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Let's chit-chat!
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

A place to spend time and socialize with each other!

Once we get an enough amount of members and Precure, we can start to make even bigger plans!

All Stars Precure!

I'm guessing some of you would like a major crossover like this. Once we get enough people to roleplay as the other Precures we can start to plan this.

Let's Go Pretty Cure! Retrieve the miraculous Heart Sphere!

Like All Star above, this is a crossover. One of the villains from the current theme finds this magic sphere, the warping Heart Sphere, which haves the unique ability to open portals from certain points in time. With this, we can even include the Precure villains to ally or fight against this mischievous villain who is also being pursued by the Precures.

1/15/2016 #1 Report
The Seventh Sage

Those both sound fun, it would be cool to see.

I'm used to introducing myself, so hello! I'm known as Seventh (typically on the writing side of FF) or Sage (RP side), I don't have much of a preference.

1/24/2016 #2 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

Hello and welcome to the forum, Sage! It is really nice to read you!

I'm happy you think my ideas are good, I hope I can get to use them once we have enough members!

With this say, the roleplay topic is now open! Hope you have a good time!

1/24/2016 #3 Report
The Seventh Sage

I'm thinking about making a villain, though I should maybe wait for the RP to get in full swing.

1/27/2016 #4 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

Oh, if you want to create a villain but don't want to show it yet you can PM it to me! I also have a villain I'm not going to post yet, I'm waiting for members to join and the roleplay to move more.

1/28/2016 #5 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

Checking if I'm the only one not getting replies.

1/28/2016 #6 Report
The Seventh Sage

I wasn't getting emails, sorry about that

1/29/2016 #7 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

Neither I, I'm worried I don't get any replies back yet.

1/29/2016 #8 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

Testing again.

Three days without posts, this is bad.

1/30/2016 . Edited 1/30/2016 #9 Report
The Seventh Sage


1/30/2016 #10 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

Once again, I test.

Darn it.

1/30/2016 . Edited 1/30/2016 #11 Report
The Seventh Sage

Would you like to reply anyway?

1/30/2016 #12 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

I would really like to, but I get really mixed and confused once I do because I have many forums I have to keep track on- and I'm sure will get all the replies we haven't gotten in all these days so just think of all that that will pile up.

This isn't the first time it happen, but it certainly is the longest, haves someone reported this already?

1/30/2016 . Edited 1/30/2016 #13 Report
The Seventh Sage

Good point.

Probably, they'll hopefully be working on it.

1/31/2016 #14 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

I'm getting some replies back...


But not mines, and I'm still missing some.

1/31/2016 #15 Report
The Seventh Sage

Same here.

1/31/2016 #16 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

Let me check once again, it seems like I got all the replies from before...

And the problem was solved!

1/31/2016 . Edited 1/31/2016 #17 Report
The Seventh Sage


1/31/2016 #18 Report
The Seventh Sage

Seems my emails are fixed.

2/3/2016 #19 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

That's really good.

2/3/2016 #20 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

Advertisement time!

It would be really nice if you could check this forum - https://www.fanfiction.net/forum/Apocalypse-RP/185600/ - it is active, it's just that the admin is around noon or so to answer. It would be nice if you could check it!

3/18/2016 #21 Report
The Seventh Sage

I did check it out and told a few friends. It looks interesting, but not my sort of roleplay. Best of luck! Should I have Miyuki transform into a Pretty Cure, or is there going to be a specific point where that happens?

6/16/2016 #22 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

You could have her either transform or have Hasami become a pair of scissors and help her- or maybe even transform into a Precure and have her use Hasami if you would like.

Also, another advertisements time! I have created another forum- in fiction press thanks to having the maximum limit in ff. You can check it here: https://www.fictionpress.com/forum/Restless-City/16638/ but it's really different from Pretty Cure, I can assure you that. I'll post my character in that forum in a while, for those interested.

6/16/2016 #23 Report
The Seventh Sage

Okay :D I will check it out, though I might have to make a new fictionpress account (I forgot my old one's password)

6/16/2016 #24 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

You can log in with your normal ff account, if I'm not wrong.

6/16/2016 . Edited 6/16/2016 #25 Report
The Seventh Sage

Oh! That's cool, I'll try that.

6/16/2016 #26 Report

Thank you for accepting me, I'll try my hardest! :)

7/23/2016 #27 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

Okay, sorry for replying so late!

7/30/2016 #28 Report

It's fine, in fact, since you're still doing the battle, just PM me when you think I should come in.

8/4/2016 #29 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

Okay, the battle will be over in a couple of post so don't worry!

8/6/2016 #30 Report
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