everyone is talking at once. He can tune out the "voices" so that it's just a low buzzing in the background.

The closer and more familiar he is to a person, the farther away he can reach that person's mind when he wants to, but can only keep track of them within a few miles. He mentions in Twilight that he can use it to dismiss people who feel attraction toward him and his family. He can also telepathically experience Alice's visions and keep track of a shape-shifter's telepathic link to his pack when he is within range. However, Bella Swan is the first exception to his gift as she is shielded from psychic powers, which is part of what made him curious about her when they first met.

Book History

Early Life

Edward Anthony Masen was born on June 20, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois; the only child of Edward and Elizabeth Masen. His father provided Edward with many advantages as a successful lawyer, including music lessons and the opportunity to attend private school; however, he and his father were rather emotionally distant due to his busy career that often drew him away from home for business. This absence was made up for by his relationship with his mother; he was the center of her life.

Edward excelled at his studies and became an accomplished pianist. As he grew older, Edward became enamored with the life of a soldier. World War I raged during most of his adolescence, and Edward dreamed of joining the army as soon as he turned 18, his love for his mother was the only thing that made him reluctant to the thought other than his underage. That changed, however, when he and his parents became sick with the Spanish Influenza in 1918. His father died in the first wave of the influenza. Edward's mother later contracted the Spanish Influenza and begged the doctor who was taking care of them, Dr. Carlisle Cullen, to do everything within his power to save her son. Carlisle acted on her wishes when Edward was near death himself. Shortly after Elizabeth died, Carlisle took Edward from the hospital, brought him to his house, and there changed him into a vampire.

Edward formed a deep bond with Carlisle, who became a father figure to him, gaining Edward's trust and love the way his natural father never had. It was Carlisle who first realized Edward's telepathic abilities; he noticed Edward answering questions that Carlisle had not asked aloud. Edward had always had a knack for reading people; after his transformation, this ability blossomed into a true psychic talent. In 1921, Edward gained a mother when Carlisle changed Esme into a vampire to save her life after her suicide attempt. Edward was still young enough to appreciate a mother's care, and Esme gave it to him.

Edward did have a rebellious period at the beginning of his vampire life and left Carlisle and Esme in 1927. During his lone time, he used his mind reading ability to attack the worst people of society, thinking that, as long as he was serving justice, it would not matter that he was feeding on humans. His first victim was Esme's abusive ex-husband, Charles Evenson. A few years later, he regretted this decision and returned to Carlisle's family and their diet of animal blood in 1931. In 1933, Carlisle changed a would-be socialite named Rosalie Hale into a vampire after finding her left for dead by her fiancé. Carlisle and Esme were sometimes concerned that he had no romance in his life, which was partly what prompted Carlisle to change Rosalie. However, as stunningly beautiful as Rosalie was, Edward could not stand her shallow and self-absorbed mind, and the two became nothing more than siblings, and weren't always on good terms. Emmett Cullen became Edward's adoptive brother when Rosalie found him near death from a bear attack and fell in love with him in 1935. Already vampires, Jasper and Alice sought out and found the Cullens in 1950, and adopted themselves into the family after both escaping their tragic pasts. The moment they arrived, Alice moved into Edward's room, much to his dismay.

When the Cullen family were living in Alaska, they encountered the Denali coven, the only other group that shared their diet of animal blood. The leader Tanya showed affection toward Edward, but he did not share that interest.

By 2005, he had attended several colleges and universities, earned two medical degrees and studied several subjects. With his natural parents both passed away, he inherited the Masen house in Chicago, and about every 50 years, he would inherit his family fortune from himself, pretending to be a new heir.


At the beginning of Twilight, Edward is rather depressed, sullen and brooding, and his family notices it. They know he is missing something from his life, though he himself doesn't. When Bella Swan moves to town, he feels frustrated by his inability to read her thoughts and is forced to listen to everyone else's thoughts about her to find out what he can, and realizes that all of the boys already like her. He feels very protective of her, trying desperately to rationalize his feelings of lust over her overwhelmingly attractive scent. When she is forced to sit next to him in Biology and he smells her blood, he insanely wants to kill her, and thinks about massacring the whole class as well. Promptly after leaving school he left for Denali, where a fellow vegetarian coven lived, to avoid causing disappointment to his parents, in particular Carlisle Cullen.

A week later, he returns after some persuasion from Tanya, the leader of the coven in Denali, with his family being extremely protective of him, watching for any signs of danger. Not wanting to leave a bad memory to Bella, he introduces himself to her in Biology, and is fascinated by her blood and by the fact that he can't read her mind, and because of that, he isn't quick to dismiss her like he would any other human. She answers all of his questions in different ways than he thought she would, mostly because he cannot read her thoughts. He saves her from Tyler's van, and then refuses to speak to her for a long period of time. But after all the time not speaking to her, the other boys, Mike Newton in particular, think that nothing is going on between the two and decide to make a move on her. As Edward watches them he realizes that he is starting to feel jealous of them, but decides to dismiss it. However, after sneaking into her room at night several times to watch her sleep, she says his name and he realizes that he has fallen in love with her. Over the next few weeks, he starts to pursue her and after one night together in Port Angeles, he discovers that she knows he is a vampire and that she has fallen in love with him too. The two then form a deep emotional relationship. After a while, Edward invites Bella over to his house to meet his family, who, except for Rosalie, immediately take a great liking to Bella.

Alice, Edward's sister, invites them both to play baseball with them. Edward takes Bella to the field, but some unexpected guests show up: James, Laurent, and Victoria who are nomadic vampires. James catches her scent and decides to hunt Bella for sport, as tracking was his obsession. After some thoughts from Bella, Alice, and Emmett, Edward allows them to try to use Bella's plan: Bella convinces Charlie that she is leaving town, and Alice and Jasper take her to hide in Phoenix. Edward tries to lead James away, but loses his trail. He then flies to Phoenix to see Bella and finds James, who has bitten her. Edward first thinks she's dead and goes crazy with pain and guilt. Bella describes him as "an angel that is unfortunate to be so unhappy that he cries tearless broken sobs". This makes him more beautiful than she ever has seen, besides the time he became outraged because she didn't care at first that he wanted to kill her. Edward's family arrive and destroy James, while Edward sucks the venom out of Bella's system to prevent her from turning, though it takes a high level of willpower to keep him from killing her. He then lifts her up and carries her out of the burning building. At the hospital, he tries to talk Bella into moving to Florida to live with her mother in order to protect her from his world, but she talks him out of the idea. After they return to Forks, Edward takes Bella to their prom, much to her dismay. He resolves that he isn't going to change her into a vampire, but she is adamant that the discussion isn't over.

New Moon

The story of New Moon begins with Bella being very upset by her 18th birthday, because she'll be "older" than the permanently 17-year-old Edward. During her birthday party Bella accidentally gets a paper cut while unwrapping a present, and Edward's brother, Jasper, attacks her, although members of the Cullen family hold him back while Edward knocks Bella behind him in an attempt to get her away from Jasper. Bella falls through a glass table, receiving an arm laceration and forcing Emmett, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, a worried Edward and an apologetic Esme to leave the room. Jasper's instinctive hunger for Bella's blood reminds Edward of the continual danger their relationship puts her in.

In a misguided attempt to protect Bella, he convinces her that he does not want her anymore and abandons her in the forest. He moves away with his family, leaving her heartbroken and depressed, as if her life as she knew it ceased to exist. Although Edward lived as a vampire without romantic love for nearly a century before meeting Bella, he finds it difficult to live without her, becoming severely depressed at the prospect of an infinitely long and meaningless life. To keep his mind occupied, he leaves his family up North and tries to hunt Victoria, but loses her trail in somewhere in South America.

After he mistakenly learns from his sister Rosalie that Bella has committed suicide based on a vision Alice had of Bella cliff diving - which is later explained to be done for recreational purposes - Edward becomes completely broken and attempts to convince a coven of powerful Italian vampires, the Volturi, to kill him, by explaining that he broke one of the most important vampire laws: telling Bella, a human, about the existence of vampires, but Aro, the leader of the Volturi, refuses as he finds his power useful to their collection. Then, Edward decides to expose himself by appearing under sunlight during the St. Marcus Festival to make them kill him. Alice immediately has a vision of his death, and she and Bella rush to Italy to stop him before he fulfills his plans. During the festival, he is about to step into the light, but Bella manages to stop him and show him that she was still alive. Bella is then brought to meet the Volturi, and Edward and Alice find out that she is immune to other vampires' powers as well as his. Though Aro is intrigued with Bella's immunity, they think of her as a liability that must be disposed of, until Alice shows them a vision she previously had of Bella becoming one of them in the future, and wins the permission to leave Volterra peacefully.

After they return from Italy, Edward explains why he left and apologizes to Bella. She forgives him entirely, and they continue on with their relationship as if Edward had never left, with him promising never to leave her ever again. His family also moves back to Forks to continue the way things were before they left. Upon realizing that their current situation – fear for Bella's humanity while they are together – is untenable, Bella successfully seeks the support of Edward's family for the idea of turning her into a vampire. Edward becomes furious at the thought of Bella losing her humanity in order to be with him, but later agrees to change her himself if she agrees to marry him first. Bella, traumatized by her parents' fate, argues against this.

Sometime later, Jacob Black, a Quileute werewolf and friend of Bella who helped her while Edward was gone, confronts them. Edward thanks Jacob for protecting Bella while he was gone, and asks if there was anything he could do to repay him. Jacob says that he wants Edward to leave and never return, but Edward says that is only in Bella's power. Jacob also reminds Edward (though he hasn't forgotten) about the treaty, saying that it would be broken if he bit Bella. This sparks anger from Bella, protesting that it is none of his business and that it is her choice. Her fury is interrupted by Charlie, who demands that Bella comes inside after Jacob turned in her secret motorcycle, and she storms home.


Edward explains that he is reluctant to change Bella into a vampire because he believes that vampires are soulless creatures who have no place in heaven. Bella, whose opinion of marriage is jaded by the early divorce of her own parents, agrees to marry Edward on the condition he will make love with her while she is still human and change her into a vampire. He initially refuses, saying that he could easily lose control in the heat of the moment. However, seeing how important it is to Bella, he agrees to try and make love with her while she is still human, but only after they are married.

At first, Edward completely despises of the idea of having Jacob Black or the wolves near Bella and does everything he can to prevent their encounter, even buy Alice a yellow Porsche in exchange for a slumber party with Bella while he goes on a weekend hunting trip. Eventually, he realizes how much he is forcing Bella based on his privilege on the wolves and agrees to tolerate her visits on a few conditions. He also learns from Bella that the Quileutes only turned into werewolves when they cross paths with vampires, allowing him to realize that they aren't really werewolves, but shapeshifters with the power to transform into wolves.. Meanwhile, Jacob Black declares his feelings for Bella and forcibly kisses her trying to convince her to leave Edward for him. Bella and Edward are both furious at Jacob for this, and Edward vows to break Jacob's jaw if he ever kisses Bella without her consent again.

Victoria, seeking revenge for the death of her mate James, is hunting Bella and creating newborn vampires to build an army. To combat this threat, the Cullens call on the Denali Coven for help, but the Denalis abandon them when the Cullens refuse to let them avenge Laurent's death. It is apparent that Irina was in love with him during a brief stay with her coven. Without any other options, an alliance is made between the Cullens and the Native-American werewolf pack led by Sam Uley and Jacob. However, before the battle starts, Jacob overhears Edward and Bella's marriage plans, and threatens to get himself killed because Bella won't love him. Bella agrees to kiss Jacob if he stayed and while doing so, she realizes that she is also in love with him as well, despite her engagement to Edward. Edward surprisingly accepts this, saying that no matter who Bella chooses he'll be happy as long as she is. Bella realizes that she loves Edward more than Jacob, and chooses him. Soon after this, Victoria and Riley, a newborn whom she pretended to love, find Bella's hiding spot. Edward manages to kill Victoria, with Seth Clearwater killing Riley. The Cullens and the Quileute werewolves, meanwhile, destroy her newborn army.

After the battle, Bella visits Jacob and tells him that she has chosen Edward over him. Jacob then realizes that he doesn't truly love her to begin with and instead loved his imprint Lorraine but was hurt none the less and started to hate Bella because of it. Edward spends the night holding Bella as she cries over pushing Jacob away. After she calms down, Edward asks Bella if she is sure that choosing him was the right decision, since he had never seen her in such pain. Bella, who had been in worse pain when Edward left her, assures him that she can live without Jacob, but not him. After hiring Alice to plan out their wedding, Edward tells Bella that they can make love before they get married, as he realizes that she spends too much of her life trying to please other people. However, she refuses his offer and says that she will do everything the right way: marriage, making love, and then becoming a vampire. Bella then tells Edward that they need to tell Charlie about their engagement.

Edward later secretly sends Jacob an invitation to his and Bella's wedding, thinking that Jacob deserves the choice to come or not. The ending shows Jacob running away in his wolf form after seeing the wedding invitation.

Breaking Dawn

Edward marries Bella in a beautiful ceremony orchestrated by Alice. Soon after, Edward and Bella spend their honeymoon on Isle Esme, a small island presented to Esme by Carlisle. They consummate their marriage, but Edward's passionate lovemaking sparks a fight between the newlywed couple: Edward is horrified that he has bruised and battered his new wife, but she insists that she is fine and wants Edward to make love to her again. He vows not to do so again while she is still human, but eventually gives in and is glad to know that he has managed to avoid bruising Bella again. They spend their honeymoon hiking in the jungles, diving and keeping themselves occupied with all kinds of games. After a short period of time, Bella becomes very sick, and realizes that she is pregnant when she discovers a box of unused tampons. Bella soon receives a phone call from Alice, and asks to speak to Carlisle. Edward soon falls into shock when he listens to their conversation. He realizes that what grows inside Bella needs to be killed.

Edward rushes Bella off the island to see Carlisle, who confirms she is expecting his child. Edward fears that the pregnancy will kill her, and, unable to stand the thought, he tries to convince her into having an abortion. However, she feels a bond with her unborn child and insists on giving birth. The baby, however, eventually wins Edward over; when old enough, is able to let him hear its thoughts, and he is both shocked and delighted to find out that it already loves the two of them. Bella nearly dies giving birth in an emergency c-section, but Edward successfully delivers his baby girl whom Bella had named Renesmee. Edward then injects his venom into Bella's heart, thus healing her wounds by turning her into a vampire. During Bella's painful transformation, Jacob goes crazy with rage when he thinks she is dead as he still cared about her. Irrationally blaming Renesmee, he tries to kill her, but Rosalie ran and hid with Renesmee before he was able to do so.

The Uley pack attempts to destroy his daughter, Edward rushes to stop them with Alice and Jasper. They were initially outnumbered, but the rest of their family come to their aid in seconds, and then the Black pack only to find that Renesmee was already gone and the fight was stalled. The cullens have to promise to keep a strict eye on Renesmee in order to keep anything disastrous from happening and the Uley Pack agrees not to kill Renesmee as long as she doesn't turn out to be the monster they had previously assumed she would be.

During Bella's transformation, Edward sits patiently by her side, waiting for her to recover. He is also relieved by the renewed peace between the wolves and his family, and more importantly, the arrival of their half-human daughter.

When Bella wakes up from her transformation, Edward takes her out on her first hunt so she won't attack Renesmee. He is impressed by her ability to resist the smell of human blood, but still irritated by his inability to read her mind. They are also given a cottage renovated by Esme as a present. By this time, Edward and Jacob appear to have become "friends", who does them a "favor" by telling Charlie about the supernatural world but restrains from telling him about vampires, which allows the Cullens to stay in Forks for a while longer.

Three months later, Irina, of the Denali coven, reports Renesmee to the Volturi as an immortal child, whose creation is forbidden. The Volturi gather their entire guard against the Cullens. In the month it takes for them to arrive, the Cullens turn to all their allies (the La Push werewolves, the Denali Coven, and numerous other vampires) for assistance. When the Volturi finally arrive, the confrontation comes close to a fight. Bella's gift becomes apparent in the fact that she can protect her and others around her from the Volturi's mental attacks. This causes the Volturi to rethink their position. In the end, however, the Volturi are convinced that Renesmee is not a threat, and they leave. With the confrontation over, Edward, Bella and Renesmee are free to live their lives, though they suspect it may not be forever.

At the end of the story, while alone with Edward, Bella removes her shield, allowing him to read her mind for the first time and realizing how much she truly loves him, which brings them even closer.

Roleplay History

*Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

Bella is described as having a very pale complexion with long, straight, dark brown hair, a widow's peak, unique chocolate brown eyes and a heart-shaped face with a wide forehead. Her eyes are large and widely spaced. Her nose is thin and her cheekbones are prominent. Her lips are a bit too full for her slim jawline. Her eyebrows are darker than her hair and are straighter than they are arched. As such, even before she became a vampire and inherited god-like beauty, Bella was rather pretty, as she unintentionally attracted the attention of several boys in school, not just Edward

As for distinguishing features, Bella has a small crescent-shaped scar on her hand where she was bitten by James, a tracker vampire, in Twilight. The scar is described as being pale, always a few degrees colder than the rest of her body, and it shines like a vampire's skin when exposed to the sunlight. After Bella is changed into a vampire by Edward, she becomes extremely beautiful with even paler skin, straight waist-length hair, and crimson red eyes that will eventually turn gold after months of drinking animal blood. Her features are also heightened and perfected by the transformation.

Bella mostly prefers to wear shirts, jeans and sneakers everywhere she goes, as she lacks an interest in fashion.

Bella was born on September 13th, 1987 in Forks Washington and was changed by Edward Cullen on September 11th, 2006 at age 18. She is a member of the Olympic coven and is loyal to them. She is mated to Edward.

Bella is described as being exceptionally clumsy, dropping and tripping over everything in sight, and so is easily described as the most fragile human in the world; however this changes once she is transformed into a vampire. Bella is also described as reclusive, quiet, insecure but kind-hearted, compassionate and caring towards others. She also cares for the rest of the Cullen family, her father Charlie and mother Renée, and her friend Jacob Black. She has a tendency to underestimate the people around her mainly because of her concerns for their safety.

Having learned to take care of her mother over the years and being naturally responsible, Bella had developed into a very mature person, especially for her age. Because she lacks any skill in anything noticeable as a human, she mostly prefers to spend her free time reading, especially classics, and listening to music.

When it comes to fashion, Bella is somewhat of a tomboy. She hates dressing up, saying that makeup "is a pain" and that she feels uncomfortable in impractical, elegant clothes; however, Alice doesn't care what Bella thinks and continues to persuade her to dress up and look glamorous. She doesn't like spending money on luxurious items, as she stated to Edward in New Moon 'not to spend a dime on my birthday,' and that fast cars are unnecessary, saying that Edward gave her himself and anything else he gives her would throw their relationship off balance. She hates being singled out, and doesn't like her birthday being celebrated. She also has very negative views on teen marriage due to her parents' early experience, but learns to overcome them later.

She prefers to keep her thoughts and feelings to herself and hates when someone tries to understand her, which is thought to be why Edward is unable to hear her thoughts. She is also known to be incredibly stubborn, because of her determination to become a vampire in order to be with Edward forever. She is also said to possess poor acting skills. Ironically, she demonstrates good acting ability in Twilight when she makes her father believe that she has dumped Edward and is leaving Forks. As a human, Bella easily fainted at the sight or smell of blood, which she said smells like rust and salt in Twilight, though it changes after she became a vampire. Bella is also shown in Breaking Dawn, to have a good mood climate, and is able to run away from the smell of human blood when she goes on her first hunting trip as a vampire.

Bella has a sarcastic sense of humor, especially when she gets mad. She is also very brave, able to block painful thoughts and memories (hence her special vampire ability), and tends to come face-to-face with life-threatening danger head-on, even though she can get scared later. She puts Edward before herself and everybody and everything else, but several 'selfish' tendencies emerge (as when she asked Edward to stay with her instead of fighting vampires in Eclipse). Stephenie Meyer has stated that Bella's "tragic flaw" in Eclipse is her lack of self-knowledge.

Bella is also a very bad liar. Bella, according to Edward in Midnight Sun, has no sense of fear when she finds out Edward is a vampire. Instead of running away, as she should have, she decides to ask lots of questions with extreme curiosity. This makes Edward believe that it is not bad luck that follows her around, but that she has no sense of self-preservation.

She dislikes cold and wet climates, even snow, which is why she initially hated to live in Forks. However, after meeting Edward, she found the town much more comfortable, even calling it "home". As a vampire, she also dislikes the idea of feeding on humans, but is glad to have found the strength she needed to protect her loved ones.

Bella inherited her mother's perceptiveness to some degree, as she was able to guess Edward was a mind reader, the first human to do so. How

ever, she was not able to guess that Edward was in love with her.

Book History

Early Life

Isabella Marie Swan was born on September 13, 1987, to Renée and Charlie Swan, a young couple living in the small town of Forks, Washington. Her parents divorced when she was only three months old. Renée took Bella with her to Downey, California, to live with her difficult grandmother, before moving to Riverside after her mother got her education degree and landed a job as a kindergarten teacher at a local school.

When Bella was six years old, they moved to Phoenix, Arizona. During most of her childhood, she would visit her father in Forks for one month every summer, and got acquainted with Rachel, Rebecca and Jacob Black, the children of Charlie's best friend, Billy Black, though they never became real friends. Bella found the climate in Forks unpleasant, though, and from 2002 onward, Charlie vacationed with her in California instead. She briefly took ballet and piano lessons, but quit them after some time because she found them too difficult.

Bella never fit in with her peers in California or Arizona. She had always had the feeling of being a little out of sync with everyone - including her mother, who was her best friend. While her mother was impractical, absentminded and liked to shift from one interest to the next, Bella grew up as the more responsible and independent individual. At an early age, she took over most of the household responsibilities. Sometimes, she would feel like she was the adult and Renée was the child.

During free time, she preferred to sit home and read, in part because she was extraordinarily clumsy. Her naturally responsible nature carried over into her schoolwork, where Bella was generally a straight-A student. Her plan for the future was to get a degree in education and teach, like her mother. Renee's career was the one thing that Bella truly respected. However, she intended to teach at the high school level.

When Bella noticed that Renée felt lonely due to the lack of romance in her life, she encouraged her mother to go on more dates. Eventually, Renée fell in love with and married a minor league baseball player named Phil Dwyer. Bella wasn't entirely fond of the idea, but nevertheless offered her blessing. They married in the same month that Bella turned 17. While Phil traveled around for his job, Renée stayed home with Bella; however, Bella, noticing her mother's unhappiness with this arrangement, chose to move in with her father in Forks so Renée could go on the road with Phil during baseball season, leading to the beginning of Twilight.


Bella moves back to her birth town of Forks, Washington, to live with her father, Charlie Swan, to let her mother, Renée Dwyer, travel with her new husband, Phil. She enrolls at Forks High School in the middle of her junior year. She does not notice the physical attraction she holds for the male students at the school, and makes a few new friends.

The one group of people at Forks High School that truly intrigues Bella are the Cullens, a mysterious family consisting of five adopted children. Edward Cullen, in particular, captures her attention, along with his adopted siblings. Due to Bella's uncanny ability to attract accidents, Edward finds himself often protecting her from various unlikely calamities, and finds himself growing extremely protective of her - to the point where even he admits he sometimes goes too far.

When Tyler Crowley's car almost hits Bella, Edward knocks her out of the way and shields her from the collision. Bella realizes that it would have been physically impossible for an ordinary human being to cross the distance to her in time or hold back, much less push away, a pick-up truck with his bare hands. She confronts him in the hospital, but he dismisses her accusations leaving her more suspicious than ever.

During a trip down to La Push with her classmates, Bella encounters a family friend, Jacob Black, who informs her that the Cullens are supposedly vampires according to his tribe's legend. Later, Edward rescues Bella from a gang of men in Port Angeles. During and after dinner, she and Edward converse about his abilities, namely his ability to read minds and her immunity to it.

Edward and Bella get to know each other better, and he reveals that he has great difficulty being near her due to the unusually appetizing smell of her blood; he must constantly control his thirst, lest his vampiric instincts take over and drive him to slaughter her.

Despite his desire for her blood, Edward and Bella fall passionately in love. Edward introduces her to his family, and soon after she is invited to watch their baseball game. During the game, danger reveals itself in the form of a visiting vampire coven consisting of Laurent, Victoria, and James. Victoria's mate, James, is a sadistic tracker vampire who has set his sights on killing Bella for sports; he was fascinated by Edward's protectiveness of a human. He tricks her into coming to her old ballet studio with the sound of her mother's voice, where he bites her wrist and almost transforms her into a vampire. But the Cullen family rush to Bella's aid and Edward manages to drain the venom out of her system before it was too late. They destroy James, though the other vampires of his coven, Victoria and Laurent, run and survive. Bella spends time in a hospital with Edward constantly by her side, where he admits that his sister Alice saw a vision of Bella becoming a vampire. However, he is determined to keep her human, despite her own will to become a vampire.

Two months after James's demise, Edward takes Bella to their high school prom, despite her broken leg and angry protests.

New Moon

After nearly being attacked by Jasper on her 18th birthday Edward decides that she would be safer without him, so he deceives Bella into thinking that he does not love her any longer and leaves Forks with his family. She tries to find him in the woods, but he was already gone. That night, Sam Uley tracks her down and takes her home. She sinks into deep depression.

Four months later, her father Charlie threatens to send her to Jacksonville because he is worried about her behavior. To appease her father she invites her friend Jessica to go to Port Angeles with her for dinner and a movie. While there, she carelessly approaches four men standing outside a bar. This results in her hearing Edward's voice inside her head, warning her to turn around. Bella soon realizes that whenever she puts herself in a dangerous situation, she can hear Edward's voice with perfect clarity. With this discovery in mind, Bella seeks out Jacob and convinces him to fix two broken motorcycles for her and teach her how to ride.

Jacob and Bella become friends, when suddenly Jacob refuses to answer any of her calls and asks her not to come to his house anymore. It is not until two weeks later that Bella learns what had happened to her friend: he has become a werewolf and is avoiding Bella for her own safety. She also learns from Laurent that Victoria has returned to kill her, out of revenge for Edward killing Victoria's mate, James. Bella and Jacob reconcile, and she assists his werewolf pack in hunting down Victoria with information.

To hear Edward's voice again, Bella attempts cliff-diving and nearly drowns. When Alice sees Bella jump, she believes Bella has committed suicide and returns to Forks. Edward is told by Rosalie that Bella is dead. Alice finds Bella and tells her that Edward is going to Volterra to ask the Volturi to kill him, because he believes Bella is dead. Bella and Alice quickly pursue Edward to Italy, and stop him from being killed. Afterwards they are brought to speak with the Volturi, where the leader Aro tests her immunity to psychic powers by trying to read her mind and then tell Jane to try her power, neither proves to affect her. She is then offered a place within the Volturi, along with Edward and Alice, but none of them accept the offer. When the Volturi leaders find Bella a liability due to her knowledge of vampires, the Cullens make a promise to change her into a vampire so that they can be let free.

Back in Forks, Edward explains why he had to leave and begs her forgiveness. She forgives him, and they continue their relationship as if Edward never left. When Edward once again refuses to transform Bella into a vampire, she decides to let his family decide whether she should be changed and thus join their family. All except Edward and Rosalie vote affirmatively for her to be changed. Although initially outraged by his family's decision, Edward later agrees to change her himself if she agrees to marry him first. Later, Jacob meets with Edward and Bella to remind Edward and his family of the treaty made between the Cullens and the La Push werewolves, which states that no Cullen may bite a human. Bella is thus left in a difficult position: if she does not become a vampire, the Volturi will come to kill her. However, if the Cullens do make her into a vampire, they will have broken their treaty with the La Push werewolves, which would start a war with the Cullens.


The story begins with Bella reading a letter from Jacob that says that they can't be friends anymore. She is upset about this, but her mood greatly improves when Edward comes to visit her. While she is still grounded by her father, Edward is allowed into the house until nine o'clock. He continuously tries to convince Bella to fill out more application forms but Bella thinks that college is pointless since she will become a vampire soon anyway. Edward then sees an article in the newspaper about a series of mysterious killings in Seattle and explains to Bella that these killings are most likely caused by a newborn; a recently turned vampire who is unable to control its thirst. Bella tries to make things right with Jacob, to which Edward strongly objects, stating that werewolves are unstable and that they could hurt her. Later on that day in school, Bella witnesses Alice having a vision: Victoria is coming back to Forks to hunt her. Edward denies what he saw and talks Bella into leaving town to visit her mom for the weekend, saying that it might be her last chance to see her before she graduates. When she returns, Jacob confronts Edward and Bella finds out that Victoria is back.

Ultimately, Edward must go hunting and leave Bella alone. For fear of Bella putting herself in danger, he bribes Alice with a yellow 911 Porsche Turbo to watch over Bella while he's gone and keep her away from Jacob. Bella is furious at Edward's presumption and manages to slip away to see Jacob. While staying at the Cullens' house, Rosalie tries to convince her to stay human by telling her human background story. Edward returns early for the weekend. He is not upset that Bella ran away, and realizes that he has been overprotective. Bella thanks Edward, and he begins occasionally taking her to the La Push line for regular visits with Jacob. During one of the visits, Jacob admits that he is in love with Bella and forcefully kisses her. Bella is furious and punches him in the face breaking her hand. Edward later threatens to break Jacob's jaw for Bella if he ever kisses her without her permission again.

She later finds out that the killings in Seattle is caused not just by newborns, but an entire army of them. Jasper presents his past and experience with newborns. They suspect that the army is directed toward them, but decide to play it by "ear".

Meanwhile, Bella still has her heart set on joining Edward and his family as a vampire. But, after little consideration, she decides that there is one thing she would like to do while still human: she wants to make love with Edward. Edward immediately refuses this demand, explaining that although he wants her as much as she wants him, he could easily kill her if he lost control. Eventually, Edward agrees to try, but she must marry him first. Bella reluctantly agrees and becomes Edward's fiancée.

Moments before Bella's graduation, she realizes that the army of newborn vampires are under the control of Victoria and therefore will be coming after her. Having no other allies since the Denali coven refused to get involved in the fight, the Cullens and the La Push wolf pack join forces to battle Victoria and her army in order to protect Forks and Bella.

Before the battle, Jacob overhears Bella and Edward discussing their engagement and becomes very upset. He tells Bella that he will go in battle with the intentions of dying because she won't love him back. Bella asks him to kiss her so he will think she loves him back, but as she kisses him, she realizes that she does love Jacob after all. She feels terrible after doing so, but Edward isn't angry. Despite realizing her feelings for Jacob, Bella knows that those feelings could never compare to the intense love she has for Edward.

Soon after this, Victoria and Riley, another vampire, find their hiding spot. With Edward outnumbered, but Seth, a young werewolf, arrives to assist them. Seth kills Riley, and Edward beheads Victoria seconds later. After a brief confrontation with several Volturi soldiers, Bella goes to visit Jacob, who was wounded in the battle. She tells him that, while she does love him, she has chosen Edward. Jacob reluctantly agrees to stop trying to come between Edward and her having realized that he doesn't love her as much as he thought and is actually in love with his imprint, he assures Bella that he'll be there if she ever needs him.

Bella realizes that she needs to take responsibilities for the choices that she has made, to properly say goodbye to her friends and family and tie herself to Edward in every human way, and later allows Alice to plan the wedding, with few limitations and makes her maid-of-honor. Bella and Edward agree to tell Charlie about their engagement.

Breaking Dawn

Bella and Edward have told both of her parents about their engagement and both given their blessing, though Charlie is still slightly resistant to the thought of their marriage. Alice is busy making preparations for the wedding, which is only one day away. Meanwhile, Bella feels guilty about Jacob, believing that her rejection caused him to run away.

The wedding goes smoothly, and Bella meets the Denali coven for the first time. Jacob arrives at the party to try and support her, and Bella is very relieved that Jacob has decided to come. However, he gets into an argument with Bella about her wanting to make love with Edward while she is still human. Luckily, only the werewolves and the Cullens hear the argument.

Edward and Bella leave for their honeymoon to Isle Esme, where they consummate their marriage. Edward is horrified when he sees that he bruised Bella while doing so. He vows not to make love with her again until she has been turned, but Bella succeeds in getting him to do so. Bella later notices that she is getting unusual illnesses and changes of appetite, but does not make anything of it. After seeing a bag of unused tampons, she realizes that she is pregnant with a half-human half-vampire offspring. Edward immediately takes her back to Forks where he and Carlisle can abort the baby, but Bella asks Rosalie to protect her.

Her baby develops at an extremely fast rate, and she becomes very sick. She becomes unable to adjust food, and is dying slowly. Edward then suggests for Bella to drink donated human blood, and she quickly becomes stronger, but it also makes the baby so strong that it breaks her ribs by accident. Soon after, Edward realizes that he can hear the baby's thoughts now that it has developed enough of its brain, and starts to love the baby when he hears that it "absolutely adores Bella." Also, after going against Sam's orders to kill Bella and her baby, Jacob forms his own pack with Leah and Seth Clearwater to protect her and the Cullens.

Edward, Rosalie, and Jacob are forced to perform an emergency surgery since Carlisle is hunting with Esme. Bella's body is nearly destroyed in the process.Seeing the baby is a girl, Bella names her "Renesmee" right before her heart stops beating. Edward then injects her heart with his own venom and bites her body in several places, effectively turning Bella into a vampire. Jacob goes to kill Renesmee since he believes she killed Bella, but Rosalie runs and hides with Rosalie until Bella's transformation is proved successful and it is show that Renesmee did not kill Bella.

Bella experiences the full agony of transformation but she remains completely still throughout the process to keep from hurting Edward's feelings. Shortly after her creation, Edward takes her out on her first hunt. She jumps out of the window very gracefully, impressing Edward, kicks off her shoes and runs barefoot through the forest. She proves to have incredible self control when she runs away from the scent of human blood, something newborns aren't supposed to be able to do. After she is full, they return to meet Renesmee. Even more so, she is amazed by the passionate touches of Edward now that he no longer has to worry about hurting her.

While everyone is worried about her thirst, she manages to retain complete control and hugs her daughter. Later, Jacob, aware that the Cullens are planning to move away, phases into his wolf form in front of Charlie (he thought Charlie was the reason they were leaving). Charlie is shocked to discover Bella has known about the mythical world for years, and tells her to tell him only what is absolutely necessary for him to know. This allows Bella to keep her father in her new life without putting him in danger. Bella adjusts to her new life extremely well, going as far as to think she was destined to be a vampire.

Months later, Bella is hunting with Renesmee in the forest when a vampire, Irina, sees her daughter and mistakes her for an immortal child, whose creation is a heinous crime of the vampire world. When Alice learns that the Volturi and their entire guard are coming to destroy the Cullens, she flees with Jasper on a secret mission and leaves clues for Bella to find J. Jenks to forge passports and IDs for Renesmee and herself if they fail to stop the Volturi. The Cullens look for other vampires to be witnesses, including nomads and other covens, such as the Irish and the Amazon covens. In the meantime, Bella finds out that she possesses the power to shield herself from the psychic abilities of other vampires. Kate from the Denali and Zafrina from the Amazon teach Bella to project said power so she could protect others from the Volturi's gifted guards.

When the Volturi arrive at the end of December, the Cullens and their allies manage to convince them that Renesmee really is half-human, but Aro, dead-set on claiming the gifts of the Cullens and some of their friends, plots every possible justification to kill Renesmee. Before the Volturi declare a war, Alice and Jasper arrive with vampires Kachiri and Huilen and half-vampire Nahuel, to prove that Renesmee's future is safe to the vampire world. The Volturi have no more plots to declare a war with the Cullens, and, with the help of the shape-shifters, Alice's research, and Bella's gift, retreat to Volterra, though Irina pays for her mistake with her life. After the confrontation resolved Bella and Edward embrace Renesmee with their arms.

At the end of the series, Bella drops her shield and allows Edward to read her mind for the first time, showing him how much she really loves him. In the end, Edward, Bella, and Renesmee live their lives freely.

Roleplay History

*Renesmee Carlie Cullen

Renesmee is depicted as being immensely beautiful; even more gorgeous than Rosalie and Edward. She has inherited both of her parents' exceptionally good looks, having the facial features of her father Edward (high cheekbones, perfect eyebrows, straight nose, strong jawline, and full lips), as well as his unusual bronze hair color (brown in the movie), with her eyes being chocolate brown, just like her mother Bella's were when she was still human. However, she has also inherited curly hair from her grandfather Charlie Swan, portrayed as ringlets that fall past her waist.

She has pale skin, which has a blush to it because her heart pumps blood, with a faster beat than a normal human heart, and has had perfect shiny square teeth since her birth. Unlike her family, Renesmee's skin glows slightly in the sunshine like back-lit alabaster rather than sparkle like diamonds. Thanks to the blood flowing in her veins and her heart beating, she has pink rosy cheeks, shell-pink lips, pale lavender eyelids, and pink palms. Her scent is a balance of both vampire and human, with enough vampire scent to keep it from being too appetizing to vampires; she also has a dimpled smile as opposed to her father's crooked smile.

Renesmee was born on September 11th, 2006 in Forks Washington. She is a member of the Olympic coven and is loyal to them, she is also loyal to the Denali coven and the Quileute wolf pack.

Renesmee is depicted as a kind, overwhelmingly intelligent, and fun-loving child. She has a competitive streak, which keeps her motivated to drink animal blood.

As a vampire's mind is highly superior to a human's, Renesmee's mind gets into high gear even before she was born; she finds out that her movements in the womb have been hurting her mother, and tries to stop. She also likes to hear the voices of her parent. After she was born, she learns the vampire laws and limitations very quickly and understands their consequences. She can memorize perfectly anything she sees or experiences, and understands people without much problem. Bella comments that she is already more intelligent than most adults, and has better control over her thirst than any of them.

She likes to read books and listen to music, something she shares with her parents. She likes to hear Bella reading bedtime stories, but hates hearing the same ones twice, expecting therefore to hear new ones each and every time. She learns to play piano from Edward.

Renesmee is fascinated by everyone in her surroundings, despite their being different species. She mostly prefers not to speak out loud and instead use her power to communicate with others, because she finds words insufficient to describe her feelings. However, she will talk if she has to or if she is unable to touch someone. She is also depicted as a brave and headstrong character.

Renesmee, often called "Nessie" for short, is a vampire-human hybrid, and therefore shares traits from both species. Similar to Alice's inability to see the future of werewolves, because she had never been one herself, Alice also cannot see Renesmee or her kind. This is something that annoys her as much as her inability to see the wolves.

She is immensely beautiful, and her body temperature is slightly higher than a human's. Renesmee has a rapidly beating heart and veins filled with her own blood. Her hardened skin glows faintly rather than sparkle like diamonds upon exposure to sunlight, which allows her to blend in the human society much more easily than vampires. Unlike the rest of her vampire family, she is also able to sleep, and unlike Nahuel, she is not venomous, a trait that she shares with the other female hybrids (Nahuel's half-sisters). Her scent is a mixture of human and vampire.

Her attractive traits and kind nature draw people (vampire or human) to her. Tanya once commented her on as being a "special little one, hard to resist".

As the offspring of two gifted vampires, Renesmee might have inherited the exact opposite versions of her parents' powers; while Edward can read people's minds from a distance, she can place her own thoughts and images (even feelings) into their minds through physical contact. This power works most effectively in communication. She can unconsciously use this power when she is asleep, allowing people to see what she is dreaming about; and while Bella acts as a mental shield that blocks psychic powers from her mind, Renesmee can penetrate others' mental defenses while "communicating" with them, being the only person capable of making her power effective on Bella.

It is yet unknown how this opposition came to be.

Book History

Before Birth

After Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are married, they spend their honeymoon on an island the Cullen family owns off the coast of Rio de Janeiro: Isle Esme, a gift from Carlisle to Esme. At this point, Edward couldn't deny Bella the human experience of sex any longer despite his fear of harming her, as they had a deal, and they make love on several occasions.

However, as the honeymoon progresses, Bella begins to experience mood swings, peculiar eating habits, terrible nightmares and severe morning sickness, which confuses her. After finding tampons in her bag, she notices that her period is five days late, and a hard, growing, bump protruding from her hips, realizing she is pregnant. This realization took Bella out of Alice's "sight" as she cannot see a future involving half-vampires; she calls Bella in a panic to see if she is alright. Edward knows that there have been stories of women who died while giving birth to a vampire's child. Therefore, he leaps into action, as always, only caring about the safety of Bella, and insists that she let Carlisle remove the abnormally rapid-growing fetus. However, Bella won't allow it.

Enlisting Rosalie's help as a bodyguard, with support from Emmett and Esme, Bella refuses to have an abortion, determined to carry the child, trusting that Edward will save her by turning her into a vampire after she gives birth and that Carlisle will save the baby if something goes wrong. Carlisle is also unwilling to disagree with Esme. As the baby continues to grow at an alarmingly rapid rate, Bella's health deteriorates. She develops an unhealthy pallor; her stomach is bruised in multiple places from the baby's movements (as it has inherited a vampire's superhuman strength); her ribs and later her pelvis, are broken. Her body has been rejecting human food, and it is only when Jacob Black bitterly thinks about the "creature" craving blood, that Edward, with his ability to read thoughts, thinks of a solution. The Cullens allow Bella to sample some donated human blood from Carlisle's work at the hospital. To Bella's surprise, it smells and tastes appealing, and revives her, to an extent. Jacob however is not entirely thrilled. Besides the strength and appetite of the growing baby, evidence of its vampire heritage is apparent in the hard and thick amniotic sac, endurance resembling the skin of a vampire, making ultrasounds and amniocentesis impossible. Bella isn't the only suffering individual during the pregnancy; Jacob describes Edward as a "burning man", lifeless and self-loathing, thinking of the child as a possible case of "Rosemary's Baby": a child born of a demon, the spawn of the devil. Edward still is not completely convinced that he is not a monster and that he does have a soul.

As Bella's pregnancy nears its completion, Edward begins to hear the baby's thoughts; he quickly realizes that the baby loves Bella, can recognize the sounds of its parents' voices, and can even understand simple conversations. This new knowledge quickly wins over Edward's affection. After listening to its parents, the baby understands what hurts her mother and tries to avoid injuring her further. Bella is convinced that the baby is a boy and calls it "EJ" (which is short for "Edward Jacob"). However, she does admit that she may be wrong and the baby could turn out to be a girl. She decides that "Renesmee Carlie" would be what she would call her baby, should it be a girl. The pregnancy continues its rapid progression, and Bella goes into violent labor even sooner than anticipated when the placenta is unexpectedly detached. Carlisle and Esme, who originally planned to be there for delivery the next day, are out hunting, so Edward, Rosalie, Jacob, and Alice help to deliver the baby by C-section. Although Edward wants to wait for the morphine to spread and ease Bella's pain, Bella commands him to perform the C-section without delay. Rosalie starts the C-section but, due to the amount of blood involved, loses control, forcing Jacob and Alice to tackle and drag her from the room. Edward continues with the C-section in Rose's place, eventually using his teeth to bite through the hard amniotic sac. Bella is severely injured during the birth due to the baby's violent thrashing, breaking many ribs, losing a lot of blood, and eventually snapping her spine, which requires Jacob to provide CPR to keep her breathing.

After delivering the baby, Edward declares that it is a girl, despite Bella's previous certainty that it was a boy, naming her Renesmee. As Bella holds her, Renesmee's vampire heritage become apparent when she bites Bella, showing her inherited sharp teeth and natural desire for human blood. As Bella loses consciousness again due to her injuries, Edward hands the baby to Rosalie, injects his venom into Bella's heart and bites her in several places, maximizing her odds of survival. After every bite, he runs his tongue over the wound and heals it, trapping the venom into her bloodstream and preserving her already low blood supply. Despite Jacob's CPR support and Edward's venom, Bella's heart stops beating. Still with Bella, Edward provides CPR himself which, combined with the venom, eventually results in Bella's heart recovering, and her conversion into a vampire.

After Birth

After Bella's transformation and recovery are complete, Edward takes her out hunting, telling her that she needs to be in control before she can meet her daughter, who is half-human and has her own blood. When they return, Jacob tests Bella's control by standing in front of her, and after that is secured, Renesmee and Bella finally meet face-to-face. Bella realizes that Renesmee is gifted with the ability to share her thoughts with people by touching them, when she shows her the very first picture of her human face. The Cullens are preparing to leave for Alaska when Jacob suddenly tells Charlie about the supernatural world, knowing that Charlie is the main reason that they are leaving. By telling Charlie about the world having supernatural forces and that Bella has changed (without specifying anything), he does a huge favor for Bella, the Cullens and himself. Renesmee meets Charlie for the first time when he comes to see Bella, and they both grow incredibly fond of each other.

In the upcoming months, Renesmee grows at an exceptional pace, mentally and physically, forming full sentences one week after her birth and learning to walk after three weeks. Since no one is certain of her development, the Cullens plan on making a trip to South America to study the legends that involve her species.


While Bella and Renesmee are in the woods hunting together, they are spotted by Irina, a member of the Denali coven, who is mad at the Cullens for not avenging her mate's death. Irina sees Renesmee from a distance and assumes her to be an immortal child, a human child transformed into a vampire. By the Volturi's laws, such children are not allowed to exist because of their inability to control themselves, and Irina, whose mother had been killed for creating one, reports to the Volturi about her. Irina is not aware, however, that Renesmee is a vampire/human hybrid, growing and learning. The Volturi make the decision to come to Forks, and destroy the child and the entire Cullen family. Alice sees this in a vision and tells the Cullens they need to gather witnesses to testify that Renesmee is a half-vampire and that she is able to control her instincts; she leaves a clue for Bella to locate a lawyer named J. Jenks to help Renesmee escape in case the Volturi do end them, and then flees with Jasper without so much as a goodbye.

When the Volturi and their witnesses arrive, the Cullens and their witnesses prove to them that the child is a hybrid between vampires and humans. Aro is very intrigued with Renesmee's existence, but is determined to achieve his secret ambitions - to add Alice, Edward, Bella and some of the other gifted vampires into his collection. He and Caius come up with multiple schemes to provoke a battle between the Volturi and the Cullens.

The deal to let her live is set when Alice and Jasper show up near the end of the trial with a mature half-vampire like Renesmee, one the Volturi have never known of. Said hybrid, Nahuel, informs the Volturi of his past, his age and his diet. This persuades Aro to no longer see Renesmee as a threat, and, more importantly, threatened by Bella's gift, and leave in disgrace. The Cullens are safe again, and Renesmee is able to stay with her family.

Nahuel states that Renesmee will probably reach complete physical maturity around seven years after her birth, at which point she will stop aging and live to an unknown extent of years.

Roleplay History

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*Quileute Shape-Shifters*

Shape-shifters, often mistaken as werewolves, are descended from the ancient spirit warriors of the Quileute tribe. Back then, warriors and chiefs could leave their bodies and wander as spirits, communicate with animals, and hear each other's thoughts. However, a change impacted the tribe members hugely during Taha Aki's leadership and permanently changed their powers to shape-shifting into giant wolves.

When a member of the current generation comes across the scent of vampires, his physique will build before he phases for the first time. Shape-shifters of the Quileute tribe are also called Quileute werewolves.

*Jacob Black

Growing from 5'10 to 6'7 within one year, Jacob is the tallest character in the series. Bella notes that he would surely hit his head upon the beams of her new cottage. He is of Native American descent and in Twilight had a lanky build and wore his long hair in a ponytail. Though he looked too tall for his age, he had a hint of childish roundedness to his chin. Around the time when he started to phase, his body grew tremendously thick, toned and muscular, similar to that of a serious bodybuilder, though balanced by his tremendous height so he doesn't look out of proportion. In New Moon, upon discovering his shape-shifter powers and joining the Quileute pack, he crops his long black hair short. Jacob is also said to be extremely handsome, with dark good looks, raven-black hair, russet skin and deep-set twinkling dark brown eyes.

As a wolf, Jacob is about 10 feet in length, has russet brown fur, dark intelligent eyes, and is very swift. He is also the largest and strongest wolf, but Leah Clearwater is faster than him. Sam acknowledged him as the pack's strongest fighter.

Jacob was born on January 14th, 1990 in LaPush, Washington and first phased in February, 2006. He is the Alpha of his shape-shifter pack and is loyal to his pack, the Quileute tribe, and the Olympic coven.

Jacob's personality changes throughout the books as he matures. In Twilight, he seems very friendly though shy and slightly sheepish around Bella, easily succumbing to her flirtations and worrying about how the Quileute legends will affect her perception of him. However, in New Moon Jacob goes from being his old, happy self to being sullen and temperamental. This is because he has now phased and is experiencing life in wolf form. In New Moon, his cheerful attitude is what attracts Bella and make her feel better.

He is one of two who dislike being wolf the most and wants nothing more than to be rid of his magical inheritance, but learns to adapt to the idea.

In Eclipse, he seems to be somewhat rebellious, since he encourages Bella to sneak out to visit him and they ditch school so they could spend some time alone, even though just as friends. In Breaking Dawn, his personality changes yet again, to slightly violent and pessimistic, as he feels like Bella is going to die due to her unnatural pregnancy. After Bella's successful transformation into a vampire, he returns to his cheerful personality as he no longer feels the pain of Bella's rejection.

During free time, he enjoys rebuilding automotive vehicles and hanging out with his friends. He also has an interest in watching action movies and commenting on bloody scenes.

Generally, Jacob is very friendly, playful, carefree and caring towards the people around him. He would go to any extent to protect those he loves most. He is also shown to be somewhat sarcastic, slightly obnoxious and slightly childish, and has a hot-headed temper due to his wolf side and highly dislikes the scent of vampires. After embracing his right as an Alpha he begins to take the responsibilities of leading his renegade pack more seriously.

Book History

Early Life

Jacob Black was born to Billy and Sarah Black. Throughout childhood and adolescence, Jacob's two best friends were Embry Call and Quil Ateara V. All three attended school on the La Push reservation. During childhood, he and his sisters, Rachel and Rebecca were sometimes acquainted with Charlie Swan's daughter,Bella, though they never became real friends and Bella remained mostly in California and Phoenix.

