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Rules! Very Important!
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

Rules are always needed, guys, and me and the other roleplayers really don't like it when they're broken.

  1. Ah? Who is that?! - Character's must be approved before you start to post with them, also you may have a max of four characters. If you prove that you could manage all four characters with ease and wish to create another, PM me.
  2. That girl just now... - No Sues, nobody is perfect. No auto-hitting too.
  3. Hm? Did you say something? - No chat speak, emoticons, et cetera in the roleplay. Chat in the chat topic is fine.
  4. What did you say? - Be at least semi-literate.
  5. No-no...it can't be... - Get permission before killing another character, from the character's owner.
  6. Ah! What did I just do?! - Do not control others characters without their permission.
  7. Is she new...? - If you join and don't introduce your character without reason for three days, your character will be removed.
  8. Uh, if you just say it like that... - Please make sure to be descriptive, both in creating your character and posting. And in the RP, try to stop yourself from posting one-liners.
  9. Wh-what? - A Golden Rule for the roleplay and chat topics...Respect! Respect everyone that comes to this forum, please. Even if one insults you, do not post back negatively. Instead, just PM me and I'll do something about it depending on what exactly they posted or PM'd you.
  10. You can't say that! - I really don't think that I need to explain myself about this one, but get the rating is very important here guys! I mean, it's Pretty Cure we are role playing about.
  11. Aren't they lovely? - There will be no shaming here. We accept pairings and sexualities and characters of all kinds here, and if you don't like a pairing you don't have to write it. Just don't be rude about it.
  12. Seriously you two... - You can get cuddly with your characters and all but...don't pass from that, most people can get really uncomfortable with that. This is Pretty Cure we are talking about.
  13. That's a great plan! - If you want to do something major that affects lots of other people and their characters, make sure you check with the mods.
  14. Good idea! - Suggestions are ALWAYS welcomed!
  15. A new friend! - Moderators are needed!
  16. You're a Pretty Cure now! - Please accept this rules!
  17. And of course...have fun!
1/14/2016 #1 Report
The Seventh Sage

I accept these rules!

1/23/2016 #2 Report

I accept!

5/3/2016 #3 Report

I accept.

7/15/2016 #4 Report
Spirit Dragoness

I accept these rules.

9/30/2016 #5 Report

I accept!

6/19/2018 #6 Report
digi next gen

i aceept!

3/15/2021 #7 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat


3/15/2021 #8 Report
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