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Roleplay Twelve
A drowninginmythoughts

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12/23/2015 . Edited 2/21/2016 #1 Report
Just Lil Ole T

(It's all rainy and gloomy here. It's bringing my holiday mood down. :( )

Seth/Levi/Cassie/Lex/Jimmy/Jaci: *open*

12/23/2015 #2 Report

(Aw, that sucks, Bajita. It's been rainy and dark here too, but I personally love that kind of weather.)


Beau: *open*


(Here, Ara owo my post was on the eleventh roleplay, so i'll just post here where you can see it n.n)

Beau@Emmaline: "Ahem," Beau cleared his throat, covering his mouth in politeness with the ulterior motive of masking his flustered expression. "Thanks," he said, regaining composure just before they entered the elegant sitting room.

It was classy, but not overly opulent. The simple color design was embellished with the classical details one could find in old musical theaters from back in the way when people cared about such things. "Yeah....." he muttered, lost in the spacious room. "Er, I mean, well... not enough to let her treat my neck like a cupcake," he added. "But she's my lab partner, so I should try and get along with her," he shrugged. "Besides, she seems," he paused, looking down as if thinking. There was an invisible weight on his shoulders as he mirrored the expression in Alyce's eyes. A thousand years hung on his lips, carrying a sense of dread and underlying fear. "Sad....."

Beau quickly snapped out of the empathetic trance, his slightly timid nature and awkward little smile returning once Emmaline practically admitted to "kidnapping" him. His clever glint replaced the melancholy sympathy, which was there mere moments ago. "Not unless you intend to take a bite out of me," he said playfully.

12/23/2015 #3 Report
Bleed with you

(Holy hell, it's the same here, what a ko-ienkie-dink)


12/23/2015 #4 Report

(Heya kiddies, it was gloomy this morning, but it's now greyish and warm. I was out without a jacket, which should be unheard of on the 23rd of December in Ontario. And still no snow. What is going on)

(Heya Gryph :3 Tank jhuuuu :D)

Emmaline@Beau: Emmaline freezes, though she supposes it wouldn't really be easy to tell with the almost statuesque way she carries herself normally. She realizes, again, that she's managed to move herself into his 'personal bubble'. It's getting to be a habit, she realizes, one she has no idea where she developed because she isn't like that normally. She's usually perfectly content to keep her distance, literally and figuratively, from everyone. It was bad enough that she could feel the heat coming off his skin, not to mention the scent of his blood, but now he was looking her in the eye and talking about having her take a bite out of him. He really, really, shouldn't be saying stuff like that to a vampire, though she supposes it isn't his fault. He doesn't know that she's a vampire and could totally take those words literally. No, he just assumed he was talking to a regular human girl. Wait, was he flirting with her? Wait...was she flirting with him? She wouldn't say that the realization scared her per say, but it sure did startle the hell out of her. Enough that she pulls away from him, turns and strides half way across the room before perching herself on the arm of one of the sofas in the room.

"I would be a good idea to get along with her," she says, smoothly skipping over his playful question, her back ramrod straight. "Though, I would be weary of her intentions with you. Why do you say she is...sad?"

12/23/2015 #5 Report
M Kait Barnes


12/23/2015 #6 Report

(Goodness xD it's raining everywhere! Im open for you Bajita and Bottom if you want owo)

(hey darksoul owo)

(Heya Ara n.n)

Beau@Emmaline: Beau noticed her prowling, not seeming to mind the blonde getting close to him. She retreated away from him once she realized how close she was. Instead of chasing after her, Beau stayed where he was. Emmaline reminded him of a deer. A young image of grace that innocently bounded along, watching the world from a distance in her safe forrest home. She dared to venture out, then ran off when she felt too close. The boy was unaware how ironic that image of her was. She was true to her predatory nature. Emmaline just had more sense than a panther who thought with only her stomach. He didnt know of the conflict within her.

"I guess..... it's her eyes," Beau mused, rubbing his chin as he folded his arms over his chest. "It's hard to explain," he admitted. "But there's this underlying sadness in them," he said, pausing a moment. "Hmm.... Actually.... She's got the same eye color as you, Emmaline," he said with a smile as he dropped his hand. "Interesting, right?"

