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7/4/2015 . Edited 8/8/2015 #1 Report

(I'm back!)

7/4/2015 #2 Report
Just Lil Ole T


Connor@Willa: *gets a mischievous look on his face, spins them around in the water*

7/4/2015 #3 Report
Thee Lucky One

Matt@Jaci: Very well phrased, love. You might be right. Technically, it hasn't been proven. *he smiled.*

7/4/2015 #4 Report

(Hey :)

Willow@Levi: *She smiled and took Levi's hand and lead him over to the tree before taking a seat on one of the large roots*

7/4/2015 #5 Report
Thee Lucky One

Alaric@Aylin: It doesn't necessarily depend on the type of quality. It's more about the strength of it, you know? For some people it's physical, for others... *he nodded at her.* It's mental.

7/4/2015 #6 Report

Willa@Connor: *She laughed as he spun her, clinging onto his neck.*

7/4/2015 #7 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Jaci@Matt: *puts a finger on her bottom lip, "thinks"* And how would one go about testing that? *her eyes twinkle playfully at him* Maybe a scenario in which someone tries to take me away? *she's not thinking as she speaks but it's not out of the realm of possibility given her past*

7/4/2015 #8 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Levi@Willow: *sits beside her, taking their lunch out, he opens the chips with a grin* Mmmmm....

7/4/2015 #9 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Connor@Willa: *carries her out a little farther, away from prying eyes, kisses her deeply*

7/4/2015 #10 Report

Aylin@Alaric: *She nods I'm understanding* That makes sence.

Willow@Levi: *She took a sip from her water bottle smiling at him. She took out the trail mix and laughed softly*

7/4/2015 #11 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Levi@Willow: *laughs at her* I could do this...all the time. I love it out here. *takes a bite of his sandwich*

7/4/2015 #12 Report

Willa@Connor: *She wrapped her arms tighter around him, pulling him a little closer to her lips as they kissed.*

7/4/2015 #13 Report
Just Lil Ole T

(AAAAAHHHHH!!! *dies of cuteness overload* There is an adorable 4 yr old singing "Centuries". XD)

7/4/2015 #14 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Connor@Willa: *moans softly, moves her so that they are wrapped around each other*

7/4/2015 #15 Report
Thee Lucky One

Matt@Jaci: Then I would put them through so much pain that their transformation would seem like but a scratch until they spoke of your location, before evenly distributing their limbs around the planet. So I doubt it likely. *he squeezed her hand*

7/4/2015 #16 Report

(I love Fall Out Boy xD)

Willow@Levi: *She munched on trail mix and smiles* I love it out here, too. *She sighs softly and closes her eyes for a moment* It's so peaceful and quiet.

7/4/2015 #17 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Jaci@Matt: *reaches up to caress his cheek* I've never had anyone like in my life before, so protective.

7/4/2015 #18 Report
Thee Lucky One

Alaric@Aylin: What about you? Any perks of being a... shifter is it?

7/4/2015 #19 Report
Just Lil Ole T

(Me too! :D ...but now the Cutey is singing Taylor Swift. :/ .... LOL)

7/4/2015 #20 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Levi@Willow: *finishes his sandwich, nods* MMhmm....and secluded, very secluded. *kisses her cheek*

7/4/2015 #21 Report
Thee Lucky One

Matt@Jaci: Like I said, I tend to take things a bit too far for those I hold dear. *traces her jawline.*

7/4/2015 #22 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Jaci@Matt: *leans into his touch* And I don't mind at all. *smiles*

7/4/2015 #23 Report

Willow@Levi: *She smiles and pulls out her sand witch taking a bite. She looked at Levi and tilted her head* When did you become a shifter? I'm a summing you weren't born with a tail. *She teased and poked his side*

Aylin@Alaric: Well fast healing. We can run hella fast, which I enjoy a lot quite honestly. Enhanced smell, although that can be a pain in the ass at times.

7/4/2015 #24 Report
Just Lil Ole T

(I have to drive back to my hotel. BB in about 20.)

7/4/2015 #25 Report
Thee Lucky One

Matt@Jaci: Some things will never change. *grins* I quite like it here. *looks around.* Without the human chatter and blaring music everywhere. I do miss being with nature. Before the industries and the itchy scent of smoke everywhere. Would you like to see how I looked then?

7/4/2015 #26 Report
Thee Lucky One

Alaric@Aylin: Must be irritating. Especially with me around. I pretty much smell awful to you don't I?

7/4/2015 #27 Report

Willa@Connor: *She let out a small moan as well against him, her body moving against him just a little bit. She pulled away just a little bit, trailing kisses down him jawline and neck.*

7/4/2015 #28 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Jaci@Matt: *nonds* Yes, I would. *wonders how he plans to do this*

7/4/2015 #29 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Levi@WIllow: *laughs* Um, no, that's not the way it works. *takes the blanket out, spreads it out before them, sits down on it* Remember I told you that Gran took me out of my mom's place to live with her? *takes his boots off, sets them aside*

7/4/2015 #30 Report
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