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The Wedding of Embry Call and Mirabella Jane Tesson
Just Lil Ole T

Levi@Willow/Jimmy: *nods* And be handsome or beautiful...smart and talented. *grins at her* Amazing just like their momma. *Jimmy drops his toy, he leans down to pick it up without thinking*

Jimmy: *watches him* Wevi big wike Daddy Kai. *noticing the similarities in size already*

Levi@Jimmy: *nods* Yes, I'm like your Daddy Kai.

9/24/2015 #61 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Lainie@Mirabella: you'll be fine, just take a deep breath *smiles* I have to go now *leaves her to go walk down the aisle*

9/24/2015 #62 Report
Bunny's daughter

Embry@Jake: I don't want it *shakes his head then glances at the clock* It's time to start *heads out to stand by the altar

9/24/2015 #63 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Jake@Embry :*shrugs and takes a gulp handing it to ajred as they walk out*

9/24/2015 #64 Report
M XxSimpleGirl98xX

Carolyn@Collin: *Before he had time to reply to her comment about hanging out again she frowns hearing her cue* Ceremony is starting, I have to go... *leans to kiss his cheek, just from being in a hurry, stops herself and disappears*

Mirabella: *She waits patiently, watching everyone walk out of the ten*

Kayleigh: *In her little dress she takes rose petals and literally throws them out. Laughing every few moments*

9/24/2015 #65 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

((Shit my mom sjut got into an accident can someone sub jake? I gotta run1))

9/24/2015 #66 Report

(Sorry everyone, I have to go. Parental units are summoning me)

9/24/2015 #67 Report
Just Lil Ole T

(I'm falling asleep. G'night all!)

9/24/2015 #68 Report
M XxSimpleGirl98xX

Mirabella: *Walks down when she gets her cue. Her train moves with her along the grassy area, a tear or two falling from her eye*

9/24/2015 #69 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Lainie: *smiles as she watches Mira walk down the aisle*

9/24/2015 #70 Report
Bunny's daughter

Embry: *standing at the altar, waiting for her*

9/24/2015 #71 Report
M XxSimpleGirl98xX

Mirabella@Lainie/Embry: *She smiles over at Lainie, handing her the boquet as she finally reaches the end. Turning and smiles brightly up at him* Hi

Marriage: We are gathered here today..... (SKIP to Vows?)

9/24/2015 #72 Report
Bunny's daughter

Embry@Mira/Lainie: Hi (I'm okay with that)

9/24/2015 #73 Report
M XxSimpleGirl98xX

Marriage Dude: Embry if you will, please read your vows?

9/24/2015 #74 Report
Bunny's daughter

Embry: *bites his lip slightly, nodding his head slightly* Mira, I didn't really know where I was going with my life until I met you. And then after I met you, I instantly knew you were the one for me. Not because of the bond I felt but because of your smile and your great personality. You've helped me through the ups and downs of my life and for that I can never thank you enough. We've had our fights but you and I have always been able to work things out. We get along better than I have ever hoped for. Your smile is the one I want to wake up to every morning, and I'd do anything to make you happy for the rest of our lives *places the ring on her finger*

9/24/2015 . Edited 9/24/2015 #75 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Lainie: *smiling as they say their vows*

9/24/2015 #76 Report
M XxSimpleGirl98xX

Mirabella: *She grins brightly, tears falling again* Embry, I don't know how to explain my love for you. We met a little bit after I moved here, I didn't think i would find anyone but I did. I found you and I am so happy to say that you are mine. I hope that in the future we have our grandchildren sitting with us on the porch as we rock, holding each others wrinkled hands. I couldn't ask for anyone better, you know me more than anyone else ever could; probably even better than my ownself. I love you Embry Call and I will stick with you through whatever life brings our way. *Places ring on his finger*

Church: *Grins* I now pronounce you husband and wife! You may now kiss the bride

9/24/2015 #77 Report
Bunny's daughter

Embry: *can't help but smile widely as he listens to Mira, he already leant in and brought Mira into a kiss by the time they were pronounced man and wife*

9/24/2015 #78 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Lainie: *cheers as they kiss*

9/24/2015 . Edited 9/24/2015 #79 Report
Bunny's daughter

Kai: *cheers*

Ian: *cheers*

Daniel: *cheers*

9/24/2015 #80 Report
Bunny's daughter

(I got to go to bed now)

9/24/2015 #81 Report
M XxSimpleGirl98xX

(Sorry guys, I fell asleep...)

9/24/2015 #82 Report
Death Grips

((Is this still a thing?))

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