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A Yeelimso

Here are some rules you have to follow in this forum:

1.Please no cuss words unless you use another word for them like fick, sheet, etc.

2. If you want to make an attack at the school destroy it, etc go ahead, but pm me about to and I will look into as quickly as possible.

3. I f you want to make a book with the characters in here ask the people, but the role play cannot be copied, I can't even copy it.

4.Don't be rude unless your acting like your character who is, but still try to lessen the amount of rudeness and meanness and coldness.

5. Enjoy! I hope you enjoy it hear and I hope you have fun.

I got a question to make myself. Can I have the permission to use your characters to make a Fanfiction series? I will definitely Make sure it says the character or characters are yours so I won't say it's mine!

7/13/2015 #1 Report
M Pokey-Removed

Ok! :)

7/26/2015 #2 Report

Is anyone still here?

8/9/2015 #3 Report
A Yeelimso

Yes we r still here

8/9/2015 #4 Report

Oh! I wanted to know if either I could join, or if you'd like to check out a Precure RP I've created? I'm having trouble finding new members, but being here might be nice as well!

8/9/2015 #5 Report
A Yeelimso

You can join here and U can join yours fair?

8/9/2015 #6 Report
A Yeelimso

What is ur fourm called?

8/9/2015 #7 Report

Sure! Mine is over here: https://www.fanfiction.net/forum/Pretty-Cure-OC-Roleplay/182385/

8/9/2015 #8 Report
anime penguin fangirl

That's ok

9/7/2015 #9 Report

Yes, you can! You can also ask for help from me- I'm not really good with finishing stories but I can help out.

1/8/2016 #10 Report
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