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A are you the devil

1. There will be many verses to this role-play. The main verses will be the Game Verse and the Pre-Game Verse. There can be different AUs if people want them, and if you want an AU, then message me and I'll make the thread.

2. When creating an OC with a love interest, make SURE the person playing the interest is in agreement. You can't just spring on a relationship with another character if they don't want it.

3. There will be a different thread for talking and discussing ideas, so please try and keep the chat speak to a minimal in the roleplay area

10/4/2015 #1 Report

Hi there, I just recently came across this and thought I'd join, if that's okay. I've read the rules and I accept. :)

10/18/2015 #2 Report
Queen Raven 743

Um... Hi there! I'd like to just say I accept these rules!

10/20/2015 #3 Report

is this forum going anywhere?

2/19/2016 #4 Report

Read the rules and I accept

10/18/2016 #5 Report
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