When he was 9 years old, his mother Sarah died in a tragic car crash, although he recovered from the pain better than his sisters did, thanks in part to his sisters, Rachel and Rebecca, filling the role of mother for him as much as they were able. Rebecca married a man named Solomon Finau and moved to Hawaii, while Rachel moved away to attend Washington State university as soon as finished high school. Since his sisters were away, he became his father's only company at home, especially after he became wheelchair bound due to diabetes. However, he did not resent taking care of his dad; in fact, he enjoyed his father's company, though he refused to believe in his family legends and traditions.

When the Cullens first moved to Forks, Jacob did not understand his father's aversion. After awhile, he began tuning out most of what his father said.


Jacob has a small but very important role in Twilight. Jacob is a long-time close family friend of Bella due to both of their fathers, Billy and Charlie being best friends. He meets Bella for the first time after she moved back to Forks when she and some of her schoolmates spent a day on First Beach, where Jacob and his friends encountered them. After Bella flirts with him (as a way to extract information from him about the Cullens), he introduces the idea of Edward and his family being vampires by telling her the Quileute legends on the topic. Bella feels guilty for using him this way, but finds him easy to talk to and very friendly. After Bella and Edward began dating, Billy takes Jacob to Bella to advise her against it, without, however, telling her why. She already knows. He is later seen crashing Forks High's prom under his father's orders to reiterate the same warning.

New Moon

Months after Edward and his family leave Forks in New Moon, Bella becomes very close to Jacob, who comforts her during her hardship by trying to cheer her up by engaging in various different activities including motor-bike riding. Jacob helps her to become somewhat happy and normal again, though she still deeply misses Edward. New Moon reveals that Jacob is one of an ancient line of Quileute werewolves. They are the mortal enemies of all vampires, including the Cullen family. At first, Jacob thinks all this is a bunch of superstition, and he becomes frightened and disturbed by the influence a young man on the reservation, Sam Uley, has on some of the Quileute youth, especially after his best friend, Embry Call, joined them and cut contact with his other friends. After Jacob went through an unexpected transformation into a werewolf, it is revealed that Sam, the pack's leader, was the first to make the transformation in several generations.

As werewolves are short-tempered, highly violent, and likely to explode into wolf form when angered, Jacob is initially forbade by Sam to see Bella in order to protect her from him. One week later, she visits him at his home, and he tells her off, saying that he now knows about the Cullens being vampires. He and his new friends patrol the forest, searching for vampires that have been killing hikers in the area. Jacob and the pack save Bella from the vampire Laurent, who was trying to kill her. Before the over-sized wolves chase him off, Laurent tells Bella that Victoria wants revenge on Edward for killing her mate, James, by killing his and make him experience the same pain that she felt.

Sometime later, Jacob unexpectedly shows up at Bella's bedroom window and apologizes for their recent fight and his avoidance of her. When she asks him what is happening with him, he claims that he can't tell her, but leaves her a clue to what he and the rest of Sam's group is. Bella remembers the stories Jacob told her, about the Quileutes being descended from wolves. The next day, she confirms that Jacob is a werewolf. She later confronts him, assuming his pack is behind the recent murders in the forest. Jacob convinces her that their job is to protect humans from vampires, and they would never intentionally harm anyone. He also tells her that Laurent is dead, and together, they figure out that a certain red-headed vampire terrorizing the werewolves and hikers in the forest is actually Victoria. But when Jacob calls his pack to give them the news, they are angered about it. Paul, one of the pack members, loses his temper, phases into his wolf form and tries to attack her. Jacob quickly phases in turn and mauls Paul, chasing him into the woods.

Afterwards, Jacob and his pack assign themselves to protecting Forks, Bella and Charlie from Victoria while hunting her. She and Charlie spend a vast majority of their time in La Push during spring break. Jacob and Bella renew their friendship, and he tells her what it's like to be a werewolf. Sometime later, still in grief over losing Edward, she tries to "contact" him by engaging in a dare-devil activity and goes cliff-diving. She nearly drowns before Jacob is able to her pull her out of the water.

Upon returning to the Blacks' home, Bella and Jacob learn that Charlie and Billy's friend Harry Clearwater has died of a heart attack; a quick succession of events later that evening and the next day pry Bella and Jacob apart. Jacob drives Bella home, only to discover that Alice has inexplicably turned up there; he recoils from her presence and flees to La Push to regroup. He returns to the Swans' home the next day to apologize to Bella; they nearly kiss when the phone interrupts them. When Jacob answers, he mistakes Edward's voice for Carlisle's, and, refusing to surrender much information, tells the caller that Chief Swan was attending a funeral. Having received cryptic information, Edward assumes the funeral is for Bella, thinking she had committed suicide. Grief-stricken, he departs in order to meet with the Volturi, and Bella and Alice rush to try to stop him. Jacob is deeply hurt and disgusted by Bella's choice, Edward's return, and Bella's willingness to go back to him and become a vampire, but reluctantly agrees to protect her father in case Victoria shows up. However, their job ended when the Cullens move back to town.

In the epilogue of New Moon, sometime after the Cullens returned, Jacob turns in Bella's motorcycle to make Charlie ground her in an attempt to prevent her from seeing Edward, though he doesn't know that she is already grounded for leaving without explanation. He also reminds Edward of the Quileute-Cullen treaty, which forbids the Cullen family from biting any humans. This means that if a member of the Cullen family turned Bella into a vampire, the treaty would be broken and the werewolves would start a war with them. Jacob is upset by the whole conversation, though Bella manages to calm him down before he can try to attack Edward and before she and Edward leave.


Eclipse begins with Jacob still trying to keep a safe distance from Bella, who desperately tries to communicate with him. He is not comfortable with the idea of Bella associating herself with a vampire, making him to almost lose control with anger and hatred.

The book starts with Bella receiving and reading the note from Jacob. He has a hard time expressing himself in it, as she reads through many unfinished sentences that end up being crossed out. The last comment in the note is not crossed out, and shows that even though he misses spending time with her, he is still angry about their situation.

Later on, he's enraged that she will become a vampire after graduation. Horrified by the news, he makes it his goal to save Bella's human life no matter what. He invites her to a Quileute council meeting, and she accepts. They spend the night together and listen to tribe legends, believed to be real by the Quileute. Jacob tells Bella that he loves her, and kisses her, thinking that she loves him back and is reciprocating his affections. Bella, outraged by this, punches him in the jaw and breaks her hand. Jacob brings Bella home and Edward threatens him that if he ever kisses Bella or forces against her will without her consent again, he'll break his jaw for her. But Edward also claims that he would allow it to happen if she wanted to kiss him.

A while later, at a graduation party held at the Cullens' house that Jacob decides to attend, he gives her a charm bracelet with a carving of a wolf on it as a graduation present. While there, he learns that Victoria has amassed a newborn vampire army to attack Bella. Jacob and the pack eagerly agrees on joining forces with the Cullens and learning how to fight these newborn vampires, who are significantly stronger than the Cullens. Their original plan was to have Seth Clearwater watch over Bella in a remote mountain place while the Cullens and the rest of the werewolf pack fought off the vampires. Bella, however, wanted Edward with her. Edward agreed as long as Jacob would carry her to the place in the mountains so that her scent would be disguised by his "stench". They followed through with the plan, and Jacob carried Bella to the mountain hideaway. While waiting for the battle to be over, Edward, Bella, and Jacob set up camp. A blizzard blows through the camp, and Bella begins to freeze. Jacob comes in the tent and stays in Bella's sleeping bag to warm her up with his abnormal body heat, much to Edward's chagrin.

In the morning, Bella wakes up and Jacob leaves the tent. Bella and Edward then start discussing their marriage plans. Jacob overhears their conversation and runs away, upset. Upon Bella's request, Edward brings him back and leaves them alone to talk. As they talk, Jacob tells Bella that he's going to kill himself because she doesn't love him. Bella begs him not to do so and offers to kiss him if he promises to come back, and Jacob agrees. At first, Bella is hesitant and starts to resist, but she soon finds herself kissing him back passionately and realizes that she is in love with Jacob after all. Jacob then leaves to battle, promising that he will try and not get himself killed, but gets injured trying to save Leah Clearwater from a newborn vampire . The newborn mangled all the bones on the right side of Jacob, before being destroyed by Sam. Carlisle patches him up and a worried Bella visits him later. Jacob is shocked to hear that Edward didn't get angry at Bella for kissing him. They talk and she tells him that, although she loves and cares about Jacob deeply, she still has chosen Edward. While heartbroken over her choice and deeply hurt that he couldn't save her despite his best efforts, Jacob doesn't show it, and reluctantly agrees to stop trying to separate them. Jacob reminds Bella that he will always be there for her whenever she needs him.

The epilogue is written from Jacob's point of view. Jacob and Leah are sitting at the edge of a cliff, with Jacob thinking about how difficult it will be when Bella is turned into a vampire, which to him isn't much different from dying. Leah tells him to get over her, and Jacob angrily tells Leah to leave him alone. At home, he finds that Edward has sent him an invitation to the wedding. Enclosed there is a note saying that he is not obliged to attend, but that, if Edward was in Jacob's shoes, he would want a choice. Edward thanks Jacob for everything. Jacob runs as fast as his legs can carry him. The rest of the wolves try to talk to him, but Sam tells them to leave Jacob alone.

Breaking Dawn

In Breaking Dawn, Jacob is mentioned to have been gone for almost two months now, and is trying to live the rest of his life as a wolf so he doesn't have to deal with the pain he is in. Jacob is first seen at Bella's wedding. He apologizes to Bella and tells her that he only wants her to be happy. However, he becomes violent towards Edward when he finds out about their plans to make love while Bella is still human, and has to be restrained by Seth and Sam. During Bella and Edward's honeymoon, Jacob, rage-filled, imagines the different outcomes of the honeymoon.

When Bella returns from the honeymoon, Jacob believes that she has been turned and demands the pack attack the Cullens. Sam refuses to do so, and Jacob goes on a solo mission, leaving his own home in the process. He finds out that she is pregnant, and sees that she is bruised where her child has kicked. He talks with Edward, who doesn't want the baby because it is killing Bella, but cannot do anything because Rosalie guards Bella, upon Bella's request. Rosalie's choice influences Emmett, Esme and Carlisle and so Edward cannot force Bella to have an abortion. Desperate, Edward asks Jacob to offer Bella to get pregnant with him, resulting in a much healthier pregnancy than the current one. Jacob is sickened but tempted, and agrees to try to persuade Bella to abort. He also promises Edward that he'll kill him if Bella dies.

Jacob informs Sam and the pack of Bella's pregnancy. The pack plans on killing Bella and the baby because they see the unborn baby as a threat, which is however protected by the Cullens. Jacob still loves Bella, and rebels against Sam's authority as Alpha. He embraces his Alpha heritage and breaks away from the pack. Seth and Leah Clearwater join him patrolling the Cullens' territory, and preventing Sam's pack from attacking.

A few days later, Edward hears the baby's mind for the first time, and he loves the unborn baby as it already loves Bella, leaving Jacob feeling betrayed and mad. Edward hears this and gives the keys of his Aston Martin Vanquish to Jacob, so that Jacob might get away from them. Jacob desperately drives out to look for his soul mate, someone who he may imprint on, so that he would forget his love for Bella. His search ends up fruitless.

Jacob comes back and learns that the baby is trying not to hurt Bella anymore. Edward asks Jacob, as heir to the chief, Ephraim Black, for permission to change her into a vampire after the birth of the child. Feeling empty inside, Jacob agrees.

When Bella goes into a painful labor, Jacob kicks out Rosalie, who'd lost her control and performs CPR on Bella while Edward delivers the baby, who is a girl and Bella names her "Renesmee". Seconds after that, Bella's heart stops and Edward bites her to turn her into a vampire. Jacob feels completely empty by her death and intends to kill Renesmee for revenge, but Rosalie runs away with Renesmee until it is safe for them to come back. Finally, Sam's pack stops trying to attack the Cullens, after the Cullens promise to watch Renesmee and make sure she doesn't do anything that will give the pack reason to kill her. It is also stated that Jacob's close friends, Quil and Embry, who stayed with Sam when Jacob went his separate way, also have joined Jacob's pack after Renesmee's birth.

When Irina comes to Forks and mistakes Renesmee for an immortal child, she reports to the Volturi.

The situation is drastically neutralized when Alice and Jasper bring another vampire hybrid named Nahuel to prove to the Volturi that Renesmee isn't an immortal child nor a threat to the vampire world.

At the end of Breaking Dawn, he, along with other wolves, hears from Edward and Aro that they are not really werewolves, but are rather shape-shifters who can turn into wolves, correcting the mistaken belief that had been accepted in their tribe. After the Volturi's "trial", Jacob jokes that life will be "boring now," which Edward remarks that he fervently hopes so.

Roleplay History

*Sam Uley

Sam is described as having long, rounded muscles, a very deep voice, an older face, copper skin, cropped black hair and brown eyes. Like the other werewolves in human form, Sam is described as being quite tall, around 6'6", only under Jacob. Sam, like all werewolves, has a large tattoo on his upper right arm.

As a wolf, Sam is described as having black fur. He is huge, quiet as a shadow, tall as a horse but more muscular, with dagger-like incisors and golden eyes. He has a grisly snarl and is very swift. He is also said to be the second largest wolf, smaller only than Jacob.

Sam was born in 1986 in La Push, Washington. He is the Beta in the wolf pack and he imprinted on Emily Young.

Sam is said to have been very mature since childhood, due to his father's disappearance. He took on most of the responsibilities that his father should have taken. He is also known to be tough, but caring and loving to his family and friends. Due to his hatred for his father, he does not like hearing him mentioned; even if it is by accident, he will become so angry that he phases.

As his pack grows in number, Sam struggles with his role of Alpha, sometimes being too slow to take command, other times going too far with his authority by forcing the others with his Alpha voice. He tries hard to balance his leadership and do the best for his pack. Jacob and many others think of him as a good Alpha. He is also known for sometimes making rash decisions when a potential threat is near, and will go against anything to stop it, as shown when he decides to throw away the treaty their great-grandfathers made with the Cullens to kill Bella's baby before she is born, because he worries about what she is carrying.

Sam is one of the physically strongest wolves.

Book History

Early Life

Sam was raised on the Quileute reservation by his mother, Allison Uley. The stress of providing for a family was too much for his father, who left when Sam was very young. Sam took on most of what should have been his father's responsibilities, and as a result he was always very mature for his age. He had been taught the old werewolf legends about his great-grandfather, Levi Uley, but like everyone else of his generation, Sam believed they were myths.

When he was a sophomore in high school, Sam began dating Leah Clearwater. During his senior year he became the first of his generation to phase into a wolf. Having no idea what had happened to him and struck by panic, he hid deep in the forest for two weeks. Finally, he calmed down enough that he turned back into a human while he slept. He snuck home and told no one about his experience. He wouldn't talk to his mother or to Leah, he believed that he'd gone insane and was having delusions.

He lived in fear of another transformation until Quil Ateara III stopped by to see Allison and happened to shake Sam's hand. Old Quil had been taught to recognize the signs of a werewolf who has already phased, or is about to. Sam's high temperature and recently unexplained disappearance made the situation clear to Old Quil. That night, Old Quil, Billy Black and Harry Clearwater went to Sam's house and invited him to a council meeting and explained that they knew what had happened to him and that everything he thought were myths were really facts, and that some members of their tribe have the power to transform into werewolves, and that there are real vampires. The appearance of the Cullen family was the cause of his transformation. After that, he took his responsibility toward the tribe very seriously. Though everything became clear, he had trouble controlling his newfound powers. When Jared Cameron and Paul Lahote started phasing, he took the responsibility of explaining and teaching them how to control their powers. They bonded through shared experience and mutual secrecy.

His relationship with his mother and Leah became more difficult because he couldn't give away any information about what had happened to him. His relationship with Leah was strained, but not broken. When Leah's cousin, Emily Young came to town for a visit, Sam was asked to stop by their house to hang out. He had already met Emily several times, and liked her very much. However, when he met her for the first time after he phased, he imprinted on her the moment he looked into her eyes. Fighting the urge to be near Emily, he left without a word. That night, he went to the Clearwaters' house and broke up with Leah without explanation. He was consumed with painful guilt of breaking Leah's heart. Leah was devastated, but she hoped for the future, but Sam told her to give up on him.

Sam then spent two days waiting for Emily to return to her home in Neah Bay. He forced himself to stay away while she was with Leah, determined to keep from hurting Leah anymore than was absolutely necessary. Emily was surprised to see Sam, having heard about the breakup. She was horrified when he explained that he had broken up with Leah in order to be with her. He obeyed when she told him to leave, but didn't stay away for long. Eventually, he told her all his secrets and even phased in front of her. At that point, she had no choice but to believe, but she still couldn't accept his feelings for her. However, she didn't order him to leave and never come back. So he returned, and they continued to argue. Emily wanted him to go back to Leah and try to make it work, but Sam didn't want to hurt Leah anymore.

As time passed, Emily began to spend time with Sam, letting him tell her everything from the dangers of vampires to the legends of the tribe, and was even introduced to other members of his wolf pack. But then she heard rumors about her behavior and realized what it looked like to Leah. She then ordered Sam to stay away from her and go back to Leah. Although he could agree to stay away, he couldn't agree to be with Leah again; he did not want to hurt her further by pretending. Emily, though aware of his pure caring for Leah's well-being, shoved him away and called him a liar, saying that he was running away from his responsibilities just like his father did. Hearing Joshua's name caused Sam to accidentally phase, his restraining hand turning into claws and raking down her face and right arm. Sam, believing that he had killed the woman that he loved, became frantic and could not calm himself to phase back. Jared was able to hear him in wolf form and contacted Paul and Sue Clearwater, who was a nurse and aware of the tribe's secrets. They managed to get Emily to the nearest hospital. To keep their secret safe, they told the doctor that Emily had been mauled by a bear. It took time for Sam to calm down and become human again, though he was still burned by pain. Jared kept him updated on Emily's condition, which was not critical.

The next afternoon, Jared told Sam that Emily was asking for him. Sam went into Emily's hospital room and saw her face covered with bandages. They both knew that she was scarred for life. Sam asked her to tell him to kill himself so that he could escape the misery; he couldn't commit suicide without knowing for certain that this was what she wanted. But Emily had asked him to visit because she knew how horrified he would be and how unintentional his action had been. She didn't want him to blame himself for what was truly an accident. She had already forgiven him. She also had realized, as she lay there in the hospital, that the one person she really wanted there with her was Sam, as she felt lonely and incomplete without him.

Sam never completely forgave himself, but he put those feelings aside as much as possible to make Emily happy. Emily no longer fought her feelings. Though Leah was furious with them, their relationship progressed easily as they found it effortless to be close both emotionally and physically.


Sam Uley first appears with a minor role in Twilight as a nineteen-year-old local who arrives at First Beach with a group of other Quileute teenagers to socialize with Bella Swan and her friends. He is the one who informed Bella that the Cullens "don't come here", pointing to La Push.

New Moon

As the other boys on the reservation phase throughout New Moon, Sam takes on the role of substituting Alpha, leading them through their change and helping them to become accustomed to their new life. To outsiders, it seems as if he had started a gang, or cult and it raises quite some attention.

When Bella Swan goes missing in the woods where Edward leaves her, Sam tracks her down in wolf form, and then carries her home in human form.

By the time Embry Call phases, the Cullens have moved away from Forks. Embry's transformation is a surprise to everyone, because they don't know anything about his origins other than his mother being descended from the Makah tribe.

Sam waits for Jacob Black, the heir of the last Alpha wolf, Ephraim Black, to phase. When he finally does, Sam wants him to take the place of Alpha for the pack. However, Jacob is opposed to leading it, and insists that Sam stay in charge, to which the rest also agree. It is Sam who gave him the injunction (an absolute command given by the Alpha) not to inform Bella about his transformation. When Laurent tries to kill Bella in the meadow, Sam and his pack make their first appearance in wolf forms and kill the vampire. Once she figures out the truth, Sam accepts her help with the search for Victoria and they provide protection to both her and her father since the Cullens are no longer in town, which enables them to expand their protection areas. However, it all changes when the Cullens return, and they are forced to reduce their area to La Push.


In Eclipse, when the Cullens chase Victoria to the Quileute border, Sam and his pack attempt to attack her, but she manages to slip away. He is present at the bonfire held by the Quileute council, where Billy Black tells legends about their tribe.

Edward explains to Bella after reading the pack's minds that Embry's dad might be Sam's dad.

When the Cullens find out about her creation of a newborn vampire army and their decision to attack them in Forks, Sam and his pack agree to side with the Cullens to fight them in order to protect the town from their threat. With strategies orchestrated by Jasper Hale, they manage to win the battle without any casualties on their side, though Jacob gets seriously injured after saving Leah Clearwater from a hiding newborn. It was through this alliance that Sam learns to trust the Cullens.

Jacob explains Sam's relationship with Emily and Leah to Bella at one point in the story, and tells her the impact of imprinting.

When Jacob decides to run away to escape his pain over not only Bella's rejection but also the supposed rejection of his imprint Lorraine, Sam orders his pack members to leave him be, knowing that he needs some time alone.

Breaking Dawn

Sam and some of his pack members are present at Bella and Edward's wedding to stop Jacob from losing control.

When Jacob tries to get the pack to kill the Cullens in the belief that Bella has become a vampire, Sam refuses to attack, stating that she chose to become one. He also believes the Cullens are not as bad as they appear. Later, when Jacob informs the pack that Bella is pregnant with a vampire's baby, Sam declares that they have to kill both her and the child, as a necessary casualty to protect the tribe and the Forks community. Jacob embraces the Alpha heritage in his blood and he, Seth and Leah Clearwater leave the pack to form their own pack. Sam concluded that if Bella was killed, Jacob would be so mad that he would lead both packs in attacking the child. This never happened: Jacob wanted to kill Renesmee, but Rosalie ran and hid with the newborn Renesmee until Bella was shown to not have died. Sam and his pack declared a truce with the Cullens after they promised to watch over Renesmee and make sure she didn't do anything she shouldn't.

Over the next few months, Sam and his pack would occasionally accompany Charlie to visit the Cullens, and Sam and Emily come to love the baby that he once wanted to destroy.

When Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale go to La Push and ask for permission to cross into their land so they can go straight into the ocean, Sam personally accompanies them to the beach. Alice then gives him a note and tells him to wait until her family comes looking to give the note to Carlisle, telling him to obey as if their lives depend on it. When they do come, Sam tells them everything, but then grows resentful of Alice and Jasper for abandoning their family when danger is so near. Carlisle advises them not to involve themselves in the Volturi's business.

As the vampire crowd increased in Forks, four new members are added to Sam's pack. Leah, Seth, Embry and Quil are assigned to run with him for the time being to avoid conflict. Sam and his pack stand with the Cullens during the confrontation with the Volturi, with Bella secretly protecting all of them with her power. However, the battle is prevented and after the incident, Sam and his pack return to La Push.

Roleplay History

*Leah Clearwater

Leah as a human is described as beautiful in an exotic way. She has perfect copper skin and eyelashes "like feather dusters", and being around 5'10" tall. She wears her sleek black hair in a short pixie cut after phasing, for the same reasons that the males shave their heads: longer hair means longer fur.

Edward describes her in her wolf form as a "smallish gray wolf". She is physically the smallest in her pack, possibly due to her gender.

Leah was born in 1986 in LaPush, Washington and first phased in 2006. She is the third-in-command of the wolf pack, she is loyal to them, the Quileute tribe, and the Olympic coven.

Leah is portrayed as angry and bitter as a result of her broken heart. She has a short temper, and often uses the pack's mental connection to remind the others of things they would rather forget; ostensibly to vent her pain at being connected to Sam. However, she also demonstrates considerable loyalty to them and protectiveness of her brother, and by the end of Breaking Dawn, Leah has matured remarkably after she joined Jacob's pack to get away from Sam. She mentions to Jacob that she is considering community college and possibly meditation and yoga to help with her temper issues. She also implies that she intends to quit phasing as soon as she is able to control it. She is quite competitive in racing and would willingly accept any challenge, though she dislikes being a wolf and being around vampires.

Phasing has stopped her menstrual cycle, and she gets bitter over it because she fears it may prevent her from having children or imprinting on someone.

Leah is known as the fastest wolf in both packs which Jacob says is "her only claim". She is so fast that she can outrun anyone in her pack. This is the only part that she enjoys being a wolf. While running on an errand, she would enjoy taking patrols and beating her companions at the same time.

Leah and her brother Seth inherited shape-shifter genes from all three families.

Book History

Early Life

As a child, Leah was very close to her cousin, Emily Young.

As a freshman in high school, Leah began dating, and then fell in love with Sam Uley. They were involved in a serious relationship for three years.

During her junior year of high school, Sam disappeared and Leah's life was thrown into upheaval. Two weeks later, Sam reappeared, but gave no explanation for his absence, and from that time forward he was a changed person. Leah tried to give him space to resolve his problem.

When Emily came to La Push for a visit, Sam saw her for the first time since his disappearance and he imprinted on her immediately. That same night, he went to Leah and broke up with her, and later Emily told her that Sam was pursuing her. She became furious with him and relied on Emily's rejection. But when Emily and Sam engaged in a relationship, she turned completely bitter and blamed them both for her pain.

New Moon

Early in New Moon, Bella meets Leah at a pasta party at Jacob's house. However, Leah spends the evening on the phone.

As more time passes, Leah finds herself growing angrier and begins to fly into a rage over the smallest irritations. Her body begins to change without her awareness, and when she argues with her mother about her mood swings, her anger causes her to phase for the first time and she destroys a couch in the process. Seeing their daughter phase rather than their son, Seth, her father suffers a fatal heart attack. Seth witnesses the incident and the shock causes him to phase as well.

Leah's transformation causes her further pain because she holds herself responsible for her father's death. Furthermore, she is forced to join Sam's pack, and their telepathic link reminds her that he abandoned her for her cousin, Emily Young. She deliberately uses this connection to punish Sam and the pack both with her memories, and by bringing up uncomfortable subjects (such as Embry Call's parentage), all things the pack would rather forget. She has also tried to go solo, but it did not work. She comes to forgive Emily and Sam after learning the truth and agrees to be her cousin's bridesmaid.


Leah and her brother Seth's phasing is not revealed until Eclipse when Edward points her out as the smallish gray wolf.

During their fight with Victoria's newborn army, she tries to prove herself as worthy as the rest of her pack by fighting a newborn vampire alone. Jacob manages to knock her out of the way before the vampire crushed the bones on his right side.

Breaking Dawn

Leah and her family are present during Bella and Edward's wedding. After finding out that Bella was pregnant, Sam decides to lead an unprovoked attack on the Cullens to kill Bella and the unknown baby. Jacob, however, refuses to follow Sam and breaks away from the pack to protect her, and was soon followed by Seth. Despite her dislike of vampires, Leah joins them the day after and helps to protect the Cullens with the excuse of protecting her brother, but her real motive is to get away from Sam telepathically. Her choice apparently hurts Sam so he sends a messenger in hopes of persuading both her, Seth and Jacob to come back to the pack. But Leah has already made up her mind to stay in Jacob's pack until she can stop being a wolf.

Despite the initial antagonism between the two of them, Leah and Jacob soon form a closer bond due to their broken hearts. She and Jacob have a deep conversation one day whilst hunting, mentioning how being immortal has stopped her menstruation cycle and may have disabled her ability to get pregnant. Jacob also remembers her breakdown when she first became a wolf, thinking herself as a freak. Leah also wonders if she maybe isn't as feminine as she thought she was, and wonders how imprinting would be for her. It is in this discussion that Leah mentions how she can relate to Rosalie's protection of Bella and the idea of never having a child from her own body was upsetting. She also admits that if Bella had asked for her help, she probably would've done the same as Rosalie.

She does not enjoy spending time around the vampires, but does so out of loyalty to her new pack. After she joins Jacob's pack, he names her as his Beta or second-in-command in place of Seth. Leah becomes a much happier person after leaving Sam's pack because she won't have to be connected to him anymore.

She is later seen with Seth as they view Jacob mourning Bella's "death". They both later appear in wolf form coming to the Cullens' defense against the Uley pack. During the fight, she knocks Jared off of Alice and briefly fights him.

When the Cullens are threatened by the Volturi and begin to gather friends to help them testify against the Volturi's accusation, Leah and the rest of the pack are assigned to temporarily run with Sam in order to avoid conflict. Near the end of the story, she and the packs stand with the Cullens when the Volturi arrive to end them. Their numbers and Bella's talent succeed in repelling the Volturi without a fight.

Roleplay History

*Jared Cameron

As a human, Jared is described as being at least 6 feet tall, having long, rounded muscles, red brown skin, brown eyes, and cropped black hair.

As a wolf, Jared is described as having brown hair, being gigantic, swift, and not as tall as Sam. He is most identified by the dark gray around his eyes almost resembling a mask. Also he is said to have short, but thick, brown fur.

Jared was born in 1990 in LaPush, Washington. He is rank 4 in the wolf pack and is loyal to them as well as the Quileute tribe and the Olympic Coven. He imprinted on Kim Connweller

Jared is a gambler and makes several bets with Embry in New Moon.

Though Jared's personality is never really explored in the novels and he remains somewhat of a background character, it has been noted that Jared's portrayal in the films reflects Bronson Pelletier's own joking, light-hearted personality.

Aside from the basic abilities of a wolf shape-shifter, Jared has the best eyesight among his fellow wolves, able to see farther than a normal shape-shifter.

Book History

Early Life

Jared was born and grew up in La Push. He was a casual friend to Sam Uley, though Sam was ahead of him in school. Jared had an experience similar to Sam's when he first phased; he panicked completely and ran away. But Sam quickly found him and explained and helped him through the rough beginning. As a consequence, Jared was able to resume his human form in a matter of days. He and Sam became best friends after their pack was formed.

After a while, their pack was expanded by the addition of Paul Lahote. When Emily Young had her face slashed by Sam's sudden phase, he went completely frantic. Luckily, Jared was in wolf form as well, and heard his hysteria and contacted Paul, and then Sue Clearwater, who was a nurse and aware of their secret. Jared managed to revive Emily until Sue arrived to stabilize her and then got her to the nearest hospital. While Sam was desolate, Jared kept him updated on Emily's condition. The next afternoon, he told Sam that Emily wanted to see him.

New Moon

Jared makes his first appearance in New Moon, appearing on top of a cliff while cliff diving with his pack, being watched by Bella Swan and Jacob Black.

He takes the lead while hunting Laurent: according to Jacob, he has eyes like binoculars, making him able to see for miles. He and Embry are given the task of accompanying Bella to Emily's house after she discovered their secret, and rides in the back of her truck due to motion sickness. After finding out about Victoria's goal, his pack work together to protect Bella and her father, until the Cullens unexpectedly returned, thus limiting their protection extent back to La Push.


Jared is present during a council meeting with the Quileute elders in Eclipse. His girlfriend Kim is also present. After Bella's house was visited by a stray nomadic vampire, the pack and the Cullens reluctantly work together to protect Bella and Charlie while searching for the intruder. Later, Jared takes part in the battle with Victoria's army, fighting alongside the Cullens and his pack, but is not seriously hurt during the battle. They manage to escape before the Volturi arrives. Jacob also tells Bella that Jared imprinted on his classmate, Kim, returning her already-romantic feelings.

Breaking Dawn

In Breaking Dawn, Jared is sent to try and persuade Jacob, Seth and Leah back into Sam's pack after they broke away to protect a pregnant Bella from them. Sam wants Leah back so much that he orders Jared to literally get on his knees and beg and call her his old nickname for her, 'Lee-Lee'. His comment "where you belong" makes Leah extremely angry, and the renegade wolves decline the offer.

He remains in Sam's pack after Seth and Leah join Jacob who broke away to create his own pack in order to protect Bella.

During the trial with the Volturi, Jared and his fellow wolves stand beside the Cullens to protect them. By this time, their pack has grown to nine, with four new members. In Alice's vision of the battle, Jared is shown destroying a Volturi guard with Embry. In the end however, the battle doesn't happen.

Roleplay History

*Paul Lahote

Paul is known to be at least 6 feet tall and muscular, with brown eyes and black hair. In New Moon, Jacob says that "Paul's just sixteen, too, shorter than me and not as beefy as Quil." This was before he joined Sam's pack. Now he's as big, tall and muscular as his "brothers".

Bella describes Paul's wolf form as "dark silver fur and a size five-times larger his size — a massive, crouched shape, ready to spring". He is also shorter than Sam, swift, and dark-eyed, though in the movies his eyes are lighter.

Paul was born in 1990 in Tacoma, Washington. He is rank 5 in the wolf pack and is loyal to them, the Quileute tribe, and the Olympic coven. He imprinted on Rachel Black.

Paul is described as annoying, very short-tempered (which sets off his transformation frequently), cocky and dominating, despite his young age. In Breaking Dawn, he learns to control his temper and keep himself from phasing, as when he gets punched in the face by Jacob. This is due to his newfound love for Jacob's sister, Rachel Black, whom he imprinted on and has promised to learn to control his anger so that he may someday stop phasing altogether and leave town with her. He can, however, be fun-loving and childish.

Book History

Early Life

Paul Lahote was born in Tacoma. When his parents divorced Paul was eight, his father took him back to La Push and the tribe. He still lives there now with his father. He wasn't close to either Sam or Jared, though he was in the same year of school as Jared. He showed himself to be a shape-shifter after Sam Uley and Jared Cameron, roughly at the age of sixteen. He had his own circle of friends, so it drew attention when he abruptly stopped hanging out with them and instead became inseparable from Sam.

Since he was temperamental already before his transformation, this trait was intensified afterwards; he had a great deal of difficulty controlling his temper. More than Sam or Jared, he frequently phased by accident, which forced Sam to stay close to him to keep him from being noticed. When Sam accidentally wounded Emily after a brief loss of control, Jared contacted Paul; he subsequently found Sue, who, as a nurse and aware of their secret, was the perfect person to help and brought her to Emily. After this incident, Paul began to take his temper problems more seriously and improved somewhat, though he still found control more difficult than the others.

New Moon

In New Moon, Paul is first present in wolf form while hunting the vampire Laurent with his pack. This notes their first confrontation with a real-life vampire and their first mission of protecting mankind.

Paul is furious when Bella finds out what they are, instantly losing his temper, phases into his wolf form and almost attacks Bella, but is stopped by Jacob and Sam. Afterwards, he joins his pack in protecting Bella and Charlie from Victoria.


After the Cullens return, they try to hunt Victoria on both lands. When Emmett attempts to attack Victoria, she leaps out of the way causing him to smack into Paul by accident. Then Rosalie defends Emmett which almost turns into a fight until Jasper and Carlisle calm everyone down. He is present at the Quileute council campfire, where he takes most of the hotdogs.

He is later seen coming out from Emily's house, mocking "Jacob's obsessive inner monologue" in front of Bella. Along with rest of the pack, Paul attends the training session to learn how to fight Victoria's army.

After the campfire, Paul isn't directly mentioned in the book, but it's clear that he participates in guarding Bella's house and the fight against Victoria's newborn army along with the rest of the pack and the Cullens.

He helps Sam destroy the newborn that shattered Jacob's bones. After the fight, he carries the injured Jacob back to his house and is last seen when Bella walks up while Paul and the others are waiting outside of their house while Carlisle is tending to his wounds.

Breaking Dawn

Sometime before Breaking Dawn, Rachel Black, Jacob's older sister, comes home after graduating from college, and Paul imprinted on her while walking down the beach. He then tells her everything and Rachel agrees to stay in La Push for a while to see how things work out for them. Though Billy Black and Jacob are happy to have Rachel at home longer, they are greatly annoyed by Paul for always being at their house, constantly using their television and eating their food. Billy deals with his presence by staying at the Clearwaters' to keep Sue company.

One day Jacob finds him overly annoying as he was eating all the food and being obsessive about controlling the TV. Jacob punches him in the face, breaks his nose after he playfully agrees to not tell Rachel if he does, but to Jacob's surprise and annoyance, he remains calm and doesn't fight back. This is because Paul is learning hard to restrain himself for Rachel's sake.

He is present during Jacob and Jared's conversation about how to deal with Bella's pregnancy, after Jacob, Seth and Leah broke away from Sam's pack.

He, Jared, Embry, and Quil later confront the Black pack. He informs them that the Quileute lands were no longer their territory. After being informed by Jacob that he would kill Renesmee, Paul angrily realizes, after hearing Collin and Brady's howls, that they were being tricked to let Carlisle, Esme, and Emmett hunt on their lands and storms off with the others. He later spies on the Cullens and after seeing Jacob crying over Bella's supposed "death", he informs Sam that she is dead. He later fights with his pack against the Cullens. He personally goes after Emmett, but is smacked down hard to the ground. He later retreats with the rest of the pack after Jacob informs Sam that Renesmee was gone after Rosalie ran and hid with her.

Paul's last appearance in the saga is during the Volturi's "trial" against the Cullens for having committed a "crime" by creating an immortal child, with Bella protecting him and his pack.

By this time, their pack has expanded to nine, due to the increasing numbers of additional vampires.

In the end, the battle doesn't happen. After the situation was cleared, Paul returns to improving his restraint in hopes of someday becoming strong enough to leave the pack for Rachel.

Roleplay History

*Embry Call

As a human, Embry is described as being tall and slender, with russet skin, long rounded muscles, cropped black hair and brown eyes. Before phasing into a wolf, however, he had a thin face and shoulder length black hair. He has a slightly dimpled chin. In the first Twilight movie, Embry had hair that ran down to his chest and an earring.

As a wolf, Embry is described as having gray fur with black spots, sleeker than the other pack members and swift. He and Quil usually flank Jacob.

Embry was born in 1990. He is rank 6 in the wolf pack and is loyal to them, The Quileute Tribe, and the Olympic coven.

Embry is quieter and shyer than some of the other boys on the reservation. He is playful, but still comes across as being very reserved. Between Jacob and Quil, Embry is closest to Jacob because of their genuine interests in automotives and riding dirt bikes.

He seems to enjoy betting with other boys in the pack, especially Jared. He is more caring and loving than his pack members, and is also obviously very loyal to his friends as he is deeply upset when Jacob first broke away from Sam's pack in Breaking Dawn.

In New Moon, Jacob tells Bella that Embry was named after a soap-opera star.

Book History

Early Life

Embry's mother, Tiffany Call, was a woman from the Makah tribe who moved to La Push when she was pregnant with him, and it was assumed that she had left his father with the Makahs. However, when Embry phased in early 2006, it became apparent that his father had to be Billy Black, Quil Ateara IV or Joshua Uley as the shape-shifting traits are inherited only within the Quileute tribe. All three were happily married at the time of Embry's conception, causing some stress in the pack as Quil Ateara V, Jacob Black, and Sam Uley all wonder which of them has a half-brother. It is hoped that Embry is Sam's half-brother, as Sam's father already has a bad record, having abandoned his wife when Sam was very young. If his father were Quil Ateara IV or Billy Black, there could be more new disputes among the people at La Push.

Some time during his early life, Embry became friends with Quil and Jacob, remaining close to them throughout their teenage years. His mother's ignorance about the existence of shape-shifters is a hardship, as he cannot explain why he's never home at night when she checks on him. She believes that he's going through a rebellious stage, and yells at him every morning. Embry takes it in silence, but the pack asked Sam to cut him some slack and let his mother in on the secret. Embry himself refused, deciding that the secret was too important.

New Moon

Embry was the fourth Quileute of his generation to phase, after Sam Uley, Jared Cameron and Paul Lahote and before Jacob. His transformation began sometime after he first met Bella Swan. He was out of school for a week, and came back with cropped hair, seemingly terrified.

He avoided Jacob and Quil, his best friends, and wouldn't tell them what was going on. When Jacob phased, he learned to understand Embry's previous need for secrecy, and resume their friendship, waiting only for Quil to join them.


The renegade vampire, Victoria, created an army of newborns to attack the Cullens in June. By the time the story begins, Quil has already joined the pack, along with Seth and Leah Clearwater, Brady Fuller, and Collin Littlesea.

Embry, along with Quil and Paul, chase after Victoria after she crossed onto their lands to evade the Cullens. On Monday after the incident, Bella comes to Emily's house to visit. Embry and the pack immediately rush out to greet her and mock "Jacob's obsessive inner monologue" in front of Bella. He, along with Quil, accompany Jacob to the graduation party where they hear about the army's advance. After finding out that Bella is in danger, Jacob volunteers to help the Cullens fight Victoria's army and asks Sam's pack to help. After attending some training sessions and learning about newborns' strengths and weaknesses, the Cullens and the Uley pack win the battle easily, with only Jacob getting seriously injured in the process.

After the fight, he carries the injured Jacob back to his house and is last seen when Bella walks up while Embry and the others are waiting outside of their house while Carlisle is tending to his wounds.

Breaking Dawn

Embry is deeply upset with Jacob's decision to leave the pack in order to protect Bella and her unborn child. Sam prohibits him from visiting, afraid that unlike Quil, who is tied to the pack by his imprinting on Claire, Embry would join the renegade pack.

He, Jared, Paul, and Quil later confront Jacob's pack. After being informed by Jacob that he would kill Renesmee, Embry storms off with the others after hearing Collin and Brady's howls to alert them that the Cullens had trespassed on their lands.

After the baby was born and the dispute between the two packs resolved, he leaves Sam's pack to join Jacob's with Quil.

While the Cullens prepare for their confrontation with the Volturi, Embry and his pack members are assigned to run with Sam's pack temporarily to avoid conflicts with the Cullens' human-feeding allies. He stands alongside his packs, the Cullens and their allies during the confrontation. In the end however, the battle doesn't happen.

Roleplay History

*Quil Ateara V

Quil is described as being over 6'0", being shorter than Embry but more muscular, with brown eyes, dark skin, black hair, an impish grin, a buzz cut and being tall and burly.

As a wolf, Quil has chocolate brown fur, which is lighter on the face. Sam once joked in Eclipse that his fur color reflects his "sweet" personality.

Quil was born in 1990 in LaPush, Washington. He is rank 7 in the wolf pack and is loyal to them, the Quileute Tribe, and the Olympic coven. He imprinted on Claire Young.

Quil is naturally a cheerful and easy-going person. He enjoys being a wolf, and has a strong sense of loyalty to his tribe, packs and friends. Though some people view his connection to Claire as scandalous, he is purely concerned with her well-being and happiness, such is part of the effects of imprinting.

Since his mother and grandfather are well aware of his magical heritage, he has no reason to hide it from them.

Book History

Early Life

Quil was born and raised in La Push. His father, Quil Ateara IV, died in a storm when he was a child, leaving his mother, Joy, to raise him on her own. She had the help of her father-in-law, Quil Ateara III. His grandfather had always been aware of his grandson's legacy and potential destiny. Quil grew up as best friends with Embry Call and second cousin, Jacob Black.

New Moon

In New Moon, Quil is introduced as Jacob and Embry's best friend. Embry and Quil come round and visit Jacob when Bella is spending time with him in his garage fixing two dead motorcycles. Jacob admits to Bella that Quil "likes" her. He gets invited to a movie night with Jacob, Bella and some of her friends, but is unable to go because he was grounded for fighting at school.

Embry separates from Quil and Jacob after he phased. A while later, Jacob phases as well and Embry and Jacob drift away from Quil as they both join Sam Uley's pack to keep him safe. He and Bella have a short discussion when Bella gives him a lift back to his house. He tells her that he worries about their strange behavior, and fears that he might be next. He also admits that he had tried to search for them in the woods and called their names.

While he remains absent afterwards, Jacob knows that Quil will join them once he phases, as his body is physically building up on its own. He phased before the start of Eclipse.


Sometime before Eclipse, Quil finally joined the pack and enjoys being a shape-shifter the most, on which Jacob comments: "That's so Quil." Most of all, he is happy to reunite with his best friends.

Following Sam and Jared, Quil was the third to imprint. In his case, he imprints on Emily Young's two-year-old niece, Claire Young. This revelation causes great criticism from Emily and Bella, though they learn to understand Quil's situation; that imprinting is not of choice and his feelings are purely for the girl's happiness.

Quil, along with Paul and Embry, chase after Victoria after she is forced to cross onto their lands to evade the Cullens. He nearly catches her before she jumps back over to the Cullens' land. He is later seen coming out from Emily's house, mocking "Jacob's obsessive inner monologue" in front of Bella.

Quil and Embry are present alongside Jacob at the Cullens' graduation party when they discover that an army of newborn vampires are on their way to Forks, and Quil and the pack agree to help them in battle in order to protect the town. Along with rest of the pack, Quil attends the training session to learn how to fight Victoria's army.

They all manage to win the battle without any casualties, though Jacob gets severely injured when trying to help Leah Clearwater deal with a newborn. He is then seen carrying an injured Jacob back to La Push and waiting outside when Sam and Carlisle tend to his wounds.

Breaking Dawn

Quil first appears in Breaking Dawn when Jacob runs into him while playing with Claire on the beach, following her 3rd year birthday party. Jacob tries to talk him into dating other girls while Claire is still young, but Quil dismisses the suggestion.

The pack splits when Jacob leaves to protect Bella, followed by Seth and Leah Clearwater. Quil and Embry are greatly upset over their decision. Sam later sends Quil, Jared, Paul and Embry to try and persuade them to return to the pack, and Quil tries to plead Jacob to come back to no prevail.

He, Jared, Embry, and Paul later confront the Black pack. After being by informed by Jacob that he would kill Renesmee, Quil storms off with the others after hearing Collin and Brady's howls to alert them that the Cullens had trespassed onto their lands. He later fights with the pack against the Cullens. He later retreats with the rest of the pack.

After the tension between both packs is resolved, Quil and Embry decide to join Jacob's pack. He stands with the packs alongside the Cullens and their allies during the confrontation with the Volturi.

Roleplay History

*Seth Clearwater

As a human, Bella describes Seth as having a "tall, gangly build", with a youthful face and a "huge, happy grin" with brown eyes and around 6 feet tall. His skin is russet colored and his hair is black, worn short like the other boys in the pack. Bella notes that he reminds her of a younger Jacob.

As a wolf, Seth remains tall and gangly, and has sandy colored fur and oversized paws. In the movies, his build takes on the appearance of a Mexican wolf, smaller and rangier than those of the older shapeshifters.

Seth was born in 1992 in LaPush, Washington and first phased in March, 2006. He is rank 8 in the wolf pack and is loyal to them, the Quileute Tribe, and the Olympic Coven.

Book History

Early Life

Seth was born and grew up in La Push with his family. As a child, he has always been happy, optimistic and purely kind. His parents had always known that he had werewolf genes of the Black, Ateara and Uley family lines, and would someday become a shape-shifter to protect their tribe from vampires.

New Moon

Seth first appears in New Moon when Bella meets him at a dinner party at Billy's house, where Seth hangs out with her and Jacob. Seth apparently looks up to Jacob, and it is stated that he "hung on Jacob's every word with idolizing eyes." Seth interrupts Jacob whenever it seems like he might have forgotten him. When his older sister, Leah, phased in front of the family one night, the shock caused their father, Harry, who already had a weak heart, to have a fatal cardiac arrest. The upheaval all around him catalyzed Seth's own transformation, earlier than it would normally have happened; he phased immediately.

Although Seth was deeply saddened by his father's death, he accepted his transformation far better than Leah did hers. He didn't have the same challenges to deal with, because she has to constantly deal with being around Sam and his thoughts about Emily that triggers her own thoughts and make the entire pack go through her agony. And at the same time, she blames herself for having caused their father's fatal heart attack.

Seth attends Harry's funeral, which Edward mistakes for Bella's.


Seth's role becomes larger in Eclipse. In the book, he is present at the clifftop bonfire where Bella hears the Quileute legends for the first time and pays close attention to the tales, leaning forwards eagerly. He addresses himself as the "newest, bestest, and brightest". Jacob then adds that he is also the slowest.

In preparation for a huge battle against the Seattle newborn army, his pack go to attend training sessions with the Cullens.

He later goes with Jacob, Bella and Edward to serve as a connection between the werewolf pack and the small camp during the battle, and fights alongside Edward against Victoria and Riley. He manages to defeat Riley after an unneeded interference from Bella, who had thought Seth was wounded while in reality he was feigning injury. While Edward is fighting Victoria, Seth hurls Riley's dismembered arm at her, knocking her out of the air as she lunges for Bella and giving Edward the chance to finish her. Seth then seizes Riley from behind and drags him into the trees where he tears him to pieces.

After the battle, Seth develops a genuine friendship with Edward and returns to La Push as a hero. He is last seen waiting outside of Jake's house while Jake is under severe medical treatment.

Breaking Dawn

By the beginning of Breaking Dawn, Seth and Edward have become good friends in the aftermath of the battle with Victoria and Riley(according to Jacob, Seth hero-worships Edward). He also respects the Cullens a lot more than any other member of the pack, even using their first names in casual conversation. Bella calls him regularly for updates on Jacob, who has fled the reservation after discovering that Edward and Bella are engaged and refuses to transform back into his human form, instead living in the wilderness in Canada as a wolf. Bella also genuinely enjoys talking to Seth, though doesn't dare to talk to Leah for whom "the phrase 'bite my head off' was not entirely a figure of speech".

Seth attends Bella and Edward's wedding with his mother and Billy Black, and tells Edward that "It's good to see things work out for you, man. I'm happy for you". When Jacob arrives and loses his temper with Bella after discovering that she and Edward will make love on their honeymoon, Seth and the Uley pack restrain Jacob and drag him into the trees before he phases.

A week after Edward and Bella return from their honeymoon,Charlie Swan phones Billy at Sue's house to tell her that Bella is home but ill, and the Cullens will not let him see her. Seth informs the pack and Jacob sets off to the Cullens to try and destroy them, believing they have broken the treaty and bitten Bella. He discovers that she is in reality pregnant, and returns to the pack. Sam decides that a half-vampire, half-human hybrid will pose a threat to the Quileute tribe and that the best course of action is to kill Bella and the Cullens, who suspect that the baby will be dangerous but who refuse to kill it and continue to protect Bella. Jacob and Seth both refuse to fight against the Cullens with the pack; Seth feels that he would be betraying them. When Jacob breaks away and becomes Alpha of his new pack, Seth is the first to follow him, and becomes a temporary second-in-command, or "Beta". Leah later joins this new pack and replaces him as Beta after a while.

