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Spirit Dragoness

"W-What's happening?" Cure Sanguine asked, taking on a fighting stance, moving the bird to a safe place on the floor beside her.

"You have a fight on your hands-toya!"

12/27/2016 #151 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

Whispers from far away could reach the Cure's ears, but it would be hard to make head or tails out of it. Looking down, the girl looked sad- she was slowly, slowly breaking down by the look of her face, standing still and keeping her hands tight as she looked down. It took some minutes, but sure enough she kneeled down and started to cry softly. It was then that it made itself visible, a heart-shaped gem materialized above the fallen girl's head, one unknown any earthly gem they could find on the palnet and colorful as the rainbow. It didn't last, however, because soon enough it shattered loudly in an explosion, the pieces falling around the area- well, almost all pieces.

Ones, dark as the night, flew off from the ground and started to float above the fountain, where the creature was. He did nothing, insteead seeing as the pieces suddenly flew towards each other quickly and smashed together like a puzzle. Pieces forced together, it made a dark, spiky crystal that started to leak black and purple mist from it. The girl had seemingly fainted, and was now resting against the ground.

1/5/2017 #152 Report

"It was awesome!" Rei grinned."Ah, how about you come with me?" Rei took miyuki's hand and began to walk, Mamo leading the way.

1/6/2017 #153 Report
Spirit Dragoness

"What did you do?!" Cure Sanguine shouted, clenching her fists. 'What do I do? I don't know how to fight this thing.' She thought to herself.

1/14/2017 #154 Report
The Seventh Sage

"Uh, okay..." Miyuki agreed, too surprised to argue. She just hoped it wouldn't take too long for her to return to her family.

1/16/2017 #155 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

"I just harvested her Crystal Heart." The boy hummed, looking as the mist slowly took form. It seemed to start to from what seemed to be wings and a feathered tail. "Her dark sentiments, her desperation and sadness, however, seemed to have different plans." The dark mist formed a long, sharp beak that soon enough parted to let out a loud screech that resounded around the area. The now formed bird flapped it's wing and shock the mist off it's body and created a strong current of wind. It was purple and red in color, with come golden feathers at the tips of it's wings and tail, and it's eyes were on the cure not too far away.

"Oh, look, I think it wants to play with you."

1/18/2017 #156 Report

Rei continued to pull Miyuki along until they made it to a bakery."here! here!" she grinned."I'll treat you to chef's finest sweets for stopping Mamo!"

1/28/2017 #157 Report
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