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A drowninginmythoughts

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Welcome, all members of Finality's Dusk: A Twilight Saga Roleplay! This is a friendly, safe place where everyone is guaranteed a great time here! :D

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This roleplay takes place in 2010. Four years after Breaking Dawn.

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Open Characters

Recently a few people have left the roleplay leaving quite a few spots open. However, since roleplaying is the daily life of characters and a character wouldn't just "disappear" in daily life, please pretend a character is there even if they are not availible to be roleplayed or used in certain situtions. Doing this will keep things making sense and make things smoother for new members. Thank you :)

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10/17/2015 . Edited 2/21/2016 #1 Report
M missixtyme

Jayden@Brittany: Come to terms with...?

(Hey Jenna! Open for you!)

10/17/2015 #2 Report

Brittany@Jayden: You like me *laughs*

10/17/2015 #3 Report

(*tears* lost my entire post)

Emmaline@Laurel: (lol, oops :x i'll just make it so that Em is enrolling, to keep up appearances. She's a vamp fyi) *The girl scurries off, apologizing and Emmaline shakes her head. She pulls into an empty spot before getting out of the car. She's wearing a pure white dress, just above the knees and long sleeved, as well as a pair of wedged ankle boots in a light tan colour. She looks far too poised and put together to look like the rest of the student body. As she's walking towards the school, she scents another vampire nearby and looks around curiously*

Elle@Kyle: *waits until he'd done disposing of the bags to step over to him and loosely wrap her arms around his waist. She's still very new to the whole intimacy thing, and they've only been seeing one another for a very short while, but she's working on it* I get cold really easily and I'm too lazy to use warming spells. But hey, at least now I have you to warm me up. You're like, my own personal furnace *grins*

10/17/2015 #4 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Jacob/Suzanne/Lilly/Jared: *wolves, Open*

Jon/Daryl: *humans, Open*

JJ:*toddler, open*

10/17/2015 #5 Report
M missixtyme

Kyle@Elle: *smiles at her, gently doing the same to her, he wasn't really used to this either, and he wasn't very good at it, he know that already* *chuckles lightly* Do you really have spells for even that?

10/17/2015 #6 Report

(Hey lobo :))

Elle@Kyle: *grins, tipping her head way back to meet his eyes, her hair blowing in the breeze* I told you, there are spells for almost anything you could think of. Temperature controlling spells are pretty easy. You've got two types, the kind that will allow you to alter body temperature and then the kind that changes the atmospheric temperature, the latter of which is infinitely harder to do. *says a short incantation, the concentration evident on her face. Then it's suddenly very hot around them, like middle of July kind of heat, and even the sun appears seemingly out of nowhere. It only lasts for a moment however, and soon the chilly weather is back and the sun is hidden behind the clouds again* I'm not too good at it, but it's a work in progress.

10/17/2015 #7 Report
M El Lobo de Rey


10/17/2015 #8 Report
M missixtyme

(Hey lobo I'm open if you want!)

Kyle@Elle: *raises an eyebrow at her, staring down at her with wonder* You call that not being good at it? That was amazing! It definitely felt warmer...even to me. *pulls away from her a little and clears his throat* Are you doing anything? You want to come inside?

10/17/2015 #9 Report

Elle@Daryl: *sitting under a tree in the park, reading a book as she munches on an apple*

10/17/2015 #10 Report
M missixtyme

Jayden@Brittany: *snorts* Why would I ever subject myself to that.

10/17/2015 #11 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Daryl@elle: *laying udner a tree as some guys drive off on their bikes* *beaten and bleeding froma wound to his stomach*

10/17/2015 #12 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Katie/Arabella/Lainie/Mia/Alex/Lacey/Crazies: *open*

10/17/2015 #13 Report

Elle@Kyle: *laughs, blushing lightly as she looks away* You think that was good? I'll have Nana do that spell for you sometime, that way you can see how good it can actually be. But thank you *smiles softly, a little blue glowing butterfly appearing from the tip of her finger to land on his lips for a moment before disappearing. She then blushes a little deeper and steps out of the circle of his arms, adjusting her duffle bag* I'm not doing anything, I'd love to come in

10/17/2015 #14 Report
M El Lobo de Rey


10/17/2015 #15 Report

Elle@Daryl: *A group of teens show up near her tree and are causing a ruckus, and so she sighs, getting to her feet to look for a more quieter area. She eventually comes upon a man laying under a tree, clearly attacked* Oh my god *gasps, rushing over to see if she could help* Hey mister! Hey! Can you hear me? *tries to feel for a pulse*

10/17/2015 #16 Report
M missixtyme

Kyle@Elle: *raises an eyebrow* She can make it as hot as she wants for as long as she wants I'm guessing? *chuckles a little, licking his lips and nods down at her* Sure. *leads her up the front steps and then up to their floor* You want anything. Jayden bought a case of beer the other day and I think we have some soda's in the fridge.