During the tensions between Jacob's and Sam's packs, Seth and Leah regularly patrol the perimeter of the Cullens' land with Jacob. The Cullens, especially Esme and Carlisle, are very grateful towards them and provide them with food and clean clothes. Jacob calls Seth a "happy little punk", and Edward tells him that he is lucky to have a connection to such a pure and happy mind. Jared comes to try and convince the renegade pack to return to La Push, claiming that Sue feels betrayed by her children's abandonment, so soon after their father's death. Though it pains Seth, he refuses, and stays loyal to Jacob and the Cullens'.

He is present during his pack's conversation with Paul, Jared, Quil and Embry about Jacob wanting Sam to take back him and Leah. Him and Leah later come to the aid of the Cullens as they battle the Uley pack. The fued between the two packs is resolved after Renesmee is born and it is shown that she is not as dangerous as they once thought.

Seth, along with all the Quileute wolves, stands by the Cullens and their allies during the confrontation with the Volturi.

Roleplay History

*Brady Fuller

Brady is noted as having black hair and brown eyes, and being nearly 6 feet tall.

In wolf form, Brady has dark, ashy-brown fur that almost appears gray.

Brady was born in 1993 in LaPush, Washington. He is rank 9 in the wolf pack and is loyal to them, the Quileute Tribe, and the Olympic coven.

Brady Fuller joined the Uley pack at the age of 13, making him one of the youngest known shapeshifters. On his grandmother's side, he is a distant relative to the Ateara and Clearwater families.

Book History

Early Life

Brady Fuller was born and raised in La Push, Washington. He joined the Uley pack shortly after Leah and Seth Clearwater started phasing, without his parents knowing.


Brady makes his first appearance in the series in Eclipse, when the pack meets the Cullens to learn how to defeat a newborn vampire army created by Victoria.

Due to their age and inexperience, he and Collin are ordered to remain behind to guard the tribe and La Push while the rest of the pack fight off the newborn vampire army. Like Collin, he only appears in wolf form.

Breaking Dawn

In Breaking Dawn, Brady remains in the Uley pack when Jacob forms his own pack - joined by Seth and Leah- to defend a pregnant Bella and the Cullens from their offense.

When Emmett, Carlisle and Esme run out to hunt, he and Collin chase them, only to lose them at the ravine and alert the others. He is also present when Sam goes to tell Billy that they may have to fight him to get to the baby and then erupt a fight with the Cullens until Jacob emerges to stop them.

Even after everything was resolved, Brady still remains with Sam, as one of the "pups" of the tribe.

He takes part in the show of force against the Volturi near the end of Breaking Dawn, standing alongside the packs, the Cullens and their allies in defense against the Volturi's confrontation.

Roleplay History

*Collin Littlesea

Collin has the traditional features of a Native American; black hair, brown eyes, russet skin and is nearly 6 feet tall.

Collin's wolf form is described as having reddish-brown fur, with his legs, face and tail being slightly darker.

Collin was born in 1993 in LaPush, Washington. He is rank 10 in the wolf pack and is loyal to them, the Quileute Tribe, and the Olympic coven.

Collin Littlesea joined the the Uley pack when he was 13 years old, as one of the youngest known shapeshifters. He is a direct cousin of Jacob Black. He is very loyal to Sam Uley.

Book History

Early Life

Collin was born and raised in LaPush, Washington. He joined the pack sometime after Leah and Seth Clearwater.

Like Embry, his parents do not know about him being a werewolf.


Collin makes his first appearance in Eclipse when the pack goes to meet with the Cullens to train and learn about newborns in order to defeat a newborn army created by Victoria to destroy the Cullens and Bella.

During the fight against the army, he and Brady remain behind to protect the reservation under Sam's order. This is partly to protect them from harm while keeping the town safe in case some newborns went their way.

Breaking Dawn

In Breaking Dawn, when the pack finds out that Bella is pregnant with a human/vampire offspring, Sam decides to take immediate action to strike the Cullens for fear of its threat. Jacob, however, refuses and runs off on his own. When Seth and Leah join him, Sam sends Jared, Paul, Quil and Collin to reason with the three to return to La Push. Jacob is curious about why Sam had sent Collin instead of Embry.

He later appears in wolf form while spying on the Cullens' house. When Emmett, Carlisle and Esme Cullen run out to hunt, he and Brady run after them, only to lose them at the ravine. He later participates in a fight against the Cullens until Jacob emerges to stop them.

Collin does not join Jacob's pack after everything was resolved, but remains with Sam, as one of the "pups" of the tribe.

Roleplay History

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*The Volturi*

The Volturi are the largest and most powerful coven of vampires. They enforce the laws of the vampire world.

The equivalent of royalty in the vampire world, the Volturi consists of 5 core members: Aro, Caius, Marcus, Aro's wife Sulpicia, and Caius's wife Athenodora. Marcus's wife (and Aro's sister) Didyme was also a member before she was killed by her brother. Aside from these head members, it also consists of a collection of powerfully imposing vampires, known as the "Volturi guard", the most powerful being Chelsea, Jane and Alec.

The Volturi act as the unofficial royalty in the world of vampires, and are an incredibly influential coven. They are also considered 'nighttime patrons of the arts' as, because of their inability to sleep, they study the arts at night. The Volturi act as guardians, keeping the secret society of vampires hidden from the human world as needed. They often send their agents to travel from Volterra to destroy overzealous covens from exposing vampires through mass eradication of every vampire (and any humans) present. The coven has existed for over 3000 years, and is the largest coven in existence, followed by the Olympic, the Denali, and the Mexican covens.


Aro is described to have an average build, being 5'10" tall and having almost translucent skin, which throughout the series is repeatedly compared to onion skin. When Bella first meets him, she feels compelled to touch his skin to verify if it is smooth and cold, and granite-hard like Edward's or powdery like chalk. Although she describes its texture to be more like shale than granite, he, along with Marcus, and Caius, is no less indestructible than any other vampire. His hair is very long and jet black. When he moves, it appears so graceful that it looks like he is floating. His eyes are a milky red color that has a tendency to unsettle people. He is described to have been transformed into a vampire in his mid-20s and therefore very handsome.

Aro was born around 1300 BC in Greece and was changed around 1280 BC in his mid-20s. He is the leader of the Volturi and is loyal to them. He is mated and married to Sulpicia.

Aro normally carries himself in a cheery disposition and has shown to be polite to the point of being at complete ease even in the most objectionable of situations. Beneath this facade of optimistic giddiness, he is power-hungry, smart with his actions and highly manipulative. He finds Bella Swan's immunity to mental powers, including Jane's "painful" power, intriguing. Though he has never wanted anything more than Alice's power, after Bella becomes a vampire, he twice invites her to join the Volturi Guard, which she refuses both times. This upsets and surprises Aro, but does not infuriate him.

He exerts control over the world of vampires, and plotted against the opposing covens. Aro made other vampires realize that it was necessary for them to live in the shadows among humans, and overtime turn their species into legends and myths instead of actual facts. To further continue this plan, he and his companions created their own vampires and taught them the laws before letting them loose. He believes, possibly correctly, that the Volturi is necessary for the survival of the vampire species, with its bylaws that hold secrecy of the existence of vampires to the utmost importance. Due to humanity's continuously advancing technological prowess to the point where there are already weapons in existence that can kill vampires, he speculates that it is only a matter of time before they create more devastating constructs that may be able to wipe out the entirety of vampire-kind on Earth.

He holds power over everything and is willing to go to any length to secure his status, even if it means killing, as it happened with his sister, Didyme, to keep Marcus in the Volturi. As he states in New Moon, he sees himself and his kind as soulless monsters. This is one of the reasons he is so intrigued and touched by Carlisle, being the first vampire who is not, which gives him hope.

He has shown himself to be an avid collector of many fine things, including vampires with powerful talents; if and when he finds a vampire with a special ability he sees as useful, he would attempt to recruit that vampire into the Volturi guard. Aro has shown to be relentless in attempting to recruit powerful vampires; even after a vampire would refuse his offer, he would still continue to invite that vampire, as demonstrated in his numerous attempts to get Edward and Alice as well as Bella to join the Volturi. He wouldn't invite all gifted vampires though; he only brings a vampire into his guard if that vampire shows a gift that will secure his power. If an individual possesses a gift stronger than the one he already has, he will reorganize the guard and have the member replaced.

Aro also possesses immense leadership and organizing skills, having amassed a powerful organization with formidable powers, and has also assigned the members with the right positions for the benefit of the coven (i.e. placing Chelsea as the core of the Volturi, while Corin as enticement to both her and the leaders' wives).

Aro is very childlike in manner, although he is deliberate and patient by nature, he can be impatient and immature at times. He is also the most curious of the Volturi and is also the one with the most zeal. The Volturi do abuse their power, but when it boils down, Aro is afraid to lose that power and will do whatever it takes to protect it. He is akin to a frightened child and does not feel safe without his guard. Aro is not an entirely cruel person and, unlike Caius, will avoid a fight or killing if possible.

Stephenie Meyer, when supervising the production of New Moon, told the director Chris Weitz, and Michael Sheen that she intended for Aro to seem a bit insane, quoting: "After three thousand years, you start to go nuts. That is what was intended for Aro in the book, and I hope it's in the movie."

Aro never demonstrates any physical skills in battle, probably because he never has the need to fight personally.

Aro possesses the gift of "tactile telepathy", an ability to read people's minds; he can reach far more deeply into a person's mind than Edward Cullen, because he is capable of reading every thought, feeling and memory a person has ever had in the past. This power works very effectively in gathering information and looking into thoughts that his subjects may want to hide. It is, however, limited by his need to touch the subject in order for him to access that mind. Because of this power, he can learn any visitor's past and intentions of their visit. When interrogating a criminal, he uses his power to examine the guilty party's mind and see the proof they present. It has also happened on occasion that he discovers individuals with intriguing capabilities by seeing them through someone else's memories, such as Jane and Alec, Bella, Benjamin, Kate, Zafrina and Alice.

By reading Edward's mind, he can also access any mind Edward has ever read. And like Edward, he can access Alice's mind and experience the visions that she'd had.

Since his power is mental-based, it can be blocked by Bella's power to shield, something she has been able to do since she was human, which piqued Aro's interest.

Book History

Early Life

Aro was born in Greece in the 1300s B.C. He was transformed into a vampire in his mid-twenties and joined forces with Marcus and later,Caius, and together with Caius's wife, Athenodora, they created the Volturi coven.

Approximately a decade after becoming a vampire, Aro changed his younger sister, Didyme, in the hope that she would develop an ability related to his, as well as his future wife, Sulpicia. However, Didyme was blessed with an ability not as useful to him; the power to make people happy. Aro's colleague Marcus fell in love with her, and she with him. However, Marcus and Didyme eventually became discontent. In order to prevent their leaving the Volturi, Aro killed Didyme: Marcus was too integral to his plans to lose. Aro had Chelsea use her ability to ensure Marcus remained loyal to the Volturi, and Marcus never found out the truth. However, this experience made Aro and Caius realize how vulnerable they could be if their mates met the same fate and so had them well protected.

By 500 AD, the Volturi had usurped control of the vampire world from the Romanian coven. Along with Marcus and Caius, Aro ruled the Volturi, although he generally acted as the spokesperson. The Volturi, under the three ancients' leadership, set down the laws of the vampire world and punished those who did not follow them, as it posed the threat of exposure to humans. His greatest assets being the discovery of Jane and Alec, two young children gifted with enormous abilities, and waited to change them when they were older (since the law against creating immortal children had already been established). His plan backfired as the villagers deemed them as witches and burned them at the stake. Aro got to the village just in time to save the barely-alive twins and changed them into vampires, and also slaughtered the entire village to keep them from spreading the news. Since Jane and Alec joined the coven, the Volturi had been invincible.

By the comment Carlisle Cullen made in Breaking Dawn about the necklace which Bella received from Aro, it can be assumed that he is in the habit of collecting items from different eras.

Carlisle Cullen came to live with the Volturi for some time and became close friends with Aro. However, Aro was alarmed at Carlisle's preference of "vegetarianism" and believed that this would only weaken him over time. Carlisle eventually left to find other vampires like himself. Aro became heartened when he saw Carlisle did not weaken over time as he had believed originally and, although he did not share them, Aro respected his friend's ways.

At some point Aro and the other Volturi leaders was visited by Laurent, whom was seeking to join powerful vampires and chose to join the Volturi. However, Aro turned Laurent away after he found out that he had joined with Vladimir and Stefan for a short while. He declared him untrustworthy and Laurent left.

New Moon

At one point, Edward Cullen, comes to the Volturi. Edward was deeply depressed because he was led to believe Bella Swan, had committed suicide, and as such was himself suicidal. Aro is interested in Edward's ability to read minds from a distance, and tries to persuade him to join the Volturi instead, saying it would be a waste to destroy such a special gift. He later meets Bella, after she and Edward's sister Alice prevent Edward's suicide attempt. He is both surprised and intrigued by Bella's immunity to Edward's power, and even more intrigued when she succeeds in blocking his and Jane's powers as well. He allows Edward to take Bella back to Forks after Alice shows him in a vision that Bella will eventually be transformed into a vampire, which fascinates him.

When Bella's life hangs on a thin line due to Caius's determination to destroy her, Alice allows Aro to touch her, allowing him to see the vision of the future she has had of Bella as a vampire by accessing Alice's mind. It is described by Edward that Aro searched through not only the vision of Bella, but much more, delving deeply into Alice's mind so he ends up "knowing her better than she knows herself." He is described as seeming "enthralled" and "delighted" by her talent, and Edward mentions in Breaking Dawn that there is nothing Aro wants more than Alice's power.

He also makes an attempt to invite all three of them to the coven, but they all decline. Disappointed as he is, Aro, patient as ever, is hopeful that the day will for where they will be claimed.


When an army of newborns begin to run a killing spree in Seattle, Aro sends Jane, Felix, Demetri, and two unknown vampires to 'deal with the newborns'. In fact, Edward notes that by delaying his company, it was speculated that Aro may have wanted to let the newborns decrease the Cullens' numbers, however this is more likely Caius as Aro deeply values his friendship with Carlisle Cullen and since he values Alice and Edward's powers so highly it stands to reason that Aro would never have risked them in such a fashion.

Breaking Dawn

Some time after Bella and Edward's wedding, Bella receives a necklace from Aro. Alice had mailed the Volturi an announcement for Bella and Edward's wedding to keep them from sending a hunting party for her. Though mystified as to whether or not Bella is changed, Aro in return sends Bella the necklace as a wedding gift. It is described as being ostentatious with a very large jewel, and is said to have been part of the English crown jewels.

Still some time later, Irina, a vampire from the Denali coven, comes to Volterra to inform the Volturi that the Cullens had created an immortal child. In response to this breach of their laws, the Volturi gathered the entire guard together (including the wives) and set out for Forks to destroy the Cullens. Aro, meanwhile, intends to use the situation to try and force Edward, Bella and Alice into joining the Volturi.

When the Volturi arrive, they are shocked to discover what they believe to be a vampire army that the Cullens have assembled to oppose them, furthering Aro's belief they'd created an immortal child. Carlisle, however, is able to talk to Aro and offer his hand, saying that it was never his intent. Aro, to his credit, is willing to listen and is relieved to discover that Carlisle's 'army' are in fact witnesses. Bella also describes Aro "scanning the crowd" as though searching for a certain face - most likely Alice's - and Bella feels suddenly glad Alice isn't with them after all. The Volturi notice the line of werewolves behind Carlisle's witnesses. In his usual fashion, Aro acts as speaker for the Volturi. After reading Edward's mind and learning about Renesmee, the so-called immortal child, Aro is both astounded and delighted to discover that she is actually half human. He is also amused at the idea of having the werewolves, whom he believed were the Cullens' pets, as guard dogs. Unfortunately, the angry snarls from the wolves inform him that it would never happen.

Incensed at their defiance of the Volturi, Caius declares that Renesmee has to be killed, while Marcus is content to allow the child to live. Aro also uses the advance of human technology and the threat Renesmee may pose to vampires as an excuse to initiate the struggle. However, when he witnesses the potency of Bella's mental shield, which renders the Volturi's powers useless, Aro realizes they are at a huge disadvantage and has to do some fast and serious smooth talking to prevent the situation from turning for the worse. Alice and Jasper show up with another vampire half-breed named Nahuel just in time to prevent the battle from commencing. The knowledge that there are other half-breeds in the world heartens Aro and he is relieved to use the newfound information to get out of the fight. The Volturi leave with their confidence somewhat shaken. Aro desperately wants Edward, Alice, and Bella to join the Volturi, but in the end, he is genuinely saddened to lose Carlisle's friendship and hopes to regain it, and he's relieved that is all he lost; Aro is fully aware that the outcome could have been a great deal worse.

Though his coven have left the Cullens in peace, Edward knows the Volturi (especially Caius) see them as a threat and expects them to someday attempt to take them out in the name of revenge.

Roleplay History


Marcus is noted to have been transformed at the age of 19. He has black hair to shoulder length, standing 6'0" tall, with an average build and, like Aro and Caius, is incredibly graceful in his movements. His white skin is translucent with a papery texture, and his red vampire eyes have an overlying milk film. As the co-leader of the Volturi, he wears a black cloak. The loss of Didyme has made him totally expressionless and uninterested about everything else in existence.

Marcus was born around 1300 BC in Greece and was changed at age 19. He is a Volturi leader and is loyal to them.

As a result of losing his mate, Didyme, Marcus eventually became extremely apathetic. Marcus has never recovered from the loss of Didyme (unknowingly at the hands of Aro) and accounts for his apathetic and callous ways. He voted against destroying Renesmee in an 'almost bored fashion', not even looking at the Cullens and their allies while doing so. The others of the Volturi seem to recognize this aspect of himself, as none of the Volturi reacted at all to his vote. Marcus' personality is unknown prior to the death of Didyme, but he apparently loved her deeply. Ever since her death Marcus has sunk into an extreme state of depression and apathy and is barely alive even by vampire standards. His state of mind seems to have been made worse by the fact that Aro had Chelsea force him to feel loyal to the Volturi and it has resulted in him being locked in a permanent state of grief-related apathy.

During the meeting to discuss the Cullen situation in New Moon he barely acknowledges the proceedings and hardly speaks; just sits staring off in an almost bored manner. Despite this he does become animate in the presence of people with strong emotional ties like Bella and Edward and defends them on several occasions during encounters with the Volturi, possibly because their love reminds him of the love he once had with Didyme.

Marcus has the ability to recognize the types of relationships between people and their strong and weak spots. He usually shares this information mentally with Aro, by touching his palm, which is useful when Aro specifically wants something as he can use Marcus's power to determine who his enemies are and how close they are bonded to one another. He can also see if someone's loyalty is weaker than someone else's or if a new bond is being formed.

He can identify bonds between several people at the same time, identified by portrayer Christopher Heyerdahl in an interview.

When Marcus first encounters Bella and Edward, he is surprised by the intensity of their relationship.

Book History

Early Life

Marcus became a vampire at the age of 19 and acquired the power to read the emotional ties between people.Aro first met him shortly after his own transformation. Together with Caius and Athenodora, he formed the core of the Volturi. Marcus then met Didyme, who was Aro's biological sister, and became her mate. Didyme was blessed with the ability to make people happy. Marcus and Didyme eventually became discontent with the Volturi, and planned on leaving. In order to prevent Marcus from leaving the Volturi, Aro, who pretended to give his blessing, killed Didyme because he was too integral to his plans to lose. Marcus never found out what Aro did to Didyme, and afterwards Aro had Chelsea use her ability to ensure Marcus remained loyal to the Volturi. Aro also intended to use Corin to make him happier, but he refused the comfort.

By 500 AD, the Volturi had usurped control of the vampire world from the Romanian coven. Aro ruled the Volturi, along with Marcus and Caius, although he generally acted as spokesperson. The Volturi, under the three ancients' control and leadership, set down the laws of the vampire world and cruelly punished those who did not follow to them. Carlisle Cullen came to live with the Volturi for some time. The Volturi, as well as a majority of the vampire species, did not understand Carlisle's "vegetarian" lifestyle and tried to convert him to human blood; they failed to do so. After staying with the Volturi for a decade, Carlisle decided to leave for the New World.

Marcus, as well as the rest of the Volturi, are both feared and respected throughout the vampire world as the guardians who keep the human world ignorant of the supernatural. He is also known to be respected in the human world as "Saint Marcus", the holy priest who drove all the vampires from Volterra. His national holiday, St. Marcus Day on the 19th of March, is celebrated each year by the people of Volterra. The legend most likely developed out the fact that the Volturi do not permit hunting within the walls of Volterra.

New Moon

At one point, Edward Cullen, one of Carlisle's adopted children, comes to the Volturi because he believed that his love, Bella Swan, had committed suicide, and is thus suicidal himself. Aro is interested in Edward's ability to read minds from a distance, and offers to make him part of their coven, to which he declines. After Edward's failed suicide attempt, Marcus meets Bella and is surprised by the intensity of her relationship with Edward, which reminded himself of his relationship with Didyme. One touch with Aro reveals this information. It is decided by the end that Bella should become a vampire, given her ability to withstand Edward's, as well as Aro's and Jane's, powers.

Breaking Dawn

Sometime after Bella became a vampire, Irina, a vampire from the Denali coven, comes to Volterra to tell the Volturi that the Cullens have created an immortal child. The Volturi responded by gathering an army and the entire guard (including the wives) to destroy the Cullens. When the Volturi arrived, Marcus, Aro, Caius and the others were surprised that the Cullens assembled to oppose them, thus furthering Aro's belief that they have created an immortal child. The Volturi stopped launching an attack when they start seeing the werewolves. After reading Edward's mind about Renesmee, the so-called immortal child, he found himself astonished and delighted to discover that she is actually a vampire-human hybrid. The Volturi put to a vote on whether or not Renesmee should be killed because Caius didn't know if she would become a threat to the exposure of the vampire community. It was voted to let her be until they know if she is a danger to the vampire world. Marcus was the only known one in the Volturi to vote against Renesmee being destroyed. Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale show up with another vampire half-breed named Nahuel, who gave information valuable enough for the Volturi to leave in peace.

In the post-credits scene of the first movie, Marcus, Aro and Caius receive a note that informs the addition to Carlisle's coven (Bella). Marcus declares that their dispute with the Cullens is over at last, but Aro disagrees, saying that he still wants something from the Cullens: i.e, the powers of Bella, Edward, and Alice.

In the end, the battle is avoided and Marcus leaves with his coven.

Roleplay History


Caius is described as having "skin so white that it's almost translucent", comparable to an onion's skin. His eyes are dark red, though cloudy or milky like Aro's and Marcus'. His snow-white hair is shoulder-length, and very close in colour to his skin tone. He was transformed in his late 40s, with an average build and is very graceful: almost looking like floating when he moves. As one of the leaders of the Volturi, he wears a pitch black cloak.

Caius was born before 1300 BC in Greece and was changed in his mid-40s. He is a leader of the Volturi and is loyal to them. He is mated and married to Athenodora.

Caius is very ambitious and can easily be considered the cruelest of all three leaders, and is seen as never extending mercy to anyone. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, he advocates for the most aggressive methods of handling situations, and is usually in favor of executions. He is always at the head of any punitive missions, much to his pleasure. He is also known for being sadistic, and enjoys watching Jane torture offenders of his coven's laws before they are executed. This depends on the fact that he is actually a very insecure individual who enjoys abusing his power over the vampire world to feel powerful.

In the movies, Caius is mainly a quiet individual, but still cunning and ambitious.

He has shown on occasion some willingness to argue against Aro whenever he disagrees with his decisions, however, he is ultimately subservient to his superior's wishes. This is mainly based on the influence of Chelsea, who has emotionally bound him to Aro to keep him from attempting to dethrone him.

Caius thinks animal blood is repulsive and a vegetarian lifestyle is "warped". This way of thinking may also be supported by his deep hatred of werewolves.

In Breaking Dawn, Caius was out-voted in the decision on the Renesmee crisis. However, Caius found a way to shed blood in Irina. He pressed charges against her for false accusations and had her immediately "disposed of". He likes the sight of bloodshed, war and is very stubborn when it comes to fighting or killing.

Book History

Early Life

Caius was born around 1300 BC, and at some point became a vampire. He was born at least a century before Aro and was transformed into a vampire in his late 40s.

He met Athenodora after running afoul of the Romanian coven, and they began traveling together as a bonded pair, with her later becoming his wife. When they came across Aro, he was quite taken of the vampire's ambitious but long-ranged plans of domination. By the time they met, Aro had already formed a coven with a talented vampire named Marcus. Caius was immediately attracted to the idea of joining forces with the gifted vampires. Though Caius had no psychic gift, Aro was drawn to his ambition and passionate capacity to hate; which was a great potential for manipulation in what could be both a weakness and a strength.

Aro's sister Didyme joined them quickly afterwards; and later Aro's wife, Sulpicia. Aro and Caius were in agreement after Didyme's death had devastated Marcus that the wives must be protected at all costs. By bringing more vampires into the Volturi as subordinates, they brought about his ultimate goal: a war against the Romanian coven. After the Romanians were mostly destroyed, Caius became satisfied to spend his time punishing offenders of Aro's law due to Chelsea's power that kept him bound to the coven.

Some 2000 years before Breaking Dawn, he was nearly killed in a fight with a werewolf, which prompted him to hunt them to near extinction. He also took part in the extermination of the immortal children and cleaning up after the Southern vampire wars, making sure that newborn armies and their creators were destroyed, but when he felt bored, he would have Corin use her power to make him happy.

New Moon

Caius makes his first appearance in New Moon. He is insistent that Bella not to be allowed to leave Volterra alive. When it is determined that the Cullens will change her, Aro assures him that they should let her leave. In truth, Aro is hoping to persuade them to join the Volturi. Even though she is allowed to leave, he is of the opinion she had to be killed, but does nothing to persuade Aro's mind. When the Cullens leave, he warns them to change her soon, because the Volturi don't give second chances.

In the movie adaptation of New Moon, Caius remains mostly in the background, observing Bella's immunity to Aro and Jane's powers, confirming that she is a liability due to her knowledge of vampires, Edward's attempt to protect her from Felix, and later advises the Cullens to turn her before they sent a portion of their guard after her.


Caius makes no appearance in Eclipse, but he is mentioned when Jane expresses his interest of Bella still being human, only to be countered by Alice Cullen's words "the date is set".

Breaking Dawn

In Breaking Dawn, Caius joins the rest of Volturi on the trip to Forks caused by the "supposed immortal child" crisis. When they arrive, however, they find not just the Cullens defending the child, but many other vampires and a large number of werewolves. Aro, after learning that Renesmee is actually half-human, tries to solve the confrontation peacefully, i.e. kill the child and obtain the gifted vampires that he covets. Caius, however, is in favor of a bloodbath. To accomplish this, he stresses the facts that the Cullens' alliance with werewolves (something the Volturi did not tolerate), and later execution of Irina's false report. During the charade of a counsel, he votes that Renesmee and everyone who defends her must be destroyed. All his efforts failed, and Aro orders the Volturi to leave peacefully once he was forced to do so to protect his coven.

Though the battle is prevented, he continues to find any possible signal to trigger it; first by telling that Renesmee is still a threat. When that fails, he points out that the Cullens have been working with "werewolves" - the natural enemies of vampires.

Roleplay History


Jane is described as 4'8" tall and has a tiny body with lank, pale brown hair trimmed semi short and pale skin to match it. She could easily be mistaken for a preteen boy if not for her girlish face and full lips. Her face is angelically beautiful in its childlike appearance, and lovely when it is animated. Bella describes her as having an exceptional face that would make a Botticelli angel look like a gargoyle. Her eyes are wide and her lips full, while her childlike voice is described as high and thin and usually speaks with an air of apathy or boredom, but maintains a commanding presence due to the fear she provides with her power.

As with the rest of the Volturi, her eyes are dark red in color and they become darker when thirsty. Jane and her brother Alec serve as two of the highest ranked guard members and so they wear the darkest cloaks amongst the guard.

Jane was born prior to 800 A.D. and was changed by Aro when she was 12 or 13 years old. She is a member of the Volturi guard and is loyal to them.

Jane has a very dark and sadistic personality, and she takes great pleasure in using her gift to torture others. She is easily angered when her gift is made useless, which is where her deep hatred of Bella first began. She shows strong jealousy towards Alice, as Aro is even more impressed by Alice's gift than her own. She worships Aro and is happy to be in his presence, though that adoration is mostly based on Chelsea's power.

Jane enjoys her gift and the respect and fear that it brings her, and she never wastes an opportunity to use it on someone. But, despite her personality she seems to have a very strong as well as loving relationship with her twin brother Alec and besides Aro, Alec seems to be the person she is closest to.

It also seems that Jane has a jealous side, as she dislikes it when Aro gave Bella an extravagant gift (a diamond necklace).

Jane possesses a formidable gift, which has been shown to frighten even the strongest of vampires; for this reason she is feared and shown the utmost respect among both the Volturi guard and the rest of the vampire world.

Her gift is to create an illusion of burning pain: it deceives the mind of her target into believing that the body is truly being burned alive, and thus the tormenting pain is experienced throughout the whole body. A person on whom she uses her gift immediately feels excruciating pain of fire, collapses on the floor, and writhes in pain. Though merely an illusion, it has enough strength to incapacitate any individual and turn them into a helpless target, which is why this power frightens many vampires.

It is also said that Jane can control the level of pain she delivers to her victims. In contrast to her brother's gift which takes some time to take effect, Jane's works very quickly. However, though her brother's gift is capable of working on multiple targets at once, Jane's can only work on one object of her focus.

Since finding Jane and Alec, the Volturi had never fought a fight where they were at a disadvantage. The only exception came during the confrontation between the Volturi and the Cullens and their witnesses. Jane, with her "burning" gift, and her brother Alec with his "numbing" gift, are the cornerstones of the Volturi's offense. Together, they are one of the main reasons why the Volturi are referred to as invincible. Despite how powerful her gift is and the reputation it has given her and the Volturi, it is thwarted by one individual, Bella Swan. This is shown in New Moon, during their first meeting. This immunity instantly draws Jane's anger and later hatred towards Bella.

During Breaking Dawn when the two remaining Romanian vampires, Vladimir and Stefan, are discussing the Volturi's offensive powers, they mention that, despite Kate's powerful gift, it is no match for Jane's.

Because her power has never been thwarted before, she seemingly lacks physical training for battle.

Book History

Early Life

Jane was born in England around 800 A.D, the daughter of an Anglo-Saxon woman and a Frankish soldier. She was born a few minutes before her fraternal twin brother, Alec. Both Jane and Alec displayed strong psychic abilities that were evident even in their human state.

Aro was made aware of Jane and her brother through the thoughts of a visiting nomad. Aro had shown interest in adding Jane and her brother to the guard, but decided to wait until they were old enough to turn them (the Volturi had already instated its rules about immortal children) and left them in the care of their parents. Their talents had not taken a focused shape at that point, but bad things tended to happen to people who were unkind to the twins or their family, and good luck followed those who were friendly to them. Eventually, the superstitious locals found the twins too frightening to endure. They were accused as witches and condemned to be burned at the stake. Aro was apprised of the situation by a nomad who knew of Aro's interest in the twins. Aro hurried to the village, arriving just in time to interrupt the execution. Transformed at the age of about 12 or 13, they are the smallest and youngest vampires in appearance, as well as the most prized members of the guard due to their incredibly powerful gifts.

Due to the pain Jane experienced while burning at the stake and the anger she felt towards the villagers, her power took on a sharper form after her conversion into a vampire; she gained the supernatural talent of inflicting the same burning pain on others in the form of illusion. Jane has since become one of the most prized members of the Volturi's guards, along with her brother Alec. About one decade after they joined the coven, Jane and her brother displayed their powers for the first time in battle and annihilated the Romanian coven's army of over one hundred recruits. Since then, they have been known world-wide as the two most powerful vampires that ever existed and are considered the cornerstone of the Volturi's offensive abilities. Jane's power was so frightening that she came to enjoy inflicting it on others and receiving respect for her power. Over the centuries, she had absorbed some of Caius's sadistic personality in the process.

New Moon

Jane makes her first appearance in New Moon, when Aro sends her and two other guards, Demetri and Felix, to bring Edward to their castle. Upon Jane's arrival, Bella realizes immediately that she is very dangerous despite her size, as Edward does exactly what she says without hesitation. Bella also notices her child-like beauty. After Jane returns with Edward, Alice, and Bella, Alec takes great delight in Jane bringing back more people than she set out for. When Aro realizes he cannot read Bella's mind, he asks Jane to try her talent on Bella. Edward immediately stands between Bella and Jane, and takes Jane's torture. Once Jane finishes with Edward, she tries to inflict her power on Bella, but it fails as well, which infuriates her. She instantly develops a profound hatred for Bella, and is very displeased, angered, and offended when Aro compares her gift to Bella's ability to block mental powers.


n Eclipse, Jane travels to Forks with Demetri, Felix and two other guards to deal with the Seattle newborn army that Victoria had created. She is rather shocked to find that the Cullens have dealt with the situation on their own, without one of them being injured or killed, but keeps her emotions hidden. Upon their arrival, Jane notices that there is one newborn left, Bree Tanner. Jane asks for her name, and when she doesn't reply, Jane inflicts her mental pain, making Bree contorting in absolute agony. When Jane stops, Bree starts talking, and Jane decides to torture her again onto another time, due to her taking time to answer questions.

Jane takes delight in knowing that Bella is still human, as Caius will probably be interested in sending a hunting troop after her, but Alice informs her that the date has been set, much to Jane's dismay. After several minutes of discussion, the Cullens' failed offer to take responsibility for Bree, and another unsuccessful attempt to torture Bella with her power, Jane orders Felix to "deal with that" because she is bored and wants to go home. After Felix executed Bree, they return to Volterra.

Unbeknownst to her, Bree telepathically informed Edward on everything that she knows about the agreement that Jane had made with Victoria before she died.

Breaking Dawn

During Breaking Dawn, Jane, accompanied by the entire Volturi, make their way to Forks, this time to destroy an immortal child.

She is really annoyed to find that Aro has given Bella a wedding gift, an extravagant pendant. Later, it is discovered that Renesmee Cullen is in fact a vampire-human hybrid. As this confrontation escalates, Jane tries to incapacitate her enemies, but since Bella is shielding them, her power is rendered useless. Jane is infuriated by this and tries to target Bella. When that fails as well, she tries to spring but Alec stops her with a restraining hand. When Alec's power proves equally unsuccessful, she tries to attack again until Aro orders her to stop. Kate chooses Jane as her target when they believe a battle is about to commence, saying that "she needs a taste of her own medicine". However, Alice and Jasper return in time to prevent the fight from starting, with prominent witnesses to resolve the situation.

At the end of Breaking Dawn, Jane departs with the rest of the Volturi guard, with extended hatred toward Bella and her power.

Roleplay History


Alec is physically described as looking very similar to his sister, though his hair is a darker brown, he is taller in stature, and his lips aren't as full as hers. Alec, along with his sister Jane, is also described as being angelically beautiful. As permanent guards, he and his sister wear dark grey, almost black, cloaks.

Alec was born prior to 800 A.D. in England and was turned by Aro when he was 12 or 13.

Little is known about Alec as a person, though it seems that he is more lively, less sadistic, and calmer than his twin sister, Jane (whom he has a close relationship with). Alec has nevertheless proven to be just as ruthless and self-interested as she is. He can be considered the "sane" other half of Jane, looking at him from Volturi standards. He shows no remorse for taking anyone's life and carrying out the Volturi's frequently violent missions. There's a quiet confidence about him that, given his readiness to kill, is usually terrifying. Unlike his sister, Alec is not easily angered when Bella uses her shield to protect her family from his powers. Instead he simply leaves when Renesmee is proven not to be a problem. In New Moon, instead of being apathetic like most of the Volturi Guard, he takes delight in teasing Jane for bringing two and a "half" vampires back to the Volturi's lair.

Alec is often confused for being the nice twin, but the author explains this to be the contrary. Stephenie Meyer describes Alec as the more calculating type, the one who will attack without warning.

Like his sister Jane, Alec possesses a powerful gift. It is because of these gifts that they are highly respected—not to mention feared—throughout the Volturi and the rest of the world of vampires. Alec's gift is to numb the senses (sight, taste, hearing, feeling and smell) of any individual he focuses on. The manifestation of both gifts boils down to their attempted execution at the stake: Whilst burning alive, Jane focused on the pain and anger the humans caused her, thus manifested her ability of creating the illusion of burning pain in any one individual she focuses on. Conversely, while being burned, Alec focused on escaping the pain, and his ability manifested into cutting off the senses of any human or vampire.

Alec can selectively or completely block the senses of several people at the same time, which allows the Volturi to easily execute their opponents. When he uses this ability, it manifests into the form of a shimmering hazy mist that slowly moves toward his target, and it cannot be affected by the physical materials, such as wind or gravity. Unlike Jane, Alec can affect multiple targets at a time, therefore making him more dangerous than she is. For this reason, he is the Volturi's strongest weapon in combat. However, while Jane's power works almost immediately, Alec's power requires time to take effect. The Volturi sometimes have Alec anesthetize a criminal before he is executed to avoid complication if that criminal had pleased the Volturi in any way.

Since their gifts are long range, he and his sister fight from the sidelines, under the protection of bodyguards. His main purpose is to paralyze the senses of the guilty party, so they cannot flee or defend themselves during deliberation or execution. For example, in Breaking Dawn, when Aro, Marcus, and Caius are counseling, Jane and Alec try to use their powers to stun the Cullens and their witnesses. Upon hitting Bella's shield, it went around it, making it appear like a giant bubble. Alec maintained the mist for the entire confrontation until Aro decided to retreat.

Because his power had never been thwarted before, there was no need to train him in combat. Therefore, his battle techniques aren't as efficient as the rest of the guard. If he is unprotected and powerless in a battlefield, he is likely to become an easy target. Bella speculated as much when contemplating a fight with him, although Edward feared that Alec may have attained some skill in his time with the Volturi.

Book History

Early Life

Alec was born in England around 800 A.D, the son of an Anglo-Saxon woman and a Frankish soldier. He was born a few minutes after his twin sister, Jane. Both Alec and Jane had strong psychic abilities that were evident even in their human state.

Aro had shown interest in Alec and his sister since they were toddlers, but decided to wait until they were old enough to turn them (the Volturi had already instated its rules about immortal children) and so left them in the care of their parents. Their talents had not taken a focused shape at that point, but bad things happened to people who were unkind to the twins or their family, and good luck followed those who were friendly to them. Eventually, the superstitious locals found the twins too frightening to endure. They were accused as witches and condemned to be burned at the stake.

Aro was apprised of the situation by a nomad who knew of Aro's interest in the twins. Aro hurried to the village, arriving just in time to interrupt the execution. Transformed at the age of about 12 or 13, they are the smallest and youngest in appearance as well as the most prized members of the guard due to their incredibly powerful gifts. It is said that they are the cornerstone of the Volturi's offensive abilities.

About one decade after they joined the coven, Alec and his sister displayed their powers for the first time in battle and annihilated the Romanian coven's army of over one hundred recruits.

Though not directly said, they could be considered two of the most powerful vampires in the world gift-wise, capable of taking down opponents regardless of size or age.

New Moon

Alec first appears in New Moon when Jane brings Edward, Alice and Bella, and Alec takes delight in teasing Jane for bringing back Alice and Bella instead of just Edward. Once Edward, Alice, and Bella are permitted by Aro to leave, they are taken to another room to wait until midnight in order to avoid suspicion. Alec is the guard who goes to inform them when they were allowed to go.

Breaking Dawn

Alec appears towards the end of Breaking Dawn, and plays a larger role. He, alongside his twin, Jane, accompany the rest of the Volturi guard to Forks. They went to deal with the presumed immortal child, Renesmee Cullen, who is actually Bella and Edward's biological child. Jane and Alec attempt to use their powers to give the Volturi an advantage. When Jane tries to attack Bella after she blocks her powers, Alec holds her back, soothing her by patting her on the shoulder. After Jane's power gets blocked by Bella's shield, Alec tries to use his power. He is also unsuccessful, though he isn't angered by failing to penetrate her shield. He doesn't retract his "mist", but rather continues to look for holes and weak spots in Bella's shield, without success.

When the Cullens and their witnesses prepare themselves to fight against the Volturi, Vladimir states that Alec owes him many lives, and chooses Alec as his target. After Renesmee is proven to be a human-vampire hybrid by Alice's new witness, Nahuel, who is also of her kind, Alec retreats to Volterra along with the rest of the Volturi.

Roleplay History


Demetri is described as having an olive complexion with a chalky pallor, and black hair that reaches his shoulders. He is described as lean and stands 6'3 ft tall. His eyes are burgundy in color due to his diet on human blood, which will darken the longer he abstains from it. Bella also describes Demetri in Breaking Dawn as being hard and lean as the blade of a sword remembering what he looked like the last time she met him in New Moon.

Demetri was born around 1000's A.D. in Greece and was turned by Amun around 1000's A.D. He is a member of the Volturi and is loyal to them. He used to be a member of the Egyptian coven.

Not very talkative, he is reasonable, polite, even formal. He is very elegant and charming. It appears that he and Felix share a close friendship, as they constantly are seen together. Demetri is also very loyal to the Volturi and enjoys working under them. This, however, is due to the influence of Chelsea's power. Demetri also seems to be quite a calm character as for his not being upset when Renesmee turns out not to be an immortal child and he simply leaves.

Charlie Bewley states that Demetri is the "Casanova of Life" indicating that he is popular with females.

While Demetri does not display any combat skills in the books, Bella assumes he is capable of fighting "otherwise he wouldn't have made it (that) far." Aro also summons him to his side when he meets with Renesmee.

Demetri's gift is tracking; he catches the "tenor" or "flavor" of a person's thoughts or from anyone he met in the past, and uses it to follow his targets until he finds them. No matter where his targets escape to, he can find them anywhere. It is believed that he would not be able to track Bella, since she is protected from mental abilities. However, it is still said in New Moon that his powers are far more powerful than James's, because he can track people from all across the world, while James needed to be relatively close to the victim.

He is considered to be the greatest tracker in the world. That is why Aro recruited him, because he does not surround himself with second-bests. The Volturi had a tracker before him, but when they heard of his superior tracking power, they replaced the tracker immediately, after dissolving Demetri's bonds with Amun.

Book History

Early Life

Demetri was born in Greece and transformed by the Egyptian coven's leader Amun. They were very close at the time and worked together to develop his tracking power.

When the Volturi heard of Demetri and his powerful gift, he was offered a place in the guard. He easily obliged due to Chelsea's power over emotional bonds. The Volturi already had a tracker, but once they found out that Demetri's power proved stronger, they had him replaced.

Ever since then, he had been the Volturi's sole tracker; whenever anyone tried to elude the Volturi's grasp, usually out of fear of fatal punishment, Demetri was in charge of tracking them down. As a tracker, he was significantly more talented than James and Alistair, and known as the best tracker in the world: his power allowed him to follow anyone anywhere as long as he had physically encountered the individual or anyone who had encountered him.

New Moon

Demetri makes his first appearance in New Moon, coming to bring Edward (and kill him if he had exposed himself to the humans of Volterra) Bella, and Alice to the Volturi leaders with Felix and Jane. During their confrontation with the Volturi leaders, Demetri is left on the sidelines to observe their conversation.

After Aro dismisses them, Demetri escorts them to the waiting room where they must wait till midnight before they can leave the city. While passing through the hallway, Heidi comes through with a group of tourists about to be devoured by the Volturi and Demetri is eager to dine.

After they returned to Forks, Edward discusses Demetri's gift with his family, saying that if Bella can block Aro and Jane's powers, then she will also be able to block Demetri's. He suggests to hide her if the Volturi send him, but only Jasper and Emmett agree to the plan. Since the rest are against the idea, this plan was abandoned.


While making no official physical appearance in Eclipse, he is assumed to be with the guard sent to Forks to dispose of Victoria's army.

Breaking Dawn

When Irina reports to the Volturi for the Cullens' creation of an immortal child in Breaking Dawn, they prepare to make a move to execute them.

Demetri becomes an immense threat towards the Cullens and their allies' survival, because he could trace all of them, except Bella, if they managed to escape during the confrontation with the Volturi over Renesmee Cullen. Because of this, he becomes the main target for Edward should a fight become inevitable. The situation ends peacefully, however, and everyone retreats in peace, except Irina, who was executed for providing a false report.

Roleplay History


Felix is described to be 6'7" tall with a muscular body and having a slightly olive complexion which looks odd combined with his chalky pallor. He has short, cropped, black hair, though in the film portrayal, Felix has layered dark brown hair. He has the darkening red eyes of a human-feeding vampire.

Unlike most of the Volturi guard members, he is not gifted, but his immense strength and physicality has kept him in the coven. He also is thought to be a fighter, because of his eager optimism at the possibility of a fight.

Felix is described by Bella as "very big, tall, and thick through the shoulders", and that his size reminds her of Emmett Cullen. In Breaking Dawn, Bella meets Felix again, describing him as hulking and menacing as an iron-spiked cudgel.

He wears the lighter gray cloak of a lesser member of the guard, even though he maintains a permanent position within the coven.

It is not known when Felix was born or when he was turned it is just known that he was turned by Aro. He is a member of the Volturi guard and is loyal to them.

Felix seems to be somewhat flirtatious and lighthearted. He is confident, maybe even cocky, possibly due to his unequaled fighting skills. He and Demetri appear to be close friends, and are often paired together for missions.

In New Moon, he is seemingly disappointed when Bella doesn't stay in Volterra, and Edward seems annoyed by his interest in her. In Eclipse, when the Volturi finally notice the chaos, he winks at Bella. In Breaking Dawn, he compliments Bella's "new face" and says, "It's too bad....". Although he trails off, Bella assumes he was about to say that it was too bad that they were going to have to kill her. Bella, then, sarcastically agrees; and he winks, yet again. He is somewhat of a comedian and a flirt, and in New Moon, Bella sees him wink at Gianna, the Volturi's human secretary, who responds by giggling, and later calls "dibs" on Bella, further angering Edward.

However Felix could also be extremely vicious, a common trait for a vampire due to their predatory instincts. He was well known for his incredible fighting abilities which suited the highly aggressive and even murderous side of his personality. The most notable display of his brutality was when he executed the innocent Bree Tanner, even though she was only sixteen years old and had not understood vampire laws. This shocking act of violence showed that beneath his flirtatious and charming demeanour was a cold blooded murderer.

Meyer has stated that Felix's talent lies in his fighting abilities and physical strength, relying on the latter mostly, being the physically strongest vampire in the series. No matter how good anyone else is in physical combat, Felix will always remain one, or most likely, several steps ahead of them. He can also anticipate his opponent's moves to counter attack them. Coupled with his large size and muscular build, Felix is known as the most physically powerful vampire the Volturi have ever discovered.

The most probable way to defeat such a powerful vampire is to utilize an offensive, long-ranged supernatural gift.

According to Meyer, he is always able to think several steps ahead of anyone he fights, and never loses. Daniel Cudmore, who plays Felix's role, described him as "brutally and animalistically powerful". In battle, he is mainly the executor.

Book History

Early Life

Little is known about Felix's history other than that he was created by Aro and had been within his guard for many centuries. He was kept within the guard due to his battle techniques and superior strength that made him a keen executioner, and therefore frightening to their enemies. While Alec and Jane are their most powerful assets, Felix is most effective in fighting physically and executing the guilty party. Though he wears the lighter gray cloak of a lesser member of the guard, he does maintain in fact a permanent position, because he is the strongest vampire the Volturi have ever encountered.

Throughout the centuries, Felix has been a part of most of the Volturi's punitive missions. When there are larger threats, he is often accompanied by other physically dominant members, like Santiago, or other transitory guard members to eliminate them.

New Moon

In New Moon, Felix and Demetri are sent by Aro to capture (and destroy) Edward should he reveal himself to the humans in Volterra in the middle of the St. Marcus Day festival. When they arrive, they see him with Bella, and order to have her join them back to the Volturi's lair, but their argument is thwarted until Jane emerges and ends their argument. Felix helps hold members of the Cullen family while Aro, Caius, and Marcus deliberate on the decision on what to do with Alice, Bella, and Edward. Felix groans as he grows thirsty, but Aro tells him to be patient.

When Edward, Bella, and Alice leave the chamber, Felix is ordered to give Edward his gray robe for coverage.


In Eclipse, Felix and the others enter the battle site after the Cullens defeated the newborn army. At the end of the battle, he moves in to confront the Cullens, and determine, along with Jane, what to do with them after what happened. It is also Felix that burned Bree after the Volturi decided to "dispose" of her. When he readied to dispose of Bree, she accepted her death without a single thought of fear.

Breaking Dawn

In Breaking Dawn, Felix travels to Forks with the Volturi after Irina reported the Cullens' creation of an immortal child, which later turns out to be a great misunderstanding. Felix expresses sadness with the thought of killing Bella, whom by now has taken immortality. While Aro interrogates the Cullens' witnesses, Felix is one of three guards to protect him (the others being Demetri and Renata). He returns to Volterra with his coven after the confrontation ended "almost" peacefully; the only casualty being Irina, whom Caius executed for her false allegations.

Roleplay History


Heidi is described as gorgeous and statuesque with long, lustrous mahogany hair and long legs that make her 5'10" tall, and her beauty is comparable to Rosalie Hale, which makes her more beautiful than most vampires. By wearing blue contacts over red irises, her eyes become violet. Her voice is described as silky and her smile as stunning.

To make herself more attractive to her prey, she would dress up beautifully.

Heidi was born before 1950 in Germany and was turned by Hilda before 1950. She is a Volturi "fisher" and is loyal to the Volturi. She used to be a member of Hilda's coven.

It is stated that, like Rosalie Hale, her beauty is exceptional, mesmerizing and unforgettable, and supported by her power to physically appeal to people, human or vampire; man or woman. Though resisting her attraction is possible, it's hard to succeed, especially if she is trying hard to attract someone.

Aro found her power useful in fishing for "food", as anyone who comes near her find her overwhelmingly appealing, and so bound her to the Volturi with Chelsea's gift.

According to The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, her power works on a mind basis, and therefore can be rendered impotent by Bella's shield.

