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Chapter 1 Q&As
A DaneNagai

Chapter 1:


PEARL ZANE GREY: I was totally not aware of that challenge when you brought that up (even if the names were mixed up). But I'm honestly glad you mentioned him because I was really surprised he was the same dude who wrote the awesome Gate/Doom crossover revolving around the Argenta the last time I read it. I was COMPLETELY astonished to see it!

As for the DLC, I'll definitely have to slow down until AG Part 2 comes. We don't know much until it comes out. And it if does, let's hope it blows up like fireworks!

Oh, and speaking of the devil...

Wacko12: YOOOOOO YOU WERE THE LAST PERSON I WAS EXPECTING A REVIEW FROM! Your Doom fics are GNARLY! There is definitely a lot of potential in them! But still, man! I'm honored to recieve the blessings!

Ghostly: Hey man, I'm glad you liked it. Really appreciate the support as well! Never thought I'd pump this out in the first place. Honestly surprised no one has done it. It's usually 40K that does the crossovers.

As for Slayers, I can definitely picture them wondering if he's a true Slayer. On the one hand, he won't die when there's daemons are running about, which goes against their death creed. On the other hand... shotgun goes CLICK CLACK MOTHERFUCKER BOOM.

Don Orbit: I agree 100% with the Orcs. I had to update the chapter repeatedly because I completely forgot some important races and figures in this story.

Rook435: Alright, I already PM'd you about this and honestly I'm going to leave it as it is. It's gonna take up at least half of this page/chapter alone. So sorry to anyone who wants to read it in person! Gonna have to keep the answers a secret.

Eh you know what, who am I kidding? I'll share a couple of them. In Fantasy, Doomguy will be the Megalodon in the ocean. If this were 40K, he'll be a piranha in a school full of other piranhas that will devour the Megalodon to the bone! Either way, he's a badass in his own right!

The Ubersreik Five may or may not make a appearance depending on how drastic the storyline changes. If I can't fit them in the story, then I'll make a spinoff about their little misadventures!

Guest: okay, definitely my fault with Asur/Asrai confusion. I had been looking through different pages and misinterpreted Asrai as plural for the Asur. Already fixed and thank you calling out on my f*ck up, right there!

Austin: Hey it's good to hear from you again! I honestly have the same sentiment for Fantasy as well. Its lore and High meets Dark Fantasy setting really is something that can get behind! And the Skaven always have a plan... that is barely held together by rotting wood and rat dung as adhesive as this chapter shows.

As for your question regarding a potential tonkotsu crossover, that... is something that is way out of my knowledge department. Maybe as a kid, I did enjoy Power Rangers, Ultraman, and Kamen Rider briefly, but as an adult that is definitely hard to brainstorm about.

Unless... *goes back to drawing board in his mom's basement.*

Jokes aside, I could one day think of a good plot hook. Just not right now, as we speak.

Or maybe Guyver... the live-action version. Dark Hero!

Undead Lord: ...maybe :)

01010101010101011: As I have said to Rook435: Fantasy = Megalodon, 40K = School of Piranha eating a Megalodon.


Quentin3655: OH SHIT! Another great author! Love your Kuroinu fics! It's the reason - along with the Night Unfurls - why I started doing fanfics! Dream of doing a proper fanfic for that one! Tried to do it as my first story...

Didn't like writing it one bit.

But still, a blessing from the heavens!

helkil: sent a PM but to keep it short, fan theories aren't my thing. Still, let's wait and see until Ancient Gods Part 2 comes out.

Ghostly: Yep that's the first battlefield we're heading as I've heavily foreshadowed.

Kek Master: Or Alternatively: HONK HONK MOTHERFUCKER!

Wondering Muse: PM'd you on that. No disclosures here.

Shadow Sword: Yeah that's definitely Khorne talking there. So I'll accept that as a good charm. Thanks!

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