10/17/2015 #17 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Daryl@elle: *wheezing as he tries to rbeathe* *has a swollen shut eye, hsi leg is bent at a weird angle, a busted lip, several stab wounds around his gut that are bleeding profusely and a broken nose*

10/17/2015 #18 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Katie@Daryl: *working at the diner*

Lainie@Jake: (?)

10/17/2015 #19 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Daryl@katie: *walks in looking around* *sees her and lets a short cat whistle loose towards her*

Jake@lainie: *working in the garage*

10/17/2015 #20 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Katie@Daryl: *doesn't notice him*

Lainie@Jake: *at home, calls him*

10/17/2015 #21 Report

Elle@Kyle: Oh that's just the tip of the iceberg. She can make it as hot as she wants, or as cold as she wants. She can bring on thunderstorms and lightening and all that jazz. She choses not to interfere with the natural weather though, which is why I haven't been able to convince her to make it Fall all year round. *Drops her duffle to the floor in the living room before seating herself on the arm of the couch* Soda is fine. I'm the most ridiculous light weight, like you wouldn't even believe. So I usually stay away from any kind of alcohol because I'm just going to embarrass myself *chuckles, blushing*

10/17/2015 #22 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Jake@Lainie: *answers the phone* Blacks auto This is Jake

Daryl@Katie: *sits in her section of the diner lighting up a ciggerette*

10/17/2015 #23 Report
M missixtyme

Kyle@Elle: *raises an eyebrow, impressed* Maybe that's a good thing. Probably wouldn't be the best thing for the environment. *chuckles and heads to the fridge, pulling out the different kinds of soda's they have, setting them on the counter so she can look* That's fine. You wouldn't mind if I had one, would you? *raises an eyebrow*

10/17/2015 #24 Report
A drowninginmythoughts

Lainie@Jake: hi this is your wife *smiles*

Katie@Daryl: *walks over to take his order* hi do you know what you want?

10/17/2015 #25 Report

Elle@Daryl: You're alive *says softly to herself, relieved that he isn't dead. But now she's wondering what to do. Should she call an ambulance? She was reaching for her phone when she realized that she left it at home* Fuck, now what... *she hesitates for a moment, biting her lip. The only solution she can think of is to heal him with magic, but that has it's risks too. Not to mention the fact that if she used magic on him, he'd want an explanation after he woke up.* Um...mister? I'm gunna help you, okay? Don't worry *makes the decision to help him, and puts her hands gingerly on his abdomen where she can see the most blood and starts to heal*

10/17/2015 #26 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Daryl@Katie: I want a Cheeseburger, Medium rare....Fries with Cheese and bacon.....a Coke tod rink and your number on the side *chuckles blowing out smoke*

@Elle: *groans wheezing*

Jake@Lainie: well hello beautiful, what can your husband do for you?

10/17/2015 #27 Report

Elle@Kyle: Oh no, go right ahead *says to him easily as she approaches the counter* Don't hold back on my account. *grinning at him, she selects the bottle of cream soda and walks to the cabinet. She opens it and tips her head way back to see that the glasses were all on the top shelf. Snorting, she turns to glance at him over her shoulder, eyebrow raised* Really? I mean, I know you and Jay are super tall and all, but really? The top shelf? *laughs*

10/17/2015 #28 Report
M missixtyme

Kyle@Elle: *nods and grabs one, sets it on the counter before he takes a sip* *chuckles and grabs one of the glasses easily, the 'top' shelf typical height to him* We don't know a lot of short people. *winks and retrieves his beer, taking a hearty drag of it*

10/17/2015 #29 Report
Just Lil Ole T

(Ugh....I can't sleep. :/)

Seth/Levi/Cassie/Lex/Jimmy/Danica/Jaci: *open*

10/17/2015 #30 Report
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