12/23/2015 . Edited 12/23/2015 #7 Report

(Kait! :3)

(How you is Gryph :3)

Emmaline@Beau: Emmaline continues to watch him from her perch a safe distance away from the boy with the sweet smelling blood and the pretty eyes. She really does need to watch herself around him, because she's not so full of ego to believe that even her impeccable control cannot be overcome. She knows herself well enough to know that she'd be able to resist Beau under most circumstances, but to get too close to him, to let her guard too far down around him, well that could result in more than her just sinking her teeth into him, and she didn't think she was ready for any of that. She didn't think he was either. Poor thing had no idea what he was getting himself into.

"Everyone has their demons," she says simply, her voice soft but carrying easily over the distance. "Some are just more visible than others." When he goes on to mention her eyes, she takes a moment to file it into her memory to not stray from her 'vegetarian' diet. Though she feeds mostly on animals, she's known to have a human or two now and again. But that would turn her eyes bright ruby red, and Beau would certainly ask questions about that. "Golden eyes are actually quite common," she mentions with a dainty little shrug. "But I will admit that it is an interesting coincidence."

12/23/2015 #8 Report
M Kait Barnes


Adri/Kristina/Lydia/Nessie/Crazies: *open*

12/23/2015 #9 Report

(Kait, did you want to continue with Beau and Kristina?)

(Good owo Had to drive my grandmother to the post office. You?)

Beau@Emmaline: "Yeah, that's true," Beau agreed. "She mentioned she has a dicy relationship with the family she lives with," he added. "Im sure that's part of why she's so distant. People call her Icy Allie behind her back too, so I bet she doesnt have a lot of friends," he sighed.

"Oh? Really?" Beau asked, tilting his head. He didnt know very much about eyes, though he couldnt recall many people with that golden color. Brown was common, and he'd met a client of his mother's who had sparkling green eyes with a gold ring in the center-- hazel was what she called it. He didnt question it though. After all, it was just an eye color. "She also lived in France for awhile studying art," he added.

12/23/2015 #10 Report
Just Lil Ole T

(I was made to go out into the rain and gloom. Bajita is not the happy atm. :/ *burrows into her pjs and pillows*)

Seth/Levi/Cassie/Lex/Jimmy/Jaci: *open*

12/23/2015 #11 Report
Just Lil Ole T

(Hey Kait, are you allowed to approve OCs? :D)

12/23/2015 #12 Report
M Kait Barnes

(I have to PM Jenna to ask, but I'll be sure to ask)

12/23/2015 #13 Report
Just Lil Ole T

(I've PMed Jenna already. Oh well...just a thought.)

12/23/2015 #14 Report
M Kait Barnes

(K... Anyone around?)

12/23/2015 #15 Report
Just Lil Ole T

(I am. :)

12/23/2015 #16 Report

(I am too)

12/23/2015 #17 Report
x Lady of the Sea x

(I'm here as well)

12/23/2015 #18 Report
Just Lil Ole T

(Born a saint, but with every sin, I still want to be holy...)

12/23/2015 #19 Report
Bunny's daughter

(Sorta here)

12/23/2015 #20 Report
Just Lil Ole T

(I've had chocolate! XD)

Seth/Levi/Cassie/Lex/Jimmy/Brianne/Jaci: *open!* (Bri is a feisty human, heh.)

12/23/2015 #21 Report
Bunny's daughter

(I can tell :3)

Kai@Lex: ? Or no?

12/23/2015 #22 Report
Just Lil Ole T

(Mine are open for whomever. :)

12/23/2015 #23 Report
M Kait Barnes

(Hi hi)

12/23/2015 #24 Report
Just Lil Ole T

(So I'm not giving up, won't let you suffocate me....I don't owe you anything....*dances through the living room*)

12/23/2015 #25 Report
Bunny's daughter


12/23/2015 #26 Report
M Kait Barnes

(Heya. I'm open)

12/23/2015 #27 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Lex@Kai: (We'll leave their current scene...over there. *nods* ;) *in the living room floor, wrapping gifts for the kids and their friends, singing along with the music playing*

12/23/2015 #28 Report
Bunny's daughter

Kane@Kristina: ?

Kai@Lex: (*yepyep*) *walks in from outside, shaking his head slightly* Still wrapping, Lex?

12/23/2015 #29 Report
Just Lil Ole T

Lex@Kai: *smiles brightly* Yep, I am. *laughs* I found some gifts for Cass, Aaron and Todd. Then the sales lady pointed to the stuffed animals and I couldn't pass them up. Every good Quileute child needs a wolfie. *absolutely could not stop himself while shopping today, he was having too much fun*

12/23/2015 #30 Report
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