Book History

Early Life

Heidi was born in Germany and had a hard and mistreated life. She came across a vampire named Hilda, who decided to change her out of pity. Heidi had since lived long happy years with her coven(which was gradually expanded by the involvements of Mary, Victoria, Anne and Noela). During her time with her coven, she discovered her ability to appeal to others with her charm, causing humans to easily fall prey and vampires to find her extremely attractive. Her coven's newest member, Noela, was still a newborn when the Volturi accused them for attracting too much attention with their large coven. In truth, Aro wanted to acquire Heidi to his "collection" because of her gift. Right after Hilda was "executed", Aro decided that Heidi was penitent and spared her; Chelsea then bound her to the Volturi and made her betray her own coven. The rest tried to escape, but only Victoria survived, until she was killed by Edward Cullen.

Heidi became a key member of the Volturi. Her primary duty is orchestrating elaborate ploys to bring human victims to Volterra for the sustenance of the coven. She is required to bring them from far away, without leaving a trail, as Alice explained to Bella on the plane trip to Italy that luring prey from beyond the city not only prevents hunting within the area but also gives the guard something to do when they are not annihilating law-breakers or protecting the city from exposure. Heidi might arrange an all-expenses-paid vacation to any random location, such as Hawaii or Spain, or a job interview for a position with an amazing salary. The victims never hear the word Volterra, and usually are unaware that they are even being brought to Italy. She has more than one jet and other vehicles and props to use in her efforts to attract humans to the Volturi's private city. Once an intended victim meets Heidi, she can use her power to make them unable to resist any invitation she extends.

New Moon

Heidi makes a brief appearance in New Moon, where she lures a group of tourists of all ages into the Volturi's lair to be preyed upon by their members. Demetri, who is leading Bella, Edward and Alice to the lobby after their brief confrontation, tells her to save some for him. While making her way across the hall, she gives a curious look to Bella and Edward before entering the chamber to feast.

Breaking Dawn

When the Volturi come to Forks for the immortal child crisis after mistaking Renesmee Cullen for being one, Alice and Edward mention that the entire coven is on its way, doubtlessly meaning that Heidi is among them as well. After the situation was cleared almost peacefully (with the informer Irina being the only casualty), she returns to Volterra with her coven.

Roleplay History


Chelsea is described as being short with an hourglass figure. Her hair is light brown, and her eyes crimson. Her height is 5'3".

Chelsea (originally named Charmio) was born before 1100 BC in Greece and was changed by Aro around 1100 BC. She is a member of the Volturi guard and is loyal to them. She is mated to Afton.

Chelsea is gifted with the supernatural talent of influencing the emotional ties between people, either by weakening or strengthening them. Aro, one of the Volturi leaders, used her gift to keep Marcus loyal to the Volturi after Didyme's, Aro's sister and Marcus' wife, death. Due to the importance of her gift, Aro thinks of her as one of the high ranking members of the Volturi, along with Jane and Alec (the Volturi's strongest offensively gifted members), and uses her as a secret weapon to disband their enemies and binding wanted people to the coven.

Chelsea's main occupation is to distance the innocent emotionally from the guilty by severing the bonds that are shared. Also when a vampire Aro is interested in appears, she secures the ties of that vampire to the Volturi, prompting them to serve willingly. Eleazar suspects that Aro had been using her power to make the Volturi guard co-exist easier, as well as strengthening their willingness to obey the leaders.

However, her power has few limits; as stated by Eleazar, she cannot as easily influence the emotional ties of people that are stronger than friends or acquaintances, and in a normal case, even those who think of each other as family. She could not have changed the way Bella and Edward felt about each other, for example, or the ties between a true family, i.e. one that deeply cares for and loves the members within it. When she is not around those whose bonds are tied by her power, her influence will not fade immediately; rather, it wears off over a matter of time depending on how long a person has been exposed to her power before separating from her.

Also, though she can influence these ties, she probably doesn't have to the power to see them. This is supported by Marcus's ability to read emotional bonds between people, and the fact that Aro does not surround himself with second-best gifts. If she could see them in the first place, he would not have needed to keep Marcus in the coven. Her power is also the main reason Caius had not attempted to overthrow Aro.

Her power is also mental, as proven when she unsuccessfully tries to bind Bella, Edward, Benjamin, Zafrina, and Kate to the Volturi during the conflict in Breaking Dawn, only to be blocked by Bella's shield that blocks mental powers. Chelsea's power is described as a fluttering pressure against Bella's shield.

Book History

Early Life

Chelsea, originally named Charmion, was born in Greece before 1100 BC, not long after the original Volturi members. Aro discovered her in the midst of a difficult time for the Volturi, since his brother-in-law, Marcus, failed to find the killer of his wife, Didyme, and became suicidal. Aro had Chelsea use her power to tightly bind Marcus to the Volturi. Since then, Chelsea became the linchpin in the Volturi as she keeps the other guards unified and the coven more functional. Because of her vital role, she often gets what she desires from Aro, who also uses Corin's gift to keep her in the Volturi.

Much of her history remains unknown throughout the series. However it is known that Aro used her gift to bind Marcus to himself and to Caius (thus making him remain loyal to the Volturi). It can therefore be assumed that Chelsea was already with them when the coven was founded, and rose later to power.

She had changed her name a few times over the millennia to keep it from attracting attention while frequently interacting with humans and vampires outside the city of Volterra. In the 1950s, she changed her name to Chelsea, and will use it until it becomes out of fashion.

Her role in the Volturi is explained in detail by Eleazar in Breaking Dawn: in battle she separates the allegiances between allied covens, thus preventing them from fighting as a whole, allowing the Volturi to defeat them much easier. She also distances the innocent members in a coven emotionally from the guilty, thus justice without unnecessary brutality.

Breaking Dawn

Chelsea makes her first appearance in Breaking Dawn when her coven prepares to "punish" the Cullen family for creating an immortal child. They later learn that the child they were prepared to eliminate is in fact a half-human half-vampire hybrid. When the Volturi leaders make a pretense of counseling, Chelsea attempts to break the bindings of the Cullens and their allies to no avail due to Bella's shielding power, which also keeps Jane's and Alec's powers at bay. She later attempts to bind Bella, Edward, Benjamin, Zafrina and Kate to the Volturi, but fails also.

When Alice Cullen gives Aro proof that half-vampires can be shrouded from human discovery, the entire Volturi retreats to Volterra in peace.

Roleplay History


It is not said when Afton was born or when he was turned or by who. He is a member of the Volturi guard and is loyal to them. He is mated to Chelsea.

Afton's gift is to make himself mentally invisible to his pursuers. Someone who hides behind him will also be invisible. However, his power is much more limited than most of the other Volturi guard's gifts; any person with enough focus can easily see through his "shield" and he can only make himself invisible.

Since this power works on a mental basis, it can be rendered impotent by Bella Swan's mental shield.

Book History

Early Life

Afton joined the Volturi when he became Chelsea's mate. She then demanded that the coven have him added since he wasn't gifted enough to earn a place within the coven on his own merits. Because Chelsea's power was the key to the coven's coexistence, order and success throughout the centuries, Aro always gave her what she wanted, and so Afton was kept throughout the centuries

Breaking Dawn

When the vampire Irina reports to the Volturi about the alleged creation of an immortal child by the Cullen family, the entire coven is ordered to travel to Forks in the United States, to punish the family for such a crime. It is therefore doubtless that Afton is present during the confrontation.

During the confrontation, Afton mostly stays in the background to observe the Cullens' testimony, Irina's execution, and awaits Aro's orders whether to proceed with the punishment or to retreat peacefully. His mate,Chelsea, attempts to sway some of the Cullens' members and allies to their side, but Bella Cullen's shield manages to block her power. After the confrontation ended peacefully, Afton returns to Volterra with his coven.

Roleplay History


Sulpicia's physical appearance was never described in the novels due to her insignificance. In the movie, she shows dark brown curly hair that runs down to her shoulders, and thin eyebrows; she appears to be slightly taller than Athenodora.

Sulpicia was a young orphan girl who was created by Aro as his mate. She is loyal to the Volturi. She is mated and married to Aro.

Book History

Early Life

Sulpicia was a young orphan girl, chosen and created by Aro as his mate, as she was what Aro had in mind for a mate. After successfully courting her, she agreed to be transformed into a vampire and become Aro's wife.

After the loss of her sister-in-law Didyme, Aro and Caius had her and Athenodora locked up and heavily guarded in the Volturi's tower. She is only content with her situation thanks to Corin's power to make others feel content with their circumstances.

Breaking Dawn

Sulpicia is only briefly featured at the end of Breaking Dawn. She is well protected by bodyguards during the entire confrontation.

After the situation was resolved, she returns to Volterra with the rest of her coven.

Throughout the confrontation, she and Athenodora remain in the background while observing the occasion.

Roleplay History


Athenodora is described as a drifting waifish figure with no special powers. She is fair-haired, and has the powdery skin and red eyes and wears a black cloak similar to the other Volturi leaders.

Athenodora is the wife of Caius and a prominent member of the Volturi. She is loyal to the Volturi.

Book Life

Early Life

Athenodora was one of the oldest vampires in existence. She met Caius when he recently fled from the Romanian coven's attack that dominated his territory, and traveled with him until they met Aro and Marcus. Together, they formed the Volturi coven.

After the loss of Marcus's mate and Aro's sister, Didyme, she and Sulpicia - Aro's wife - became prisoners in their tower, though they were accompanied by Corin, who frequently used her gift to make them feel content with their situation. She and Sulpicia rarely left the tower, even during important times of vampire history, such as the hunting of the immortal children.

Breaking Dawn

Athenodora only appears at the end of the Breaking Dawn, but plays no role in the action. In the book, it is mentioned that during the confrontation between the Volturi and the Cullens, that there appeared to be "two hooded figures, definitely women, flanked by two hulking bodyguards." These women were Sulpicia and Athenodora, and are often mentioned together.

Throughout the confrontation, she and Sulpicia remain in the background while observing the occasion.

Roleplay History


Corin is gifted with the supernatural talent of inducing in others feelings of contentment for his or her situation. Her talent can be comparable to that of Didyme's "happiness induction"; although rather than bringing out the positive feelings of happiness and joy, Corin instead brings out feelings of contentment and ease in a person, despite his or her situation. There is a drug-like side-effect to her gift to those who experience it often, as they may begin to feel unwell and uneasy without it if they are exposed to it too often.

Although it is not explained whether this gift is mental or physical, by the way it works it may be assumed to be a more physical gift, working similarly to Jasper Hale's empathy.

Corin is a member of the Volturi guard, whose first appearance was in the vampire index in the back of Breaking Dawn. She has the power to make others feel content with their situation. Because of this power, she is frequently assigned to keep Sulpicia and Athenodora company, but she is also ordered by Aro to keep Chelsea from leaving the coven, since her power can make others feel physically uncomfortable when they are not exposed to it for a period of time.

Book History

Early Life

Aro hoped that she could help Marcus recover to some degree from the loss of his wife, but when Marcus refused to accept Corin's gift to ease his pain, Aro found her gift more useful in consoling the Volturi wives. Corin then spent most of her time associating with the wives, and is also the reason to why they never leave their tower, as mentioned in Breaking Dawn.

Among the Volturi, Corin's responsibility is to protect the wives of Aro and Caius, Athenodora and Sulpicia. However, she doesn't guard them so much as ease them into complacency while other, more physically imposing guards do the actual job of protecting the wives. The wives are so closely guarded that they have become virtual prisoners in Volterra. However, Corin's ability keeps them satisfied with life.

Aro also instructs Corin to use her gift on Chelsea, the highest ranking member of the Volturi, making it nearly impossible for Chelsea to leave the Volturi, because of the drug-like side effects that inflict on her if she isn't constantly exposed to Corin's power; subsequently, she is closely bonded to the coven by Chelsea. Marcus has repeatedly refused to allow Corin to relieve his pain over Didyme's murder. Aro is also careful not to expose himself too greatly to Corin, while Caius frequently uses Corin's gift to mitigate his boredom between punishing expeditions and battles.

Breaking Dawn

In Breaking Dawn, when Irina reports to the Volturi about an immortal child, an illegal creation, having been created by the Cullen family, the entire Volturi coven departs to Forks in order destroy the child and its creators, only to later find out that the child is really a half-human half-vampire hybrid.

Since the entire coven travel to Forks for this act, there is no doubt that Corin is among them.

Roleplay History


Other than being brawny and huge-looking, Santiago's physique was never described in the books.

In the movie, however, he displays a bulky body shape with dark-colored skin, with Brazilian/Mexican facial features, and black dreadlocks that run down to his neck, though he wears it up. Since he drinks human blood for a living, his eyes exert the traditional red color of human-feeding vampires that darken the longer he abstains from feeding.

He wears the traditional black and gray outfit of the Volturi's guards, and has pierced ears.

Similarly to Felix, he is not supernaturally gifted but rather possesses tremendous physical strength and combat skills that surpass regular vampires. Though he is not quite as skilled as Felix, he is not to be underestimated.

Book History

Early Life

Santiago had been with the Volturi for an uncertain amount of time, acting as one of their executors and warriors, similar to Felix's position.

Breaking Dawn

In Breaking Dawn, when Irina reports to the Volturi about an immortal child being created by the Cullen family, the entire coven travels to Forks to destroy them; Santiago is among them during the confrontation. Throughout the entire confrontation, he remains in the shadows, waiting for the opportunity to attack the Cullens with the rest of his coven. After the situation was resolved peacefully, he retreats to Volterra with the coven.

Roleplay History


Renata has black hair and is slight in build, being 5'0" in height.

Renata was born in the 1240s in Malta and was changed by her great-uncle Luca

in the 1260s on her 20th birthday. She is part of the Volturi guard and is Aro's personal bodyguard. She is loyal to the Volturi and her great-uncle Luca.

When Renata is first seen during the confrontation between the Cullens and the Volturi, Bella depicts her face as being rigid with distress, and her personality timid and frail. In contrast to the greater number of the Volturi guard she harbors no bloodlust or desire to fight, only protect.

She is seen as Aro's personal shield, standing beside him at all times during battle. During the confrontation Bella views her hand as being sewn onto Aro's cloak as she stood closely behind him. She has shown to be exceptionally protective of her master, and is very disturbed whenever he willingly makes himself vulnerable by saying, "Master?" (as shown during the confrontation in Breaking Dawn). All of this, however, is influenced by Chelsea's power.

Renata's gift is the ability to divert physical attacks. If someone were to approach her or Aro, as she is always close beside him in hostile situations, she repels them by implanting a thought in their minds to make them want to go in another direction, with a confused memory as to why they wanted to go there in the first place. Her repelling power is powerful but almost unnoticeable. Renata is also able to project her shield several meters out from herself to protect others. Because of her powerful gift, she is known as a shield against a physical attack and is one of the permanent members of the Volturi, her main priority being Aro's personal bodyguard. If Marcus and Caius are in danger, she is also responsible for protecting them.

Like the vast majority of vampire gifts, Renata's power works by mentally invading another individual's mind; because of this, her power can be rendered useless by Bella's shield against such abilities. Also, her power probably doesn't affect the powers of others since she can only repel an attacker coming her way.

Book History

Early Life

Renata was born around 1240s in Malta. She was born into a vampire-friendly family that has produced several vampires over the centuries, one of whom included a nomad named Makenna. She was changed into a vampire by her great-uncle, Luca on her 20th birthday.

She initially intended to help her family perpetuate their family line, but her unique talent to drive away pursuers caught the Volturi's attention and her uncle encouraged her to join the coven to avoid conflict. Her uncle encouraged her to oblige, because his interaction with his human family was already a grey area. From then on, Renata became emotionally bound to only Aro by Chelsea's influence and became Aro's personal bodyguard. Her main job was to protect him on battlefields — she would throw her own life at risk for his protection. Other than Aro, she would also offer protection to Caius and Marcus when they were in need. With her power, along with Jane and Alec's, the coven became untouchable.

Breaking Dawn

In Breaking Dawn, the Volturi are informed by Irina about the 'creation of an immortal child', which prompts the entire coven to confront the guilty 'family'; Renata is ordered to extend the invitation of witness to her relative, Makenna, and subsequently Charles. When the Volturi travel to Forks to punish the family for the supposed crime, the child turns out to be a hybrid, instead. Renata is mostly at Aro's side when he questions the Cullens and their witnesses, her hand clenched on his shoulder to protect him from potential danger as she is constantly worried for her master.

After the situation was cleared up, she returns to Volterra with the rest of her coven.

Roleplay History

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*The Denali Coven*

The Denali coven is a coven of vegetarian vampires comprising Tanya, Kate, Garrett, Carmen, Eleazar, and, for a while each, Irina and Laurent.

The Denali coven are one of the two known vegetarian vampire covens in the world, the other being the Cullen family. They are very close to them, being one of the Cullens' most loyal allies, going so far as considering themselves their extended family. The Denali coven is located in Denali, Alaska, which, along with their vegetarian diet, allows its members to live alongside humans without too much trouble.

The coven was originally founded by Sasha, who was responsible for transforming Tanya, Kate and Irina into vampires. They considered Sasha their mother and one another sisters. After Sasha was executed by the Volturi for creating an immortal child, Vasilii, Tanya assumed leadership of the coven. They were joined by Eleazar and Carmen sometime after they adjusted to their vegetarian lifestyle, and later by Laurent who began a brief romantic flirtation with Irina before he was killed by the Uley pack of werewolves. The coven then suffered another loss: Irina, again at the hands of the Volturi. At this difficult time, they were joined by Garrett, who had formed an attachment with Kate.

The Denalis constitute the third largest vampire coven in a stable condition.


Tanya is described as having long, curly, strawberry blonde hair and is 5'5" tall. While her age (when turned) is unclear, she is typically described as being a "woman". This suggests that she is probably a little older than the Cullen family's "children" (i.e. Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Bella, Rosalie, and Alice), who range in age from 17 to 20 (Edward and Emmett, respectively). Tanya is described as beautiful even for a vampire, and irresistible to men (the sisters being the original truth behind the legends of the succubus, a female spirit that preys on human men).

Tanya was born in the 1000s A.D. in Slovakia and was turned by Sasha in the 1000s A.D. She is the leader of the Denali coven and is loyal to them, she is also loyal to the Olympic coven.

Tanya is not described in detail in the books, although some perceive her to be very similar to Bella Swan's character: open to alternatives for people to see themselves as her. Throughout the series, she is portrayed as very playful, loyal, seductive, and insightful. She is also portrayed as emotionally strong, shown when the Volturi were executing her mother Sasha. She is seen to be the only one who does not look away, nor does she start to cry. This does not go on to say that her mothers death did not affect her, it's that she is emotionally strong and does not let her true feelings show. During the Cullens' stay with the Denali clan, Tanya attempted to flirt with Edward while he was lying in the snow; however, he rejected her overtures. In addition, Tanya continues to be affectionate with Edward even after he is married to Bella, though she is very understanding and accepting of his decision, and goes to the extent of welcoming Bella into the family. Even so, Tanya's deepest emotional connection (besides her family) is to Carlisle; as she often refers to herself and the Denali clan as Carlisle's extended family and refers to him specifically when expressing her regret over their lack of action against Victoria's newborn army.

When the covens gather to stand against the Volturi in Breaking Dawn, the Denalis insist they be counted as part of the Cullen family.

Book History

Early Life

Tanya was born in ancient Slovakia. She was the first of Sasha's adoptive daughters. She was Sasha's biological great-niece, and when Sasha yearned for companionship, she chose Tanya to join her. Within her first century as a vampire, Sasha added two more vampires to their family, Kate and Irina. They have been close as a family since then.

Since Tanya was closest to Sasha, she was impacted stronger than her sisters when Sasha's crime of creating an immortal child was revealed. She did not understand the reason behind Sasha's actions, but once the Volturi tested Tanya and her sisters' innocence and they were spared execution, she did understand why her mother had kept it secret from them. Their mother's death left the sisters traumatized, and as a result they were purists for vampire laws.

The pain of loss and emptiness became unbearable for Tanya and her sisters, and they tried to fill it with a long line of flirtations, which were enough to frequently distract them from their loss. However, every man they courted ended in death due to their inability to resist their blood. This continuous act earned them the title "succubus" - a demon who seduced men and lured them to their deaths. Over time, Tanya and her sisters began to feel remorse over these small losses; Tanya was the first to become sensitive. When the pain became unbearable, she gave up human men for a time, but the loneliness returned. Tanya then tried to think of a way to go back to her romantic pursuits without killing her human companions. After much thought, she decided it was the steady diet of human blood that made it difficult for her to resist the blood of specific humans she had wished to spare. Eventually, she discovered that drinking animal blood took care of her nutritional needs without weakening her ability to resist human blood. She showed this method to her sisters, and in a few centuries they had perfected their "vegetarianism", and had also courted with male vampires, though she had never found her match.

When she met Eleazar and Carmen, she was happy to explain her dietary choices. As the newcomers became closer and closer to Tanya and her sisters, Tanya naturally took her place as the leader of the family. She was delighted to meet the Cullen family, and saw Carlisle as her peer in many ways. She was also intrigued by Edward Cullen, mostly because he showed no interest in her advances despite the fact that he had no partner. Tanya never gave up her lighthearted pursuit of Edward, which is one of the reasons the Cullens did not settle in Alaska with the Denalis.


Tanya is briefly mentioned in Twilight as the part of the Denali coven, when Carlisle explains to Laurent their lifestyle choices and affiliations.

New Moon

In New Moon, Bella mentions Tanya after an exchange with Edward in which he explained that Alice was trying to convince Jasper to visit the Denali clan after his attempted attack on Bella during her birthday party, and again during her conversation with Laurent before his death; he having taken up residence with her family briefly.


Bella finds out in Eclipse that Tanya was once interested in Edward but that he refused her. Tanya and her family are later called upon by the Cullens to help in the fight against the newborn army created by Victoria. They agree to help on the condition that they are allowed to break the treaty and later fight the La Push werewolves to avenge Laurent's murder in Irina's favor. Carlisle refuses the condition (since Laurent was about to kill Bella before the shape-shifters intervened) and the families part on less than amicable terms.

Breaking Dawn

Tanya and the rest of the Denali coven attend Edward and Bella's wedding in Breaking Dawn. They apologize for not joining the Cullens in the fight against Victoria's newborn vampire army, claiming that as members of the family they shouldn't have refused. Tanya is thrilled to finally meet Bella, teasing Edward and complimenting him on his choice of bride.

Months after the wedding, Tanya returns to Forks with her family on request of Carlisle. Initially, she is reluctant to believe that Renesmee is not an immortal child and fears the Volturi's persecution. However, after Carmen allowed Renesmee to "explain" her story, she persuades Tanya and the others, and they all accept the truth and choose to witness for the Cullens and, if necessary, fight the Volturi.

Tanya insists that she and the rest of the Denali clan be considered cousins of the Cullens. She, like the other members of her coven, are intrigued and watch Bella train her mind and body, while they wait for the Volturi to come.

During the final confrontation against the Volturi, her sister Irina is killed by the Volturi for "false testimony" as a ploy by Caius to enrage Tanya and Kate into attacking them. The ploy is unsuccessful since Carlisle and Edward restrain Tanya while Garrett restrains Kate; Zafrina temporarily blinds both sisters to keep them from moving. While the Volturi council decide the fate of the Cullens and the witnesses, Tanya claims Caius as her opponent in revenge for her fallen sister. It never comes to a fight, as Aro "decides" that Renesmee is not a threat to their kind.

The Denalis then return home to mourn their lost sister, with their new member, Garrett, who has declared his affections for Kate, with her returning them.

Roleplay History

*Katrina "Kate"

Kate has the golden eyes of a vegetarian vampire. She also has hair that is described as "long, pale blond, straight as corn silk," and is 5'6" ft tall and graceful.

Her beauty is enchanting that any human or vampire could be easily mesmerized by her appearance. Because of this, she, along with Irina and Tanya, is the originator of the legend of "succubus".

Kate was born in the 1000s A.D. in Slovakia and was turned by Sasha in the 1000s A.D. She is a member of the Denali coven and is loyal to them along with the Olympic coven. She is mated to Garrett.

Due to her mother's execution for creating an immortal child, Kate, along with her sisters, are "purists" when it comes to vampire laws, and before Breaking Dawn had a healthy respect for the Volturi. Kate is passionate and determined, and she would rather fight to the death on the side of those she loves than sit on the side-lines, guaranteeing self-preservation.

She and her sisters enjoy the pleasurable company of men, both human and vampire, and felt guilty when she killed some of them. However, after falling in love with Garrett, an adventurous vampire, she begins to attempt monogamy for the first time.

Internally, Kate can be described as laid-back. She is not as serious as her sister Tanya, rolls her eyes often, and does not fear danger (except for immortal children) or even death. For example, after being told that fighting the Volturi would be a suicide mission, Kate grins, shrugs nonchalantly and says, "I'm in." She is also very loyal, especially to those she considers family such as the Cullens, and has a conscience.

After helping Bella harness her own talent, Kate remains at the Cullens' side during the Volturi confrontation. She gracefully braces herself for death to come when all hope seems lost.

In The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, Kate is noted to have once been a well-trained bodyguard. Though she does not demonstrate any combat skills in the series, it is implied that she is not to be underestimated.

Kate can generate an electrical current in her body. Upon physical contact, and depending on the power behind it, a target may just feel a static shock or be stunned as if touched by a cattle prod at full charge. Because it doesn't affect Bella, the current most likely is a mental illusion similar to Jane's gift.

Kate explained that when she first began practicing with her power, she could only project it on her palms, but, as she practiced over the centuries, she learned to run the current over her entire body, which comes in handy in self-defense.

With her knowledge in the use her special ability, she helped Bella with her shield projecting by giving Edward shock after shock while Bella tries to shield him, and saying "That wasn't low either," when Bella successfully shields him.

Kate's talent was considered special enough that Aro offered her a place among his guard, even though Stefan and Vladimir thought it would not be necessary because of Jane, who can create an illusion of burning pain from a distance.

Book History

Early Life

Kate was an attendant - basically a bodyguard - to a highborn female of a warlike Slavic tribe. She was well trained in her tribe's martial arts, and was very protective of her mistress. Kate was guarding her on a caravan when Sasha attacked, along with her daughter Tanya. Sasha was so impressed by Kate's courage and determination to defend the caravan and the physical resemblance she had to Tanya that she changed her into a vampire.

Kate quickly became loyal to Sasha and Tanya. Her defensive power began to develop within a decade. Later, Sasha invited Irina into the family, and they all saw Sasha as their mother. They were left orphans when it was discovered that Sasha had created an immortal child named Vasilii. Fortunately, Kate and her sisters knew nothing about the boy until they watched him burn in their loving mother's arms. Aro thus spared their lives, and since then they have been purists for the law. Kate's respect for the Volturi's authority kept her from questioning their motives, and she was grateful when they spared her and her sisters, though they were scarred for eternity by the loss of their mother.

Kate and her sisters sought out the company of different men, human or vampire, to distract their minds from the pain of their lost mother. The human relationships never lasted long, since they always fed on the men shortly after, but the losses of some of the men they grew fond of made the girls remorseful of their actions. When Tanya told her sisters that drinking animal blood could replace their nutritional needs without decreasing their control around humans, Kate was eager to try the method. They moved to Denali to adapt to their vegetarian diet and by the time Eleazar and Carmen joined them, they had all grown adept at the diet, and at enjoying human intimacy without causing injuries. When they met the Cullen family, another coven of vegetarian vampires, they bonded through this matter and considered each other extended family.

In 2005, they were joined by a vampire named Laurent after he left his previous coven, and formed a brief romantic bond with Kate's sister, Irina, before getting killed by the Quileute werewolves in New Moon.

Breaking Dawn

Kate, along with the rest of the Denali Coven (except Irina, who still harbors a grudge against the Quileute shape-shifters for killing her mate Laurent) attend Bella and Edward's wedding as a way of making peace with the Cullens for abandoning them during their time of crisis. Kate introduces herself to Bella after the ceremony. When Tanya jokingly says it may be her and Kate's turn next, Kate simply replies "keep the dream alive".

Along with Tanya, Carmen and Eleazar, she was called upon as a witness by the Cullens, and she grows attached to Renesmee after finding out that she wasn't an immortal child. Kate, aided by Zafrina, helps teach Bella to extend her shielding range in the hope of including as many people as possible during the final confrontation with the Volturi. She agrees to help Bella on condition that she wouldn't break her radius, due to Bella's phenomenal strength. During their practice sessions, Kate shocks Edward with powerful mental electrical jolts that she can generate all over her skin over and over again as a way to motivate Bella. This does not motivate her enough though, so Kate uses Renesmee instead, and Bella succeeds in extending her shield, although she almost loses her temper and attacks Kate for attempting to harm her daughter.

During the build up to the fight, Kate develops an attachment to a nomad named Garrett. She is present during the confrontation, ready and willing to fight if it came down to it. She is forced to watch her sister Irina be burned to death by the Volturi as punishment for her false report about the Cullens, and attempts to attack them with Tanya. However, the combined effort of Carlisle, Edward, Garrett, Bella and Zafrina manage to stop them. Kate is known to dislike Jane of the Volturi, and claims Jane as her opponent, saying she would like to give her a taste of her own medicine. Garrett promises her that he will follow her anywhere if they survive the confrontation.

After the Volturi left in peace, Kate and her family return home to grieve for their lost sister, though she has also gained Garrett as her mate.

Roleplay History


Carmen has dark brown hair, and a hint of an olive tone to her chalky complexion. She is 5'5" tall. It is assumed she has the same gold/black eyes of all "vegetarian" vampires. In the books, she speaks flawless English, even though Spanish is her native language. She is described as a "woman" in the books, so it is assumed that she was changed at an age older than twenty years old.

Carmen was born in the 1700s in Spain and was turned in the 1700s. She is a member in the Denali coven and is loyal to them as well as the Olympic coven. She is mated to Eleazar.

Carmen is a "vegetarian" and lives a very peaceful lifestyle. She is less concerned with the law than the other members of the Denali coven. This is proven when she is first shown Renesmee; unlike the other members of the coven, she comes forward to see the child without worrying.

Carmen appears to be a very gentle, kind, and maternal person, well suited to the "vegetarian" lifestyle and compassionate for a vampire.

Book History

Early Life

Carmen was changed sometime during the 1700s, but the exact date is unknown. She eventually met Eleazar while he was still serving the Volturi and the two of them fell in love. Eleazar and Carmen lived together while Eleazar continued to work for the Volturi, but Eleazar's struggle between his two worlds deeply troubled Carmen. Due to this, and his own dislike for some of the Volturi's methods, Eleazar left with Carmen to find a new and more peaceful life together. The leader Aro saw no threat in letting Eleazar go and so gave his blessing.

Carmen and her mate Eleazar are both originally from Spain. Eventually, they found the Denali coven and decided they liked their style of life better. They have been mated ever since. Edward described her as a very compassionate soul and explained that if Carmen and Eleazar had not found Tanya's family they would have eventually found some other way to forgo human blood. In this respect, Carmen's and Eleazar's canon greatly resemble Alice's and Jasper's, since both couples had a sense of morality before they joined their respective families.

Carmen and Eleazar are "both well suited to the 'vegetarian' lifestyle".


When the Cullens call upon the Denali coven to aid in their fight against the newborn army plaguing Seattle, the Denalis refuse at Irina's insistence, motivated by a grudge against the shape-shifters for killing Laurent, her mate, much to the regret of the remainder of the coven.

Breaking Dawn

Carmen makes her first appearance in the series when she attends Edward and Bella's wedding, along with the rest of the Denali coven except Irina, as a way to apologize to the Cullens for abandoning them in their time of need and to make peace with the "werewolves." At the wedding, Carmen is very pleased to meet Bella after hearing much about her.

A few months later, Carlisle contacts Carmen and her family and asks them to come to Forks, but does not give full details other than that their family is in danger and need the Denalis' help. When Edward and Bella first introduce her and her family to their daughter, Renesmee, Carmen is the first to believe and accept their explanation about her origins, despite her family's outrage. She then helps convince her mate and adoptive sisters to believe the Cullens' story. Since then, Renesmee and Carmen have become very close friends.

The Volturi confrontation ends peacefully with only one casualty―that of Carmen's sister, Irina―leaving Carmen and the rest of her family devastated by the loss. With Kate's new mate,Garrett, they return to Alaska shortly after the confrontation ends.

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Eleazar is described as being 5'11" tall, with black hair up to his collar and has a light olive cast to his pale skin. He has the same golden eyes of all "vegetarian" vampires that were once burgundy before he and Carmen met the Denali sisters. Eleazar's pale skin has a light olive cast, most likely due to his Spanish heritage. Spanish is his native language.

He is described as a "man" in the books, so it is assumed that he was changed at an age older than 20.

Eleazar was born in the 1700s in Spain and was turned in the 1700s. He is a member of the Denali coven and is loyal to them. He is also loyal to the Olympic coven and was formerly a member of the Volturi. He is mated to Carmen.

Eleazar has a strong belief that laws must be upheld for the balance and safety of the vampire world, which is part of the reason he joined the Volturi, though he wasn't completely happy with their lifestyle. He is described by Edward Cullen as a very gentle man with purely good intentions and a very compassionate vampire. He becomes distraught and disappointed when he figures out the Volturi's true face; their desire to control instead of maintaining order, the latter being what he had always believed they were doing.

He is also shown as extremely protective of the things that he cherishes, for example, when he shields Carmen from Renesmee after assuming that she was an immortal child.

Because he was once a Volturi guard, it can be assumed that his fighting skills are more proficient than those of the average vampire.

Eleazar has the gift to identify the type and strength of other gifted vampires. Eleazar thinks that it is a "haphazard practice," as no two abilities work the exact same way. His ability to read powers is, like many other gifts, weaker on humans, and so is limited in that sense and requires full concentration for him to detect their potential gifts. Eleazar is the one who helped to discover Bella's own gift, which is a mental "shield," though his power is being repelled by it. However, his power seems to run on a different frequency as he can feel it being blocked by Bella's shield, rather than not feeling Bella's gift at all.

His ability is what earned him a place within the Volturi in the first place, as Aro found it useful for determining if his enemies were gifted and for finding vampires or humans throughout the world that might be special enough to be invited to the coven.

Book History

Early Life

Eleazar was originally from Spain, and as such is fluent in Spanish. He was born sometime during the 1700s, but the exact date and year of his birth is unknown. The identity of his creator and the date he was changed is also unknown.

Eleazar was given a place within the Volturi guard for his ability to sense the special talents of others. His job was to detect if any threatening coven had any members with extra gifts and then pass that knowledge on to Aro. He would also be sent around the world to look for any human or vampire with useful talents to add to the coven. A gentle person by nature, he wasn't entirely happy with their methods, but he felt he was serving the greater good by working with those who would uphold the law. Eleazar eventually met Carmen and instantly became her mate. They tried to balance between his love life and his duties by living with Carmen while continuing to work for the Volturi, but because Carmen was troubled by the violence of Eleazar's everyday life, Eleazar eventually asked for Aro's permission to leave the coven. Aro didn't like the idea but nonetheless gave Eleazar his blessing, believing that he would willingly return to the guard if Aro ever needed him to (and he felt no need to hold on to his gift).

Eleazar and Carmen traveled nomadically for a while, looking for a more compassionate lifestyle. They stumbled across the Denali coven, and were awed by their 'vegetarianism'. Tanya invited Eleazar and Carmen to stay with them and try out the lifestyle. They enjoyed each other's company so much that they made the situation permanent.


When the Cullens call upon the Denali coven to aid in their fight against a newborn army plaguing Seattle, the Denalis refuse at Irina's insistence, motivated by a grudge against the shape-shifters for killing Laurent, her mate, much to the regret of the remainder of the coven. The Cullens have felt that Eleazar and Kate in particular, would have been useful in the coming battle.

Breaking Dawn

Like the rest of his coven, Eleazar comes to Forks to attend Bella and Edward's wedding in order to make peace with the "werewolves" and the Cullen family.

Four months later, his family is asked to travel to Forks to witness for the Cullens against the Volturi after Irina falsely accused them of creating an immortal child, who turns out to be a vampire-human hybrid. As soon as he sees the child, he refuses to listen or believe anything the Cullens say. His mate Carmen, however, shows the first sign of belief and, after seeing the story through Renesmee's power, helps persuade Eleazar, Kate and Tanya.

Eleazar is the one who explains to Bella the nature of her gift, which he calls a "mental shield": a psychically defensive talent. Since most of the Volturi's members possess psychic-based powers, she can use it to protect herself from them. The information from Eleazar proves vital in the confrontation with the Volturi. In the majority of the preparation, Kate and Zafrina help Bella master this ability, while Eleazar assists in teaching her how to fight.

He is instrumental in helping the Cullens by giving valuable information about the Volturi and teaching Bella how to fight. When he hears that the entire Volturi coven are coming for the Cullens, he begins to question their motive, then comes to realize that Aro is planning to use the situation as an excuse to acquire Alice, Edward, and Bella for their powers. Remembering that similar situations have occurred in the past, he realizes that the coven he once belonged to were not instrumental in maintaining order, but simply acted on gaining power, which disappoints Eleazar's view on them.

After their confrontation with the Volturi, which resulted in Irina's death, he returns to Denali with his coven, along with a new coven member, Garrett.

Roleplay History


Garrett was described as being 6'2" tall with a lanky build. He wears his long, sandy-colored hair tied back with a leather thong. His eyes have deep ruby colors, but after joining the Denali coven, they are expected to change to an amber color, and finally to gold due to the change of diet as long as he continues to consume animal blood. When he is thirsty, his eyes turn the darkest shade of black. His skin sparkles like diamonds upon exposure to sunlight.

Garrett was born in the mid-1700s in New England was was turned around 1780 by a nomadic vampire who attacked his troop. He is a member of the Denali coven and is loyal to them along with the Olympic coven.

Garrett is shown to be very amiable, personable and easily interacts with others, especially with Kate's coven. Garrett is apparently very adventurous and very curious, as evidenced by his acceptance of Kate's challenge to experience her ability and later to assume vegetarianism, which he finds difficult to adjust to. He never lost the rebellious spirit of his human life, and loves a good fight, always rooting for the underdog. Also, he is hot-headed, but very brave and strongly believes in free will and compares the Cullens' resistance against the Volturi to America and England during the Revolutionary War. He is also a very independent character.

His relentless curiosity about the unknown was developed from his quest to understand his new vampire side.

Garrett is shown to be anglophobic; he expresses hatred toward English men due to his history with them, and loved to feed on them. His hatred goes to disliking the Beatles. Garrett found common ground with Liam -they both have a hatred for the English and both fought in rebellions against England during their lives as humans.

Garrett is described by Bella to be a "surprisingly good teacher" in combat skills, possibly with experience from his life within the Revolutionary War.

When Tanya and Kate launch themselves at the Volturi after their sister was killed, Garrett pins Kate to the ground and endures her electrical shocks before Bella backed him up.

Book History

Early Life

Garrett was born in the mid-1700s during American Revolution, in New England. Garrett was a hotheaded patriot who willingly fought for the colonies' right to self-govern. He was a true believer in the American dream.

He was transformed around the 1780s, during the war. The war's massive death toll gave local vampires the opportunity to feast frequently, Garrett was transformed by accident in the aftermath of the battle. Garrett was with an isolated group of ten soldiers when a vampire attacked them, knocking him unconscious at the beginning of the attack. The vampire, after draining the other nine soldiers, was sated enough and he didn't drink much of Garrett's blood. Thinking that Garrett was dead, the vampire ran afterwards. He woke up three days later as a fully-fledged vampire. Garrett is always curious and willing to investigate a mystery, and after his transformation he strove to understand what had happened to him.

Sometime after his transformation, he met Carlisle Cullen. Though he is not a vegetarian, he is among Carlisle's closest friends. In the movie, they met during the Siege of Yorktown. He also came across and befriended a nomadic couple during his travels, Makenna and Charles. He was also present in every American battle, once came close to biting Custer, but the Indians killed him before Garrett had the chance.

Breaking Dawn

Garrett is called to witness for the Cullen family when they are troubled by the Volturi. Though without special talent, Garrett enjoys challenges. He is intrigued by the Cullens and the Denali coven's lifestyle of drinking animal blood instead of human.

While in the presence of the other witnesses, he challenges Kate to test her power on him. She is successful in making him fall to his knees in pain, though he says it "sure was something", and joins her on his first try of animal blood. He later tells Aro that he believes that abstaining from human blood can be a powerful aid in bonding between vampires. At the same time, he learns about this lifestyle through Kate of the Denali coven. The two bond quickly, and it is Garrett who endures Kate's ability when he successfully stops her from attacking the Volturi after Caius killed her sister Irina (which would likely have resulted in her death as well as everyone else's). He tells the Volturi's witnesses of what he has seen from the family and what they suspect of the Volturi's true agenda - to acquire some of the Cullens' talented members, and tells them to consider joining their side, because the Volturi may not let them live long enough to spread the story.

Eventually, after the Volturi left in peace and the issue is resolved, he joins the Denalis as Kate's mate, and shifts his diet to animal blood.

Roleplay History

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*The Egyptian Coven*

The Egyptian Coven is one of the oldest vampire covens — if not the oldest — in existence. The remaining coven is just a fraction of the size of the original, but they still hunt on their traditional lands.

The coven is located somewhere in Egypt. It consists of Amun, Kebi, Benjamin, and Tia, with Amun as the leader. It's stated that even though they are not a biological family, they could pass for one. They aren't vegetarians, feeding on human blood, and are all mated.


Amun is described as having black hair, being 5'8" tall and has a slight olive pallor to his pale skin. Since he's constantly moving around, he lacks the milky film in the eyes and the translucent skin typical of the Volturi and the Romanians.

Amun was born before 2500 B.C. in Egypt. He is the leader of the Egyptian Coven and is mated to Kebi.

Amun is mistrustful, paranoid and outspoken. He created Demetri and worked to build his tracker powers, making him the best tracker in the world causing Aro to send Chelsea and take Demetri from him. After he created Benjamin, he became very possessive of his elemental powers, and has made sure Benjamin was hidden from Aro; he knew Aro would want Benjamin for his "collection" as it had happened before. Amun is also easily intimidated and has a strong survival instinct that prompts him to do whatever it takes to survive, even switching sides and leaving someone behind.

Following the Volturi's threat against the Cullens, he accuses Carlisle of stealing his coven, particularly Benjamin, because of his willingness to stand against the Volturi.

Book History

Early Life

Members of the Egyptian coven, including Amun, existed as individuals for centuries before the Romanians' rise to power. Romanians began to grow as a coven and dominate their part of the world, several solo vampires and vampire couples joined forces to protect their dominance in the Nile River Valley. Unlike the Romanians, they did not form a guard of subordinates or try to overthrow other vampire covens. Similar to the Romanians, they kept many human slaves and lived as gods. Although none of them possessed any particular gifts.

The Egyptians and Romanians coexisted: they were cordial to one another, though not friendly. Had the Romanians continued the expansion of their empire, eventually they probably would have tried to overthrow the much smaller Egyptian coven. Before the Romanians had time to move that far south, however, the Volturi attacked.

A century later, after the Volturi overwhelmingly won the war against the Romanians, they continued their march against other covens that lived ostentatiously. Their next target was Egypt. Again, the Volturi began with an attempt at diplomacy. They sent ambassadors to the Egyptian "gods", explaining their cause and asking the Egyptians to comply. For the most part, the Egyptians were furious and refused to grant the Volturi any power over them. Only one Egyptian pair changed sides Amun and Kebi. Amun knew that if the Volturi were able to overthrow the Romanians, the more peaceful Egyptians would be totally decimated within a few years.

Amun had a very strong survival instinct, and he was willing to bow to the Volturi if it kept him alive. Kebi followed Amun's choice without question. However, Amun was always bitter at having to surrender his former lifestyle. He loved the worship, the towering desert monuments, and the excess. He knew he could not plot against the Volturi, because Aro would find out. But he hoped that, over time, he could gain the strength to oppose them. He had learned from the Volturi methods, and he sought out talented humans and vampires.

Unfortunately for him, Aro was well aware of Amun's true desires. He felt the need to let Amun survive in the first place as an example to other covens, so they could see the truth of the Volturi's offer: as long as they did as the Volturi commanded, they could live. Aro always kept a close eye on Amun's movements afterward, so Aro was able to identify individuals Amun was trying to integrate into his coven and—if they had a valuable talent—invite them into the Volturi guard first. Demetri was one of Amun's acquisitions. But with Chelsea on his side, it was not hard for Aro to woo people away from Amun. In many other cases, Aro would simply accuse a coven of a crime when he wanted one of their talented members. He'd kill the rest and save the special one. But Aro enjoys toying with Amun too much to end his life that way.

Over the centuries, Amun had given up trying to create his own talented force. However, when he stumbled across Benjamin—who, as a human, was performing "magic" tricks in the streets of Cairo—he began to dream again. He became a total recluse, keeping Benjamin a deep secret by avoiding contact with any vampire or human who might possibly cross paths with the Volturi. He treated Benjamin as a son, and Benjamin viewed him as a father. The only big falling-out they had in the early years of their coven was when Benjamin left briefly to create his own mate, against Amun's wishes. Benjamin was quickly forgiven when he returned, with no harm done.

Breaking Dawn

Amun makes his first appearance in the series when his coven arrives in Forks to help the Cullens testify against the Volturi's false accusation. However, he is very distrustful and accuses Carlisle of trying to "steal" members of his coven, particularly Benjamin. When Benjamin subtly threatens to leave, he agrees to stay, but only begrudgingly. Amun agrees to stay long enough to testify after Benjamin threatened to disband their alliance. He and his mate Kebi refuse to touch Renesmee Cullen to hear their story.

When nomadic vampire Alistair left due to his fear of the Volturi, he immediately wants to do the same, but Benjamin refuses, which prompts him to further accuse Carlisle's demeanor before walking off.

Right after giving his testimony, he and his mate Kebi take their leave before the confrontation ends. Aro acknowledges that they will meet again soon after learning about Benjamin's existence.

Roleplay History


Kebi is described as having long, curly black hair and has an olive tone to her pale skin, and being 5'3" tall. She is also known to be beautiful, and one of the oldest vampires yet lacks the milky film in her eyes and translucent skin, because she is constantly moving. In the movies, she has long, straight black hair.

Kebi was born and changed before 2500 BC, she is loyal to the Egyptian coven and mated to Amun

Kebi is known to be very quiet and obedient, and fully devoted to her mate Amun. She never separates from him further than his shadow. Though she is quiet and devotive, she is not devoid of her own emotions: she is somewhat jealous of Benjamin for being able to receive more attention from Amun, but does not act upon her feelings nor say anything about it.

Book History

Early Life

Kebi was chosen by Amun from his human slaves because of her beauty and total loyalty to her master. Even after her conversion, their relationship was never one of equals. When Amun decided to bow to the Volturi's demands, Kebi followed his lead without question. She would have done the same had he decided to defy the Volturi and end both their lives.

Kebi has little emotion for anyone besides Amun. Benjamin she tolerated because he made Amun happy, but she was somewhat jealous of the boy. When Benjamin brought Tia home, Kebi was pleased; she hoped Amun would be less entranced with the boy when it was clear he loved Tia more than Amun. Kebi's hopes about that rift were not entirely fulfilled, as Benjamin continued to love Amun as a father. But Amun's jealousy of Benjamin's affections, though well concealed, was enough to make Kebi content.

Breaking Dawn

Kebi, as a member of the Egyptian coven, is called to witness for the Cullens to persuade the Volturi to accept Renesmee as a vampire hybrid instead of an immortal child. When Renesmee tries to show Amun her story through her special ability, he refuses. He wouldn't allow Kebi to touch her, either. She never disagrees with him and follows his decisions without question. Although she doubts them at times, she still goes along with them, though whether she is intimidated or simply a pacifist is unknown. Bella has never heard her talk. She is never farther away from Amun than his shadow.

Kebi leaves with Amun before the "trial" ended.

Roleplay History


Benjamin is described as a young boyish-looking vampire with midnight hair, olive pallor to his pale skin, and an oddly cheerful look. Benjamin, like all vampires, possesses granite-hard skin that sparkles as if thousands of diamonds are embedded in his skin in sunlight. He is 5'7" tall and has the same crimson red eyes as the traditional vampires.

Benjamin was born between 1790 and 1800, he was 15 when he was changed, he was changed between 1805 and 1820. He is loyal to the Egyptian Coven and is mated to Tia.

Book History

Early Life

Benjamin grew up in the slums of Cairo. He lost his mother at a young age and had no knowledge of his father, and so was raised by his mother's extended family. After being passed around between family members who could feed him, his mother's uncle, a street performer, took him in and taught him different things like dancing and singing for money or selling trinkets and picking pockets.

His uncle, after finding out his strange ability of controlling the elements, taught Benjamin how to do tricks. Benjamin became the most profitable member of the family, and was therefore very dear to him.

Among the children in his uncle's care was a girl named Tia, a distant relative. They grew very close to each other. His performances on the streets drew attention of both mortal and immortal. Amun wanted to make an immortal of great power while keeping him hidden from the Volturi in hopes of someday conquering them, and did not hesitate to kill his uncle and snatch the boy from the street.

He was kept in Amun's underground, undiscovered temple for five years, where Amun and Kebi brought him "food" and prohibited from leaving the temple. Amun became extremely overprotective of Benjamin, terrified of the idea of him joining another coven. Despite this, Benjamin is very independent of his creator and refuses to be used as a weapon, though he does not show any strong desire to leave Amun.

After five years, he began to think more and more of Tia. After an unsuccessful conversation to persuade Amun to let him go out and find Tia, he escaped the temple and tracked her down. He managed to remain in complete control in human crowd, without drawing too much attention. Eventually he found her in the city of Suez, where she was married to an older man. After seeing her married and safe, he was willing to leave and let her live out her life with her husband. Tia then decided to become a vampire to keep him company and help him face any potential threat from the Volturi. Benjamin granted her wish, and after her transformation and first hunt brought her back to Amun's temple.

Breaking Dawn

The Egyptian coven is called upon by the Cullen family to help them against the Volturi. Benjamin, after meeting Renesmee, becomes determined to see that the Cullens survive, which his mate agrees to as well. Amun, however, becomes furious at Carlisle, accusing him of trying to steal Benjamin from him. Benjamin in turn responds to Amun by threatening their partnership if he doesn't stop his accusations.

While Bella practices on improving her power, Benjamin spends the time practicing his powers. When Alistair leaves out of cowardice, Benjamin stills decides to stay loyal to the Cullens against Amun's orders.

