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A The Broken Masterpiece

Happy New Years, everyone! It has been a long 2 months since starting this competition and the judges and I have been thoroughly impressed by the quality of writing we have found here. Before I introduce the winners I would like to personally thank the authors for creating such entertaining works. They were all amazing in their own ways and were a joy to read. Another big thanks to the judges who stuck with the competition from beginning to end and those that joined us at the last moment. It was great to such a large number of people willing to take part in the competition, so thank you to everyone who voted.

Now that my thank yous are over, (Drum roll) I present you with your 2015 Until Dawn Award Winners!

Best Canon Revolving Fic is:

"After" by IEatBooksForTea

Best OC Story is:

"Take Me to Church" by Artemis Hunters

Best Josh/Sam is:

"Shiver" by Mogitz

Best Chris/Ashley is:

"After" by IEatBooksForTea

Best Romance is:

"Take Me to Church" by Artemis Hunters

Best Hurt/Comfort is:

"Totem Poles" by HeatherIsobel

Best Until Dawn fic is:

"Take Me to Church" by Artemis Hunters

Best Mystery/Suspense is:

"After" by IEatBooksForTea

Best Non-Canon Pairing is:

"Bliss at Dawn" by ShawtyItEli

And there we have it folks. It has been a great amount of fun read your stories and I want you to know they are all amazing. I hope everyone has a great new year and takes advantage of the new chances at hand, and continues to write some Until Dawn fiction :) -The Broken Masterpiece

1/1/2016 #1 Report

Ah! This is astounding! Thank you for the award! And I also thank you for spending time putting this together!!

1/1/2016 #2 Report
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