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A brand new day, a brand new start!
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

(The re-booted chat to Roleplay for the Emotion-themed Cures)

It was a nice day, birds chirping and people walking along the park. The breeze carried with it the smell of wet grass thanks to how well care the place was, another reason for people to take some time off of their busy agendas or just take a break from school and enjoy nature in it, mostly oblivious to each other as they went about enjoying their day.

Well, most people were.

"How many times have I told you?! We aren't going to find them that easily, asu...!" It certainly was an odd thing to see, a squirrel around a young man's neck as if it was really nothing, with no sight of fear or nervousness. What people couldn't notice, however, was that it was quietly whispering to the man currently sitting on a bench with his eyes scanning the area with interest. He had a small grey mouse on his lap that was seemingly quietly sleeping, another reason why kids stopped and pointed at it, asking if they could pet it but the man only gently tells them no because it's sleeping right now, and waits for the children to be at a safe distance from him to reply. "Who really knows? We need to continue on trying! ...and we never know when one of the Dark Knights will show up to endanger these people." The squirrel puffed its cheeks, they wouldn't move from this place for the rest of the day at this pace, but it knew its companion was indeed right- something that greatly bothered him. And so, he moved from being curled on the man's neck to being perched on the back of the bench, looking around with its big eyes as it looked for who could be their legendary saviours.

3/15/2021 #1 Report
digi next gen

Akemi Was Walking Along the Pathway in the Park Holding a Donut Pastry Box in her hands."Today is the day, that i have nothing to do!"she thought happily. she then opened it to get Chocolate covered donut and Begins munching on it."mm, my baking is still a wonder..."She muttered.

In the Park a Fox was running Around frantically looking for something.

3/15/2021 #2 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

The sweet smell of the pastry made its way to the mouse on the man's lap, perhaps it's sensitive nose picking the scent from quite a distance, stirring it awake. "Ah...now I want some chocolate, ami." The mouse muttered as she stretched her small body, reddish-pink eyes blinking the sleepiness away and attracting the attention of the squirrel perched on the bench. "We'll get some later, I think we will be ready to leave the park in a bit, asu." The squirrel replied quietly as the man went to pet the mouse, eyes set on the fountain at the distance- there was a group of girls there chatting happily, unaware of the small bubbles coming from the bottom of the fountain.

"Look at this cafe, it has so many cute drinks!" "We should really go there sometime, it looks so tasty!" Two chatted away while a third agreed, however, the fourth girl was more focused on the pictures they were looking at too, but a small frown was on her face.

"They...look a bit expensive..." But her words didn't seem to reach her happy friends.

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digi next gen

Akemi Walked by the Fountain and Looked at the girls and then Sat a bench nearby the fountain munhing on a second one.

3/15/2021 #4 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

"Ah, are we done yet, ami? Hasami's getting hungry, you know..." "Aaah, but we haven't found anything yet, asu!" The squirrel told the mouse quietly or, at least, as quietly as it could, but the man sitting on the bench picked up the mouse with one hand to put it on his left shoulder. The squirrel upon seeing this quickly climbed onto the man's arm and sat on his right shoulder, head tilted to the side. "Wait, are we really leaving, Heiwa?" "Just to get a snack, we have indeed been here all morning too. Plus, I'm sure with something sweet Hasami will be more awake to help too, right?" At the promise of something sweet, the mouse eagerly nodded, making the squirrel sigh in defeat just as its stomach growled. "Fineee, but we will be having something with fruits, I really want some blueberries, asu..."

"Okay, Aika, check if it's open right now, Maru and I'll try to see how we can get there." The three girls continued to talk among themselves, having more or less failed to notice the worry on their fourth friend's face, as she sat down on the edge of the fountain, fidgeting as she grasped tightly her purse. Behind her, more bubbles floated from the bottom of the fountain- but they didn't burst once they reached the top, and instead keep going up and up until they were at the same height of the girl's ear.

But you don't have enough money, do you?

The dark whispers came from the bubble bursts as more followed by, each getting darker every time they popped.

Going there and just...sitting while your friends eat, how would they feel?

