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Chapter 2 Q&As
A DaneNagai

Chapter 2:

Alphaconta: We'll see... ;)

Icebite: Yeah, my bad. Total f*ckup on that one. Thanks for pointing that out, though. Didn't research quite thoroughly on that. I'll have to remember to do the same with every single bit of lore for Warhammer.

Ayy lmao: Now, I'd agree except for Wulfrik. My boi ain't gonna run with his tail behind his legs. He gonna start throwing fists and then become beer buddies afterwards. And what you gave him was a disservice to the true Everchosen.

helkil: Already pm'd but thanks for the enthusiasm!

RoyalTwinFangs: Oh, I have plenty in mind...

Undead Lord: Weeeellll try not to feel TOO sorry for the evil races.

Most of them, anyway.

That said, I do like Valkia for being the only daemon prince to not only be NOT a worshipper of Slaanesh (which is honestly refreshing), but also open to the possibilities of developing her arc. I always found her backstory a bit uncomfortable considering how she decided to end things, so you'll be seeing her a lot along with her relationship with the Blood God himself.

And yeah, there's definitely gonna be more fantasy themed music and ambience in other chapter. Along with Doom OST and other metal bands that I listen to.

ZaWarudoOvrHeaven: Thanks! I actually have this sort of weird obsession in getting into the smail details (probably a bit too much) just to show either the characters' personalities by action or just don't like leaving things hanging and cause plot-holes.

Bobby Perez: Thanks, man! Definitely using them for the darker sequences! Much appreciated, bruv!

Dafuq123: Yeah, in a way. He'll be clapping druchii ass cheeks soon enough!

EnriksD8: Okay, you are the THIRD person I wasn't expecting a review from.

Seriously, I'm still tripping!

But on a serious note, yeah it might be a bit odd to see him start with the Elves first instead of the Empire as one would expect. And the reason for that is because I am... NOT ready for the politics just yet.

Even the politics I written here still show how little I know to make it work.

As for the characters, even I don't know if I'm doing them justice considering I'm only exposed to the recent game adaptations (Total War and Vermintide), so I'll have to be quite thorough withany available dialogue and/or quotes.

Moving on, I suppose Doom Slayer's presence does wonders for Khorne's sanity.

And plenty of PTSD for the others.

And this is a major plot point that works no less. It would be rather out of place if he wound up fearing for his life. Plus, it would be draining to just hear him scream "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!" over and over. And it's good to know people appreciating the more obscure aspects that Geedubs neglected in time's passing.

As for Doom Slayer, this is something that I really want to share the most.

Before I first started this fic, I read the few fics that focused entirely on this crossover. And honestly, I was a little disappointed. Most of them just treat it on the sillier side and kinda cringey for me to continue. My main issue being that Doomguy talks. Especially when its full of edgy dialogue.

However, it's more of a preference than it is a valid criticism so don't take my word for it.

Called to Serve is an exception does a great job at illustrating Doom Slayer's personality as a unrelenting terminator. The author shows how well he expresses him just by action even from a different character's perspective. And I'm looking forward to more of it if they ever continue it.

But back to the story, the one thing I've always wanted to do with Doomguy's character is to portray as a force of nature. A walking embodiment of Death in the eyes of Chaos.

Where Archaon is treated as the Anti-Christ of the Old World, Doom Slayer is the Beast of Ragnarok to the Warriors of Chaos.

And, if I ever continue this story without issue, more and more characters will begin to see him as a destructive but legendary figure not unlike Sigmar in the same vein as Earth's worshipping of him.

I know a lot of people are suggesting to nerf him (which is sort of true given his arsenal), I'm more likely to do the opposite. How I'll do it is something I'll remain quite about in the future.

And just be glad that I didn't do 40K. Jesus Christ, there is NO way I'm going near it unless I have three weeks worth of caffeine just to write one paragraph!

Although, it would be cool to write about Captain Titus from the awesome Space Marine game.

Don't know much about Doom Mods, but that does sound hilarious with the Russian Overkill thing.

Anyways, thanks for the review! Love to hear more from you!

Evowizard25: Ok, you, I was definitely expecting.

Always great to hear your responses, and quite surprised to see you interested in Fantasy as well. Then again, so does everyone reading this.

There's not really much to say since I already answered both ZaWarudoOvrHeaven and EnriksD8, but I can add in a few things I forgot here.

Khorne and Valkia's relationship kinda happened because it stuck out to me as something very unique from the Blood God. Rarely do we ever see anything positive from the Gods of Chaos (except maybe Nurgle, but he's a disgusting fatf*ck), so it struck me by surprise when I read about the lore. The only difference is that Valkia is VERY unsympathetic when it came to sacrificing her own family whereas mine will be more tragic and someone to root for. I have a tendency to give characters dimension, so you'll have to excuse the "Draco-In-Leather-Pants" treatment going on for some of them.

Speaking of the Blood God, Khorne's aspect are definitely overlooked in favour of his more infamous ones (BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!). However, given the Warp's tendency to corrupt positive traits, I suppose it's a given.

And yeah, I do like Queek as well. For me, he's the only one who's no backstabbing coward and prefers a straight-up fight. Which is admirable (for a skaven, that is). I do think his anti-climatic death is sort of amusing in an ironic way, but considering the cruelty Geedubs with Fantasy, that's definitely on my bucket-list of things to avert in my story.

And yeah, definitely wanna see how far this story goes as well. Expect the dinosaurs to come, eventually.

junior1441: Probably not for a while. But eventually.

GETH Prime: Alright, calm down! Hold your horses! I haven't been that far in the story yet! He'll arrive later.

Irish-Brigid: Don't know if I should slightly offended at the presumption of me being a non-english speaker or glad to point out the grammar problems.

Though if my experience in Game of War: The Fire Age, Clash of Clans, Facebook, and Twitter has taught me, it's never to go out like a sore loser.

To answer those responses, I am a Canadian-born citizen hailing from Toronto, Ontario. And I can speak english quite perfectly.

That said, I... did not do so well in College English. So you'll have to excuse the grammar problems. I am only a beginner with my writing.

Still, thank you for the critique and I am more than open to beta readers as well.

Austin: Hey man! A pleasure to see you again!

Yeah, I was real tired when misspelled the genre for ramen (it was like 5-6 in the morning when I wrote it), so apologies for insulting the medium by mistake.

I'll try to keep the idea in mind. It is interesting, though.

I kinda always wanted to see another powerful AI chew out on Zordon's stupid "teenagers with attitude" policy (like seriously, you couldn't have had a friggin' to do your shit for you? Come on, man!). And it would be cool to have an experienced protagonist butting heads with the amateurs.

With guns. LOTS and LOTS of guns.

But yeah, I'll keep that in mind. Will make a blueprint out of it, eventually.

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