During the confrontation with the Volturi, Benjamin sits on the ground next to Bella, Zafrina and Renesmee. Aro tries to use Chelsea's gift to force Benjamin and several of the Cullens' allies to join them, only to see Bella use her shielding ability against her. After the situation ended, Benjamin and Tia are quick to find Amun and Kebi, who left earlier than the others.

Roleplay History


Tia is described as having an olive tone of skin and heavy, straight midnight-colored hair. She has a beautiful singing voice that kept her with her uncle, and nimble fingers.

Tia was born between 1790 and 1800, she was born 3 years after Benjamin. She was changed in between 1810 and 1825, 5 years after Benjamin was changed. She was 17 when she was changed. She is loyal to the Egyptian coven and is mated to Benjamin.

Tia is described as a quiet woman, with great insight in what she says. Also, like Benjamin, she has a strong belief in right and wrong. She is also very intelligent, able see past Amun's fake gentleness toward Benjamin, but doesn't say anything about it since they share the common goal: to keep Benjamin safe. She seems fond of the Cullens for their truthful intentions.

Book History

Early History

Tia came from a very large family with many children. Her mother was overwhelmed and financially distraught, and so started placing her children into the care of her second cousin (Benjamin's great uncle) when she could not feed them. Tia was 5 years old when she was given up.

She had a good singing voice and nimble fingers, so her uncle kept her with him. When she was 7 she met Benjamin, and although he was 3 years older than her, they became close friends. She was the first person who Benjamin confided in about his power to control fire, and she suggested that he show it to their uncle so he wouldn't send either of them away. As the years passed, their relationship became closer than friendship, and they secretly saved up their money to someday run away together.

When Benjamin disappeared and her uncle died, Tia was devastated. Since everyone believed that he had died after finding their uncle's body, she went back to her mother and used the money that she and Benjamin had saved up to help her family, and subsequently continued to perform and steal for a living. A few years later, Tia's mother was offered a dowry for the girl, which she accepted. She was married to a clerk for a shipping company in Suez. Her circumstances were better than at home, and she was happier. However, she did not love her husband. Her love for Benjamin never faded.

Benjamin sought her all the way to Suez. When she saw him in her house's garden, she didn't question for a second that she would be leaving with him. Though she was unprepared for his changed appearance or revelations, none of it made a difference. When she realized that she couldn't effectively stay with him as a human, she was willing to become a vampire.

Tia never embraced Amun or Kebi as fully as Benjamin had. She could see that, like their uncle, Amun was interested in Benjamin's power. But as long as his goal was to keep him safe, she was willing to stay with his coven.

Breaking Dawn

Tia goes with her coven to see the Cullen family after being prompted by Carlisle and Esme, and agrees with Benjamin to help them testify against the Volturi's accusation. Tia remains with the Cullens and their allies after Amun and his mate Kebi left before the end of confrontation with the Volturi, and is quick to follow afterwards. Tia may be quiet, but when she speaks, her words are insightful and intelligent.

Roleplay History

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*The Amazon Coven*

The Amazon coven consists of Zafrina, Kachiri, and Senna, who reside in the rainforests of South America. The members are all natives of the Pantanal wetlands. Despite the fact that they live in a part of the world with little human population, the sisters consume the traditional diet of human blood. They never interact with humans except when hunting; they do not associate with them or make any pretense of behaving in a human way. They are feral in appearance and rarely leave the unpopulated wetlands.

Very few vampires have ever heard of this coven—including the Volturi, due to their self-sufficient way of life and the lack of human population in South America.


Along with the rest of her coven, Kachiri is described as being dark skinned, 6'4" tall with long limbs and muscular, and has wild black hair. Although she is said so be more muscular than the others and wears more wild clothing. Bella describes her as the wildest-looking of the three.

Kachiri was born in Pantanal wetlands, Amazon, South America. She is the apparent founder of the Amazon coven and is loyal to them.

Her and her coven reside deep in the Amazonian rainforest; they are known to have lived outside civilization for centuries and for not keeping up the human façade.

Book History

Early Life

Kachiri used to belong to an ancient native tribe located on the fringes of the Pantanal. After she was changed, she went back for her closest friends, Senna and Zafrina. They've been together ever since, rarely leaving the wetlands, hunting in the habitations along the fringes. Their self-sufficient way of life has kept them a secret from most other vampires. Carlisle and his family discovered them in the 1940's while on a hunting trip, the Cullens' interest in large animal game brought them to an area other vampires dismissed for its lack of human prey. The Amazons were quite taken with Carlisle's gentle, friendly manner.

Breaking Dawn

Kachiri is instrumental in helping Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale find Hulien and Nahuel to prove to the Volturi that Renesmee means no threat and to prevent a fight from breaking out. Because of this, Kachiri goes with Alice and Jasper while Zafrina and Senna make their way to Forks. After locating Nahuel and Huilen, they make it to Forks just before the battle commences, and Kachiri is reunited with her coven mates. After the confrontation resolved peacefully, she returns to South America with her coven.

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Like the rest of her coven, Zafrina wears an outfit of animal skins and is about 6'1". She also has very long limbs, long fingers, and facial features, as well as a rough, deep voice that matches her wild appearance. She wears her long black hair in a braid. Her wild appearance is said to be as wild as it is fierce, and she does not attempt to act human. Her feral appearance can be explained by her location in the Amazon.

Bella is actually very intimidated by Zafrina, both by her appearance and her fierce animalistic movements. Zafrina is not vegetarian, therefore her eyes are generally red. Like all vampires in the series, when in sunlight, she sparkles as if thousands of diamonds were embedded in her skin.

Zafrini was born in Pantanal wetlands, Amazon, South America and was turned by Kachiri. She is a member of the Amazon coven and is loyal to them.

Zafrina appears to be the most outspoken of the Amazon coven, and generally serves as their spokesperson. She is often prone to wild movements and is among the least civilized vampires shown in the series. Despite her wild appearance and movements, Zafrina proves to be very kind and caring. She is also intrigued by Bella's immunity to her power, something she had never encountered before.

Zafrina is mentioned to have very wild movements in her fighting skills, with Bella describing them as fierce and animalistic, which makes her intimidating to other vampires. She helped Bella practice combat skills once - and though she liked Zafrina and knew that she meant no harm, the woman scared her to death, and she never asked for her help again, other than practicing her power.

Zafrina is among the minority of vampires who possess an additional quantifiable supernatural talent; in her case, she is capable of projecting powerful illusions into others' minds. The visions she projects can seem so real to the person impacted by them that they can easily believe it is real; also, she can make her targets see nothing at all. Such illusions can be used offensively to blind or confuse enemies. This was the weapon she planned to use against the Volturi in their vendetta against the Cullen family. Zafrina would entertain Renesmee with her images, and with Renesmee's power Bella would make sure the pictures are qualified for her daughter. Renesmee took a great liking to Zafrina and her "pretty pictures".

Though her power is used to fool the eyes (and presumably ears), it has no effect on touch, which can keep the person impacted by her visions from falling into her trap completely. Also, her power only works on those in eye-range.

Zafrina's talent was considered special enough that Aro, the leader of the Volturi who "collected" vampires with powerful talents, offered her a place among his guard even though Stefan and Vladimir said that it would not be necessary because of Alec's power.

Book History

Early Life

Zafrina, Senna and Kachiri were best friends and natives of the Pantanal wetlands as humans. After Kachiri was changed into a vampire, she went back for her friends a few years later and changed them. They have been together ever since, hunting only along the fringes of the Pantanal, never interacting with humans unless hunting, and never bothering to act human. Zafrina is the only talented member in the coven.

They first met Carlisle Cullen and his family in the 1940s while they were on a hunting trip, and became friends.

Breaking Dawn

In 2006, the Amazons are approached by Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale; using her ability to foresee the future Alice recognizes the need for their aid in the Cullens' attempt to absolve themselves in the eyes of the Volturi. While Zafrina and Senna make their way to Forks, Washington to help their old friends, Kachiri accompanies Alice and Jasper on their own private mission.

In Forks, the Amazons are introduced to Renesmee Cullen, and become witnesses to the child's steady rate of growth; proving beyond doubt that she is not an immortal child. As such, Zafrina and Senna agree to bear witness before the Volturi, who wish to destroy the Cullens for the perceived crime of creating an immortal child, that Renesmee was actually a half-human, half-vampire child. Zafrina quickly becomes close friends with Renesmee, and aids her mother Bella to harness her supernatural ability to mentally shield others from outside psychic attacks. She is also the one who suggests that Bella tries to remove her shield in order to learn how to use it better. She also helps Bella practice combat skills once, but though Bella is really grateful for the woman's help, she admits to herself that she is scared of Zafrina. However, that fright vanishes as she becomes close to her.

Zafrina is central to the Cullens' means of retaliation against the Volturi, should the situation turn violent, as her ability to create illusions could be used offensively. She also promises to protect Bella from the Volturi's physical attacks. However, the Volturi are ultimately quelled by Bella's power and the testimony of Nahuel, another half-vampire, and so the Cullens and their allies remain safe. Before returning to the Amazon, Zafrina has Bella promise to bring Renesmee to visit her in South America.

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Similarly to her sisters, Zafrina and Kachiri, Senna is dark-skinned and very long-bodied with wild dark hair, and wears nothing but animal skins. She also tends to wear her long black hair in a braid. As a non-vegetarian, her eyes are generally burgundy. She, along with her coven mates, are shown to be feral in appearance.

In Breaking Dawn, Bella Cullen describes Senna and Zafrina as two pieces of an organ; Zafrina just happens to be the mouthpiece.

Senna was born in Pantanal wetlands, Amazon, South America and was turned by Kachiri.

Book History

Early Life

Senna was best friends with Zafrina and Kachiri since they were little. They were all from the same tribe in the South American wetlands. When Kachiri changed into a vampire, she went missing for a few years. She returned to find Senna and Zafrina as soon as she learned to control her urges and changed them into vampires. They have been together ever since, hunting along the fringes of the Pantanal, only interacting with humans when hunting.

They first met Carlisle Cullen and his family in the 1940's, and befriended them all.

Breaking Dawn

Senna makes her first appearance when Jasper Hale and Alice Cullen seek them out in South America. They tell them that their family is in danger and needs their help, but don't give much details. They then send Zafrina and Senna to Forks while taking their "sister" Kachiri on a quest of their own.

Upon arriving in town, she and Zafrina hear the entire story, and both agree to witness for the Cullens against the Volturi's accusation. She never leaves Zafrina's side during her time in Forks, and mainly observes everything that is happening in her surroundings.

During the confrontation, Jasper, Alice and Kachiri arrive with two prominent witnesses to prevent the battle from starting. After the problem was resolved peacefully, she returned to the rainforest with her sisters.

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*The Irish Coven*

The Irish coven is a coven located in Ireland. Its members are Siobhan, Liam, and Maggie, with Siobhan being the leader. Siobhan and Liam were the ones who founded the coven, but Maggie's talent made her an important element of it. They are not vegetarians, but they are civilized, compared to the more violent and vulgar covens.

Although Siobhan is the leader, she and her mate, Liam, trust Maggie's judgment because of her talent to sense lies when she hears one.


Siobhan is described as being 6'2" tall, with a body that moves in smooth undulations and defines her lustful figure. She has strikingly attractive facial features: Large seductive violet-blue eyes, surrounded by incredibly long lashes, were her dominant feature, though her eyes changed to red upon transformation to vampire. She has a beautiful radiant smile that could light up an entire room.

She is described as having thick black hair and a muscular body with physical strength greater than the average vampire, but it does not detract from her femininity.

Siobhan was born around 1490 in Ireland and was turned by Sancar around 1510 when she was 20 years old. She is the leader of the Irish coven and is loyal to them. She is also loyal to the Olympic coven. She is mated to Liam.

Despite her physically impressive appearance, Siobhan is an independent, kind and caring person. This is shown when she expresses to Carlisle about her unwillingness to risk her coven against the Volturi. She is quite happy with her coven because they are always telling each other the truth. After stumbling across the Volturi, she became curious with gifted vampires, never knowing that she was one of them, and had always wanted to create one of her own. Once she created Maggie, who could detect lies, her curiosity was satisfied.

She never believed herself to have the gift until the end of Breaking Dawn.

Siobhan did not think she had a gift, although Carlisle believed that she could influence events by willing her desired outcome to play-out in reality, but it required her full concentration. Right before the Volturi arrived to terminate the Cullens, she tried to wish for a good outcome of the situation, which works out exactly the way she wants, although the vampire Irina is sacrificed in the process. That could be because she was only wishing that the witnesses survived and Irina started on the Volturi side. Afterwards, she finally begins to believe in her gift.

Her gift is depicted as subtle, but very powerful, and is one of those that surpass Bella's mental shield.

According to The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, Siobhan was quite strong as a human, and when she became a newborn, her strength and skills exceeded beyond the regular newborns. It is therefore assumed that her strength and combat skills are not to be underestimated.

Book History

Early Life

Siobhan was the only daughter of a blacksmith and his wife. This made her unusual in a village where most families were very large. Though she was exceptionally beautiful, she was unlike the other women in her village. At the age of 14, she was taller than any other woman there; and taller than all men (except for her father) at the age of 16. She was also stronger than many of them; as an only child, she helped her father at the forge. He died in an accident when she was 17, and so she took over his business. This was unheard of, and many people disapproved. But she eventually won her people's approval and became an accepted part of village life. Her name spread to the surrounding areas as the "big blacksmith girl". This, however, repelled other men from her, even though she had no desire for a husband.

Her fame attracted the attention of a vampire named Sancar, who searched for unusual women to add to his harem of vampires. He traveled throughout all of Europe with his human servants, looking for exceptional women. Siobhan's beauty and strength were heard of by Sancar in his travels. He sought her out and was excited to find a woman like none he had seen before. He abducted her in the middle of the night, raped her, bit her, and took her back to his home while she experienced the painful transformation.

He had difficulties in dealing with this newborn vampire. Siobhan was incredibly strong, even for a newborn, and also had no love for Sancar. He tried to keep her distracted with ample amounts of blood, but before the end of her year as a newborn, Siobhan killed Sancar, along with three of his most faithful servants. After that, she traveled alone and learned the vampire lifestyle before she returned to Ireland. During her travels, she learned about the Volturi and the laws they had created in the vampire world, but what made her curious the most was the extra gifts some of them exhibited.

She started her coven when she met newborn Liam, and taught him how to kill inconspicuously and about the laws among vampires. As they traveled together, they became a couple. Her coven was later joined by Maggie, whom Siobhan changed herself because she believed that she had found a special human who would develop a supernatural talent after being turned. Though her mate was reluctant about the idea, she persuaded him to give her a chance. Eventually, Maggie's addition turned out better than she expected, and she treated her like a daughter of her own. Her creation of Maggie had also satisfied her curiosity of gifted vampires.

When Siobhan and her coven came across Carlisle and his family, they were quite taken with their unusual generosity and became friends. Carlisle noticed that Siobhan seemed to possess some subtle gift to influence reality, though she didn't believe it.

Breaking Dawn

Siobhan and her coven come to help Carlisle's family testify against the Volturi in Breaking Dawn after hearing their misunderstanding of the half-vampire hybrid, Renesmee Cullen, being an immortal child.

Carlisle persuades her to try to visualize a peaceful confrontation when the Volturi comes. Though she does not believe that she has a gift, she tries to imagine it in hopes of keeping her coven alive. Eventually, things work out the way she hoped, with only Irina being sacrificed. In the aftermath of the confrontation, she comes to believe in her gift and returns to Ireland with her coven. Before they did, she and Carlisle remark that the Volturi will probably return someday for revenge since they were disgraced by the Cullens. Siobhan promises to join forces with them again if that time does come and jokes that they cannot fail so long as she wills it otherwise. Carlisle also asks them to locate Alistair who ran off before the Volturi arrived, and tell him how everything turned out.

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He is described as a man in his mid-30s, with a hard-face, lean body with an imposing countenance, and is 6'5" tall, and with dark brown hair.

Liam was born around 1615 in Ireland and was turned in 1651 a 36 years old. He is a member of the Irish coven and is loyal to them, he is also loyal to the Olympic coven. He is mated to Siobhan.

Liam is usually very quiet, and very possessive of Siobhan, his mate. He can, however, be kind. While hunting, he mostly prefers to prey on English men due to his history with them. He is also described as very fierce and focused during a hunt, which manifested clearly when he was still a newborn. Unlike Siobhan, he was not as fascinated by the stories of supernaturally talented vampires, but learned to grow fond of Maggie, who has the ability to sense if someone was lying.

Book History

Early Life

Liam was an Irish warrior who fought in the Irish Rebellion of 1641, and later against Cromwell's reconquest of Ireland. Liam became a vampire through one of the most common types of accidental transformation: battlefield excess. It was common for nomads to seek out human wars as an opportunity to feast. Once a vampire was totally sated, they might continue to feed for enjoyment rather than need. They might not drain enough blood from the victim to kill, and thus the victim would begin the transformation process.

Liam met Siobhan during the first six months of his vampire life where she instructed him on vampire rules, thereby stopping him from drawing attention from humans and the Volturi. Liam was very taken with Siobhan's strength and beauty. They joined forces quickly and became mates. Liam can be selective about his prey, and English soldiers are still his preferred victims after centuries of killing Englishmen.

When they found Maggie, Siobhan wanted to make a supernaturally talented vampire of her own, but Liam was opposed to the idea. Partly because he did not want the Volturi to resent the imitation, and more importantly, he did not want to share Siobhan's attention with anyone else. However, she pleaded him to let things play out in time and give Maggie a chance, and he reluctantly agreed. Over time, he came to accept Maggie as part of the coven and considers her as a sister.

Breaking Dawn

Liam is present when his coven help defend Renesmee Cullen and the Cullen family from the Volturi's accusation. Because Maggie declares the Cullens' truthful words, he and Siobhan believe their story absolutely and agree to help. He mostly remains in the background, never speaking but hovers around his coven and the Cullens. On the night before their confrontation with the Volturi, Liam and Garrett share their interests of warring the English.

During the confrontation, Liam remains in the background while Siobhan gives her witness to Aro.

After the situation ended peacefully, Carlisle asks Liam and Siobhan to locate Alistair, the nomadic vampire who fled before the confrontation, to inform him how it turned out.

Roleplay History


Maggie is very thin, standing 5'2", thin and with bouncy bright red curls, and not as physically imposing as Siobhan or Liam.

Maggie was born in 1832 in Ireland and was turned by Siobhan in 1847 at age 15. She is a member of the Irish coven and is loyal to them, she is also loyal to the Olympic coven.

Maggie is very righteous, headstrong and believes in justice. Whenever someone lies to her, she will loudly point it out even when it got her into trouble, usually with authority, both on a parental and a community level, which resulted in her receiving punishments that were sometimes quite severe. This is why she feels comfortable with Siobhan and Liam, because they are always honest both to themselves and to her. She is also quite taken with the Cullen family because of their honesty both to her and to each other.

Maggie is gifted with the ability to sense when someone is telling lies. This power manifested from her potent ability to read people's lies as a human. This becomes very useful when helping the Cullens, as when the Volturi came for Renesmee and Aro was about to tell her she was going to be fine, and Maggie knew that he was lying.

She can also read a person's appearance and actions to know if they are lying as well. As a side effect to this gift, she would feel physically uncomfortable with any kind of deception.

Book History

Early Life

Maggie was born in 1832 in Ireland. She had difficulty dealing with authority, on a parental and community level; she was born with the gift to sense when someone was lying, and in those situations, she felt compelled to point out the lie. Her accuracy made people uncomfortable around her, especially close ones. Though this often led to punishments, sometimes quite severe, she did not relent her nature. Certain people thought of her as a devil because of her gift.

The Great Famine in the 1840s decimated her village, and her family was forced to leave for America in search of a better life. Her family didn't have enough money to transport every member and Maggie was subsequently left behind to take care of her maternal grandparents, mainly—as she knew—because her parents felt uncomfortable with her sensibility to lies. Siobhan and Liam found Maggie alone on the road to Cork, nearly dead from starvation. She was almost immediately able to recognize them as non-human. Siobhan, curious with her ability, offered to make her strong enough to live. Maggie sensed that she was telling the truth and so agreed. Siobhan's mate, Liam, was not convinced about having her with them, but Siobhan persuaded him otherwise. She deeply enjoyed their company because they were routinely honest both with themselves and each other. Over time, even Liam had warmed up to her.

Whenever they encountered another vampire or human, she could use her gift to sense their honesty, and so Siobhan and Liam trusted her judgment.

Breaking Dawn

In Breaking Dawn, Carlisle and Esme seek the help of Maggie and her coven and ask them to go to Forks. Once they arrived in town, Edward and Bella tell them about their half-vampire daughter, Renesmee, and because of her ability, she is able to determine the baby was not an immortal child and that the Cullens are telling the truth about their innocence.

She stands as a witness for the Cullens to try and save the child from the Volturi's accusation. When co-witness, Alistair, fled out of fear for the Volturi, she declares her determination to stay behind and help.

She, like the rest of her coven, returns to Ireland at the end of the story, after the situation was resolved peacefully. She gives Renesmee and Bella a hug before setting off with her coven.

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*The Romanian Coven*

The Romanian coven is one of the oldest vampire covens in existence. This coven is located somewhere in Romania, known as Dacia at the time. It was the original ruling coven before the Volturi overthrew them with their supernaturally talented guards, in a war between 400 and 500 AD. After their loss of the power, the coven now consists only of Vladimir and Stefan.


He is described as being a slight and short, being at 5'3 tall with dark down hair. He dressed in simple black clothing that barely fit in with the modern times, and with eyes that are dark burgundy in color; and along with Vladimir, he too possesses the same powdery skin as the Volturi ancients, although it is said to be not as pronounced in their case.

He speaks in a smooth tandem, with a voice so similar to Vladimir's that anyone with ears less sensitive than a vampire's would assume they were one speaker.

Stefan was born in Dacia and was turned before 1000 BC. He is a member of the Romanian coven and is loyal to them.

Stefan is noted as cunning, ambitious. He is vengeful regarding the Volturi. He has strong survival instinct, seems to even control it when driven by vengeance. He and Vladimir have a tendency of finishing each other's sentences.

Book History

Early Life

Stefan and his fellow Romanian vampire Vladimir once ruled the vampire world thousands of years ago with their coven, along with ten other Romanian vampires, one of which Stefan's mate. The Romanians were formed in a way similar to the Volturi: a group of ambitious vampires calling a truce to the usual squabbling between small covens and then joining forces for the purpose of gaining power. This prevailing desire to rule allowed them to overcome their competitive drives and cooperate. Not even bothering to keep the secret, they let the Romanian people in their city know that they were vampires, instead of acting under the pretense of being Christian saints (referring to St. Marcus Day in Volterra).

The eventual downfall of the Romanians was their focus on brute strength. They created a guard-like entity - a pattern later copied by the Volturi - composed entirely of vampires like Felix and Emmett. Perhaps because none of the ruling members of the coven possessed other supernatural abilities themselves, they underestimated the advantage such abilities could give them in battle. They ignored talented vampires in favor of strength. This blind spot was understandable, as no one had ever used talents the way the Volturi eventually did. Talents have also grown stronger over the centuries; the talents exhibited by vampires during the Romanian rule were not as potent as the talents that developed in modern times. Much of that is due to vampires learning to seek out talented humans to transform, and also understanding how to focus and improve their talents after the transformation. Aro's innovative focus on talent over strength was the reason the Volturi were able to defeat the Romanians, though it took them more than a century, and they never wiped them out completely.

Their castles were burned and their coven destroyed when the Volturi finally overthrew them. Stefan lost his mate in the third decade of the initial battle, which ensured his permanent drive for vengeance.

When the Volturi defeated the Romanians, most of their coven was destroyed, leaving only Stefan, Vladimir and his mate as survivors. The Volturi copied many aspects of the Romanians' way of life - the formation of a permanent guard, the stationary home, and the eschewing of hunting in favor of prey being rounded up and delivered to them. The difference was that they did all of these things while remaining hidden to humans' eyes.

Stefan, Vladimir and Vladimir's mate made many attempts during the centuries to regroup, repopulate, and topple the Volturi. The Romanians amassed an army of more than a hundred new recruits and were confident that the Volturi would fall. This ill-fated assault occurred a decade after the Volturi had acquired Jane and Alec. It was the first time Aro displayed their powers in battle. Stefan and Vladimir were planning to spring a trap for the expected Volturi retreat, and so escaped slaughter when their recruits failed. After this, they made no further attempt to create more vampires for their coven, and decided to disappear until the Volturi weakened or another power presented itself.

They are particularly bitter toward Jane and Alec, because even though they were not involved in the initial fight, they had provided much more power to the Volturi, to the point of invincibility.

Every few decades, the Volturi would send Demetri and others after the remaining Romanians, so Stefan and Vladimir are constantly on the move and always on their guard. If the Volturi focused their efforts, they would be able to wipe out the survivors, but since these two pose little threat, the Volturi have never committed their assets to a drawn-out chase.

Breaking Dawn

Stefan and Vladimir show up uninvited to the Cullen territory in Breaking Dawn hoping that the controversy caused by Renesmee Cullen will finally present them with the opportunity to destroy the Volturi once and for all. However, their hopes don't falter throughout the book.

During the month that the Romanian coven "witnesses" Renesmee, Bella has a certain aversion to having Renesmee being around the Romanians, for fear that they, too, are just like the Volturi, with their pasty-white skin and red eyes. However, Bella notices that Stefan's and Vladimir's eyes are not filmed over as the Volturi's, but she does not inquire about it, fearing that it would be rude. It is Renesmee who eventually asks, and the vampires reply that once their castle was burned they had to move, as opposed to the Volturi elders who sit still decade after decade.

Renesmee is said to have enjoyed the Romanians' company, but Bella limits her time with them after they describe how they would like to rip out the eyes of the Volturi. They only seek revenge towards the Volturi, and will do anything to harm them. Jacob nicknames Stefan "Dracula Two".

In the big climax with the Volturi, the "royal vampire family" is entirely astonished to see their bitter enemies on Carlisle's side, and immediately want to take action. Aro, however, with his eternal enthusiasm, seeks the truth from Carlisle, and Stefan's and Vladimir's hope of having a battle with the Volturi is vanquished. They were happy, however, to see the Volturi run away like cowards after the confrontation.

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Vladimir has ashy blond hair and eyelashes that almost look pale gray (though it looks almost entirely white in the movies), and is 5'4" tall. He wears simple black clothes that could pass for modern but hinted at older design. Vladimir's skin has the same powdery look as the Volturi's, though it is not as pronounced due to the lack of mobilization of his body. His eyes, as well as Stefan's, are dark burgundy since the two vampires feed on human blood.

He speaks in a smooth tandem, with a voice so similar to Stefan's that anyone with ears less sensitive than a vampire's would assume they were one speaker.

Vladimir was born in Dacia and was turned before 1000 BC. He is a member of the Romanian coven and is loyal to them.

Vladimir is noted as cunning, ambitious and vengeful regarding the Volturi's. He has strong survival instinct, can even when driven by vengeance. He and Stefan have a tendency of finishing each other's sentences.

Book History

Early Life

Vladimir was one of the original twelve ruling members of the Romanian coven. Vladimir was the head of a coven of four (large, by normal vampire standards) when he joined forces with the other Romanian vampires. His big, successful coven was one of the inspirations for the notion of coexistence to pursue power.

During their rule - which lasted nearly 1000 years - the Romanians lived brazenly and decadently. For thousands of miles in every direction, they were known and feared. They ruled over humans and vampires alike, demanding slave labor and copious amounts of human sacrifice. Occasionally humans would create armies to try to overthrow what they considered to be beautiful demonic overlords, but all such attacks were futile, resulting in an easy feast for the Romanians. Obedient humans were spared death, if not labor, and a few lucky individuals pleased the Romanians enough to earn immortality. Vampires were a well-known fact in the human world when the Volturi began to rise. Their contention that vampires should conceal their existence was scoffed at.

When the Volturi defeated the Romanians, most of their coven was destroyed, leaving only Stefan, Vladimir and his mate as survivors. The Volturi copied many aspects of the Romanians' way of life - the formation of a permanent guard, the stationary home, and the eschewing of hunting in favor of prey being rounded up and delivered to them. The difference was that they did all of these things while remaining invisible to humans.

Vladimir's mate was killed around 810 AD, during the last of many attempts the Romanians made during the centuries to regroup, repopulate, and topple the Volturi. The Romanians amassed an army of more than 100 new recruits and were confident that the Volturi would fall. This ill-fated assault occurred a decade after the Volturi had acquired Jane and Alec. It was the first time Aro displayed their powers in battle. Stefan and Vladimir were planning to spring a trap for the expected Volturi retreat, and so escaped slaughter when their recruits failed. After this, they made no further attempt to create more vampires for their coven, and decided to disappear until the Volturi weakened or another power presented itself.

The two were constantly on the run and on their guard from the Volturi's agents, but since the two never posed much of a threat anymore, their efforts were not put at their best. At one point Vladimir met Laurent, who stayed with them for a short time due to their power before, but then left to look for more powerful individuals.

Breaking Dawn

After hearing some rumors involving the Volturi and the Cullen family, Vladimir and Stefan show up uninvited at the Cullen territory, hoping that the controversy caused by the half-vampire Renesmee Cullen will finally destroy the Volturi.

During their stay in the weeks prior to the arrival of the Volturi, Renesmee finds their company fascinating. Bella, however, deems them a bad influence after they colorfully described to the child how they would rip out the eyes of the Volturi from their sockets, and subsequently makes an effort to limit Renesmee's exposure to them from then on. Jacob nicknames Vladimir "Dracula One".

Vladimir chooses Alec as his opponent if it did come to a fight. But, after having witnessed the growth of Renesmee, their hopes are vanquished by Aro's insight into the truth through Carlisle and Nahuel. There is no battle with the Volturi, though they are surprised at seeing their bitter enemies on Carlisle's side. Vladimir and Stefan are disappointed that they didn't get to fight their rivals, but are happy to see the Volturi retreat after the confrontation.

Roleplay History

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*The American Nomads*


Charlotte is described as "Alice-sized" because she is so petite, she is 5'0" tall and has pale blonde hair.

She was born between 1920 and 1925 in Southern United States and was changed approximately in 1938. She was about 18 when she was changed.

She only has loyalty to Jasper and her mate Peter. During her time in Maria's army, she was not viewed as a very valuable member, just someone who added to the number. Charlotte is scholarly by nature, and in better control than her fellow newborns. Peter found her easy to talk to and fun, which was a rarity for newborns, who were constantly brutal and cruel toward one another.

Book History

Early Life

Charlotte was originally created in the south as part of Maria's newborn vampire army. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time when Maria went looking for humans to turn to protect her territories. She was not intended to be left alive.

Peter was in charge of babysitting the newborns on a day-to-day basis, keeping them from attacking one another, feeding them as inconspicuously as possible, and helping Jasper a little bit with their fighting training. He was the first person to talk to Charlotte after her transformation, soon becoming the only sane, stable thing in her new life. Throughout her first year of life, a deep bond grew between the pair, and Peter grew increasingly anxious for her safety.

One night, Jasper was giving the newborns one-on-one instruction. He would call them up individually, but none returned. Charlotte was the eighth to be called; Jasper selected her and gestured for her to follow. Enraged, Peter yelled for her to run and bolted after her; she obeyed without question; Both of them escaped, and later became mates.

Together, Charlotte lived a more peaceful existence with Peter up in the northern parts of America. She was, however, disappointed when Peter went back for Jasper, who later lived with them for a couple of years before deciding to leave them because of the overwhelming emotions of his prey. She was pleased with his leaving, because that meant she could have Peter all to herself again. Charlotte and Peter stayed on good terms with the Cullens, visiting them several times. Charlotte would have been tempted to join Jasper and Alice had it not been for their strange diet.


Charlotte and Peter are mentioned by Jasper when he explains his past to Bella and his knowledge with handling newborns.

Breaking Dawn

When Jasper and Alice find Peter and Charlotte, they send the couple to Forks to help testify against the Volturi when the Cullens are accused of creating an immortal child (Renesmee). Unlike the Denali coven's first reaction, Charlotte and Peter aren't scared of the revelation. Rather they were curious until Edward and Bella tell them about Renesmee being a vampire hybrid.

She stays behind when Alistair flees for his life and determines to testify for the Cullens, effectively making Peter stay as well.

She is last heard holding a short conversation with Jasper before going on her way with Peter.

Roleplay History


Peter is described as being 6'3" tall, almost as tall as Jasper, with long, white blond hair and a lean body. As a human-feeding vampire, he has red eyes that darken the longer he keeps from feeding.

Peter was born between the 1860s and the 1920s and was turned by Maria between the 186s and the 1920s when he was 19-28 years old. He is loyal to Jasper Hale and Alice Cullen as well as the Olympic coven. He is mated to Charlotte.

Peter is not known for his restraint, as he was raised by Maria, who just wanted her troops strong. Peter's emotions shine through quite clearly about the way he feels for Charlotte.

He has a strong sense of loyalty to Jasper and thinks of him as a brother of sorts. Jasper likes Peter partially for his combat skills, and his kindred spirit.

Peter is known to be a very strong vampire. His combat skills allowed him to stay alive as well as become a permanent member of the Mexican coven before he left with Charlotte.

Book History

Early Life

Peter was originally created during the Southern Wars as part of Maria's army. Jasper found a kindred spirit in Peter and was impressed with his combat abilities, and convinced Maria that Peter would be worth keeping. Jasper described him as a civilized vampire who didn't like to fight, even though he was good at it. With Jasper's help, Peter survived execution and lived through his first three years as a vampire. Peter knew Jasper had saved his life, and he felt indebted; he would do anything Jasper asked. He cheerfully took responsibility for the other newborns. He cared nothing about their fate until Maria brought Charlotte into the army.

Charlotte was different from the other newborns. Usually Maria selected humans she thought would make good warriors, but during her brief interludes of peaceful living, she was less picky. Charlotte was one of the vampires who did not have physical attributes or life experience that would lead to her being a good warrior. She was very small physically and scholarly by nature. She was the most self-controlled of all the fresh newborns, which gained Peter's attention. She was able to carry on a conversation, a rarity for newborns, and Peter found himself spending more and more time with her. At first Peter did not think he was in danger. Charlotte was interesting and oddly pleasant, but still just another newborn. She was also very pretty in a delicate way, but all the female recruits were beautiful. She was fun to talk to, but that was just killing time. It wasn't until nearly 9 months had passed that Peter suddenly realized she would be destroyed soon, and it wasn't until he imagined her gone that he realized how much she'd come to mean to him.

Peter waited for a good moment, and then spoke to Jasper about maybe preserving a few of the newborns. Jasper brushed him off, saying Maria would make that decision. In truth, Jasper had seen nothing special about any of the group. They were poor soldiers; he wouldn't make any recommendations this time. Jasper could tell that Peter was agitated, but he assumed it was a similar emotion to his own depression. He thought Peter was opposed to the coming destruction in a general sense. Jasper knew Peter would need to get over that weakness in order to stay alive.

As the time for Charlotte's demise approached, Peter agonized over his options. To his understanding, the world was entirely made up of warring factions of strong vampires surrounded by newborn armies. He had powerful allies in Jasper and Maria; he was in as good a position as possible for a three-year-old vampire. His best option was to convince Jasper to leave Charlotte alive. Peter could barely conceive of trying to strike off on his own with Charlotte - they'd be massacred in no time.

Charlotte's time grew closer and Peter became more frantic. Again he tried to talk Jasper into letting him save the ones he wanted. He never said Charlotte's name, worried that drawing attention to her would prove dangerous for her. Jasper told him to relax and not worry about it - there was still plenty of time to make a decision. He promised to talk to Maria. Peter thought that sounded promising, so he waited. Jasper actually went to Maria to ask, for Peter's sake, but Maria felt that three permanent vampires were enough. She didn't want another Nettie/Lucy situation on her hands.

The night of the purge came a few weeks sooner than Peter had expected. As it began, he tried to control his panic. He begged Jasper to let him keep one or two. Jasper was adamant; Maria said all of them had to go. Peter tried frantically to come up with an answer as, one by one, he helped Jasper destroy the newborns. Then Jasper brought Charlotte out. She had no idea what was going on; she smiled when she saw Peter there.

Though he absolutely believed he and Charlotte would be slaughtered on their own, it was the only option he could think of. He didn't want to live if Charlotte was dead. He yelled for her to run, worried that she would be confused and hesitate. She didn't. He bolted after her, expecting to feel Jasper's teeth at any second, but there was no pursuit. They ran hundreds of miles before Peter paused to explain.

They moved up north and lived very cautiously in the beginning; it took them a while to figure out that not all vampires lived Maria's way. Over time, they grew very comfortable with their new world. Peter's only regret was leaving Jasper behind. He knew Jasper was his true friend because Jasper had not killed him for leaving. He also knew that Jasper was unhappy, and he was sure that, just like himself, Jasper had no idea of any other way of life.

After five years, Peter decided to go back for Jasper. He told Charlotte he could move more inconspicuously alone, but in fact he was trying to protect her. Peter knew Charlotte felt no loyalty or friendship for Jasper; she should not have to risk her life to try to help him. Peter would take the risk alone. Peter was shocked that Jasper was ready to leave after just one conversation. On the road, Jasper explained how things had changed with Maria. Peter was all for going back together and killing her, but Jasper was happy to not have to destroy her.

As pleased as Peter was to rescue his friend and have his company, he couldn't miss the fact that Jasper wasn't much happier with him than he'd been with Maria. Peter tried to discover what was making Jasper so miserable, and he noticed how much worse Jasper's mood became after eating. This was a contrast to how he and Charlotte felt - relieved and well. He discussed this with Jasper, and Jasper recognized the source of his problems. He tried to go without hunting, but struggled. Peter could be of no help to him in this, so Jasper left. Peter missed Jasper, but couldn't help but enjoy how much happier he and Charlotte were without him. They pursued a comfortable nomadic existence, mostly in the Americas. Peter kept tabs on his old friend and was thrilled when Jasper found Alice. The foursome traveled together for a while, but Peter and Charlotte's lifestyle did not help Jasper embrace the way of life he wanted to learn from Alice. Peter never understood the benefits of not hunting humans, but he was glad it made Jasper happier. After Jasper and Alice joined the Cullen family, he and Charlotte stayed on good terms with all of them and visited them regularly.

Breaking Dawn

When the Volturi threaten the Cullens' entire existence due to a mistaken report about the vampire hybrid Renesmee being an immortal child, Jasper suggests they find Peter and Charlotte to testify against their accusations.

Later, Alice and Jasper find Peter and Charlotte, and sends them to Forks where their family explains the situation. Unlike the Denali coven's initial reaction to Renesmee, they show less wariness, since they had never seen an immortal child before. After the situation was resolved in an almost completely peaceful way, Peter and Charlotte share a conversation with Jasper before departing.

Roleplay History


Randall has brown hair. He was turned at age 18.

Book History

Early Life

Randall was born in California in 1945 and changed in 1963. Carlisle Cullen was one of the first vampires he met, and he has always considered him a close friend.

Breaking Dawn

Randall first appears in Breaking Dawn to help testify against the Volturi for the Cullens. Emmett and Rosalie tracked him down and sent him to Forks without giving him much details other than their family needing his help.

While on his way to Forks, he befriends another nomadic vampire named Mary, who is also on her way to the Cullens. As soon as he heard their story about Bella and Edward's daughter, Renesmee, being mistaken for an immortal child, he agrees to stay and witness for the Cullens.

When Alistair left out of fear of the Volturi, Randall and Mary declare themselves to stay and help no matter the risk. When Jacob speaks on the wolves' behalf, Randall and Peter refer to them as "children" and "infants".

Randall happily leaves the Cullens after the Volturi retreated in peace.

Roleplay History


Mary's is dark-skinned and has thick brown curls.

Mary is described to be the type of person who comes of her own volition, and never returns to the same place unless she is needed, and is truly a nomadic person since she has no prior relationship and wanders all alone in the world. However, because of this, the bond of family is foreign to her. But despite this, "she is one of their strongest friends so ended up valuable".

Book History

Early Life

Mary was born in Nova Scotia around 1890 and transformed soon after her 28th birthday. At some point, she befriended the Cullen family, but did not share their value on human life. She mostly traveled alone and rarely kept in touch with her friends.

Breaking Dawn

In late 2006, the Cullens' lives are threatened by the Volturi when they mistook their youngest member, Renesmee Cullen, for an immortal child, and then decide to gather witnesses to testify their case; Emmett and Rosalie track Mary down and send her to Forks without giving much details other than their family needing her help in a crisis.

While on her way to Forks, she befriends another nomadic vampire named Randall, who is also on his way to the Cullens. As soon as she heard their story, Mary agrees to stay and witness for the Cullens.

When one of the witnesses, Alistair, left out of fear of the Volturi, she bravely declares her intent to remain with the Cullens.

During the confrontation, she remains in the background witnessing the entire event. After the Volturi retreated peacefully, she goes her own way.

Roleplay History

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*The European Nomads*


Charles is thin but muscular, standing 6'0" tall, and has dark blond hair.

Charles was born in 1922 in Denmark and was turned by Makenna in 1949 at age 27. He is a nomad and is loyal to Makenna's family. He is mated to Makenna.

Charles has a talent for sensing when someone is telling lies. This gift is similar to Maggie's ability to detect if someone is lying, though it seems her gift is stronger than Charles's.

Book History

Early Life

Charles was a law student in Barcelona when he met Makenna, and they fell in love. After some time, Makenna told Charles that the unusual characteristics of her family and that she was approaching some big changes. Charles said he would be there through anything. Makenna told him she had to leave for a while, but would come back. If Charles wanted to wait, he could. If not, she would understand. When she returned more than one year later as a vampire, Charles was still waiting. After hashing through all the pros and cons together, Charles decided to join her. They waited three years so Makenna would be able to keep from killing him, and then he was successfully transformed, and subsequently gained the ability to sense lies.

They live nomadically for the most part, but Makenna still visits her family often. Sometime during their travels, they came across another nomad named Garrett.

Breaking Dawn

He and Makenna first appear near the end of Breaking Dawn, when they were invited by Makenna's relative,Renata, to witness the Volturi destroy the Cullens for committing the ultimate crime: creating an immortal child. Because the Volturi were sure that the Cullens had committed a crime at the time, Charles felt no deception from their agenda and complied. However, when they arrive in Forks, he feels the truth coming from the Cullens' testimony and a sense of newfound dishonesty from the Volturi. He determines the Cullens' innocence and then leaves with his mate to avoid upcoming conflicts.

Roleplay History


She is short and thin with black hair and stands at 5'2".

Makenna was born in 1920 in Malta and was turned by Luca in 1946 when she was 26 years old. She is a nomad and she is loyal to her family. She is mated to Charles.

Makenna is a nomadic vampire from a Maltese family of both humans and vampires. Her mate is named Charles, whom she created herself.

Book History

Early Life

Makenna came from a Maltese family with a very unusual link to vampirism. One of her ancestors, Luca, was converted to vampirism around 400 BC. Luca remained with his family, ensuring its prosperity and safety. The next generations grew up with an entirely different perception of vampirism than was usual. A tradition began in the family, where every other century one child would be chosen to join Luca as a protector of the family; Makenna was one of the chosen ones. She looked forward to her fate until she met Charles in Barcelona. Luca told her that she could give up her heritage if she wanted to, but she never did. She told Charles that she was leaving for awhile to pursue some big changes in her life, but promised to come back and that she would understand if he didn't want to wait.

After becoming a vampire, she waited to grow out of her newborn state before going back to Charles and informing him about vampirism. After 3 years of practicing self-control, she finally changed Charles, and they remained mated ever since. They live a nomadic lifestyle for the most part, though Makenna often visits her family.

They met a nomad named Garrett sometime after Charles's transformation.

Breaking Dawn

Makenna and her mate Charles first appear in Breaking Dawn, when they come to Forks to witness for the Volturi after her ancestor Renata personally invited them to testify against the Cullen family's crime of illegal creations, in this case an immortal child. However, when they confront the family, everyone learns that the alleged immortal child is really a half-vampire hybrid conceived by two of the family members, with the mother still being human during pregnancy.

After confirming the true agenda of the Volturi (they intend to destroy the Cullens and the rest of their witnesses) and the innocence of the Cullens, Makenna takes her leave with Charles.

Roleplay History


Alistair is described to be 6'2" ft tall, slender and black-haired, with red vampire eyes.

Alistair was born around 1300 in England and was turned by George around 1320 when he was 20 years old.

He is described as having a misanthropic and brooding personality due to his last experiences as a human that twisted him. Alistair is deeply mistrustful of all authority and counts Carlisle as his closest acquaintance. However, he can't stand to visit more than once a century. During the events of Breaking Dawn, he leaves before the Volturi arrive to accuse the Cullens, despite his promise to act as a witness on their behalf. During Breaking Dawn he spends most of his time alone, as he can't stand large crowds for too long. Edward explains the reason he fled instead of siding with the Volturi is because despite the danger, he still cares for Carlisle, but not enough to face danger with him.

As a human, he was skilled in hunting and preferred to be around his pet falcons than people. After he became a vampire, however, the falcons grew terrified of him and flew away, leaving him alone. After that, he only kept to himself and shunned all contact with vampires and humans (except when he was feeding).

Alistair's ability falls into the tracking category; he feels an elusive pull towards his target. However, his power is less efficient as it takes time for him to determine his target's location and he may never be able to catch up if the target is on the move. The one difference his power has from other more pronounced trackers is his ability to track an inanimate object. He seems to be able to ignore the pull if he wants to, as Bella pointed out that he could use it to run in the opposite direction from Demetri in Breaking Dawn.

Book History

Early Life

Alistair grew up in England during the turbulent reign of Edward II, considered the weakest of the Plantagenet kings. Alistair's father was one of the barons who continually fought against the King's attempts to limit the power of the British Peerage. Throughout Alistair's youth, his father and older brother were embroiled in conspiracy after conspiracy as they tried to protect the rights of aristocracy and to gain a place of preeminence over the other barons.

He lived quietly at the family's country estate with his mother and sisters. He had no interest in his father's schemes, preferred to hunt for sport and was considered the best hunter in the county. Also an avid falconer, keeping many birds and training them being his favorite pursuit.

His father secretly formed an alliance with two other barons after the banishment of the king's favorite counselor. Alistair's brother was supposed to get a place in the counselor's position. However, after multiple betrayals on all sides, his brother was implicated in a plot to overthrow the king, and he and a few others were executed for treason. The charges were falsely created by another powerful aristocrat with an agenda that differed from Alistair's father's.

His father became increasingly distrustful of the other barons and eventually became obsessed with vengeance and sought aid of the darkest forces of the occult while the rest of his family completely withdrew from society. Alistair planned to take care of his sisters if they remained unmarried for his brother's fatal mistake. One night, Alistair's father brought him into the secret tunnels of London, where many minor aristocrats were gathered. His father had planned to set him on the throne of England and swore Alistair would be the next Charlemagne. Shortly after explaining this plan, a man called Astaroth, whose true name was George, arrived. He didn't know that Astaroth was a vampire who had agreed to change Alistair into a vampire under his father's wishes. After giving him a few pointers, he bit Alistair.

When his transformation was complete, Alistair slaughtered most of the peasants captured for him to feed on. After he was satiated, his father entered the cellar to explain the upcoming steps of becoming a vampire, but Alistair was too furious to listen and shoved him out of the way, accidentally killing him. He escaped the tunnels and ran back home, only to find his entire family gone. In a burst of insight, he realized that his father had given his family to Astaroth in exchange for his immortality. Totally devastated, he tried to seek comfort with the falcons, but they flew away in fear.

Alistair left civilization that night and avoided all contact with humans, except when he hunted, and mistrusted everyone and everything that had to do with authority figures with a sense of paranoia.

He first met Carlisle Cullen in the 17th century, and though they didn't talk much, Carlisle managed to make him respond a little bit before he left. From that point forward, they became friends of sorts, though Alistair could only stand a visit once a century or two.

Breaking Dawn

Alistair briefly appears in Breaking Dawn. He agrees to be a witness for Renesmee and the Cullens during their crisis threatened by the Volturi, but he only agrees grudgingly. Alistair keeps to himself through the month of waiting, mostly staying in the attic which is his 'favorite place to sulk'. He also observes Bella's training sessions with Kate and Edward.

When he senses the number traveling with the Volturi, the fear for his own life becomes overbearing. Though he knows that swaying to the Volturi's side for self-preservation is an acceptable option, he cares for Carlisle too much to betray him like that, and therefore chooses to flee instead, fearing the Volturi will not accept the situation and find another excuse to eliminate the Cullens.

After the situation is resolved peacefully, Carlisle asks Liam, Siobhan and Maggie to find him and tell him how it turned out, saying that he would "hate to think of him hiding under a rock for the next decade".

Roleplay History

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*The Mexican Coven*

The Mexican coven was founded by a vampire named Maria who used it to raise an army of newborn vampires with two stray vampires who were chased out because of the Southern vampire wars, Lucy and Nettie. Its main purpose was to win back the land that Maria had lost during the lesser hostilities that continued after the Volturi put an end to the wars. This coven lived on human blood and consisted mostly of often-replaced male newborns.

Only Maria is presently a part of this coven as Lucy and Nettie have been disposed of for betrayal, Maria's right hand Jasper Whitlock had left for the North. She is currently still creating newborns to protect her territory and executing them after their first year.


The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide describes Maria as "very short and small-toned", being 5'1" tall, with black hair and a slight olive tone to her pale skin, denoting a darker skin pigmentation in her human life and is of Mexican descent.

In Eclipse, Maria is described as a tiny brunette with a soft and musical voice with a tendency to be sharp.

Maria was born in Mexico and was turned in the 1800s or earlier at the age of 19. She is the leader of the Mexican coven which is an army of newborn vampires.

Maria is described by Jasper for being "smart and careful" in expanding her territories, recruiting newborns for her army and remaining in the dark from human population to avoid the Volturi's attention. Knowing that she cannot keep newborns after their first year was almost up, she would order Jasper to dispose of them and then recruit new ones.

She is also manipulative, able to make Jasper willingly serve her before he left her army to find a more peaceful life with Alice and the Cullen family. Though Maria is manipulative and cold, she is not unfeeling - she grew fond of Jasper, which he also knew from his power to sense her feelings.

She had better self-control than Nettie and Lucy, but barely strong enough to restrain herself to create newborns.