Would you ask them for money?

And for each word the girl paid attention to, the frown on her face would deepen and a dark aura would start to form around her- of course, no normal people would notice this, for this was not a common nor normal occurrence.

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digi next gen

Akemi Was sitting At the Bench across From them, Watching the fountain happily.

3/16/2021 . Edited 3/17/2021 #6 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

(Remember unless I manually check, I can't tell if you edit your post- be free to comment on it in the chat topic so I know you edited your post next time so I don't let you hanging. I also thought Akemi's first interaction with fairies would be with the fox you mentioned at the start?)

The human would start to leave the park with his animal companions none the wiser to what was happening at the fountain, seemingly too engrossed to notice what was going on, the subtle change in the that was sitting by the fountain, the girl's expression was still troubled but would change it when she heard the conversation between her friends involve her.

"Maki, are you ready to leave?" "Ah, just give me a moment to text my mom, maybe she'll call so you can go ahead- it won't take too long." She waved them off, and while the other girls seemed to hesitate a bit, they nodded and slowly walked away. Once they were by the park entrance, a good distance away, did the other girl check her purse and pick at the little pouch of what seemed to be money from the looks, a frown once again taking over her expression as she sighed. The dark bubbles continued to rise from the fountain and continued to whisper words to her ears that continued to make her mood drop more and more, but for outsiders that couldn't hear such whispers, it just really looked like the girl had become really sad after looking at her bag.

3/18/2021 #7 Report
digi next gen


Akemi Was still looking at the fountain in awe and she took another donut. the Fairy Arrived near the man with his animals, and she was still looking for something.

3/18/2021 #8 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

The group of three left the park, the girl by the fountain continued to despair in silence.

3/19/2021 #9 Report
digi next gen

She got up and walked nearby the girl.

3/19/2021 #10 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

The girl by the fountain continued to despair in silence.

3/19/2021 #11 Report
digi next gen

She noticed."Hey you ok?"she asked.

3/19/2021 #12 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

The girl by the fountain said "No."

3/19/2021 #13 Report
digi next gen

"What's wrong?"She asked.

3/19/2021 #14 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

"Just some me problems, don't worry about it." The girl replied.

3/19/2021 #15 Report
digi next gen

"uuh ok, but you want a donut?"she asked.

3/19/2021 #16 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

"No thank you." She replied.

3/19/2021 #17 Report
digi next gen

"Oh, but you don't seem ok."She said. A Fox-like fairy was in the bushes watching, until it was noticing something was wrong, It went closer for a look while watching. She Ran To Aakemi Quickly, and Stopped Tapping her and Akemi Looked to the fox-like fairy."What's a Plushie doing here? and sooo cute!!!"She said as she picked the Fairy uop and put it in a bear hug.

"I'm not a Plushie and put me down!~On"it said Franticly. Akemi looked a little Freaked out."You can Talk?!?!"she said."Yes i can and can you put me down, i have to go!~on"it said. "Why?"Akemi asked."Bad people attacked my homeland called the dark lands of Malich, and now i have to find the pretty cure~on!"It said."oh, that's bad."She said.

3/19/2021 . Edited 3/22/2021 #18 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

The girl by the fountain was more or less lost to the world by now, her mind focused on the words coming from the bubbles going up from the fountain that grew as more people left the park- by that point, it was more or less just the girl by the fountain and the girl with the fox. Now they were on their own, the voice coming from the bubbles were echoing louder for them three to hear.

They'll think you're only with them for money! They won't ask you out anymore! Or maybe they'll pity you instead?

It wasn't a single bubble anymore as more and more floated up from the fountain, starting to cover the girl from her back as they continued to speak in a high pitched voice and giggle as they continued on with their cruel words, the shine in the girl's eyes was long gone by now as she started at the ground in ever-growing despair.

3/24/2021 #19 Report
digi next gen

Aemi turned to look at the girl."Hey, Are you sure you ok?"Akemi asked. But then the both of them heard the voice."Who's Voice was that?"Akemi asked Outloud.

