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M Zeus Lord of the Sky

"Nice to meet you." Susan said as shakes her hand. "If you don't mind me asking but why are you heading to he city?"

4/27/2021 #271 Report

"Oh I am just a wanderer, never sticking around in one place for too long. I make my coin, buy what I need, and then move on." She would tell her.

10/26/2021 #272 Report

Aeon who had been listening quietly noticed she had a an air around her similar to his great grandfather but no where near as strong showing she had some knowledge of Will

10/26/2021 #273 Report
M Zeus Lord of the Sky

"I see." Susan said smiling as the group continues walking down the road.

10/26/2021 #274 Report

Lana would watch the group start to walk away, seeing they were heading in a different direction that she was going.

10/26/2021 #275 Report

As Aeon passed her he said "You should be careful moving forward, we ran into some bandits as we came here and while I like to think we dealt with them all their might still be some in the area"

10/26/2021 #276 Report
M Zeus Lord of the Sky

As the group started to pass Lana she would be struck by a vision of events to come. She would see towns on fire and people dying with the group fighting against creatures of the void

10/26/2021 . Edited 10/26/2021 #277 Report

Lana would shudder and gasp at this vision, holding her head as she had never experienced something like this before with her being quite confused.

10/26/2021 #278 Report
M Zeus Lord of the Sky

Hearing her gasp Susan turned around to look at her. "Are you ok?" She asked walking over and placing a hand on her shoulder.

10/26/2021 #279 Report

"U-Uh yeah, just fine. It's just a mild migraine, that is all." Lana would say to her while catching her breath.

10/26/2021 #280 Report

"Are you sure?" Sean asked

"Do you need anything for it?" Gale asked

10/26/2021 #281 Report

"I-I just need to sit down and rest for a moment, I will be okay." She said to them, moving away from Susan.

10/26/2021 #282 Report

Aeon frowned, he clearly sensed something coming from her when her apparent migraine hit but he could figure just what it was he sensed

10/26/2021 #283 Report
M Zeus Lord of the Sky

Austin looked at Aeon as he was watching what just happened. "What was that?" He asked him

10/26/2021 #284 Report

"I am unsure, I sensed a spark of Will when he supposed migraine hit but it like nothing I ever dealt with before and my great grandfather practically showed me every spell that exists in Albion" Aeon said to him

10/26/2021 #285 Report

Hope would just quietly watch Lana as she took a seat down on a stump and slowly rubbed the temples of her head.

10/26/2021 #286 Report

"Well, we do need to find a place to rest soon." Sean said.

"Perhaps we should figure it out later" Gale said

10/26/2021 #287 Report
M Zeus Lord of the Sky

"We can either set up camp or try and find someone willing to put us up for a night." Austin said looking at the sky

10/26/2021 #288 Report

Aeon also looked at sky "If we could find a working Cullis Gate we could head to Brightwood Tower for the night"

10/26/2021 . Edited 10/26/2021 #289 Report
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