Book History

Early Life

Maria was born somewhere in Mexico in between the 17th and 18th centuries, and changed into a vampire at the age of 19. Maria used to be part of a coven in Monterrey, where she had a mate and two older vampires who were - for all intents and purposes - her parents. During one of the battles of the Southern vampire wars, her coven was destroyed and her territory was claimed by another coven. To get her revenge, she joined forces with Lucy and Nettie, who had also lost their respective territories and covens. While Maria's goal was to reclaim her land and exact vengeance, Nettie and Lucy hoped to gain more hunting territory.

Maria took newborn armies to a new level by choosing humans with combat potential and giving them more training than anyone had bothered to do before. When she met the young Confederate officer named Jasper Whitlock, she hoped his physical stature and military experience would make him a helpful addition to the coven. When she realized his ability to control emotions, she put him in charge of her other newborns. He made the newborns cooperate with one another. With Jasper around, Maria's army began working together better and their army began winning back the territories they had previously lost. However, soon she became greedy and sought to extend her control further by claiming other Mexican territories belonging to other vampire clans. Jasper, who she had placed as her second-in-command, was very close her, and thought of her as a god-like figure.

Jasper was often rewarded by Maria, especially for helping her defeat Nettie and Lucy when they rebelled. In the film they are portrayed as being romantically involved, with Jasper believing that she had truly loved him. He later discovered that Maria never felt that way towards him and only used him as her "puppet". She never treated him as an equal and never forgot about her deceased mate.

One night, Maria ordered Jasper to kill all of the newborns who showed no potential to remain in her coven. It made Jasper sick and depressed to do this. She became aware of Jasper's depression and became paranoid he would turn on her. So she made plans with other newborns to plot against him, promising them Jasper's position. Jasper recognized this, and did the same with other newborns. But before either of them could execute each other, Peter, a vampire whom Jasper had let escape years with another newborn named Charlotte before, returned and took him to the North for a more peaceful life.

Maria eventually forgave Jasper for his defection, and considers herself to be on good terms with him. She continues to zealously defend her territories in Mexico against interlopers.

In the Midnight Sun draft, Edward mentions that Maria once sought the Cullens out when they were in Calgary, prompting them to move again; Jasper politely told her to keep her distance in the future. Jasper also asked Peter and Charlotte to tell Maria that he wishes her well, should they meet her again.

Roleplay History

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*The French Coven*


Henri is noted to have dark skin and black curly hair, and to be of African descent.

Henri was born in France. He is the leader of the French coven, with only Yvette being his coven mate. Henri is mated to Yvette.

Book History

Breaking Dawn

Henri and his mate, Yvette, are ordered to witness the Volturi's plan of laying punishment on the Cullen family for "breaking" the ultimate law: creation of an immortal child, who later turns out to be a vampire hybrid. He and his mate remain in the back as they observe the occasion.

Roleplay History


Yvette is noted to have curly dark-brown hair, and to be a head shorter than her mate, Henri.

Yvette was born in France. Along with Henri, she is a member of the French coven. She is mated to Henri.

Janelle describes her character as a "French bad-girl vampire".

Book History

Breaking Dawn

Yvette and her mate, Henri, are brought by the Volturi to witness the Cullens' destruction as punishment for allegedly creating an immortal child. They eventually find out that the supposed immortal child is a half-human half-vampire hybrid conceived and carried by Bella Swan when she was still human. When Aro claims that the child poses a threat to exposing their secret to mankind, Yvette and her mate seem easily persuaded, but when another hybrid, Nahuel, describes his traits and how he has managed to stay hidden in their world, Aro declares that the child poses no threat to them after all. After the situation was cleared peacefully, Yvette and her mate leave the field with the rest of the Volturi and witnesses.

Roleplay History

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*Quileute Humans and Imprints*

*Emily Young

Emily is described as being an extremely beautiful young woman, with exotic good looks, glossy black hair and satiny copper skin, as well as a melodic voice. She has three long scars on the right side of her face from hairline to her chin and they extend down her right arm to her hand. These scars were accidentally inflicted by an out-of-control Sam. One side of her mouth is distorted from her injury.

The right side of her face was scarred from hairline to chin by three thick, red lines, vivid in color though they were long healed. One line pulled down the corner of her dark, almond-shaped right eye, another twisted the right side of her mouth into a permanent grimace.

Emily is human. She was born in the late 1980s on the Makah reservation. She is a caretaker for the pack and works as a teacher of weaving/Quileute and Makah arts at the local high school and community college. She is the imprintee of Sam Uley.

Book History

Early Life

Little is known about Emily's childhood and early life. She grew up on the Makah reservation until shortly before New Moon, when she moved to a small house at La Push. As a child, she was told stories about the Quileute legends due to her blood relation to the Ateara bloodline, but always dismissed them. Emily and Leah Clearwater are second cousins, but as children were as close as sisters. Sam dated Leah throughout high school, and they were very fond of each other. Leah, however, wasn't fond of Emily's boyfriend, whom Emily eventually found too self-absorbed and broke up with. She casually dated a few boys later.

Sam imprinted on Emily when she was down from the Makah reservation visiting her cousins. This caused conflict between the two cousins and ruined their friendship. Her family is closely tied to the pack—Leah and Seth being wolves, while her niece Claire Young was imprinted on by Quil Ateara V. After Sam imprinted on Emily, she didn't accept him because of his relationship with Leah. Even after she found out about his newfound wolf form and new abilities, she still brushed him off, trying to convince him to return to Leah's arms. This went on for awhile when Sam visited her daily and she rejected him every time.

One day she ordered him to go back to Leah, but he refused. Emily called him a liar and said that he was just like his father, Joshua Uley. Sam, outraged, lost control of himself, phased into a werewolf and scarred her badly enough that 'mauled by a bear' was the only plausible cover story. Bella describes the wound as three deep scars that run along the right side of her face and distort her features, pulling down the corner of her eye and her mouth. As time went on, Emily finally accepted Sam after realizing her feelings for him and after getting to know him better despite her initial attitude towards him. She later tells Leah that she and Sam are together, which Leah had counted on not happening.

Emily ended up being the caretaker of Sam and his pack, cooking, cleaning and finding clothes for them.

New Moon

In New Moon, Emily's house is where all of the shape-shifters hang out. She is shown as a kind and gentle mother figure to the pack, providing them with food and shelter, as well as being Sam's fiancée. Although it is not large, her role in the novel is important, as her house acts like a home-base for the shape-shifters and she provides an example for Bella of the danger of being around wolves. Bella meets her right after Jacob and Paul erupted in a fight, and Jared and Embry take her back to Emily's place.

After phasing and finding out everything that happened between Emily and Sam, Leah Clearwater finally learns to forgive them, the pain to see them so close together notwithstanding.


Emily appears at the bonfire where Bella hears the ancient Quileute legends. She is with Sam, and writes down every word of the stories as Billy Black and Quil Ateara III tell them. Emily appears at her house when Bella comes down to La Push for a visit.

Earlier on her two nieces were down from the Makah reservation visiting her when Quil imprinted on her two-year-old niece, Claire Young. Despite the incident was involuntary, Emily is repulsed by the idea.

She also appears when Carlisle and Sam are tending to Jacob's injuries after their battle against the newborns. She is seen standing beside her cousin Leah, but neither speaks to another.

Roleplay History

*Rachel Black

Rachel has black hair, dark brown eyes, and russet skin.

Rachel is human. She was born in 1986 in LaPush Washington.

Rachel Black is a member of the Quileute tribe, the older sister of Jacob Black, twin sister of Rebecca Black and the eldest child of Sarah and Billy Black, sister-in-law of Solomon Finau, cousins with Collin Littlesea, second cousins with Quil Ateara V and Jared Cameron. She is also the imprintee of Paul Lahote.

Book History

Early Life

Rachel was born and raised in La Push, Washington. During childhood, she and her siblings were sometimes acquainted with Charlie Swan's daughter, Bella, though they never became real friends.

The sudden death of her mother hit her family hard, though she and Rebecca did their best to help Jacob and Billy recover from their pain. She and Rebecca, however, had a harder time dealing with it, and when she received a scholarship from Washington State University in Pullman to study computer engineering, she moved away from La Push and rarely returned home to visit. Her sister married a man named Solomon Finau as soon as she was old enough and moved to Hawaii.


In the novel of Twilight, at the beach, Jacob tells Bella that Rachel got a scholarship to Washington State University, while her twin Rebecca married and moved to Hawaii. Jacob did not tell Bella that his older twin sisters did not feel comfortable about living in La Push after their mother's death.

Breaking Dawn

After graduating early from Washington State University, Rachel moves back to La Push to temporarily live with her father and younger brother. She is unaware of the existence of shape-shifters, Billy and Jacob fully prepared to conceal the secret from her, until she meets Paul Lahote on First Beach and he imprints on her, making her eligible to know about the shape-shifters' existence. Though Paul is four years younger than her, Jacob describes their relationship as "love at first sight". Despite her discomfort in La Push, she decides to stay and work from home for Paul to see how things work out - and hopefully wait till he is able to leave with her.

Jacob and Billy are both frustrated by Paul's presence in their house, but are glad to have Rachel home as she and Rebecca both feel uncomfortable in La Push. Jacob suggests that she go and stay at Paul's house, but Billy refuses, as he missed her when she was away and wants his daughter to live with him for as long as possible. He does "escape" to the Clearwaters' house most days though, to avoid Paul and to keep the recently widowed Sue Clearwater company.

At the beginning of the second book of Breaking Dawn, Jacob, who is already angry and irritable about Bella's prolonged absence, is annoyed at Paul for hanging around his house even when Rachel is out, but says that Rachel would "kill" him if he hurt her boyfriend. When he discovers that Paul is eating his Doritos, Jacob loses his temper and punches him in the face, breaking his nose (which heals almost instantly).

Rachel obviously cares a lot for her younger brother, as she would rather continue sleeping on an air mattress than see Jacob leave. It is assumed that she cares a lot for Rebecca too, as they are twin sisters. Billy loves Rachel dearly as he accepted Paul into his house, Paul being the only reason Rachel stayed in La Push for so long.

Roleplay History

*Rebecca Black

Rebecca has black hair, dark brown hair, and russet skin.

Rebecca was human. She was born in 1986 in LaPush Washington. She is married to Solomon Finau.

Rebecca Black is the daughter of Billy and Sarah Black, the older sister of Jacob Black, and the younger twin sister of Rachel Black.

Book History

Early Life

Rebecca was born and raised in La Push, Washington. During childhood, she and her siblings were sometimes acquainted with Charlie Swan's daughter, Bella, though they never became real friends.

When her mother died in a car accident, it hit her family hard, but she and Rachel helped their brother, Jacob, recover from the pain by taking their mother's place in the house, temporarily ignoring their own pain. She met a professional surfer from Hawaii named Solomon Finau and married him as soon as she turned eighteen years old. She followed him to Hawaii to live with him, and travels with him for his competitions. Part of her reason for leaving La Push was to escape the memories of her deceased mother.

Neither she nor her husband know about the existence of vampires or shape-shifters. Like her mother, Rebecca is a painter, though she prefers oil.

Roleplay History

*Kim Connweller

She has a wide face, mostly cheekbones, with eyes too small to balance them out. Her nose and mouth were both too broad for traditional beauty. Her flat black hair was thin and wispy in the wind. Bella notices her smooth skin that 'looked like russet-colored silk in the firelight', the perfect shape of her lips and 'how white her teeth were against them' and how her long eyelashes brushed her cheek when she looked down.

Kim is human. She was born in 1990. Kim is a local Quileute girl on whom shape-shifter Jared Cameron imprints.

When Bella first sees Kim, she describes her as being "a nice girl, a little shy and a bit plain". After watching Jared looking at her, Bella notices how truly beautiful she is, and not plain at all. Watching them, she realizes just how strongly imprinting affects shape-shifters.

Book History

Early Life

Kim has had a crush on Jared for a while, sitting next to him in class every day at school for a year, and also going to the extent of writing her name with his surname on to her diary. One day, after Jared phased, he imprinted on Kim in history class, nicely reciprocating her crush. Jacob explains how Jared never took notice in her until he looked at her for the first time after he changed into a shape-shifter, and he never looked away. Being too happy to see his newfound attention to her, she took his shape-shifter powers and duties in stride.


Kim is introduced in Eclipse at a Quileute bonfire, which is also a council meeting for all the members involved, with Bella Swan as the exception. When Jacob Black first explains her story to Bella, she wonders why Jared would say something about his "soulmate" to Jacob, but he explains that Jared cannot help it, because of the pack's ability to read each others' minds.

Breaking Dawn

Kim appears on the beach with Jared and the other imprinted couples, including Sam and Emily, Paul and Rachel, and Quil and Claire. While they hang out, they are being watched by Jacob, Embry, Seth and Leah.

Roleplay History

*Claire Young

Claire has russet skin, black hair and dark brown eyes.

Claire is human. She was born in early september of 2003.

Claire Young is the niece of Emily Young, the cousin of Seth and Leah Clearwater, and Quil Ateara V's imprintee. She is a member of the Makah tribe and lives on the Makah reservation. In addition to her relationship with Quil Ateara V, Claire is very close to her aunt, Emily Young. She is also close to Jacob Black to whom she refers to as her uncle, in Breaking Dawn.

Claire is known to be very playful, lovely, and somewhat of a prankster, and enjoys Quil's company more than anything else.

Book History


In Eclipse, two-year-old Claire and her sister were down from the Makah reservation visiting their aunt, Emily Young, when Claire was imprinted upon by Quil Ateara V. From that point forward, Quil acts like an older brother and a close friend to Claire, foreshadowing his possible romantic feelings when she's old enough to reciprocate, not unlike the imprinted relationship existing between Sam Uley and Emily or Jared Cameron and Kim.

Breaking Dawn

Claire makes a brief appearance in Breaking Dawn with Quil, playing on First Beach right after her birthday party and Jacob runs into them. It is obvious that she and Quil enjoy each other's company, much more than a father would enjoy playing peak-or-boo with his daughter for an hour. She and her sister are Emily Young's only nieces.

Roleplay History

*William "Billy" Black Jr.

Billy is heavyset, with a deeply wrinkled face and dark russet skin with black eyes. He is currently wheelchair-bound as a result of nerve damage due to complications from diabetes.

Billy is human. Billy was born in the late 1950's in LaPush, Washington.

Billy is the father of Rachel, Rebecca and Jacob Black, and father-in-law of Solomon Finau. It is also possible that he is the father of Embry Call. His wife, Sarah Black, died in a car accident when Rachel, Rebecca, and Jacob were young. He resides in La Push, Washington, but is confined to a wheelchair due to complications to diabetes. He is Charlie Swan's best friend.

Billy's grandfather was Ephraim Black, a former elder of the Quileute tribe. He inherited Ephraim's place on the tribal council and knows the tales of the origins of the Quileutes. Since no vampires were around when he was young, he never phased.

Billy used to be a commercial fisherman before his disability and is now a Quileute council member.

Billy is a wise Quileute elder who takes his tribe's history and legends much more seriously that some kids in the tribe believe it. He is very mistrustful of the Cullens due to the previous encounters between the Quileutes and vampires, and tried to talk Charlie and a few people out of being near them. When Bella became romantically involved with Edward Cullen, he also tried to talk her out of it without telling her how much he knew. None of his attempts succeeded.

Aside from his role in the tribe, he is a family-loving father who cares for his children more than anything. He is also mentioned to be good at carving wood figurines.

Book History

Early Life

Billy Black has lived in La Push his entire life. One of his earliest childhood memories is being held in his father's arms while he watched his wrinkled, stooped grandfather explode into a giant russet-colored wolf along with his two best friends, Quil Ateara II and Levi Uley. All three seemed ancient to Billy; their wolf forms were ancient, too, with grizzled muzzles and stiff joints. Yet Billy remembers them making a noise like laughter as they went for one last run through the woods.

Because of this experience, Billy grew up in a different world than most - a world where magic was absolutely real and lived in his blood. It was a world where evil was real, too. As a teenager, Billy always hoped a vampire would be foolish enough to cross Quileute land. He dreamed of being a powerful wolf, a savior to his tribe. Around the time he turned twenty he realized that he would never have the chance to be a superhero, and for many years that was hard thing for him to accept. Most of the time, however, he was happy. After all, it was a good thing that vampires had learned to stay away from La Push. He became a man with a family, and he learned to treasure the peace of his small town and the safety it promised his wife and daughters. When Jacob was born, he saw the curse of his wolf heritage for the first time, he fervently hoped that vampires would never trouble the Quileute tribe again. He wanted his son to have the same peaceful life that he'd had.

His wife, Sarah, died in a car accident 9 years later. Rachel and Rebecca had a very difficult time living around the memories of their mother, and both of them found ways to leave La Push as soon as they were old enough. Billy wouldn't leave; he felt like his children, his young son particularly, needed the stability of the place where they'd grown up. Billy was away working on his fishing boat so often, and he wanted Jacob to be with people he could trust. In the back of his mind, Billy always worried about accidentally taking Jacob away to a place where he might encounter vampires. The same thing could happen in La Push someday, of course, but at least then Jacob would have the support of a pack, and tribal members who understood. A few years later, Billy had to quit his job because of the progression of his diabetes. It was difficult for him to lose mobility, but it gave him more time with his children. With his daughters more active socially, it was Jacob who cared for his father most often. They became very close.

Billy was always a social person; he had many friends. Harry Clearwater and Quil Ateara IV were his closest friends, almost his brothers. They, too, grew up in a world with magic, and also spent a few years wishing for the chance to be superheroes. If the vampires had come, Harry and Quil would have been his packmates. When Quil's small boat was destroyed in a storm, killing Quil, it was hard for both Harry and Billy; if Quil had been a shape-shifter, he would have been able to survive the accident.

Billy was also close with Charlie Swan, despite the fact that Charlie could know nothing about Billy's secrets. Charlie did know about losing a wife, though not in the same circumstances, and they both had daughters who were often mysteries to their fathers. Billy and Charlie also shared a love for fishing.

When the Cullens returned to Forks, it was a dark time for the tribe. Billy knew exactly what this would mean for his son, and he mourned for the safe and commonplace life Jacob would lose. The elders had taught the histories to their sons, but the entire tribe had begun to believe that the stories were only legend. Billy had warned Jacob about the signs of the werewolf - the heat, the growth spurt, the anger - but Jacob had totally ignored him, thinking Billy no more than superstitious. Billy knew that his son was unprepared for what was coming.

Billy knew the Cullens were vampires. He had no history with them, only the tales of his grandfather, as passed to him by his father. He did not believe that the Cullens were as harmless as they presented themselves to be. He feared that without a strong pack to enforce the treaty, the Cullens would take advantage. He worried for his tribe, and for his friends in Forks. He tried to warn Charlie to stay away from the Cullens, but his warning backfired. Charlie had already taken a liking to Carlisle, and he was upset about Billy's prejudice against the newcomers. When Charlie learned that members of the Quileute tribe were boycotting the hospital, it caused a rift between Billy and Charlie for a few years.

Watching Sam deal with the blows his werewolf heritage had forced upon him, Billy was even more concerned for Jacob.


Billy is first mentioned in Twilight as having sold his old pickup truck to Charlie so that he can give it to Bella. Charlie and Billy have had disagreements in the past, and seem to agree to disagree. After he becomes aware that Bella is dating one of the Cullens, Billy stops by on the pretense of dropping off fish fry for Charlie. When he gets a moment alone with Bella, he tries to talk her out of her relationship with Edward, informing her that the Cullen family has an "unpleasant" reputation on the reservation. Bella counters that the Cullens have done nothing to deserve it, as they have never set foot on the reservation. Her knowledge on the subject takes him off guard, and Bella says that she may be more informed than Billy himself is. He agrees this is possible, but is concerned for Charlie. Bella says that it is her business whether or not Charlie needs to be informed. Billy agrees to this, and is then forced to change the subject when Jacob enters the room.

According to Jacob, Billy reacted "over the top" after Bella became injured in Phoenix, since he assumed that Edward had something to do with Bella's injuries. At the end of the story, when Bella is at prom, Billy pays Jacob $20 to talk to her. Jacob tells Bella that Billy wants her to "please" break up with Edward. He also asks Jacob to tell her that "we'll be watching." Bella, not liking that Billy bribed his son into talking to her, but knowing that Billy means well, thanks him.

New Moon

During New Moon, Sam Uley and his two friends, Jared Cameron and Paul Lahote, help to search the woods for Bella after Edward left her.

After Jacob's transformation into a wolf, Billy constantly lies to Bella on Jacob's whereabouts to protect the tribe's secret. After she realizes that Jacob is a werewolf, Billy is once again polite to her, and, during the crisis with Victoria, helps the wolves in protecting Charlie by frequently inviting him and Bella over to his house for dinner.


In Eclipse, Billy plays a larger role, since Bella desperately needs an escape and comes over more and more often to visit Jacob. She also finds out that Billy is the chief of the Quileute tribe council.

While learning the tribe's oral history at the secret bonfire, she sees in him a certain majesty and power she had always missed before. During the confrontation with the newborn vampire army, Billy keeps Charlie safe by orchestrating a fishing trip. Charlie comments to Bella that in retrospect Billy was very worried and distracted during, betraying Billy's concern for Jacob and the rest of the pack during the battle. His prejudice against the Cullens lessens after this allegiance.

Billy is last seen waiting outside of his house, pained by the sound of his son's screams. Then he thanks Carlisle for helping with his son's injuries.

Breaking Dawn

In Breaking Dawn, Billy doesn't do anything about Jacob running away, since he understood that he was in pain and that he needed time.

Billy later attends Bella and Edward's wedding, and appears to have gotten over his warnings to Bella. He even seems fairly content to be there, despite considering the wedding "the worst thing that could happen to his son's best friend", as Bella puts it. He also unsuccessfully tries to talk Jacob out of attacking the Cullens. Later, Jacob, Seth and Leah break off from Sam's pack to join the Cullens when he decides to kill Bella and her unborn child. When Sam reports this, the Quileute Council, specifically Billy and Sue, support Jacob's actions, forbidding Sam and his pack to try to kill Bella. Despite this, Jacob and his pack refuse to return to La Push until Bella gives birth.

Roleplay History

*Sue Uley Clearwater

Sue has a thin face with black eyes and black hair. In the books, her hair is cut in a short, severe style.

Sue is a Quileute woman who lives on the La Push reservation. She was born in the mid-1960s. Sue is the mother of Leah Clearwater and Seth Clearwater, and a widow since the death of her husband Harry Clearwater. She is also a good friend to Billy Black and Charlie Swan.

Sue's personality is not fully described in the books, but Jacob mentions that she is brave and strong—strong enough to lie to her children if that is what it takes to do what is right. When her husband passed away, she remained tough to get over her pain, and take over his place as council leader of the Quileute tribe. It is also her strong personality that allows her to face the supernatural world with grace. Aside from her toughness, she is also a loving person who cares for her family.

Book History

Early Life

Sue was raised by the legends and beliefs of the Quileute magic and history, along with her brother, Lucas. She married Harry Clearwater and gave birth to two children: Leah and Seth. She and Harry had always known that their son might someday become a shape-shifter if he was to cross a vampire scent, which he did when the Cullens moved back to Forks.

Sue was the one who treated Emily's wounds when she was accidentally slashed by Sam, who phased out of anger.

New Moon

During New Moon, her husband, Harry Clearwater, dies of a heart attack caused by the unexpected phasing of their daughter, Leah, leaving her a widow, and his place as a member of the tribal council. Billy comments on Sue being a strong woman, as she remains unshaken for a while despite the circumstances of her husband's unexpected passing and her children's phasing.


In Eclipse, Sue attends the campfire night/council meeting on the clifftop in which Billy Black and Quil III tell the Quileute legends to Bella, Jacob, and most of the pack and their imprintees. Bella describes her as really tough and taking on stuff bravely.

Breaking Dawn

In Breaking Dawn, Sue attends Bella and Edward's wedding with Billy and her children.

Later on, both Seth and Leah run away to join Jacob Black's renegade pack to protect Bella and her baby from Sam's pack. According to Jared, Sue was heartbroken, but Jacob knew that she was very strong, and was not above playing her children's sympathies if it meant tricking them into returning home.

Sue is also mentioned to be spending a lot of time with Charlie Swan, being as shocked by his cooking as Bella was when she first came to Forks. She immediately takes on a caretaker role towards Charlie, much like Bella did, and even accompanies him to the Cullens' house. By the end of the story, they have started a romantic relationship.

Roleplay History

*Allison Uley

Book History

Early Life

Allison Uley is the wife (or ex-wife) of Joshua Uley and the mother of Sam Uley. Her husband left her when Sam was young, and it is possible that he had an affair with Tiffany Call and fathered a child with her, Embry Call.

Roleplay History

*Lucas Uley

Book History

Early Life

Lucas Uley is the brother of Sue Clearwater and uncle of Leah Clearwater and Seth Clearwater. His parents are Jonathan Uley and Charlotte Hewes.

Roleplay History

*Tiffany Call

Tiffany has black hair, dark brown eyes, and russet skin.

Tiffany is human and knows nothing of the supernatural. She is from the Makah reservation and she moved to the Quileute reservation when she was pregnant with her son Embry.

Tiffany works as a checkout girl at the souvenir shop on First Beach.

Book History

Early Life

Tiffany moved down to La Push from the Makah reservation while she was pregnant with her son, Embry. She was of Makah descent, with no known connection to anyone in La Push, and people wondered why she would relocate. However, as time passed, she became an established member of the community and people stopped speculating about her past. She found a job at the checkout of the small souvenir shop on First Beach on the reservation and provided for both herself and Embry.

When Embry asked about his father, Tiffany simply said that he was someone she had not known well and had lost track of before Embry was born, but after Embry phased and joined the pack, it became apparent that his father was either Billy Black, Quil Ateara IV, or Joshua Uley. No formal attempt to check these hypotheses has apparently been made; Embry is unable to confront his mother because the heritage has to be kept a secret.

Consequently, Tiffany is led to believe that he is going through a rebellious stage. Every night she finds him missing when she checks his bed, so she yells at him in the morning and he takes it in silence, then they go through the whole process again the next day. He is permanently grounded for sneaking out, though he continues to do so to help protect the reservation.

Roleplay History

*Joy Ateara

Book History

Early Life

Joy Ateara (née Quehpa) is the wife of Quil Ateara IV, the daughter-in-law of Quil Ateara III, and Molly Swan, the mother of Quil Ateara V, She and her father-in-law have been raising Quil Ateara V in all ways possible ever since her husband passed away during a storm. She has been aware of her son's destiny for a long time.

Roleplay History

*Quil Ateara III

Quil III is described as white-haired, brittle and ancient, with a thin tenor voice.

Quil III was born in the early 1940s in LaPush, Washington.

Quil III, also known as "Old Quil", is the son of Quil Ateara II, one of the three original wolves who made a treaty with the Cullens, the grandson of Quil Ateara I, the husband of Molly Swan, the father of Quil Ateara IV, the grandfather of Quil Ateara V, the uncle of Sarah Black, and the great-uncle of Rachel Black, Rebecca Black and Jacob Black. He is a member of the of the Quileute tribal council and a resident of La Push.

Quil III is a member of the Quileute tribe and lives on the reservation. He is a Quileute council member.

Book History

Early Life

Quil is one of the only living members of the Quileute tribe that was alive during the time of the previous pack. After Sam returned to the tribe, Quil read correctly the high temperature and his growth spurt as signs of his phasing. He explained to Sam what had happened to him and taught him everything that had been passed down through the generations about becoming a werewolf. He along with Billy Black and Harry Clearwater saw their fathers and grandfathers (respectively) change into wolf forms. Whether the three of them are shapeshifters who never had the occasion to transform or simply human is open to debate, but their position in their respective family trees is a strong indication in favor of the first hypothesis.

He owns a boat which Billy borrows to take Charlie Swan fishing during the wolves' and the Cullens' fight with Victoria's newborn army in Eclipse.

After the passing of his son Quil IV, he spent the next decade raising and caring for his grandson Quil V with daughter-in-law Joy Ateara. His responsibilities were added when Sam Uley phased for the first time, and Quil, and Billy Black and Harry Clearwater told him everything. Though his grandson wasn't ready to phase yet, Quil had expected him to start at any time, which finally happened in 2006.


Eclipse features a campfire scene in which Bella, Jacob, the pack and a few other Quileute residents sit at a secret bonfire to hear Quil and Billy tell some of the Quileute legends about Kaheleha and Taha Aki. This is his only appearance in the books other than being mentioned by Jacob Black various times.

Roleplay History

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*Canon Humans*

-- Forks High Humans --

*Michael "Mike" Newton

Mike is described as having pale blue eyes, blond hair, a baby face, being 5'11" tall and being altogether good-looking. Mike is very popular in Forks High School.

He had a baby face in Twilight, but it matures slightly later on. Initially, he wore his hair in spikes, but then decided to grow it out and also starts using hair gel in attempt to mimic Edward's look.

Mike was born in 1988 in Sacramento California.

Mike works at Newton's Olympic Outfitters full time.

Bella describes Mike as a golden retriever: loyal, and obsessively following random people. Edward hates Mike because he is attracted to Bella, with inappropriate thoughts about her. Mike is athletic and very friendly to those he likes, but also obnoxious, persistent and competitive, and is dense on sensing other people's signals while he is infatuated with Bella.

He also has a weak stomach, the sight of blood and action movies make him feel uneasy to the point that he vomits. For this reason, he has a dislike action movies. Jacob Black referred to him as a "marshmallow" after he vomited from watching Crosshairs with Bella and Jacob.

Book History

Early Life

Mike was born in Sacramento, California. He is the only child in his family.

His family moved to Forks when he was 10 years old and opened Newton's Olympic Outfitters. During high school, Mike started working part-time for his parents, selling camping and hiking gear. He became a popular kid in school and dated some of the most popular girls, including Lauren Mallory, and later Jessica Stanley, who already had a crush on him. He and Jessica dated on-and-off during sophomore year.


Mike first meets Bella Swan on her first day of school in Twilight, and takes an immediate romantic liking on her. He continues to compete for her affections with Edward Cullen and some other boys at school, even after Bella and Edward started dating. Bella once tries to imagine him with a wagging tail, since he followed her around so much. After an unsuccessful attempt to take Bella to prom, Bella suggests to Mike that he should ask fellow student Jessica Stanley instead. He does so and they re-establish their relationship, but it ends sometime during the summer. Edward and Mike are always at odds for Bella's attention.

New Moon

At the beginning of New Moon, Bella states that Mike seemed to have gotten over sulking and has finally accepted that they can only ever be friends. When Bella goes into her 'zombie period' after the Cullens left Forks, Mike asks her every Friday if she will go to work the next day, and stops walking her to classes. Bella tries to rekindle their friendship after four months of 'being a zombie'. Mike is the first to become her friend again, although not with the same enthusiasm, and never forgets his fondness of her. After an action movie outing (Crosshairs) with Bella and Jacob, which ended up with Mike vomiting from the bloody scenes, he seems to have given up on her, and tells her that "girls are cruel". However, Mike is one of those who willingly accept her back after her depression.


Mike becomes somewhat of a minor character in Eclipse, being only someone Bella sees at school and work, and as a guest at the Cullens' graduation party. During Calculus class, he gossips with Tyler, Ben, and Austin about the possibilities of Jacob and Edward fighting, and Mike is determined that Jacob has the best chance of winning.

After graduation, he starts working full-time at his parents' shop.

Breaking Dawn

Mike makes his final appearance in the Twilight series at the beginning of Breaking Dawn, where he attends Bella and Edward's wedding with Jessica as his date. Edward says that Mike has inappropriate thoughts about Bella at the wedding, despite them swearing their vows, but is too happy and infatuated with Bella's dress to give in to anger.

Roleplay History

*Jessica Stanley

Jessica is around 5'1" tall, has voluminous curly, dark brown hair and blue eyes. She isn't very tall, but her outgoing personality makes her seem bigger than she really is.

Jessica was born in 1988 in Austin, Texas. She graduated from Forks High School.

Jessica is known to be a 'chatterbox' and has a very outgoing personality, and not loyal to any of her friends. She always acts nice toward Bella, but in truth she really disliked her and was upset when both Edward Cullen and Mike Newton showed interest in Bella instead of her. She was jealous of her the whole time and was known to be a fake friend, but never did anything hurtful. Edward resented her for this attitude, but warmed up to her slightly when she became worried of Bella for being late at the restaurant they were supposed to meet with Angela.

Book History

Early Life

Jessica's family moved to Forks when she was still a small child, but Jessica has always thought of herself as being less provincial than the locals. In high school, she was a good student and fairly popular, though she wasn't as sought after by boys as Lauren Mallory.

She thinks of Lauren and Angela Weber as her best friends, though she has no loyalty to either of them. She also had a short-lived crush on Edward Cullen, with imaginations that constantly disturbed him until they ended.


On Bella Swan's first day at Forks High School, Jessica becomes her friend, hoping to share some of the attention she has already begun to receive from the school's boy students, particularly Mike. The Cullen "siblings" catch Bella's eye at lunch and she asks about them; Jessica tells her everything she knows about the pair of young men.

She tends to be more interested in Bella's popularity than her actual character, and is sometimes jealous of Mike's affections toward the girl. She also takes both Spanish and Trigonometry with Bella during their Junior year.

Mike asks Jessica to prom at Bella's suggestion and they date briefly, though their relationship ended sometime between Twilight and New Moon.

New Moon

Several months after the Cullens unexpectedly left town, a depressed Bella calls Jessica to go to the movies with her in order to keep her father from removing her to Jacksonville. Though she agrees to a girls night, their night takes a bad turn when Bella approaches a few strangers outside a bar who seem fairly dangerous. Jessica becomes very displeased with Bella's behavior and grows more distant from her, and hangs out with Lauren and Angela more often.

When Bella and Mike invite Jessica and some of their friends to a movie night, Jessica backs out at the last minute.


Jessica became a more minor character throughout the series as she became friendly with Lauren Mallory and Bella drifted away from her, particularly beginning in Eclipse. However, Jessica and Bella make up at graduation and she is invited to the Cullens' graduation party. Jessica decides to go to California after high school.

Breaking Dawn

Jessica comes back from California after receiving an invitation to Bella and Edward's wedding in Breaking Dawn, with Mike as her date, whom she had reconciled her relationship with. After the ceremony, she is among the first to embrace Bella to congratulate her.

Roleplay History

*Angela Weber

Angela is described as being 6'1, with light brown hair with streaks of honey and "always-gentle" brown eyes.

Angela was born in 1988 in Forks, Washington. She graduated from Forks High School and is a student of Washington State University.

Edward describes her thoughts as "pure and kind" and often appreciates her gentle nature. Unlike Jessica and Mike, she never thinks bad of Bella or the Cullens and cares for others wholeheartedly, she is also one of Bella's only friends who likes the Cullens. Other than her family, Angela is the closest human to Bella.

Even though her younger brothers are demanding, she loves them with all her heart. Her interests involve anything but outdoors activities.

Book History

Early Life

Angela Weber was born and raised in Forks. She is the only daughter of a Lutheran minister and his wife. Her twin brothers,Joshua and Isaac Weber, are very loud and demanding of attention, but she adores them.

Her height made her self-conscious, and she developed into a shy, reserved person. At the local school, she is well-liked by others, though her feelings were focused on Ben Cheney. Edward, though he treated her like an invisible person at the time, also found her unusually kind for a teenager.


Angela makes her first appearance in Twilight: she is viewed as a shy but kind girl by Bella, who has Biology II with her. As time passes, she becomes one of the friends that Bella made after she moved back to Forks. Angela goes shopping with Bella and Jessica for dresses for the spring dance in Port Angeles. She is the one who convinced Jessica to let Bella go with Edward and return to Forks by themselves, something which Edward is grateful to. At the end of Twilight, she is seen going to prom with Ben Cheney, a fellow student that she's had a crush on for a while.

New Moon

In New Moon, Angela is still dating Ben, and becomes one of Bella's best friends because of her kind, gentle, and non-judgmental personality. When Bella becomes severely depressed by Edward leaving her, she avoids talking with Angela or any of her friends. In January, Bella invites Jessica to a girls' night out instead of Angela, mainly because she doesn't want her to worry, though she does like her better than Jessica.

Angela talks about seeing "something in the woods", something huge like a bear even on all fours.

When everyone else declines a movie night with Bella and Mike, Angela and Ben agree to go, but she gets the stomach flu and uninvites herself at the last minute. Ben also uninvites himself to take care of her.


In Eclipse, Angela is assigned to address graduation invitations, and Bella offers to help and hang out together several times. She mentions that she will be attending the University of Washington in Seattle with her boyfriend, Ben.

Bella is saddened by the approaching of graduation, because she knows that she will soon become a vampire and will not be able to see Angela any longer. Angela is one of the people Bella admits she will miss afterwards.

She also notices the jealousy in Edward's eyes when Bella mentions Jacob Black. Though she tries to deny it, Angela explains that Edward is "only human", and will react like any other guy. She and Ben are last seen attending the Cullens' graduation party right after graduation.

Breaking Dawn

Angela does not play a large part in Breaking Dawn, but appears in Bella's dream as a victim of an immortal child. She also attends Edward and Bella's wedding with Ben as her date, which is performed by Angela's father, a Lutheran minister, and she catches Bella's bouquet.

Roleplay History

*Ben Cheney

Ben is described as being 5'7" (shorter than Angela), having black hair, golden brown skin, dark brown eyes, and of Asian descent. He also wears glasses.

Ben was born in 1988 in Forks, Washington. He graduated from Forks High School and is a student of Washington State University.

Ben loves graphic novels and action movies with good special effects. Edward mentions that Ben is as shy as Angela and kind, but easy to fool. He is one of few male students in school who lack any romantic feelings for Bella.

Angela says that she is glad that Ben has Austin to do "guy stuff" with in Eclipse.

Book History


Ben was in the group of Forks High School students that went to La Push beach for the day. Near the end of Twilight, he and Angela Weber are seen by Bella happily dancing together at the prom, in spite of the fact that Angela is much taller than Ben.

New Moon

In New Moon, Bella and Mike invite their friends to a movie night. Angela and Ben back out at the last minute, because Angela gets the stomach flu and Ben decides to take care of her.


Ben and Angela regularly sit with Bella, Edward, and Alice at lunch in Eclipse. During Calculus class, he gossips with Mike, Tyler, and Austin about the possibilities of Jacob and Edward fighting, and Ben bets on Edward's winning side, saying that "there is something about him".

Ben also picks up Angela everyday for school in his Dodge Neon, even though she is close enough to walk. In the middle of Eclipse, Angela tells Bella that she will be attending the University of Washington with Ben.

He attends the Cullens' graduation party with Angela as his date.

Breaking Dawn

Ben and Angela attend Edward and Bella's wedding at the beginning of Breaking Dawn. Bella deliberately throws the wedding bouquet into Angela's arms, indicating that she wishes them to be the next couple to get married.

Roleplay History

*Tyler Crowley

Tyler is described as being tanner than most of the teens in school, 6'1" tall, with an athletic build, and having brown hair and brown eyes.

Tyler was born in 1988 in Forks, Washington. He graduated from Forks High School.

Tyler likes sports and is very athletic, as he is a part of the Forks High School basketball, football and track teams. He had a blue and black van before the accident but afterwards he turned his attention to his shiny, new Nissan Sentra. He is described as being headstrong, funny, and "cocky" according to Bella. In Twilight, Tyler seems extremely persistent as he convinces everyone that he is taking Bella to the prom, even though Bella constantly refuses and says to him, Eric, and Mike that she was going to Seattle.

Book History

Early Life

Tyler was born and raised in Forks.


In Twilight, Tyler Crowley is a basketball player who nearly crushes Bella with his van because of the icy ground, but she is saved by Edward, and Tyler receives more injuries than her; with bandages wrapped around his head.

Afterwards, Tyler frequently and relentlessly tries to make things up to Bella, and asks her to the spring dance, though she constantly refuses. He then deliberately tells everyone that he is taking Bella to prom, and shows up at her doorstep to take her at the end of the book, as found out when Charlie calls her to tell her about it. Edward then politely tells him that Bella will be unavailable as far as anyone but himself is concerned.

New Moon

Bella suggests to Jessica Stanley that Tyler should go to prom with Lauren Mallory, though they don't. However, they are seen later in the series as a couple. Their "relationship" falls out eventually and never recovers.

When Mike and Bella invite their friends to a movie night, Tyler steps out at Lauren's insistence.


During Calculus class, he gossips with Mike, Ben, and Austin about the possibilities of Jacob and Edward fighting, and Tyler bets on Edward's winning odds.

As a senior student, he is invited to the Cullens' graduation party in Eclipse, though he went more with curiosity than anticipation.

Roleplay History

*Lauren Mallory

Lauren is described as having long, cornsilk, blonde hair, green, fishy eyes with pale eyebrows, and 5'6" tall. In New Moon, Bella notices that during the summer break, Lauren had her hair cropped short like a boy. The reason Lauren cut her hair was due to being told that she had the potential to be a model if she used that particular style; the agency never called. When Bella sees her hair in this style she wonders if she got gum stuck in it, if she sold it, or if all the people she had been nasty to had come after her and shaved her hair off. Lauren also has a nasal-sounding voice.

Lauren was born in 1988 in Forks, Washington. She graduated from Forks High School.

She is depicted as being jealous of everyone pretty, despite being the most popular girl at school. Lauren is also standoffish and snobby. In Eclipse, Bella refers to her as the heart of the dark side of their lunch table.

Book History

Early Life

Before Bella Swan moved to Forks, Lauren was the most sought-after girl in school. She had dated Tyler Crowley and Mike Newton in her sophomore year.


When Bella moves to Forks, the instant attention she receives makes Lauren envious, and she remains hostile towards her for the rest of Twilight and New Moon. Bella figured out that Lauren was particularly jealous of the attention she was receiving from Tyler Crowley, whom Lauren obviously had a crush on. Lauren went to prom with Conner in Twilight.

Sometime during the summer following her junior year, Lauren is approached by an alleged modeling agent in a mall in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, who tells her that she seemed like a natural model. The agent tells her that if she cut her hair shorter and edgier and had some high-quality headshots taken, her future would be assured. Lauren follows his instructions - spending 300 dollars on a haircut and 15 grand on pictures taken by the agent's partner - and never hears from the agent again.

New Moon

She is one of the least pleased when Bella returned" from her "zombie period" in New Moon. When Bella and Mike make plans to go watch a movie with a group of friends, Lauren declines immediately after hearing that Bella will be involved.


Though they share the same lunch table, Lauren is still very hostile towards Bella in Eclipse. Jessica goes to hug her goodbye on graduation day. She also appears at the Cullens' graduation party, which Bella comments her critical eyes for being "alight with curiosity".

Roleplay History

*Eric Yorkie

Eric is described as being of Asian descent, standing at 6'1" with greasy hair "as black as an oil slick," brown eyes, and poor complexion. In the movies, Eric's hair is so long it covers his forehead, and, starting in Eclipse, has brown highlights. He also wears very business-like clothing ties and shirts.

Eric was born in 1988 in Forks, Washington. He graduated from Forks High School and was the school journalist.

Eric is constantly trying for Bella's attention, competing with many of his fellow classmates, notably Mike and Tyler. He is also said to be very geeky by Bella, even if she shows no interest in him.

Book History


Eric is the first person to meet Bella at Forks High School. Bella describes him as "the overly-helpful, geeky, chess club type". He is immediately interested in Bella when she moved to Forks, as are many of the boys in the school. He is resentful of fellow classmate's, Mike Newton, similar interest in Bella. He is one of the people who goes down to La Push on the weekend when Jacob tells Bella about the stories of his tribe and the Cold Ones. He later asks Bella to the spring dance, to which she declines.

New Moon

In New Moon, Eric is seen sitting at lunch with a senior named Katie Marshall, and Bella assumes they are in a relationship. He is invited by Bella to watch a movie with their friends, but he and Katie already have plans.

In Eclipse, Eric is the valedictorian of his graduating class, and a guest at the Cullens' graduation party with his novel-based girlfriend, Katie Marshall.

Breaking Dawn

In the book, Eric does not attend Bella and Edward's wedding.

Roleplay History

*Austin Marks

Austin's only physical feature is his sandy hair.

Austin was born in 1988. He has a younger brother and he graduated from Forks High School.

Austin is noted to share Ben's interest in comic books, action movies, and indie rock music. He also likes outdoors activities.

Book History

New Moon

Austin starts to sit with Bella's friends sometime during her "dark period" – she first describes him as "older brother to the boy with the motorcycles" but cannot recall when he joined their lunch group. Austin catches the flu the same time as Angela and Conner and can't join them on movie night. Bella buys two busted-up motorcycles from Austin's little brother when she decides to take dangerous activities to hear Edward's in her head.


In Eclipse, he gossips with Ben, Mike, and Tyler about Edward and Jacob. He bets on Jacob as the victor. He is last seen attending the Cullens' graduation party.

Roleplay History

*June Richardson

June has pin straight, shoulder length honey hair, small hazel eyes, arched eyebrows, and a tiny build.

She was born in 1992. She is a student at Forks High School.

June has not many friends, but a few. She is hesitant and curious but loud, rash, and sometimes obnoxious when she's around people she's comfortable with.

Book History

June Richardson is a student at Forks High School who is mentioned by Edward Cullen in Midnight Sun. Edward hears her thought about Bella Swan from across the cafeteria, while searching for Bella's thoughts.

Roleplay History


Whitney is described as a small girl with short, sandy hair, hazel eyes, pale skin, and a small build.

She was born in 1991. Whitney is friends with Forks High Students. Whitney is human. She has a baby sister and is a student at Forks High School.

She is shy and unsure of herself and rambles when nervous.

Book History

Whitney is a student at Forks High School who appears in Midnight Sun.

She pauses near the Cullens' lunch table and runs her fingers through her short, sandy hair, causing Jasper, whose self-control is already weak, to feel a strong desire for her blood. Alice tells him to think of humans as people, to try and control his thirst, and says that Whitney has a baby sister who she adores and reminds Jasper that her mother invited Esme to her garden party.

Roleplay History


Conner has green eyes, pale skin, copper hair.

He was born in 1988. Connor is human. He graduated from Forks High School.

Conner is friends with people from Forks High. Conner is outspoken, judgemental, under heavy peer pressure, smart.

Book History


In Twilight, Conner joins a group visiting La Push with Bella. At the end of the book, he asks Lauren to the prom and she accepts.

New Moon

In New Moon, Conner regularly sits at the lunch table with Mike Newton, and enjoys chatting about sports with him. He uninvites himself when Mike and Bella suggest a movie night together with some of their friends.


In Eclipse, he is part of the "them" or "bad" side, which hasn't re-accepted Bella for the months of depression she spent during Edward's absence. He was one of the graduate students and so was invited to the Cullens' graduation party.

Roleplay History

*DJ Garrett

DJ is lanky, has an average build, and dirty blonde hair.

D.J. was born in the late 1980s or early 1990s. He is human. He is a student at Forks High School.

Dj is skeptical, unsure, and hard working.

Book History

D.J. Garrett is a student at Forks High School. He was in his sophomore year during the events of Twilight, but only appears in Midnight Sun when Edward Cullen exits the school office and makes his way to his car in a "too-fast" speed that caught D.J.'s attention, but D.J. convinces himself that he was imagining too much.

Roleplay History


Kirk is mentioned to be "so skinny" by Angela.

Kirk is human. He was a student at Forks High School and was on the swim team.

Book History

Kirk is a character mentioned as a member of the swim team of Forks High School when Bella, Jessica, and Angela were discussing what to write about for the school newspaper. It is speculated that he uses padding for his Speedo.

Roleplay History


Sammy is a human girl. She is a student at Forks High School. She was born in 1990.

Book History

Sammy was a student of Forks High School. While getting on the school bus to their Biology field trip, she was asked to collect everyone's permission slips.

Roleplay History


Amanda is slightly tan with green eyes and dark hair. She has an average build and straight eyebrows.

She was born in 1990. Amanda is friends with those who were in her grade.

Amanda is calm, quiet, and easily impressed. She laughs a lot and worries easily.

Book History

Amanda grew up in Forks and graduated with Bella.

Roleplay History


Emmalyn is frail with small eyes and thin lips. She has curly brown hair.

She was born in 1989. Emmalyn is friends with Mike Newton.

Emmalyn is energetic but easily offended and has a good sense of humor.

Book History

Emmalyn grew up in Forks. She went to school with Bella, watchful of the Cullens, and graduated with Bella.

Roleplay History

*Katie Marshall

Katie is noted to have red hair. She is short and thin with large, innocent grey eyes. Her red hair hides her face and is hard to tame.

Katie was born in 1989. She was a student at Forks High School. She is an employee at Newton's Olympic Outfitters.

Book History

New Moon

In New Moon, when Bella invites some friends to watch a movie with her, Eric is among the invited ones, but he has already made plans with Katie to celebrate their third-week anniversary. She takes Bella's job at Newton's Olympic Outfitters when Bella announces that she wouldn't be working there over the summer.


She is also seen attending the Cullens' graduation party with Eric in Eclipse.

Roleplay History

*Lee Stephens

Lee has a broad build, medium hair, facial hair and common acne. He has blonde hair, tanned skin, and is slightly muscular.

Lee was born in 1988. He is human. He graduated from Forks High School. He is friends with those of Forks High, dating Samantha Wells.

Lee talks a lot, is a bookworm, and a bit of a show off.

Book History


He shared Bella's Bio II class in her junior year. He had to go to the nurse the day they did blood typing, accompanied to the medical room by Mike, who later invited him to La Push. He is confirmed to be dating Samantha Wells.


He was present at the Cullens' graduation party in Eclipse.

Roleplay History

*Samantha Wells

Samantha has olive skin and dark eyes, standing about 5 feet tall. She is wobbly and rounded.

Samantha was born in 1988. Samantha is human. She graduated from Forks High School Samantha is friends with people of Bella's grade, dating Lee Stephens.

Samantha is shy, hushed, and socially awkward.

Book History


Samantha appears in Twilight when she walks into the office to return a signed tardy slip while Edward Cullen is talking to Shelly Cope about his schedule. She then hurries out again, described by Edward, "as if she was in a rush to be away from school". When she opens the door, a gust of wind blew Bella's scent toward Edward, making him aware of her presence and forcing him to make an abrupt departure. She also goes down to La Push with Mike and his friends — including Bella — and appears to be dating Lee.