3/24/2021 #20 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

The girl didn't ask, but instead, a giant bubble came out of the fountain- its color dark with an equally dark aura surrounding it, it began to split into slightly smaller copies.

Oh, you shouldn't worry that much about here.

The voice coming from the fountain said cheerily, as red eyes and a red, laughing smile appeared on the bubbles. The group of five bubbles was staring directly at the girl and the fox, their evil intent clear as they floated in the air ominously.

You'll be next to her after all! A new friend!

The voice giggled and so did the bubbles as they dashed towards the girl and the fox, seemingly wanting to attack them.

3/29/2021 #21 Report
digi next gen

"AAAAHHH!"She said."We need to run, and advoid these bubbles!~on!"hon said looking at akemi. "Ok!"akemi said as she was trying to run from the bubbles."Not Good, not Good!"Akemi Repeatdly Said....

3/30/2021 . Edited 4/2/2021 #22 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

Come back here, come back here~

The bubbled giggled as they followed the girl, leaving behind the other one by the fountain. They were chasing the girl and the fox outside around the park, not given them a chance to pause as they did, trying their best to catch up to her and the fox in her arms.

However, the girl by the fountain hadn't been left alone; inside the fountain, something was lazily swimming in circles inside it it with only its shadow showing on the surface of the water.

4/2/2021 #23 Report
digi next gen

"HElP!!!"akemi said before she stopped to catch her breath."Why DID You Stop?~on?"Hon asked."i.... Need... To... catch... my... breath...."Akemi said between the times she trying to catch her breath.

4/2/2021 #24 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

The bubbles quickly surrounded them, laughing ominously as they did so.

Is that a fairy?

How nice! We got two gems and a fairy for our queen, it's our lucky day!

It seems there aren't any of the Legendary Pretty Cures here after all!

The girl seemed to be trapped now- she would either need to find a chance to escape between the bubbles or require of a miracle to defeat the evil-looking bubbles.

4/5/2021 #25 Report
digi next gen

"I DON'T WANNA GET TRAPPED AND I NEED TO HELP THE GIRL AND PROTECT HON!!!"she thought. Suddenly a Bright Glow Of light Appeared in Front of Akemi and Hon."EHH?!?!?"Akemi said confused."that can't be.."hon muttered.

4/5/2021 #26 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

Ah, what an annoying light!

The bubbles cried out, the expression on their face turning into frowns as they gave more to the girl and the fairy, the light indeed bothering them enough to seemingly blind them and stop them. The girl could either flee now or let this 'miracle' unfurl into something greater.

4/6/2021 #27 Report
digi next gen

The light dims a bit a a Heart shaped locket appears."Woah."she said."It is~on!"Hon said."It is what?"Akemi asked."the locket!~on"Hon said.

4/6/2021 #28 Report
A ChessurTheCheshireCat

Ah...that's not good.

One of the dark bubbles said as it rushed towards the girl- she was too busy with the locket and the fairy to give enough time to the bubbles to start to regain their vision, too focused on admiring to actually do anything meaningful enough to help in her situation as if she had forgotten she was being surrounded by a group of enemies where each action was crucial for survival. Perhaps it was the fairy's fault for not pointing out what exactly the locket did, how it was the key to quickly transform into the Legendary Precure Heroine, but their lack of action was enough for at least one of the bubbles to start moving again to attack; it hit the girl admiring the locked on the back hard enough to make her fall- it would depend on her if she still held onto the locket after it, or if she had been too distracted to keep a good grip on it.

4/6/2021 #29 Report
digi next gen

She lands on the ground hard, but she held onto the locket."Transform! It's the locket that can allow you to become the precure heroine!~on"Hon said."How!"Akemi said."Say Pretty Cure! open up! True emotions!~on"hon said."Ok!"Akemi said."Pretty Cure Open up! True emotions!"She exclaimed. She felt more inspired and happy."Blooming Hope and New ideas From Many things, Cure Inspire!"she said. She realized what she said."What did i just say!?!"She said until she looked at her outfit."Ehh! what am i wearing!"she exclaimed.

4/6/2021 #30 Report
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