She is last seen at prom with the rest of her class.


Samantha is present during graduation and the Cullens' graduation party.

Roleplay History

*Jennifer "Jen" Ford

Jen is pale with a tallish build and blue eyes. She has smooth caramel hair that falls down her back.

Jen was born in 1989. She is human. She was a student at Forks High School.

Jen is friends with students at Forks High. Jen doesn't like Bella. Jen loves the center of attention and hates those who steal it. She envies Bella for Edward and had a large crush on him, although now she doesn't stand a chance.

Book History

Jennifer Ford is a student who goes to Forks High School. She has only been mentioned in the Midnight Sun draft.

She participates gym class with Bella and Mike Newton. On one occasion, she purposefully hits Bella's forehead with a badminton. Edward is able to watch the scene through Mike's thoughts.

Roleplay History


Lizzie is described with light red-gold hair, fair skin, a few gold-colored freckles that are sprinkled across her cheeks and nose, and eyes the color of cinnamon. According to Jacob, she has a one-dimpled smile.

Lizzie is human. She attends Forks High School and was born in 1992.

Book History

Breaking Dawn

Lizzie shows some interest in Jacob when she meets him, since she wants to know why he is looking upset. In an attempt to cheer him up, she jokes that he should return the car he had taken from Edward. She then begins to talk about the Aston Martin, showing quite some knowledge about cars since her father owned many. Jacob thinks that she is very pretty and sort of funny, he winds up returning to Forks.

Roleplay History

*Rob Sawyer

Rob is an average build guy with hazel eyes and blonde hair. He has a cute smile but also has to wear glasses.

Rob was born in 1988. He is human. He graduated from Forks High School.

Rob is friends with students at Forks High. He doesn't approve of Edward and Bella. Rob tends to be critical and suspicious. He is a thinker.

Book History

Rob Sawyer is a student in Edward Cullen's 6th period Spanish class.

His only known involvement in the whole series is thinking, "Ugh. Creepy," about Edward. This was said when Rob saw Edward constantly staring at nothing in particular with a massive grin on his face, and then turn to him. In reality, he was eavesdropping Bella Swan by using telepathy to peek through her classmates' thoughts.

Roleplay History

*Ashley Dowling

Ashlee is a pale girl with blue eyes and black hair. She has mousy features but a slender build.

Ashley was born in 1991. She is human. She is a student at Forks High School.

Ashlee is on uneasy terms with the Cullens. She is the daughter of John Dowling. Ashlee is mature yet easily amused. She is somewhat shy until she gets to know someone. Ashlee is also curious about the Cullens.

Book History

"… I bet everyone has asked her that. But I'd like to talk to her. I'll think of a more original question…" Ashley mused.

Ashley Dowling is a Forks High School student. She is mentioned in Midnight Sun, when Edward hears the thoughts of various students at the school once Bella has arrived.

Roleplay History

-- Other --

*Charlie Swan

Charlie has a mustache and curly brown hair, which is passed down to Renesmee; chocolate brown eyes that both Bella and Renesmee inherited. He stands about 6'0" tall and has an average build. In the movies, he has straight dark brown hair. Like Bella, he has no interest in fashion, and prefers to wear regular jeans and shirts on a daily basis. According to Bella in Breaking Dawn, his scent is more attractive to vampires than certain people, much like when she was human.

Charlie was born in 1964 in Forks, Washington. Charlie Swan is the father of Bella Swan, the ex-husband of Renee Dwyer, the maternal grandfather of Renesmee Cullen, and the father-in-law of Edward Cullen. He is the Chief of Police in Forks, Washington.

Charlie is a naturally responsible person and a loner and doesn't enjoy to be in big crowds; these traits were passed on to Bella, who was quite the loner herself before meeting the Cullens. It is also stated that Bella got her clumsiness from Charlie. At times, he could be depicted as being funny by accident. During free time, he mostly spends his time watching baseball or fishing.

Bella has said that her relationship with her father is quite odd, but she finds Charlie easier to live with since he respects her privacy when she needs it even though he is protective of her. Charlie has also been described as overbearing at times but loving. It is made obvious in the book, that Charlie has a hard time trying to be involved in Bella's life because he is shyer than her mother.

When Bella got in a near-car accident in Twilight Edward senses that Charlie loves and cares for Bella much more than he would like her to know.

In Midnight Sun, he seems to show some defense against psychic powers, as Edward finds his thoughts hard to read, and he feels the emotional direction behind his thoughts is opposed to the words. This indicates that Bella had inherited her power from him, but made it much more powerful. His granddaughter Renesmee, however, shows an opposite power, which makes her capable of penetrating a psychic barrier.

Book History

Early Life

Charlie was born and raised in Forks by his parents, Geoffrey and Helen Swan. Geoffrey and Helen were both in their mid-forties when Charlie was born; they had thought they were unable to have children, so Charlie was a huge, but very welcome, surprise. He remained an only child and stayed close to both his parents. Billy Black, Harry Clearwater, and Quil Ateara IV were his close friends since childhood. During his teenage years, Charlie always felt a little bit on the outside of his circle of friends. He attributed that distance to the fact that the others all belonged to the Quileute tribe and he did not. In reality, Billy, Harry and Quil were caught up in the secret world they were forbidden to tell Charlie about. As an adult, Charlie joined the Forks Police Department. He wanted to go to college, but his parents' health began deteriorating at the time and he felt that he needed to stay close to home. His mother was in the early stages of Alzheimer's and his father's mobility was being curtailed by severe arthritis. Charlie did everything he could to help care for them.

During Charlie's first summer as a cop, he met Renée Higginbotham. She was driving up the Pacific Highway with a group of her friends, and they stopped to camp at First Beach in La Push. Charlie was visiting Billy when he met Renée on the beach. There was an instant attraction between the two. They spent a few days together before her friends were ready to continue their journey. Renee promised to visit Charlie on the return trip. In her absence, Charlie realized just how much he had fallen for Renée. She returned as promised, and he convinced her to stay when her friends left. Renée was impetuous and romantic by nature, and she loved the passionate whirlwind relationship. Charlie quickly proposed and Renée accepted. They were married at the courthouse in Port Angeles, Washington, just a few weeks later. Charlie bought a small house down the street from his parents' home. For a little while, he and Renée were deliriously happy. Charlie was even happier when he found out Renée was pregnant with their first child a few months later.

Charlie's life took a downturn during Renée's pregnancy. Both his parents' conditions worsened, and his father needed Charlie's help with his mother every day. At the same time, depression began to take a major toll on Renée. She wanted Charlie to leave Forks with her and start over somewhere sunnier, but Charlie couldn't do that. Renée had the baby, and her depression was only compounded by the postpartum hormones. A few months after Bella was born, Renée decided she couldn't live in Forks anymore. She left with Bella, leaving Charlie devastated. Charlie wanted to follow her, but he couldn't leave his parents. He didn't contest the divorce or the child support. All he asked for was time with Bella. He did not stop loving Renée.

Four years later, within six months of each other, Geoffrey and Helen Swan died. Charlie was alone, aside from his summer visits with Bella. He devoted himself to his job and worked his way up through the ranks to become chief of police in Forks. He maintained his longtime friendship with Billy Black and Harry Clearwater, and the three friends spent a lot of their free time fishing together. Billy in particular was a great support to Charlie during the difficult years following his divorce and the loss of his parents; they became even closer. Later, when Billy lost his wife, Sarah, to a car accident, Charlie was able to be there for Billy as Billy had been for him.

When the Cullens moved to town, Charlie found their quiet presence pleasant, but Billy thought the opposite and tried to warn him. When he found out that some local boys from the Quileute reservation boycotting the hospital, it caused a rift between Billy and Charlie for a few years.

He was excited when Bella decided to move back to Forks for the rest of her school years. Furthermore, she will be living with him.


Charlie first appears in the series when he picks up Bella, who is now 17, at the airport, after deciding to move back in with him while her mother moves to Florida with her new husband. After a couple of months, Bella falls in love with Edward Cullen, a vampire who also lives in Forks. Charlie is surprised, and tentatively accepts Bella's choice, oblivious to the fact that Edward is a vampire. The couple believes that it is for the best that Charlie doesn't know the truth about Edward and his family.

New Moon

In New Moon, after Bella's accident on her 18th birthday, Edward leaves with his family, claiming that he no longer loves her, with the intention of keeping her safe. Bella subsequently falls into a long-lasting deep depression for several months, leaving Charlie hurt because of his inability to help her overcome it. He tries to move Bella to Jacksonville to live with her mother, to no avail. During this time, Charlie comes to really hate Edward for what he did, and encourages Bella to spend more time with Jacob Black, who seems to make her happier.

Later, Alice Cullen, believing that Bella was dead, had come back in confusion, and upon hearing that Edward is going to commit suicide Bella runs off with her, leaving Charlie worried sick for days. They return three days later, but Charlie bans Edward from the house, no longer trusting him, and forbids Bella from seeing him again. Bella threatens to move out if he doesn't retract his decisions, and Charlie grudgingly agrees though still grounds her in hopes of putting some distance between her and Edward. Charlie shows an obvious preference for Jacob, as he "stitched Bella up" after Edward left.

At the end of New Moon, Jacob hands in Bella's motorcycle hoping to get her grounded, not knowing that she is already grounded for leaving without explanation.


In Eclipse, Charlie still mistrusts Edward and worries that Bella's whole life is revolving around the Cullens. As a result, he agrees to end Bella's grounding under the condition that she spend time with her other friends, particularly Jacob. He tells her that Jake helped when she was hurting in a way of persuasion. Charlie makes it clear that he wants Bella to choose Jacob over Edward, especially when he approves of Jacob forcing a kiss on Bella.

Throughout the book Charlie is very worried about the mysterious murders happening in Seattle, which are being committed by Victoria, the mate of James, a vampire who once tracked Bella and was killed after the attempt. Towards the end of the book, he spends time in La Push with Billy as a ploy by Bella and the werewolves to keep him safe during the fight against Victoria and her army of newborn vampires.

Near the end of the book, Charlie has a feeling that he is going to lose Bella, and tells her to give him a warning if she decides to run off. Sometime later, Bella comes home after visiting Jacob and tells Charlie that she had chosen Edward over him, and that they had broken off. Charlie is disappointed over it, and also disapproves of her telling Jacob while he was recovering from his injuries. Charlie is forced to accept her choice, pointing out that Edward seems to care for Bella's safety more than Jacob does. Bella and Edward later decide to tell him about their engagement, saying that it is highly dangerous, as he will probably be against it.

Charlie awkwardly has "the talk" with Bella because he thinks that his daughter and Edward are sleeping together, but Bella ends the conversation by telling him that she is still a virgin, prompting him to like Edward a little better.

Breaking Dawn

At the beginning of Breaking Dawn, Bella reminisces on the day she and Edward informed Charlie about their engagement. Charlie reacts with rage when he initially thinks Bella is pregnant, but calms down when told that this isn't the case. Knowing that Renée is strongly against early marriage, Charlie does not express his own disapproval, but tells Bella that she will have to inform her mother about it herself. It turns out, however, that Renee's feelings about marriage apply only to herself and Charlie, and she accepts Bella's choice wholeheartedly. After this, Charlie feels like there is nothing he can do, and begrudgingly accepts Bella's marriage to Edward. Bella returns home to find Charlie trying his tux by Alice's pester. He is assigned with bringing Mr. Weber and his family to the Cullen house as his only job. At the wedding, he is present to see Renée give Bella a pair of blue hair clips and later walk her down the aisle.

When Charlie hears that Bella and Edward are back from their honeymoon, he is forbidden to see her. He goes crazy with worry when Carlisle falsely tells him that Bella has contracted a rare illness in South America and has been taken to Atlanta for treatment. In reality, she was pregnant with a half-human/half-vampire baby, and it was growing at an abnormal rate.

A little over a month later, Bella gives birth to a girl named Renesmee. When Jacob learns about the Cullens' plans of moving, he believes that Charlie is the main reason. So he informs Charlie about their world, in hopes that his new knowledge will keep the Cullens around for a while longer, going to the extent as to phase into his wolf-form in front of him. Charlie is shocked to discover the existence of supernatural forces, but orders Jacob and later Bella not to let him know any more than what necessary. He talks to Bella (who by now had become a vampire), and meets his granddaughter for the first time. Edward says Renesmee is his niece, and that he and Bella are adopting her. Charlie, however, figures out the truth when he stares into Renesmee's chocolate brown eyes; his chocolate brown eyes. He agrees, however, to stick to the adoption as the public story to protect them. He coos over Renesmee constantly, and states that she is prettier than any baby he has ever seen, including Bella. He is also cheered by the fact that Renesmee's middle name is "Carlie", a combination of Carlisle and Charlie. He and Bella also agree not to tell Renée about the mythical world or about Renesmee, since they knew she wouldn't be able to handle it. He also makes Bella promise to visit when they decide to move away, knowing that they won't stay forever.

Between September and December, Charlie visits the Cullens daily to hang out with his daughter and granddaughter, with Sue Clearwater as company. Whenever Renesmee did something too advanced for her appearance, he would look to her and her family for moral support, but has otherwise grown very close to his new family.

During the crisis period of the Volturi's threat, Charlie is told to stay away from the Cullen house because of the "need-to-know company". He also notices that something is not right with Bella and her family, but doesn't push to find out what is going on. He is last seen celebrating Christmas at his house with Bella, Renesmee, Edward, Jacob, Sue, Sam, Emily and the rest of Jacob's pack. He receives a sonar system used for fishing from Edward. By the end of the Twilight Saga, he has developed a romantic relationship with Sue.

Roleplay History

*Renée Dwyer

Renée and Bella look alike in their features. She has medium length brown hair, innocent, childish blue eyes and a round face full of laugh lines. Her height is around 5'4".

Renée Higginbotham Dwyer (formerly Swan) was born to Marie Higginbotham and her husband, in 1968 in Downey, California. She is Phil Dwyer's wife, the ex-wife of Charlie Swan, the mother of Bella Swan, the mother-in-law of Edward Cullen, and the grandmother of Renesmee Cullen.

She used to be a waitress and is now a teacher for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades.

Renée is described by Bella as very eccentric, an experimental chef, forgetful, and very perceptive in a childish way. She tends to shift her hobbies and interests from one to another, such as yoga, but never sticks with any of them for very long.

Renée has very negative views of early marriages, since she married Charlie right out of high school. This is something Bella feared when she got engaged to Edward. Renée, however, told her that those views of marriage only apply to herself. Edward says that her thoughts are childish, but she sees the world very clearly. Renée describes herself as someone who "repels technology" as she is always misplacing her phone charger. According to Bella, she is more like the mother and Renée the child. She is also shown to be good at sewing, having presented Bella with a quilt out of her trip T-shirts in Eclipse for her graduation present.

Book History

Early Life

Renée was born in Downey, California. Her parents divorced when she was still a child, and she never had much contact with her father. Her mother, Marie, was a difficult and bitter woman, but also hardworking and loyal. Renée had a very different personality: fun-loving, creative and artistic, but flighty and inconsistent. She did not do well in school, despite the fact that she tested well. During her teenage years she was unable to hold onto a job for long, though she always interviewed very well.

The first year after high school, Renée, who could no longer take living with her pessimistic mother, moved in with a friend who had space available in her small apartment, working several temporary jobs to pay for it. The next summer, one of her girlfriends decided to take a month off and travel the length of the Pacific coast, camping along the way. This was exactly the kind of adventure that she loved. She went on the trip with a few other girls, having no idea where she would live when she got back, if her roommate rented the space to someone else.

On First Beach, Renée met Charlie Swan. She was instantly attracted to him because of his difference from her ex-boyfriends: serious and responsible, yet funny and kind. They spent a few days together before she departed, but not before promising Charlie that she would visit on her way back. Renée missed Charlie for the rest of the trip, and when she returned to Forks, she was easily convinced to stay for a little while longer. Renée loved being in love, and she loved feeling like she was living an adventure. When Charlie proposed, getting married sounded like the perfect cap to the whirlwind romance. They were married by a justice of the peace, with only Charlie's parents and three best friends in attendance. Renée sent her mother a picture of the wedding, but she didn't respond.

At first, Renée enjoyed the novelty of being married. Charlie was easier to live with than her mother, and his passionate adoration of her was quite pleasant. She had a great deal of fun decorating their little house and loved his quiet and kind parents. While living in Forks, she worked as a waitress, where she loved meeting new people.

Renée was excited when she found out that she was pregnant, and learned to knit and decorate the nursery. She wrote to her mother again, and this time Marie sent a gift: her own mother's handmade quilt. Renée was touched. However, after a few months, everything started to get stale. The constant covering of clouds and rain depressed her, and Charlie's busy time at work and caring for his parents left her unhappy and trapped. Though she loved Charlie, there was no adventure left in their now staid relationship.

Renée gave birth to Bella Swan on September 13, 1987. After her daughter was born, she became more responsible in her ways around the house. Her unhappy time did not brighten up, though. She hated the thought of letting Bella grow up in the gloomy town and begged Charlie to leave with her, though she knew that was not a kind thing to ask. Finally, she decided to leave on her own and get her life in order, for Bella's sake. She realized that she had made some life-altering decisions without much thought, and she wanted to start over and proceed more carefully. They divorced in March 1988.

She moved back in with her mother, who was still difficult, but who doted on Bella. She enrolled in school and got her elementary education degree - spending time with Bella had made her realize that she was good with children and enjoyed them. Once she had her degree and a job, she moved to Riverside with Bella and found a job in kindergarten. Bella grounded Renée, who found ways to be satisfied with small changes in her hobbies and recreational activities. She made many close friends among the other teachers.

Renée's life was still chaotic, however, as she always got herself into heavy situations. As Bella grew, she began to assume many of the adult responsibilities in the home, simply because she was better suited to them than Renée was. When she took over the bookkeeping at age 10, their lives became much easier.

They lived in Riverside until Bella was 6 years old. Bella and Renée then moved to Phoenix, Arizona where they remained for 5 years, after Renée's mother passed away. She got a job there.

Though she missed Charlie, she did her best to keep herself from becoming entangled with other men romantically, worried about the impact such a relationship would have on Bella. When Bella was in her teens, she realized that her mother was lonely and encouraged her to date.


After a few failed relationships, Renée met a minor league baseball player named Phil Dwyer. They married before the beginning of Twilight, when Bella was 17.

Because Bella was attending school in Phoenix, Renée couldn't spend very much time with Phil who traveled around because of his job, and thus she was unhappy. Bella decided to live with her father,Charlie Swan, in Forks, so Renée and Phil could have more time together.

The first time Renée meets Edward is in Twilight, after Bella was attacked by James, in the hospital. Edward tells her that Bella fell down two flights of stairs and went through a window, which resulted in her bad injury. She later tries to convince Bella to move to Jacksonville with her and Phil, only to have Bella refuse and decide to stay in Forks with Edward and Charlie.

New Moon

Renée remains absent in New Moon, but has been mentioned by Charlie. According to him, Renée visited Forks shortly after Edward and his family left, when Bella became catatonic. She intended to move Bella to Jacksonville to help her move on, but she snapped immediately in front of them. She convinced them to let her stay, but Renée remained increasingly worried about her daughter's health condition until Jacob made her feel better. Edward's return made her daughter completely normal again.


In Eclipse, while Phil is busy with work, Bella and Edward spend a weekend to visit Renée in Jacksonville. Her focus was sharpened because of Phil's absence. She told Bella she noticed that Edward was very intense and protective around her, and she felt like she was missing out on something. But Bella quickly reminds her that she has been reading too many mystery and sci-fi novels, and tells her to stick to romance.

Breaking Dawn

In Breaking Dawn, Bella tells Renée about her engagement with Edward, and, despite her reluctance against teen marriage, she accepts her daughter's decision wholeheartedly, much to everyone's surprise and Charlie's dismay. She is present while making wedding plans with Esme and during her daughter's wedding. She and Charlie give Bella an antique hair comb containing sapphires for something old and something blue.

Renée becomes a grandmother during Bella and Edward's honeymoon, but she does not learn of the existence of her granddaughter, Renesmee, nor does she know that Bella has become a vampire afterward due to their worries about her being unable to handle the changes. Charlie has agreed to keep her in the dark in order to keep all of them safe. She is only told that her daughter got sick following the wedding, and is slowly recovering.

Roleplay History

*Phil Dwyer

Phil's physical description is never fully explored, but it is known that he is bald, has blue eyes and is around 6 feet tall.

Phil was born in 1975. He is a minor league baseball player and a High School Baseball Coach.

From Bella's description, Phil seems to be a decent man and very accepting to Bella. Like Renée, he has an adventurous spirit and lives to travel with his job.

Book History

Early Life

Phil married Renée the same month Bella turned 17. They had planned to get married in Mexico, but that did not happen. Though Bella didn't like the fact that her mother remarried with someone younger than her, she found Phil quite decent and accepted him, and Phil adapted to Bella. However, because he was a minor league baseball player, he spent a majority of his time away from his new family. Renée stayed home with Bella, but she always missed him. Seeing how lonely her mom felt, Bella decided to move back to Forks and live with her biological father, Charlie, so Renée and Phil could travel together.


In Twilight, Bella notes that Phil gave her a CD of his favorite band when she left, and she listens to it while in Forks. Eventually, Phil is able to get a contract signed with the Suns, a minor league baseball team located in Jacksonville, Florida, and he and Renée move there together. When Bella is taken to the hospital, Renée texts Phil to reassure him and tells him to stay in Florida.


In Eclipse, Bella and Edward pay a visit to Renée and Phil in Florida, but due to his busy schedule, he is constantly absent. Before Bella's graduation, Phil attempted to demonstrate a slide and tangled up with the catcher and broke his thigh bone, causing him and Renée to be unable to attend Bella's graduation.

Breaking Dawn

Phil makes his first and only official appearance in the series at Bella and Edward's wedding at the end of summer. Like Renée, he has no knowledge of the existence of his step-granddaughter, Renesmee Cullen, or that Bella has become a vampire.

Roleplay History

*Solomon Finau

Solomon Finau is Rebecca Black's husband, the son-in-law of Billy and Sarah Black, and brother-in-law of Jacob and Rachel Black. He is a professional surfer originating from Samoa.

Book History

Solomon married Rebecca right after she turned eighteen and moved to Hawaii to live with him, partly to escape the memories of her deceased mother still lingering in La Push.

Solomon is a Samoan surfer who travels around the world to compete. Like his wife, he knows nothing about the existence of vampires or the secret heritage of her tribe.

Roleplay History

*Isaac Weber

Isaac is human and was born in 1996 in Forks Washington.

Book History

Isaac Weber is the younger brother of Angela Weber. He has a twin brother named Joshua. He only appears in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, where he plays a very minor role. He was seen in the graduation where he and his brother watch their sister get her diploma. He was also seen with his family at Bella and Edward's wedding in Breaking Dawn.

Roleplay History

*Joshua Weber

Joshua is human and was born in 1996 in Forks Washington.

Book History

Joshua Weber is Angela Weber's younger brother and Isaac Weber's twin. He plays a minor role in the series, attending the graduation in Eclipse, where he watched his sister get her award. Joshua made another appearance during Breaking Dawn at Bella and Edward's wedding.

Roleplay History

*John Dowling

John is the father of Ashley Dowling. He is human. He works as a mechanic.

Book History

John Dowling is a mechanic with a reputation for his high pricing. He is mentioned in New Moon, when Bella acquires two old motorcycles.

Roleplay History

*J. Jenks

J is a short and balding middle-aged American, paunchy, probably at least fifty five. Whenever he is nervous, he trembles, blanched to a sickly paste color, with sweat beading on his forehead. He also wears expensive clothing.

J was born in the 1950s in Seattle, Washington. He also goes by Jason Jenks and Jason Scott. He is a full-time lawyer and part-time purveyor of illegal documents in his fifties. He has worked with Jasper Hale since the late 1980s.

He appears to be a very nervous man, mostly due to his fear of Jasper, provided by his power to control his emotions, and by extension, any other member of the Cullen family. The bad reputation of his forging activities notwithstanding, he is an old man with a kind heart, and is very careful with whom he deals with.

Book History

Early Life

J. Jenks was born sometime in the 1950s, in Seattle, Washington. He is known in certain circles as being one of the best document forgers available. He has worked with Jasper Hale since the late 1980s; his old partner and mentor knew Jasper for fifteen years before him.

He has Max run the downtown office as a contact point for criminals who need legal documents, and conducts legitimate business as "Jason Jenks", an attorney with a fancy office in the skyscraper in Seattle, and as Jason Scott, an attorney with a modest practice in the suburbs.

J. Jenks is aware that the Cullen family are out of the ordinary, having noticed that Jasper never ages, but does not know that they are vampires. Because he is paid well, and because Jasper has manipulated his emotions to ensure his fear of the Cullens, Jenks always gives him top priority and does not talk about his family to others.

Breaking Dawn

In Breaking Dawn, Alice left Jenks' downtown address to Bella, which led her to Max, Jason's agent, who in turn sends her to him. Initially he assumed Bella was Jasper's wife, leading Bella to think that Alice gave her the address and that Jenks had no idea what Alice looked like.

Later on, during the second meeting with Bella, he is told that she is the wife of Jasper's brother, and he wishes her and the rest of the Cullens' happiness and health. Bella employs him to forge birth certificates, passports, and a driver's license for herself and Renesmee. Over the course of their relationship, he becomes more relaxed with Bella than he is with Jasper. An honorable man, he is under the belief that she intends to use them to kidnap Renesmee from her father, and despite his fear of the Cullen's retribution, he initially expresses reservations about giving her the requested documents. Bella assures him that this is not the case. She afterwards decides to take over all relations with him in order to spare him any further stress.

Roleplay History


Max has crinkly black hair, dark and smooth skin, and straight white teeth. He wears exceptionally fine clothing under his long, ragged duster.

Max was born in Seattle, Washington.

Max assists J. Jenks in his underhanded business dealings. His primary duty is to sit on the porch of an old, run-down building in Seattle and relay messages back to his boss. Though his job is basically criminal, he is well-paid.

Max is always careful with his customers and cautious of people who seem suspicious; however, he has a weak knee for beautiful women.

Book History

Early Life

Max was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. He was hired by J. Jenks, a lawyer and part-time criminal assistant, to assist him in his underhanded business dealings; his primary duty was to sit on the porch of an old, run-down building and relay messages back to his boss.

Breaking Dawn

Max is on duty when Bella appears at his location in Breaking Dawn—during her crisis with the Volturi. He is immediately attracted to her beauty, and when she smiles at him his heart rate accelerates. He expresses visible disappointment when he finds out that she is married.

Being used to working with criminals, he was initially suspicious of her, because she did not fit the description of the usual people who approached him, and wondered if she is possibly an agent of sorts that could get his boss in trouble, which would leave him unemployed. Bella persuades him to contact J; when she tells him her name is "Cullen", J has her led to his office for an immediate meeting. Bella later finds herself 'owing' Max for tipping her off about the sort of secret, illegal work that J does.

Roleplay History


Bella described April as being a 'blandly pretty blonde'.

Book History

April is the receptionist at J. Jenks' main office. She takes Bella to his office after his direct order to bring "Ms. Cullen" in to see him immediately, even if it interrupts any other appointment. She offered Bella coffee or tea, which were all politely declined.

Roleplay History


In the book, Amber is described as a Caucasian girl with short black hair. Edward hardly noticed her, implying that she did not smell as enticing as Bella, or that her thoughts do not interest him.

Amber was born in the late 1980s or early 1990s. Amber is a waitress at La Bella Italia, an Italian restaurant in the town of Port Angeles, Washington.

Book History


Amber served Edward Cullen and Bella Swan the night Bella was attacked and nearly raped by several men while returning to her friends after an attempt to find a suitable bookstore. When Amber takes the order of Bella's mushroom ravioli and Coke, she seems to be paying more attention to Edward than to her, showing her attraction to him. She is very warm and smiles at Edward a lot, while ignoring Bella. In Meyer's draft of Midnight Sun, Amber places her phone number next to the bill, but Edward does not take it and instead leaves a big tip to hope it will make up for not taking the phone number.

Roleplay History

*Deputy Steve

Book History

Deputy Steve is a minor character in the Twilight Saga. He works with Charlie Swan at the police station. He is only mentioned in New Moon when Bella calls Charlie to ask for directions to the Blacks' house. Due to his connection with Charlie, it can be assumed that he was one of the police officers who took part in the search party.

Roleplay History


Jackie is in her middle age. She has black hair, mixed with a little gray. Jackie appears to be of Asian descent.

Book History

Jackie is a nurse who briefly appeared in the Twilight. She was examining Bella Swan before Carlisle Cullen walked in to take over from her.

Roleplay History

*Brett Warner

Brett is a registered nurse at Forks Hospital and was described as having a grizzled face.

Book History

Brett Warner's only known appearance is in Twilight after Bella Swan was almost killed in a car crash. He arrived with an EMT and is apparently a friend of Carlisle Cullen and very familiar with him, since he addressed him after Edward saved Bella's life.

Roleplay History

*Perrine Beyure

Book History

"He's not a major designer, Bella, so there's no need to throw a hissy fit. He's got promise, though, and he specializes in what I need." - Alice

Perrine Buyere is Alice Cullen's trusted fashion designer, and designs Bella's wedding gown.

Roleplay History

*Harold Greene

Harold is described as having a stern voice and small eyes.

Harold Greene is the principal of Forks High School.

Book History


He first appears in Eclipse when he stops Edward and Jacob as they were going to fight in the school parking lot. He also appears at the graduation ceremony where he calls names for students to receive their diplomas.

He has a preference for the Cullens because of their perfect academic history. He also considers Jacob somewhat of a troublemaker, even offering to call the police to remove him from the school grounds.

Roleplay History

*Bob Banner

Bob Banner is Bella Swan and Edward Cullen's Biology II teacher during their junior year in the novels. It is the class where they first meet and communicated.

Book History


When Bella Swan arrives at his class on her first day at school, he hands her the textbooks and immediately shows her her seat rather than make her introduce herself to the class. Bella sensed that they were going to get along because of that.

One week later, he assigns his students to partner up and separate the onion root tip cells into the phases of mitosis and label them. To his surprise, Bella had already studied a similar subject back in Phoenix. He had read through textbooks all week on the subject.

Roleplay History

*Julia Hammond

Julia Hammond is the resident nurse at Forks High School.

Book History


Julia Hammond's only appearance in the series is when Edward Cullen carries Bella Swan into her office after Bella fainted from the sight of blood and she tends to the student. After Bella began to feel better, another student is brought in by Mike Newton and Julia moves her attention to him.

Roleplay History

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*Minor Canon Characters*


His hair is black and his body is described to be wiry and slight, and stands about 5'10 ft.

Joham was born in the late 1560s in Portugal and was turned by a female vampire in the early 1600s when he was approximately 40 years old.

Joham is a naturally obsessive and curious person, with an ever curious scientist with deep interest of the vampire world and what it could accomplish. This curiosity was what motivated him to father half-human half-vampire breeds. Furthermore, he had a deep interest in the occult and how it could be proven or debunked by rational thought.

He thinks of humans as nothing more than food and of no value while thinking himself and his kind gods. He is also careful with his actions, as mentioned when he did not attempt to eliminate Huilen to make his son join him, knowing it would cause more harm than good. Also, he is an avid liar, able to come up with the perfect lies and excuses when prepared for what is to come. His first failure was his son's unexpected reaction to his origin and his connection to his late mother.

Book History

Early Life

Joham was born in Portugal, and considered himself a scientist with an obsessive personality. He would not let his theories go until they had been fully investigated. He became obsessed with the occult and how it related to rational thought. This investigation led him into meeting a female vampire, who was amused by Joham's curiosity and transformed him. He mainly focused on the study of vampire abilities until he was drawn to the idea of creating vampire-human hybrids. To test this possibility, he had to mate with a human female; this took several years and caused many casualties, mainly due to his lack of control, until, after sixty years, his first success was Serena. She was the only one he monitored from conception until maturity. His second child was Maysun, who was born in Algeria. By the time of her birth, Joham's curiosity about hybrid growth had been satisfied and he had Serena raise her.

Around the time of Maysun's and Nahuel's births, Joham conceived three more children, but the mothers died before the children reached full term and died along. It was during this time that Joham was labelled the Libishomen. Nahuel was his most difficult challenge since his mother, Pire, was his singer. Joham was working on the idea that human women with better-smelling blood might conceive faster. After learning that she was pregnant, he left her. Once Pire gave birth, he sent Serena to pick up the child. But when she was about to get him, she found baby Nahuel with a newborn vampire protecting him. She assumed the vampire was the child's mother and didn't approach her for fear of her reaction. Several years later, Joham contacted his daughter about the child. She informed him of what she had seen, and he was disappointed that another vampire had interfered. However, he was thrilled to learn he had a son, and that he was capable of transforming humans into full vampires when his daughters couldn't.

Joham was unprepared to face the anger of Huilen, for what he did to her sister. He was also unprepared for Nahuel's reaction when he spoke of his dead mother insensitively. He didn't think Huilen and Nahuel would be so sensitive towards human lives. Joham decided not to alienate his son further by killing his aunt, but Nahuel still remains on bad terms with him.

Joham tried to convince other vampires into taking part with his hybrid experiments, so his children could have mates of their own kind. A couple were taken by the idea but gave up in after finding they didn't have the discipline to control themselves. Joham was careful not to let the Volturi know, and so kept his experiments secretive.

His newest daughter was Jennifer born in Ohio, in 1991, who she was raised mainly by Serena with involvement from Joham to avoid a situation like Nahuel.

He would occasionally send his daughters to visit Nahuel in hopes that they could soften his son to him.

Breaking Dawn

In Breaking Dawn when the Volturi arrive in Forks to punish the Cullen family, Nahuel suggests that Joham is the person they really should look up, implying his days are numbered.

Roleplay History


Huilen is described as a small olive-toned female vampire with a long braid of black hair bobbing against her back. Her English is very accented. As a human-feeding vampire, her eyes are burgundy in color, which darken the longer she does not feed.

Hulien was born in the mid-1830s in Mapuche territory, South America and was turned by Nahuel around 1850 when she was 17 years old. Huilen is the only vampire known to be turned by a hybrid.

Huilen has a discomfort of leaving her traditional lands, and distrusts vampires due to what Joham did to her sister, the Cullens being the first exception. Though she blames her nephew for her sister's death, she nevertheless learned to love him and care for him.

Book History

Early Life

Huilen was a member of the Mapuche tribe in the mid-1800s. Her people made a living from farming and selling livestock.

Her closest friend was her younger sister, Pire. Only one year separated them, and in a way they were like twins. They used their own shorthand language between them refusing to share it with anyone else. Pire was the beautiful one, and Huilen was the strong and capable one. Because of their closeness, Huilen knew when anything changed in Pire's life. However, Pire didn't like to confide in Huilen. Eventually, her sister told her about an angel coming to visit her every night and that she was carrying his child. Knowing that the child was the offspring of a vampire, she fled to the forest with her sister to keep them safe, leaving the rest of their family behind.

Huilen hunted for her sister when her strength failed. Approximately one month later, the child ripped apart Pire's body, who begged her sister to care for her child, whom she had named Nahuel, and Huilen reluctantly agreed. Her sister died from the birth seconds later. When Huilen tried to lift the baby, it bit her and turned her into a vampire. When Nahuel's older half-sister, Serena, tried to claim her nephew, Huilen chased her away. Over the years, Huilen had learned to love her nephew and told him wonderful things about her dead sister. Though she did not intend to make Nahuel feel guilty for his mother's death, she did indeed hold him responsible for it. A few years later, Nahuel's father, Joham, looked them up and was pleased to find out that he had fathered a son, who could also turn a human into a vampire. He expected Nahuel to join him, like his half-sisters. He refused, unsurprisingly since he already had a family with Huilen and did not appreciate his father's lifestyle. She was happy to see his refusal. Afterwards, Joham occasionally sent his daughters to try and persuade her nephew to join them to no avail. However, Nahuel has revisited some of them with Huilen.

Breaking Dawn

In Breaking Dawn, Kachiri, Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale seek out Huilen and Nahuel in South America. Alice tells them about their family's crisis and their need of their necessary assistance. Agreeing to help, Huilen and Nahuel travel to Forks, where they witness against the Volturi that Renesmee, another half-human, half-vampire hybrid, is not a threat to the vampires' secret world. Huilen tells the Volturi her history before Aro starts asking Nahuel questions. After the Volturi left, she stays behind with her nephew during the celebration and is one of the last to leave. Bella assumed that she and Nahuel would have gone with the Amazon coven, but they departed earlier.

Roleplay History


Nahuel is an extremely handsome young man of indigenous descent with rich dark brown skin, eyes the color of warm teak, and extremely attractive features. Like his aunt, he is short, standing at 5 feet and 7 inches. He wears his black hair in a braid past his shoulders. Bella comments him as "beautiful". His English is only slightly accented. In the movie adaptation, he is taller and muscular, with only an olive tone to his skin.

Like Renesmee and all vampire hybrids, he has a rapidly beating heart and blood circulating in his body. His skin shows a faint illumination when exposed to sunlight, allowing him to blend in better with humans. He most likely lives on human blood since he shares a life with Huilen.

Nahuel (pronounced: Nah-well) is a human/vampire hybrid from South America. Being roughly 150 years old, he lives with his biological aunt, Huilen, and is the only known male hybrid and the only venomous one in the series.

Nahuel, much like Edward in the beginning, had thought very negatively of himself, and always had self-hatred for the life he had taken from his mother. He is also quite determined, as his father and sisters have tried multiple times to persuade him to join them to no avail. He can also be depicted as caring and more human than any of them.

When he meets Renesmee, another hybrid, and her parents, he sees the ideal perfection of what his parents should have been: His father should have been as caring and loving as Edward: and his mother should have lived the life that Bella has. After meeting the family, he comes to realize that his existence doesn't necessarily mean he is an evil creation and begins to forgive himself, learning to think more positively.

As a vampire hybrid, he displays the same abilities of full vampires, supernatural senses, strength, and speed, but to a lesser degree. His skin is harder than granite and his bones, including his razor sharp teeth and nails, are nearly unbreakable. Because of his human traits, he can easily blend in with humans and hide his physical abilities. His saliva is venomous enough to induce a person's conversion into a vampire, as proven when he turned his aunt. Differently from his half-sisters and Renesmee, who do not produce venom, he does; it is unclear whether this is due to random inheritance or actual gender difference.

Book History

Early Life

In the mid-1800s, Huilen and her sister Pire lived with the Mapuche (Native people of Chile). Pire was a very beautiful woman and one day told her sister about an 'angel' that found her in the woods and used to visit her during the night. Huilen knew that this 'angel' was a Libishomen from their legends, or vampire, and warned her sister. But she did not listen and soon Pire discovered she was pregnant with the vampire's child. Knowing that the Mapuche people would want to destroy the child, Pire and Huilen ran away to the deepest part of the forest. Pire tried to find the father of her unborn son, but without success. Huilen cared for her sister during her dangerously rapidly progressing pregnancy, by hunting for her and trying to keep her alive through the hard time. Huilen wanted to kill the monster child, but Pire loved the vampire's child growing in her womb, even when he broke her bones. She named him Nahuel, after the jungle cat. Huilen was unable to save Pire's life when Nahuel ripped his way free of his mother's womb, killing her quickly.

As Pire was dying, she begged her sister to care for her child, and Huilen reluctantly agreed. Nahuel's very first post birth memory is of Huilen's scent, and of her face as she tried to lift him from his mother's body. He bit her and changed her into a vampire. After he found himself essentially alone and abandoned in the forest, he followed her scent to her, teaching himself to crawl in his first day of life. When Huilen's transformation was complete, they began their nomadic life. He learned to speak two weeks after birth.

His sister, Serena, came looking for him but Huilen chased her away with her newborn strength. They resided in the South American forests since then. Grieving the death of her sister, Huilen told him wonderful things about his mother, which made him hate himself. Though she never intended for the knowledge to turn into self-hatred, she did hold him responsible for her death. However, she also learned to love him over the years.

Nahuel's father, a vampire named Joham, came looking for him a few years later wanting his only son to join him. Joham believes he is creating a super-race with human/vampire hybrid children. He has three other hybrid daughters, and raises them to think of humans as animals. Nahuel does not like his father's way of thinking and refused to join him, as he already has a family with Huilen.

Nahuel was sad about his family. He was happy to have Hulien, but thought his father should be a better person than he actually was and that his mother deserved the life that Bella had. He also saw himself as an evil creation because his birth killed his mother.

Breaking Dawn

Nahuel and Huilen are sought by Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale and Kachiri in South America. Alice and Jasper ask for their help to testify for their family on occasion of the Volturi's intent to destroy them after Renesmee, a newborn vampire hybrid, was mistaken to be an immortal child.

Together, they travel to Forks with Alice and Jasper, arriving just in time to prevent a battle from being commenced. He informs the Volturi on his own nature and his father's plans, but that his sisters have not committed any crime. Nahuel's testimony is critical in convincing them that Renesmee is not a threat, and after the confrontation, Nahuel was one of the last to leave. During his stay in the aftermath, his eyes are focused at Bella, but she mistakes him for looking at Renesmee, the only half-vampire he is not related to. Edward later clarifies that he was staring at Bella.

In truth, Nahuel's encounter with the Cullens changed him. He sees in Edward what his father should have been, and in Bella the life his mother should have had. He also realizes that since Bella survived giving birth to a hybrid, then he himself isn't necessarily an evil creature, and is finally able to forgive himself for his mother's death.

Roleplay History


Maysun is a human/vampire hybrid. She is the second daughter of Joham, the younger half-sister of Serena, and the older half-sister of Nahuel and Jennifer.

Book History

Early Life

Maysun was born one decade after her older sister Serena, in Algeria to an native woman, whom she is named after. Serena found her shortly after her birth and raised her under Joham's orders. He was no longer curious about the maturity process of hybrids since he witnessed Serena's maturity and did not find the need to observe Maysun.

She was occasionally sent by Joham to soften Nahuel up to him, since, unlike Serena, Nahuel liked Maysun quite a bit, even though he did not return her visits, unlike her youngest sister, Jennifer.

Roleplay History


Jennifer is a human/vampire hybrid. She is the youngest daughter of Joham and the youngest half-sister of Serena, Maysun and Nahuel. Like her sisters, she is named after her mother.

Jennifer was born in 1991 in Ohio. She is loyal to her father Joham.

Book History

Early Life

Jennifer was born in Ohio, and raised by her older half-sisters and father.

Because Nahuel developed a different perspective about human life than his father due to his absence, Joham stayed closer with Jennifer to avoid a similar situation.

Jennifer would occasionally be sent by Joham to to visit Huilen and Nahuel, in hopes of softening her brother's view on their father and persuade him to join their family. She is described by Nahuel as his favorite sister, and is the only one whose visits he returned. On occasion, he convinces Huilen to return her visits.

Roleplay History


Serena is a human/vampire hybrid. She is the first daughter of Joham, the older half-sister of Maysun, and the oldest half-sister of Nahuel, and Jennifer, and the first known hybrid in existence.

Serena was born in 1810 in Norway.

Serena is more devotive to her father than the rest of her siblings. She is described by Nahuel as being too much like Joham, and thus her siblings do not like her.

Book History

Early Life

Serena was born around 1810 in Norway, and was named after her mother. Joham raised her and stayed with her while studying her maturing process until she reached maturity, and then left her and went on his own. After his second daughter Maysun was born, Joham contacted Serena and told to take care of her sister until she was old enough to hold a conversation with.

When Nahuel was born, Joham ordered her to pick him up, but she got thwarted by Huilen, Nahuel's vampire aunt. Since her father did not leave her any way to contact him, she waited until he did. She told him about the vampire that stopped her, which upset him but also pleased when he learned that he had fathered a son. After his son refused to join his family, Joham fathered another daughter, Jennifer, and stayed closer to her than to his other children, careful not to repeat situation like Nahuel's again.

Roleplay History


Boris was depicted as a fun-loving vampire who enjoyed human revelry and was flattered with Laurent's admiration. He was also described to share a similar personality to George, only he did not enjoy taunting humans as much.

Book History

Early Life

Boris was born in Russia. When he visited the French court as a powerful Russian ambassador, he was flattered with Laurent's admiration. The two struck a friendship. When it was time for Boris to leave due to the number of vanished serving men and women that was beginning to attract notice, he invited Laurent to go with him, which he accepted.

He became so close to Laurent that he eventually told him the truth about himself. Laurent begged to have the same gift of power and immortality. Boris was happy to comply. Over time, Laurent grew tired of his jovial habits and left to find more powerful vampire groups.

Roleplay History


George had long, blond, curly hair. His beauty was so mesmerizing that it caught Alistair's attention.

George was a vampire who lived in London during the 14th century and went by the alias "Astaroth"—a prince of Hell. He was the creator of Alistair.

From description, George was seemingly a very dark character, who showed no mercy to human life. He enjoyed taunting humans who sought help from the occult and offered the things they held most dear in exchange for his assistance.

Book History

Early Life

George loved the idea of taunting humans by making them believe that he was a prince from Hell, using the alias "Astaroth". He led on humans in love with the occult, asking them to sacrifice everything they held most dear in exchange for his supernatural assistance, because he liked to see how far humans would go for their goals even though he had the power to take it all by force.

Alistair's father wanted to make his son king of England, and believed that George could give him that power by changing him into a vampire. After Alistair was taken to the secret tunnels of London, George gave him a few pointers: to stay out of the sun and avoid drawing too much attention, then he bit him and disappeared.

When Alistair returned home as a newborn vampire, he found the house empty and realized that his father had made the deal of transforming him in exchange for the rest of his family to George.

Roleplay History


From description, Luca seems to be a generous, devotive and family-motivated person. Though he chooses one family member to be changed into a vampire every few centuries, he would respect that chosen one's wishes if he or she chooses otherwise. He dedicates his entire existence to providing for his family and maintaining the thin secrecy of vampirism.

Book History

Early Life

Luca, Makenna, and Renata came from a vampire-friendly Maltese family that worked together to preserve their family line. He was converted into a vampire around 400 BC. Unlike most vampires, Luca did not leave his family behind; he continued to look after his family's prosperity and safety. With a vampire on their side, the family prospered greatly. Everyone in the family was in on the secret and thought of Luca as a kind of personal family saint. One of Luca's relatives, a distant nephew, joined him, but later chose to go on his own rather than staying a part of the family, which disappointed Luca. He then looked for another family member to help him preserve the family line, and turned a few more of his relatives into vampires, two of which became his constant companions while others left the family for various reasons.

When the Volturi came to offer Renata, one of Luca's descendants, a place within the guard, Luca encouraged her to take up on their offer in order to avoid conflict; his family's knowledge of real vampires and his interaction with them was already a grey area.

He continued to look after his family's prospects. Eventually, it became a family tradition for Luca to choose one descendant or two to change into vampires every other century. When Makenna, one of the chosen ones, fell in love with a man named Charles, Luca reasoned that she could indeed abandon her destiny to be with him as a human, but she decided to follow it through anyway. A few years later, Charles joined their family as a vampire. Makenna changed him personally, knowing Luca would never change someone outside of the family.

Roleplay History

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End of Canon Characters

Start of Made Up Characters:

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*The Australian Coven*

*Simon was born in 1894 to a rich family, and grew up relatively pampered, so he was pretty cocky and self-centered. In 1914, at age twenty, he joined the military and went off to go into World War One, thinking he'd be this great war hero, only to get shot right off the bat for the most part. When the battle was over, and he was on one of the makeshift hospital bed in the medical tent nearing death, a vampire came along in the night and, seeing he was close to dying, bit him, doing so out of gratitude for serving his country, and took him away so nobody would hear the screaming. When he woke up, the vampire that bit him told him everything that had happened a little bit before, during, and after he had bitten him, along with the basics of the supernatural world and vampires, and then just up and left. Simon returned to Australia, where he ran into an injured Declan in an alleyway, and bit him to aid him, no longer as arrogant as he was before, beginning to for his own coven. Human lookalike: https:// s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/21/c3/cc/21c3cc892cee92745e1e6b2ba95b5eeb.jpg

*Declan was born in 1896, Declan lived with his uncle after his father left his mother, and his mother died giving birth to him. His uncle abused him, beating him, saying that it was his fault his beloved sister died. At nineteen, he up and left in the night. Only, unlike Estelle, his uncle notice he was missing, and went out to look for him. After a few years of looking he eventually found him walking around in the nearest town, he took him into an alley, beat him nearly to death, and left him there to die. As he lay there dying, Simon ran into him and bit him, trying to help. Simon moved Declan to his hut in the woods while he was transforming, so that nobody would hear the screams. Eventually, he awoke from his transformation three days later. Simon was there, and after calming him down, informed him of what he was and of everything about the supernatural world that the vampire that bit him told him. In his debt, Declan stayed with him, the two forging a brotherly bond. Thirty years later, Declan ran into Estelle while she was running away, and though he planned to feed from her, he decided as she pleaded for her life that he would turn her instead. Human lookalike: http:// media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/e3/ea/c4/e3eac4817a7a0fab3de7ee6dccd57159.jpg

*Estelle was born in 1915 to a widowed mother, her father dying in World War One. Due to her husband's death, her mother grew paranoid and controlling, keeping her inside. Estelle became so lonely and mentally troubled that she began talking to animals that would appear outside her bedroom window and on her windowsill. Eventually, at eighteen, she had enough and ran away, only to run into Declan while he was out hunting. Declan planned to feed on her, but as she begged for her life he decided to turn her instead. She is telepathic with animals, and has Declan as a mate. Human lookalike: http:// cdnpix.com/show/imgs/dd3dfe1a4deee2d563ff53eb5f9e56ac.jpg

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*South African Coven*

*Dominick is a very old vampire who doesn't remembering any of his life before being turned. He hates the Volturi for they are power hungry, but agrees with their rules. One day on a hunting trip, he came across a poor village. Dominick set prey on a pretty young woman, attracted by her happiness. For some reason, he couldn't finish off the girl and changed her, later becoming her mate. Human lookalike: https:// s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/2c/90/ea/2c90ea0556e7992d680129ec4a463000.jpg

*Sondra used to live in an African village full of poverty and crime. Though life was rough Sondra remained cheerful. This cheerful attitude is what attracted Dominick. After being transformed, she knew she couldn't return, and left with Dominick, falling in love with him and becoming his mate. Being a vampire was hard for her at first, and still is, because due to the sun, her and her mate can only hunt at night and must control themselves during the day. Human lookalike: http:// www.naturalhaircarenews.com/NHCNpix/Teyonah%20Parris.jpg

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*The German Coven*

*Alaric is the leader of the German coven. He was in his late 20s when he was changed. He was changed by his friend who wanted a travel companion. However, his friend broke many rules and was executed by the Volturi leaving Alaric alone. He traveled around for decades looking for a mate until one day while on a hunt he met Analiese. The two of them then started their own coven. He is calm, collected and fair although he won't shy away from a fight. He tends not to get along with others and he has no power. Appearance: htt p://image.thefashio nisto.com/wp-content/uploa ds/2014/01/lucky_brand_sprin g2014_01-800x1012.jpg

*Analiese is Alaric's mate. Alaric is very protective over her and he doesn't like to let her out of his sight. She was turned when she was 27 and doesn't remember much of her human life. She is kind and loving, preferring to see the good in people. She would do anything for her family and is very watchful of their youngest and newest coven member Gisela. Appearance: htt ps://s-media-cache-ak0.pini mg.com/originals/ef/cb/88/efc b8880a366d9d52572f3b 13227a180.jpg

*Hugo was turned at 29 years old. He met Alaric and Analiese and they became friends. Although Hugo is a part of the coven he comes and goes often, but he always comes back eventually. He is strong willed and hot headed, always seeming to get into fights. Appearance: ht tps://s-m edia-cache-ak0.pinim g.com/736x/33/ee/4a/33 ee4a4599134e029565 48042a50ae99.jpg

*Gisela is the last to join the forum and was turned by Alaric when she was 15 after he found her dying in the street. Alaric and Analiese treat her like a daughter and she usually gets along with Hugo. She is a dancer. She has a very bubbly personality. She has adapted the power of light manipulation. Appearance: ht tps://p.gr-asse ts.com/540x540/fit/hostedim ages/1379767042/253 008.jpg

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*The Southern Nomads*

*Lola and her friend Amanda were both attacked by a vampire when they were walking home at night. Amanda died but Lola was turned into a vampire. She stayed in texas for a while but hated only being able to go out at night so she eventually ventured to Forks. Human lookalike: h ttp://un-ruly.com/wp-co ntent/uploads/2013/09/amb er_riley_curly_hair.jpg

*Jackson and his sister Natalie were both part of a newborn army in Texas. Their army was nearly destroyed in one battle, Jackson and Natalie were able to escape the battle without any knowledge of what happened to the rest of their army. They ran for a long time thinking they would be killed until they eventually stopped running and simply started to travel although they still avoid going anywhere near the south. Human lookalike: ht tps://s-media-cache-ak0.pin img.com/736x/36/ff/b3/36ffb3f3811 1de8be3 b1164fdaf24cc9.jpg

*Ruby was turned into a vampire after being attacked while walking home one night. After getting turned she became part of a newborn army. Ruby realized she needed to escape when she had noticed that those who stopped being newborns disappeared. Being a smart girl she understood what was happening and knew that she didn't want it to happen to her. One night she was nearing her one year mark and knew she had to get away before they killed her. She ran away and ran as fast and far as she could get. She was scared because she thought that the rest of the world was filled with vampire wars like the south was. Ruby hid for a while, not wanting to get involved in another army, she soon found out though that the rest of the world was not filled with these wars and she stopped hiding. She's now wandering around Forks, liking the fact that she could be out during the day and not have to worry about revealing what she was to humans. Human lookalike: h ttps://s-me dia-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/c1/96/ 06/c19606e0e951be8 06e4154a95e2aa500.jpg

*Annabelle was a part of the Southern Wars as part of a newborn army but her army was wiped out by Maria's and the only newborns to escape were Annabelle, Parker, Megan, Jude, and Madison. However Annabelle only really likes to be around Madison so they started traveling together apart from the other survivors. Despite how she came about being a vampire she is kind and loving and always hated fighting in the wars. Human lookalike: htt ps://s-media-cac he-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/63/31/9 2/6331922c955f3c1a9e93 3423636e9a6f.jpg

*Parker was part of a newborn army in the Southern Wars. His army was wiped out by Maria's army and only he and a few other newborns were able to escape. Parker now travels alone and prefers it that way. He is hard headed and gets irritated easily, he is a fighter and a good one. Human lookalike: ht tps://s-media-cac he-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/cf/70/b b/cf70bb6ceb312335c d0b6f60f93fe938.jpg

*Jude travels with Megan after their army was destroyed and they along with a few other newborns were the only ones to escape. Jude is secretly in love with Megan although she's oblivious to that fact and currently just sees him as a good friend. They met when they were part of a newborn army and became fast friends. When they were fighting a battle against Maria's army and noticed that they were losing badly Jude grabbed Megan and they ran. They kept running until he thought they were safe and then they continued traveling together, liking eachother's company. Human lookalike: ht tps://s-media-c ache-ak0.pini mg.com/736x/b7/8d/a 5/b78da58e379f9dc432cff032d 2322a04.jpg

*Natalie and her twin brother Jackson were both in a newborn army in the Souther Wars. They managed to escape during their first battle. After they escaped they did not know what to do so they ran, fearing that they would be attacked by their own army or another, not understanding that these wars didn't exist everywhere. They eventually stopped running and then just started traveling, although they never traveled anywhere close to the south again and refuse to do so. She has the power of desire manifestation, she creates an illusion of what one focused target wants most to draw them in so she can feed. Human lookalike: h ttp://www.herewithm eawhile.com/wp-content/upl oads/2014/01/201401 04-152358.jpg

*Colton was turned into a vampire at the age of 17. Although he lived in the south he never witnessed the wars. Once he was turned he knew he couldn't go home so he started to roam away from where he grew up, hiding during the day and travelling at night. Years after he was turned he met Gracie, a human girl who he fell in love with. When the volturi found out they forced him to turn her. She agreed to be turned into a vampire because she reciprocated his feelings. They then started to travel together as mates, currently in Texas. Human lookalike: htt ps://s-media-ca che-ak0.pinim g.com/736x/92/d3/8e/9 2d38edb740abca12b 90cd84a7db01 87.jpg

*Megan was a quiet girl who was turned into a vampire to be part of a newborn army. In this army she met Jude who she instantly like. Her and Jude quickly became friends and he was her only friend in the army. In one battle against Maria's army Juda realized that their own army was losing badly, so he grabbed Megan and they ran. They kept running until Jude decided that it was safe. They now travel together, him being in love with her and her not having a clue. Megan has the power to control the temperature in the small area around her although she rarely ever uses this power. Human lookalike: ht tp://www.bellazo n.com/main/uploads/mon thly_12_2014/post-31427-0-53 755100-1419096 054.jpg

*Madison doesn't remember much of her life before being in the Southern Wars. After her army was wiped out by Maria's she and a few other newborns were the only ones to escape. Her and her friend Annabelle decided to travel together as Annabelle was the only one she befriended in her army and she didn't want to be alone. Human lookalike: ht tp://media.hotpi x.fr/ima ges/eUGuD 0_full.jp g

*Gracie grew up in the south. She is independ, a little over confident and pretty sarcastic and snarky, however she can also be caring and loving if she wants to be. She was turned by Colton after she fell in love with him when he was a vampire and she was a human. The Volturi found out about them and forced him to change her so with her permission he did. They have been mates ever since and have wandered around the country together, currently they are in Texas. Human lookalike: h ttp://static.tumblr.co m/db1e9062ea15d0d4 e8cb5e244d90fc6f/xvgzw8j/9penh 0imy/tumblr_static_2yglw h7kieww0400cos 4ccckk.jpg

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*Marisol was turned thousands of years ago at age 20. The Volturi had heard about Marisol and Aro wanted to acquire her. She was in a coven at the time and Aro decided to destroy her coven over a minor issue in order to get Marisol to join them. When her coven was attacked Marisol willingly join them, having only been in her original coven out of convenience. Marisol has the ability to erase memories. She is smart and seems to focus on herself more than anyone else. Human lookalike: h ttp://www.celebzz.com/wp-cont ent/uploads/2013/10/miche lle-trachten berg-at-regard-mag azine_3.jpg

*Leandra was turned at age 24 by Aro. Aro met her when she was a human, she had minor control over electricity and Aro noticed. The problem however was that other people noticed too. They were afraid of her and decided that it was best to kill her they started to chase her and she ran as fast as she could but they caught up with her and beat her to the point where she was assumed to be dead but she was still alive, barely. Aro found her and turned her into a vampire. She is loyal to the Volturi for saving her life. Human lookalike: ht tp://networthq.com/wp-co ntent/uploads/2014/03/Dian na-Agron-dia nna-agron-3436 4384-930-1302.jpg

*Magnus sought out the Volturi when he heard of their power. He was welcomed into their ranks as soon as they found out about his growth hallucination ability, the ability to give the hallucination of changing his height and figure for a certain amount of time although he often gets tired afterward. He is somewhat vain and he likes to surround himself with powerful people which is why he likes being a part of the Volturi although if they were ever taken down and someone else rose to power he would probably join them and leave the Volturi, showing that he is only loyal to them because of how powerful they are. Human lookalike: h ttp://image.the fashionisto.co m/wp-conte nt/uploads/2013/08/mt_pala 001a-800x102 5.jpg

*Adriel, Like Felix, is stronger than other vampires and has superior combat techniques which he relies on to help the Volturi and to keep his spot in the coven. Adriel was a strong human who fought in many battle and he carried on that strength and combat knowledge into his vampire life when he was turned by a random nomad. He has been in the Volturi for a long time. Human lookalike: htt ps://singl egalz.files.word press.com/2012/03/no ah.jpg

*Emanuel was reluctant to join the Volturi since it meant him abandoning his current coven. Aro has Chelsea use her power on him and his eventually joined them and Corin's power keeps him happy there. He has the power of tunnel vision. Emanuel can cause his opponent to only see one tiny detail of his or her's surroundings at a time, which makes their movements slow and strikes off as they could basically only see one blade of grass at a time as they tried to look around. This power is helpful in combat, however he is only able to do this for a short period of. Emanuel used to frequently think about leaving the Volturi but is now tightly bound to them because of Chelsea's power and no longer thinks about leaving as often. Human lookalike: ht tp://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb201502 20014902/degrassi/imag es/9/94/Colin-O-Dono ghue-at-Comic-Con-2013-colin-odono ghue-35216383-1000-1420.jpg

*Natasha grew up in a small village. She met Eleazar hen he was still with the Volturi and he sensed something in her and he changed her. The Volturi took her in although her power wasn't at first apparent but in training she showed that she is much faster than other vampires which is useful in combat. Natasha is used as part of the guard and is loyal to the Volturi. Human lookalike: ht tps://s-med ia-cache-ak0.pinimg.co m/474x/13/94/c4/1394c 47a678c28717aa3 fee56cd3a258.jpg

*Laurel was turned into a vampire at a young age and she never wanted to be a vampire. She has the ability of a deafening scream that is useful in combat and her young age makes her underestimated and often gives her an upperhand. When Aro heard of her ability he immediately wanted her to join them and sent Demitri out to find her and Laurel was taken to the Volturi castle. The Volturi told her that she would be safe there and she agreed to join them. She is loud and outgoing but is very mature despite her age. At times she becomes unhappy with being in the Volturi and Corin uses her power to keep her happy. Laurel is mated to Damien. Human lookalike: h ttp://images.movi eplayer.it/images/20 12/12/04/becca-tob in-interpreta-kitt y-nella-quarta-se rie-di-glee-259944.jpg

*Damien is newer to the Volturi have only joined in the last century. He is a strong vampire that is a part of the guard and is used in combat, trials, and when executing vampires who have broken rules. He relies on his strength to keep his spot in the Volturi. He can be moody and destructive Damien is mated to Laurel. Human lookalike: ht tp://ma rool.com/t.php?src= ool.com/wp-content/uploads/hand some_marool55.jpg &w=670&zc=1&q=70

*Evelyn is a bit older than others in the Volturi having been changed at the age of 30. She doesn't like violence but respects the Volturi and obeys their laws and will often speak on those laws during trials in the castle. She is mostly used during trials and executions due to her power of hypnosis. Due to her ability to confuse and focus people easily when she was a single therapist in Europe as a human, Evelyn can mentally cause others to enter a dream like state and trick them into confessing truths, or even lies if necessary only when she's looking the object of her focus in the eye. She enjoys using her power, though she would rather not have the violence, she always sides with the Volturi and is content with enforcing their law, believing it keeps peace and serves justice. Human lookalike: ht tp://thechicspy.com/wp-c ontent/uploads/2013/03/Le ah-Gibson-Interview-Thu mb.png

*Archibald is a valued member of the Volturi with his power of limited talent absorption. In the Volturi he is called a "sponge" as he can absorb the powers of those around him for a short amount of time and can only absorb one power at once. Aro considers him a good addition to his collection. Archie has considered leaving the Volturi on multiple occasions and for multiple reasons but never actually does it due to him being bound to the Volturi because of Chelsea's power. He is strong willed and sticks to what he believes in, he follows the Volturi's laws closely for the most part. Human lookalike: ht tp://hqwallpaperz.mobi/wp-con tent/uploads/josh-dal las-3.jpg

*Petra has joined the Volturi more recently than others. She was changed in the past few decades after being the first human ever to try to escape the Volturi castle when she was herded in for the Volturi's next meal. Aro was intrigued and spared her, having her changed just to see what it was about her that made her be able to slip free from Heidi's "spell". At first, Petra was thought to have no value when she didn't discover an immediate power. Caius was angry for wasting the blood, but Marcus suggested that they wait to see if one developed and Aro agreed. Petra went through many levels of training. A month later, the guard started to notice a pattern in her movements. To weaker opponents, she would swallow back hesitation and fight, but to the gifted or stronger opponents, she would back out. It became clear that she had a sense for danger, and knew how much a threat would be to herself. When this was reported to Aro, he was delighted and asked to see if Petra could do the same for another. She went through the guard, this time matching up fighters and guessing which one was the biggest threat to Felix. When she was able to guess correctly without knowing who had what power, Aro offered her to officially join the guard to be a personal guard for Caius due to his anger and impulses. Petra accepted quickly, finally feeling useful. She has remained in the same position since. Human lookalike: ht tp://saludconbell eza.com/wp-content/uploads/201 4/06/tumblr_mxpaya giEq1sheo9fo1_50 0.jpg

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*Quileute Shape-Shifters*

*Aiden phased when he was 19 and is now 21. He is a fun loving guy who likes to joke around with his friends but once he is working, he is completely serious and focused. Aiden is fierce and aggressive towards vampires and makes no exceptions. Aiden is rank 23. His wolf stands around 6'2" and has lighter black fur that appears to be brown. Appearance: htt p://3.bp.bl ogspot.com/-n6Fe2rKd_v8/UlK4bwwC_3I/AAAA AAAA2Ok/25NA_N9psIs/s1600/Ensaio_Bernardo Velasco_phFabioPam plona_02.jpg

*Keland Black is a relative of the Black family. He is 19 years old and has lived in a small village on the reservation and enjoyed surfing in the La Push beaches. He is more independent, but is loyal to his pack. Keland is rank 17 and his wolf has blue merle fur, standing around 5'11". Appearance: h ttps://s-media-ca che-ak0.pinim g.com/736x/a6/6e/5b/a66e5 bf92658bea5345 3c610d8719125.jpg

*Noah Cameron phased at 16 and has just joined the pack. He is Jared's cousin. He is a truly sweet and caring but is also a flirt. He doesn't really take most things seriously and often makes jokes when he feels uncomfortable in situations. He does however take his job in the pack very seriously and keeps the jokes to a minimum while patrolling although he still jokes when training. He has trust issues mostly due to his stubbornness and growing up in poverty but he is still able to trust some. Noah is rank 30. His wolf stands around 5'6" and has grey-blue fur. Appearance: ht tp://26.me dia.tumblr.com/tu mblr_lsbxz2tSUb1qeu raeo1_500.jpg

*Daniel has recently phased at age 16. Daniel's father died when he was young while out at sea just off of the reservation fishing with Quil Ateara's father. He is paranoid about water and is the only one in the pack that doesn't like to cliff dive. Despite his age, Daniel has shown a deep loyalty to his pack and even a few fighting skills after training. He enjoys being a wolf after leading a normal life in the reservation, not living in the village due to his family's middle-class life. Daniel is rank 22. His wolf stands around 5'8" and has light brown fur with white spot around eyes. Appearance: ht tps://p.gr-assets.com/540x 540/fit/hostedim ages/1379774227/32 6518.jpg

*Aylin phased a year ago at the age of 18 and is now 19. She lives on the reservation with her aunt. She is comfortable with being a wolf and takes her job seriously although she does enjoy teasing the guys of the pack. Aylin is rank 26. Hey wolf stands around 5'10" and has white fur with many different color markings. Appearance: ht tp://asset-c.soup.io/as set/7120/7768_c8 b4_960.jpe g

*Micah is a 22 year old "tough guy" who hasn't really seen the world, but seems to be well aware of the cruelty of it. He phased in a vampire invasion not long ago. Confused and disoriented, he rushed at the pale men, burning up with fever and head pounding with all the thoughts of other shape shifters like himself. He was struck down, and infected with venom; he carries a bite mark on his neck as a reminder of the attack. Ever since then, he has settled into the pack well, and worked strongly alongside the high rank pack members. Micah is rank 13 and has yellowish-white fur, his wolf stands around 6'10. Appearance: ht tp://1.bp.blogs pot.com/_JzOQJjUPxGM/TA GV8qybU-I/AAAAAAAAa4s/0f1i5 QGUE6s/s1600/hotty.jpg

*Luke Lahote is a direct cousin of Paul Lahote. He shares his family's money and works in the main village as a handyman when he isn't with the pack training - he also loves tattoos. He is 22 years old. Luke is rank 25 in the pack and his wolf has tawny fur, standing around 6'0". Appearance: ht tp://www.modelm anagement.com/blog/libra ry/uploads/Natha n-Owens.jpg

*Nathan Uley is a smart, impoverished boy who came from the Uley line, and has just phased at age 18. He is smart and strong and likes to joke around, but also likes to listen, is caring, and takes some things very seriously which is shaped by his childhood having endured and grown up in poverty. The pack is everything to him and he respects it completely. Nathan will imprint on Mia Colson in the furture. Nathan is rank 24. His wolf stands around 6'0" and has armor black/blue fur. Appearance: ht tp://e1.vingle.net/t_ca_xl/rswo uue4tkwsfz8s fma0.jpg

*Willa Lawson is a 14 year old werewolf. She is Seth and Leah's cousin. Willa always has her head in the clouds, dreaming about what her life will be like in the future. She doesn't hang out with the rest of the pack. She wanders off on her own. When she hangs out with the pack she makes jokes, but never really fits in with them. Willa has slowly became more comfortable being a wolf, but she doesn't love it. Willa is rank 39. Her wolf stands around 5'5" and has honey fur. Appearance: ht tp://movellas-users.s3.amaz onaws.com/comment/20130 3301654378703/20130 7052121347843.jpg

*Hunter is a 17 year old wolf. He is a descendant of the Ateara line. He is a very loving and caring individual. He is loyal and content in the pack. He enjoys being a wolf and takes his job seriously, he respects the higher ranks. Hunter is rank 18. His wolf has light brown fur with black markings and stands around 6'5". Appearance: ht tps://s-media-cache-ak0.p inimg.com/736x/d5/29/18/d5291 831109a297c2f2b71a93f565985.jpg

*Matthew has just joined the pack at age 12. He is unsure and hesitant, but likes to be around people. Matthew had heard rumors of "Cold Men" running around the village and witnessed their blood lust and is disgusted by it. He sticks close to the higher ranked wolves because of his age and rank. He is kept to the back of patrols and issues and is ussually only given small jobs. Matthew is the omega of his pack and his wolf has silver fur with white streaks on head standing below 5'5". Appearance: h ttp://api.ning.com/f iles/u-SwxZuZgujk1YyKkx7aVlQnjYK-JlthH3eU4K8cjPlQrhkfcYxirexXFd aLAvzqSbujvaOox*PYARHkaVcZXgm y7PoIFWuLIMyYm2w Yonc_/Danin.jpg

*Hayley Uley has led a simple life, growing up deep in the reservation in a house with both of her parents. She is from the Uley line and phased when she was 18 while she was out on a walk. She hides her phasing from her parents. She tried to fight the pack with her stubbornness to not believe what had happened to her, but came to accept her transformation, as well as her fellow shape shifter. She now enjoys being a part of the pack and likes the company of her fellow wolves. Hayley is rank 38. Her wolf has misty gray fur and stands around 5'2". Appearance: ht tp://www.hollywo odreporter.com/sites/defa ult/files/imagecache/blog_p ost_349_width/2013/04/bia nca_a_p.jpg

*Henry is always called the "bad guy," because of his fiery personality. He has just phased at age 16. He is a flirt to most of the female Quileutes and wolves, and is quick to jump into fights. Killing vampires is his hobby, and he dreams of being alpha male one day, but doesn't show that or push for it, respecting Jacob. Henry is rank 31. His wolf stands around 5'8" and has brindle fur. Appearance: ht tp://images3.wikia.noco okie.net/__cb20120620220855/thehunger games/images/6/61/Tu mblr_ll1mh1axIA1qjrw4vo1_50 0_large.jpg

*Levi phased on his 18th birthday. He has lived in La Push all his life with his mother and father, being an only child. He is reserved most of the time unless approached; he is friendly and accepting. But, a few days before his birthday, his friends in the tribal school noticed that he had a snappy attitude, which was extremely unusual. They also noticed that he seemed to have a fever. Rumors were spreading that he was on steroids, due to his sudden growth spurt, and many thought this was a side effect. He'd seen many people from the "Reservation Cult" (the pack) watching him from time to time when he bumped into them. This made him wary, but he brushed it off, along with his friend's concern, until eventually, one night his father sat him down to talk about the steroids he was assumed to be on and his temper burst. Levi nearly knocked the door off on the way out, but he made it into the forest before he phased. After that, he adapted slowly and dropped out of school. He hides things from his parents and ended up moving into the main village on the rez to live on his own with the pack as his support. Levi is rank 29 and his wolf has golden fur standing aroun 5'11". Appearance: ht tp://www.origin magazine.com/wp-con tent/uploads/2013/01/tylerbla ckburn5502.jpg

*Mia Colson lives on the main village in the reservation, her family one of the luckier ones, but still lives in poverty. She is an only child and is shy, keeping to herself. Mia does not say much or stand up for herself. She trains with the pack, but is kept in the back of patrols and big issues due to her hesitant nature and lack of skills in the pack. Mia will be imprinted on by Nathan and will imprint on him in return in the future. Mia is rank 40. Her wolf has white and tan fur with more white around the face and stands at 5'1". Appearance: ht tp://33.media.tum blr.com/avatar_a85f2ec 09912_512.png

*Jace has joined the pack at 16. He is bold and loves thrills, but is also loyal and content in the pack. He often rants about the "Cold Ones" although he refers to them as "leeches" like most of the pack does when they go to their shared house in a small village after their daily patrol and training schedules. Jace is rank 28. He has black and ginger fur and stands around 6'0". Appearance: ht tp://data1.wh icdn.com/imag es/62741135/larg e.jpg

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*Ethan is a shy, quiet, kind guy. He moves from place to place to hide from the Volturi. Once, he had a mate, who was human, but she passed away in a car accident, which is one of the reasons he's more quiet now. He travels alone, keeping to himself. Appearance: ht tp://36.media.tumb lr.com/1c2ec942ccc1bd3755f9b3e4907 78576/tumblr_n02wg2L1E 81trsfx8o1_500.png

*Dustin is a flirty and charming guy. He doesn't seem to care about anyone or anything but he does however care about more than people think. He is constantly moving from one place to another never staying in one place very long mostly because he is afraid of someone finding out what he is. A few years ago however he met Logan and they fell in love. Dustin and Logan now travel together. Appearance: ht tps://s-media-cache-ak0.pin img.com/736x/b8/6c/b2/b86cb25 70fce702079a253a47bdc99f2.jpg

*Zac is not sure who his parents are. He lived in an orphanage and was rather rowdy, always breaking things due to his strength, which got him kicked out. He wandered the streets and eventually the wilderness, feeding off of whatever animals he could, normally just drinking their blood. Zac doesn't know what he is and still wanders on his own. Appearance: ht tps://s-media-cache-ak0.pin img.com/736x/51/01/c3/5101 c3f59f8351184796b50 0d6bbad65.jpg

*Quinn had never known who she was and where she came from as a child as nobody told her and she named herself. Quinn is shy and slightly selfish, doing what she can to protect and save herself. She is drawn to the Cullens after hearing there are others like her in the area. Appearance: ht tp://cs417127.vk.m e/v4171276 44/3a56/V2Cr0 V44UOA.jpg

*Carly is a depressed girl who stopped aging young and is frozen there. She puts on a happy face to fool people but truthfully being a hybrid makes her terribly depressed. Carly currently wanders around, unsure about everything. Appearance: ht tp://38.media.tumblr.c om/380d8b9039345c95f1274 96e5a29a3fb/tum blr_myvn98Hhjj1 s86m4co1_500.jpg

*Honey is a hybrid that grew up in Washington. She is a younger hybrid who is only about 5 years old being about 15 physically. Honey is very stubborn but easily scared and not one to stand up for herself, she character is timid and mild but is also sweet and caring and tries to stand up for those she cares about even though she doesn't do a very good job. Appearance: ht tps://s-media-cache-ak0.pin img.com/736x/cf/ef/3e/cfef3ead bf0a19365cc0cb6ec320ed67.jpg

*Courtney is quick-witted, but not a good fighter. She tends to be bitter and likes to play with her food, drinking from humans. She often speaks rashly and gets very defensive. She hates herself for what she is and hates the world around her. Courtney is constantly moving around, searching for new hunting grounds. Appearance: ht tps://s-media-cache-ak0.pin img.com/736x/b8/de/3d/b8de3d5 dfb9f7b140e1e65a986f36e79.jpg

*Logan is an old hybrid who doesn't remember much of where he came from. He is a gentleman and always acts as one. He is caring and loving to those who are important to him. He used to wander around by himself, always lonely, until he fell in love with Dustin and now travels with him. Appearance: htt ps://boysboysboy.files.wordp ress.com/2012/01/tu mblr_ls4rrtj8p51qa w7dbo1_1280.jpg

*Tally is a sweet caring girl. She doesn't talk much when she first meets someone but slowly if she opens up to someone she becomes more talkative. She doesn't travel as much as others might, instead staying somewhere for a year or two and keeping to herself, making sure not to stay in direct sunlight for long periods of time as not to draw attention to herself. She has made her way to Forks and is wandering around the area. Appearance: ht tp://36.media.tum blr.com/c4e93127422b3 72513fa4383587747cc/tu mblr_n4cx3x9Gg81tx de3xo1_1280.jpg

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*Children of the Moon*

*Kane was attacked one night on a full moon night. He survived the attack, and became a Child of the Moon. He eventually moved to Forks. Kane works as a mechanic in Forks. He is cheerful despite not liking what he is. He is an optimist who tries to see the best in people. Kane met Zoe when she was singing for money in town. They are friends and nothing more than that, but also travel in werewolf forms together, leaving the town to go into the Olympic Mountains once a month. Appearance: ht tp://www.sourc e.ba/galerije/slike/Greg g%20Sul kin%203.jpg

*Zoe is a singer. She's very bold, which gets her into a lot of trouble and initially what got her bit when she tried - and failed - to stop a Child of the Moon from consuming a man in a Washington park. She wandered, singing for money. When she was passing through Forks she met Kane. The two have been best friends ever since and travel on full moons together. Appearance: htt p://36.media.tum blr.com/tumblr_lnic ho93pG1qlo9hgo1_50 0.jpg

*Ryker was bitten while on a late night jog. He is always jumpy and can't hold a job due to his random monthly disappearances. His girlfriend, Lydia, has gotten him to settle down a bit, but not much. He's also very guarded and quiet and he doesn't talk much about himself; only with his girlfriend. Riku travels with Lydia in werewolf form. Appearance: ht tp://30.media.tu mblr.com/tumblr_lr0w56LBW l1qmfupyo1_50 0.jpg

*Lydia was a conceited woman who cared for nothing but her happiness, which was an elusive thing that she couldn't find. One day, she rudely stole from a homeless man. A man saw this, and thought that she needed a different right. He kidnapped her and dragged her into the woods, and when the moonlight hit his skin, slowly transformed. She ran, but the Child of the Moon caught up to her. After being turned she has become a nicer more considerate person who cares about the emotions of others. She found Ryker, and saw something different in him, something that she liked and they started dating. Lydia travels with Ryker in werewolf form. Appearance: ht tp://3.bp.blogspot.com/-t_hO uUe_bAk/T3Ov58wmv4I/AAAAAA AAAhY/3jR5BXQdXw0/s1600/tumbl r_m02vdi0HFw1qze1o8o1_400.jpg

*Violet is young and bubbly. She was born into a happy family. One night, on a full moon, she was wandering through the woods when a creature appeared out of the shadows of the trees. Violet, being the thoughtful girl that she was, carelessly tried to help the creature which had a thorn stuck in its hind legs - the legs that it was, incidentally, walking on. Before she could remove the thorn, however, the creature lashed out and attacked, biting deep into Violet's shoulder. She awoke the next morning not knowing what she had become until the following month when came into Forks on a full moon. Violet met Piper and they became friends. Violet now travels with Piper in werewolf form after befriending her. Appearance: h ttp://iv1.lisimg.com/im age/4447163/600full-haile e-steinfeld.jpg

*Piper was born in Oregon. One night, after an argument with her mother, Piper fled home, and decided to live alone. That same night, a few days after her 14th birthday, Piper was bitten and transformed into a Child of the Moon. She was upset when she realized what she had become and Piper left Oregon. After two years of traveling, she ended up in a hotel in Seattle and then slowly moved to Forks and lives by herself in a small house at the edge of the town. It seems that she has become very attached to to the Forks forest, as every full moon, no matter how far away she goes, she always ends up back there along with the traveling partner she met, Violet. Piper is friendly to most people, and talkative. She can sometimes get shy but isn't a shy person. She tries her best to avoid major conflict. Appearance: http:// blog.platinumrye.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/ROSE.jpg

*Wyatt was mauled by a Child of the Moon and therefore turned into one upon his 19th birthday. He accidently killed his family on the evening of his first full transformation. He used to travel around a lot, and moved to Forks planning to only stay there for a short while. This plan changed when he met Jaelyn and they fell in love. They've recently moved in together in a house at the edge of Forks. He has a small temper but loves Jaelyn with all his heart and would never hurt her. Wyatt travels with Jaelyn in werewolf form. Appearance: ht tps://s-media-cache-ak0.pi nimg.com/736x/e7/82/42/e78242 ae96bc71887e34d856 87b788b4.jpg

*Jaelyn's father went to jail before she was born and her mother took this as a sign not to tell him she was pregnant. When he got out, her mother tried to run away from him so that he wouldn't know that Jaelyn existed and he wouldn't try to take Jaelyn away from her. Jaelyn ended up getting dragged all over the country, and even the world. At one point Jaelyn finally said no to moving again with her mother and she dropped out of school. She decided to move to Forks. On her way there her car broke down. She was bitten and turned into a Child of the Moon. She has slowly accepted being a werewolf. She met Wyatt and fell in love with him, having just moved in with him. Jaelyn travels with Wyatt in werewolf form. Appearance: htt ps://s-media-cache-ak0.pin img.com/736x/0b/b8/0b/0b b80b001683aa0761727 e18cf964e8c.jpg

*Winter is a sweet girl. When she saw a Child of the Moon transforming she tried to sneak away from him, but she couldn't get away fast enough and she was changed. She wandered around in confusion not knowing what she was, waking up in the woods some nights, covered in blood. Then she found another Child of the Moon who explained everything to her and she has tried to accept what she now knows she is. She moved to Forks, Washington and decided to stay there. Winter remains energetic and happy, living in Forks after buying an apartment. Appearance: htt ps://s-media-cache-ak0.pini mg.com/736x/c9/5a/c1/c95ac1 8296c45100aa0c85864f 67dce2.jpg

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*Sydney left home when she was 16 after she had a fight with her mom and she kicked her out. She moved in with her aunt and lived there until she was 18. She went to college for a little while before you got kicked out, claiming that she dropped out. She found out about her being a witch when she was young and she hid it from everyone even her parents and her aunt. She has trust issues but can seem sweet and caring but also seems to have a lot of secrets and never really opens up to anyone. Appearance: htt ps://s-media-cache-ak0.pin img.com/736x/0c/97/f6/0c97f61 f5b29a677f4ec088 016d91baf.jpg

*Morgan is free spirited. She dresses in an eclectic, artsy and non-conformist fashion and delights in challenging authority figures. In a few words, Morgan can be described as headstrong, opinionated, artistic, and a bit spoiled. She grew up with her parents though they don't know about her being a witch but her grandmother does and her grandmother taught her everything she knows about magic and how to be a witch. Appearance: htt ps://s-media-cache-ak0.p inimg.com/736x/b6/ef/62/b6ef623f7 f7053bd70a621fa21 6ceb7a.jpg

*Oliver is from a family of witches. He has been learning magic ever since he was a little kid. He moved out when he was 18 after a fight with his father. He has since mended ties with his family but he still lives one his own now being 25. His little brother Milo moved in with him about a year ago. He likes being a witch and enjoys using magic. He is caring and sweet but can come off a bit rude at times. Appearance: ht tps://booksan dwonderfulth ings.files.word press.com/20 14/12/will-tay lor.jpg

*Milo is 19 and he lives with his older brother Oliver who is also a witch as is the rest of his family. He grew up in a family of witches and he has been taught about being a witch and how to use magic since he was very young. Milo is fun loving, loud, and outgoing. He likes to joke around with everyone and is a bit of a flirt. Appearance: htt ps://pbs.tw img.com/profile_ima ges/547034 01234714214 6/20xFkUv__40 0x400.jpeg

*Francesca was born in the Bayou, and was born and raised wild. Her parents left her with her grandmother after she was born. Living with her grandmother in the swamp, she taught her magic as she grew, as she was also a witch. Eventually, she left her grandmother to explore the world. Francesca is bright and happy, but can be stubborn sometimes. She has a thick southern accent. Appearance: ht tp://data1.wh icdn.com/im ages/75205 933/la rge.j pg

*Ross was raised in an apartment building in New York City. He was beaten and abused by his parents. When Child Services found out, the removed him from his parents home, and placed him with his aunt. As it turned out, his aunt was very abusive to him too, getting revenge on him, as she believed he was the reason her beloved sister was in jail. As soon as he turned old enough, he killed his aunt, accidently, with his magic, as he finally had enough when she was beating him one day and forced his hand out to push her away, when he actually sent out a burst of magical energy and shot a gaping hole through her abdomen. After disposing of the body, Ross ran away. Ross is quiet and introverted, and isn't very trusting. Appearance: ht tp://duvark agitlari.mobi/wp-con tent/uploads/ad am-senn-ima ges-10.jpg

*Jonah grew up with a single mother after his dad left him when he was a baby. He figured out he was a little different than other kids when he was young but his mom told him he was just special. Years later he found out he was a witch years later. At first he rejected it, just wanted to be normal, but he has since come to terms with it and accepted it as part of his life. Appearance: ht tps://s-me dia-cache-ak0.pini mg.com/736x/c0/07/40/c00740d 66b131ae972 97833dd78250eb.jpg

*Serenity is 17 years old. She works at the coffee shop to help her family out. She works long hours. Serenity's family doesn't have much money. She is still very nice though sarcastic at times, and has times where she gets irritable. She seems to care a lot about others and extremely hard-working. Her parents know about her being a witch as they are both witches too. She does a good job of hiding her powers from others and so far nobody knows. Appearance: ht tps://s-media-ca che-ak0.pini mg.com/736x/b5/8 5/f9/b585f9f70f5a7 f8755ff283d8c69542c.jpg

*Adrianna is sassy and fun loving and just enjoys life She has 3 siblings, two brothers and a sister and she grew up with both her parents. She's the only one in her family that is a witch and she found out a few years ago that the reason she's the only one is because she's adopted. She doesn't care that she's adopted and it doesn't make her love her family any less, although she's secretly been trying to find out who her birth parents are. Appearance: h ttps://s3-ap-northeast-1.amazo naws.com/s3.locari.jp/web/images/p/po st_element/picture/195 413/mo bile_ee18b7f668d49332179d85f4107cd1c9.jpg

*Eli is young being only 17. He attends Forks high school and is a Junior. He hides the fact that he is a witch very well and has never told anyone. The only one who knows about it is his grandma who was the one who taught him everything he knows about magic. He can seem paranoid at times because he is afraid of someone finding out his secret but once you get to know him he is a caring and compassionate human being. Appearance: htt ps://s-media-ca che-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/92/bf/8d/92bf8d d5d75928ff677821 6ed6ad7426.jpg

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*Eleanor Brandon is the niece of Alice Cullen and the eldest daughter of Cynthia Brandon. She was turned into a vampire when she was 18 years old and doesn't remember how it happened or who did it. She disappeared for a little while after she was turned and her sister went looking for her, when she found her Eleanor hadn't fed for a while and attacked her sister. She was somehow able to stop before she killed her but ended up turning her into a vampire like herself. She had often heard about her aunt from her mother, who is now deceased, and is now searching for her with the help of her sister Clara. Human lookalike: htt p://25.media.tum blr.com/tumblr_m9h4x oSelp1rrez2 8o2_500.jpg

*Clara Brandon is the youngest daughter of Cynthia Brandon and the younger sister of Eleanor Brandon. She was turned into a vampire by her older sister. When Eleanor disappeared, after getting turned into a vampire herself, Clara got worried and went looking for her. When she finally found her, Eleanor hadn't fed in days and she attacked. It took Clara a while to adjust to life as a vampire but eventually she did. She is now traveling with her sister as they search for Alice. Human lookalike: htt p://fc08.devian tart.net/fs70/f/20 09/363/7/5/75aed c51c9d1d999503cc5 606f4a75b9.jpg

*Anne was Victoria's older sister and creator. She belonged to a coven that consisted of her, her sister, her creator Hilda, Heidi, Mary and Noela. Anne was the first illegitimate child of a scullery maid and her master. She and her sister Victoria were raised to be hardworking servants from an early age and neither received a proper education. They were eventually able to find employment; Anne as a lady's maid and Victoria as a kitchen drudge. It is unknown exactly when Anne became a vampire, but it is known that she was created by a vampire named Hilda, who changed her out of pity for her horrible lifestyle. Anne then joined her coven and waited 5 years before she finally learned to control her bloodlust, and decided to go looking for Victoria. She found her sister and she changed her into a vampire. After Victoria's transformation was complete, she introduced her to her coven members, Hilda, Mary, and Heidi. Noela joined them two years later. Anne lived a happy life with her coven until the Volturi came and claimed that they had drawn too much attention from society and executed Hilda for the crime. Heidi was immediately taken in by the Volturi, under the influence of Chelsea's power. Anne and the other three vampires tried to escape when Victoria told them to. Each ran in their own direction, Anne and Noela hid until they thought it was safe, when they came out Mary was dead and Victoria was gone. Since then Anne and Noela have roamed around by themselves, Anne secretly looking for Victoria, not knowing she died. Human Lookalike: htt p://4.bp.blo gspot.com/-BEPrf9s4pnY/T6Ke2U8us4I/AAA AAAAAFlY/ud4NTqMvxc4/s16 00/01.jpg

*Noela was the last member brought into Hilda's coven before it was destroyed. Before Noela joined the coven, she was a young woman living a horrific lifestyle in Lisbon. 2 years after Victoria joined the coven,Hilda found her and decided to change her in order to free her from life on the streets. Noela had newly adjusted to her happy life with her coven before the Volturi came and accused them for drawing too much attention from the human society and executed Hilda for the crime. One of the members, Heidi, was immediately taken in by the Volturi, under the influence of Chelsea's power. Noela and Anne managed to hide while the volturi killed their coven mate Mary and Anne's sister Victoria escaped. When they came out of the cave and saw both the Volturi and Victoria gone and Mary dead Noela was in shock but slowly got over it. She now travels with Anne. Human lookalike: ht tps://s-media-cac he-ak0.pinimg.com/474x/a7/3 d/a6/a73da6f126 b3cf2023e294f2 7aca3de8.jpg

*Elijah is Luca's brother and was changed by him when Elijah was 26. Elijah has a somewhat volatile personality. He has a bad temper and often throws tantrums which result in lots of destruction and an occasional massacre of small crowds. He doesn't know of the Volturi or their laws and therefore isn't afraid of the punishment that will ensue if he doesn't get his violent outbursts under control. Human lookalike: ht tps://s-media-cache-ak0.pin img.com/736x/d6/32/d6/d632d 6edf51fc8b7ad 643f697577f982.jpg

*Penelope is Luca's cousin and was changed by him at age 19. As a human she was a timid girl who kept to herself and as a vampire those traits are only magnified. Like Elijah she doesn't know about the Volturi's law's and this fact could get her in trouble in the future. Human lookalike: ht tp://25.media.tum blr.com/tumblr_m6hh yc1KOy1ryt 307o1_500.png

*Gemma is Luca's great-great-niece and he changed her when she was 20. Gemma has always seemed to know when things will happen before they actually do, at one point she became a fortune teller on the street to bring in more money for her family. When she became a vampire that power only got stronger, now she is able to predict someone's future when she touches them. She is fun-loving, outgoing, brave, and stubborn. Gemma now travels alone. Human lookalike: ht tp://s3.amazon aws.com/photo.goodr eads.com/hostedim ages/1392695 418r/85963 32.jpg

*Thomas is Luca's cousin and was changed by him at age 18. After he was changed Thomas stayed with Luca and learned all he could about being a vampire. His cousin taught him everything he could before Thomas inevitably left him. Thomas still visits Luca every couple years. He is kind and caring and he feeds off of animals now after he met the Denali coven and learned of their lifestyle, not wanting to cause anyone pain that can be prevented. Human lookalike: h ttps://pbs.twim g.com/media/B7eOxJYCIAA pTGd.jpg:large

*Chloe is a 16 year old dancer who belongs to a dance team in Seattle. She goes to Forks High and has lived there since as long as she can remember although she was born in Oregon. Chloe spends most all her time at her dance studio, she is classically trained in ballet since she was a little kid and wants to be a professional dancer when she gets older. Lookalike: ht tps://s-media-cache-ak0.pin img.com/736x/54/c3/83/5 4c3831a7eb475580576 454224b53977.jpg

*Mac is very sleazy and self centered. However, he is also shown to be very loyal to the select few he deems worthy. Mac comes from a family who isn't the richest but he acts like it is. He enjoys seducing women and who uses them to keep himself entertained when his best friend or his neglectful father are not around. His Parents Don't pay any attention to him at all. He often spends the nights at his older best friend's house. Appearance: htt ps://s-media-ca che-ak0.pini mg.com/736x/2d/d 4/6d/2dd46d594b d53b10f30ef76426085d0c.jpg

*Cameron is a 16 year old Junior. He is part of the school soccer team. Cameron loves to play sports. He is a Hemophilia. He often travels to the hospital because he can't stop bleeding. Cameron most likely has stitches on his body at all times. He likes doing daring things but is also very worried that he will bleed out. Cameron is an athletic, strong, worried boy. Appearance: ht tps://s-media-cache-ak0.pin img.com/736x/33/a b/2b/33ab2b3542e ed2d6cc15ccfdb1174b26.jpg

*Hannah Miller is seventeen years old and has lived in Forks her whole life. Her parents got divorced when she was 10 and although she used to split time between the two she now just lives with her mom. She's a serious but caring person. She doesn't like Forks very much and wishes to move somewhere sunny and warm. She's also a cheerleader at Forks High. Lookalike: ht tps://s-media-cache-ak0.pini mg.com/736x/6e/66/9d/6e669d83b 12b71acb85a96297cbb1b43.jpg

*Elena Miller is Hannah's 14 year old sister. She's a freshman as Forks high school and unlike her sister she likes Forks and the rain that comes with it. Even though her sister just lives with their mom, Elena lives her her dad on weekends. She's fun loving and outgoing, overall she's just a fun person to be around. Lookalike: ht tps://s-media-cache-ak0.pini mg.com/736x/cb/12/e2/cb12e2bb3 9a6fe2d1ed6a3 5dc95fd2f9.jpg

*Brooklyn is an 18 year old senior at Forks High. She is kind, loving, and gentle. She like to walk through the woods and take pictures. Like almost all humans she doesn't know of the supernatural but after spending so much time in the woods she does have her suspicions that somethings are not as they seem. Lookalike: ht tps://s-me dia-cache-ak0.pini mg.com/736x/6e/63/fe/6e63fe5e 0131eff3da74462ae0e5 aa38.jpg

*Hudson Decker is awkward and open-minded but can't seem to resist a fight. He always see the good side of people first. But if someone is being mean at all his first instinct is to fight them. He is very private and won't tell people much about himself if anything at all. He has two little sisters who are 5. Appearance: ht tps://s-media-cache-ak0.pini mg.com/736x/23/86/ff/2386ff365a7d 1506da66782a03a17499.jpg

*Meredith has gone to boarding schools for most of her life since her parents travel so much. She's a little arrogant and snobby. She is a 16 year old junior who just started going to forks high, this is her first time a public school and she thinks it's gross and dirty. She kinda acts like she's better than other people but she's also independent and rebellious. Lookalike: ht tps://s-media-cache-ak0.pin img.com/736x/57/ee/b9/57e eb9d72fec699a450ccc9 9e8659f6b.jpg

*Shelby is a 17 year old Junior at Forks High. She's a tomboy and she hates wearing dresses or skirts or anything girly. She has 3 brothers and she was raised by her dad after her mom died in a car crash when she was 4. She plays softball, soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. She's sarcastic and a little rude but she's caring once you get to know her. Lookalike: ht tps://s-media-cache-ak0.pin img.com/736x/42/97/31/429731 300d5e552fb64aa58918416 b8c.jpg

*Maya is a 17 year old girl who is part of the Quileute tribe and lives on the reservation. She has lived in poverty most of her life. Her mom raises her by herself after her father left when her mother told him she was pregnant with Maya. Because of this her mom has had to have multiple jobs in order to try and support Maya. Maya started working to try and help her mom have enough money to pay bills and eat meals. Appearance: ht tp://25.media.tum blr.com/tumblr_mcm b8yHXaE1r1km gxo1_1280.jpg

*Josh is Maya's cousin, he is very out-going and sharp tongued. but very smart and rather hard sometimes. He doesn't know about the Wolf Pack. But he loves Women and flirts around with all Women, he has no care for his future seeing how he has a good fortune he will inherit from his father's Mother. Josh is 18. Appearance: ht tp://createapk.com/project/2 014/06/atuetet/avan-jogia-hd-wallp aper/image/5426-avan-jogia-hd-wallp aper.jpg

*Taryn grew up in the Makah tribe but her mom sent her to live with her aunt on the Quileute reservation when she was 12. She is now 16 and still miss her family but has made some friends and had gotten used to living there. She likes to draw most of the time and draws almost everything she finds beautiful, carrying a sketchbook around with her at all times. Appearance: htt ps://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/ori ginals/03/9d/e7/039de730a461 83a554a99a4cfc6210b0.jpg

*River Uley is Lucas Uley's daughter, the niece of Sue Clearwater and the cousin of Seth and Leah. River's mother died when she was a baby and she doesn't remember her at all but she still keeps a picture of her mom holding her when she was a baby and a locket that used to belong to her mom. River is 16 and is a very adventurous girl and a little bit of an adrenaline junkie, she likes being outside and loves rock climbing, kayaking, horseback riding, hiking, swimming, running, and walking her dogs. Appearance: ht tps://s-media-cache-ak0.pin img.com/736x/f4/34/3e/f 4343ea3e2d4ff061e d83e9c97c2597e.jpg

*Faith Young is the older sister of Claire Young, born in 1993 and raised on the Makah reservation. After Quil had imprinted on Claire and Claire had moved onto the Quileute reservation, Faith moved as well. Faith can be loud and sometimes even whiny. But she is a genuinely nice person although she tries to be strong and avoids crying in front of people. She is a little scared of the pack but is terrified of vampires and prefers to stay close to Emily, Sue Clearwater and a few pack members that she trusts at all times. Appearance: htt p://img4.wikia.noco okie.net/__cb201306111 32823/prettylittleliars/ima ges/f/f4/Janel_Parr ish.jpg

*Roy is a Quileute man who lives on the reservation with his wife and child. He is 30 years old and he met his wife Cynthia when they were teanagers and they became friends though she was a little younger than him. Once he graduated from high school Cynthia and him grew apart. He got a job at his dad's hardware store which he eventually took over and although he still lived on the reservation and didn't see Cynthia again until he was 24 years old. They rekindled their friendship and eventually developed a romantic relationship. They got married a year later and then they had their daughter Adaline. He is bold and impulsive Appearance: h ttps://s-med ia-cache-ak0.pini mg.com/736x/20 /10/9d/20109d 06ce5ebfe 0b05bf7294 750c607.jpg

*Cynthia is a 28 year old women who grew up on the reservation. Her parents died when she was a baby so she was raised by her grandma. She met Roy in high school and they were close but when he graduated Cynthia didn't hear from Roy for years. She went to college in Seattle and then came back to the reservation when she was done. When she came back she ran into Roy and slowly they formed a romantic relationship. They started dating and got married a year later. After only being married for about 6 months Cynthia found out she was pregnant. 9 months later she gave birth to her daughter Adeline. She is a loving, caring and gentle person who wouldn't hurt a fly. Appearance: ht tp://r2-store.distr actify.netdna-cdn.com/posti mage/201409/39/6ccf23425e f72ab8b0d0f e9464a2df22_970x.jpg

*Adeline is a 4 year old Quileute girl who lives on the reservation with her two parents. She's a sweet, stubborn little girl who's used to getting what she wants. She likes playing with her parents and her friends and shyes away from strangers. Appearance: ht tp://thumbs.dreamst ime.com/x/little-girl-bro wn-hair-51 75699.jpg

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