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Chapter 3 Q&As
A DaneNagai

Chapter 3:

Wacko12: Yeah, I'll admit it's a little inappropriate to sprinkle in the comedy a bit even by me. I'm still not sure on whether to go full serious or drop in the ridiculousness every once in a while just to break the tension. Like, I kinda pictured the Chaos Gods save for Khorne trying to cope with Doomguy's arrival in different ways. Slaanesh with hir copious amounts of drinking, for example. Haven't revealed the other two yet, so stick around and see what I'll reveal later.

Alphaconta: A boy could dream. Although, I'm not too sure about Hayden being okay with Settra's policies, due to the archaic laws of Nehekara. BUT he'll be a good ally should their goals cross paths. Especially with the big "you-know-who"...

Oooooops: You can now add Giuseppe Verdi - Movement 2a, Sequenz: Dies Irae for the new chapter.

TheDrkKnight12: Now.

Just a Guest: Not for awhile. But for her, it's just fondling herself with her favourite Slaaneshi toy.

Undead Lord: Sort of. Only difference is that Slaanesh is kind of having a boner killer mood at the moment. Although, it does give me a new plot element to add in the story. But I'll keep it under wraps for now.

And the Earth and the Worlde subplot is being explored a bit. But I don't want to put too much focus on that. Doom is what everyone wants here, so I gotta keep it brief from to time. And Doomguy probably did meet different varieties of fantasy creatures before. I could picture him being in Dragon Age somehow. Or meeting Ciri somewhere during her runaways.

The possibilities limitless. Like Universal DOOM.

war.28.03. .craft: I don't speak russian, unfortunately. However, I did copy and paste your review with a translator. So here's an outline of what I could translate.

"By the way, since the topic of Dwarf Slayers and Doom Slayer was touched upon, the Dwarf Slayers seek redemption in death, so why don't they follow Doom Slayer's example? Too angry to die?"

Well, that and simply because Doom Slayer's not interested in dying just yet. The universe is still in peril with demons running rampant, and someone's gotta take up the sword against them. Although, the thought of them fighting together against demons if it means getting a chance at redemption through honorable death could be mutually beneficial for both parties. I'd say Valen the Betrayer would fit nicely given his mohawk and atonement (albeit honorable death), but you'll have to wait and see.

Austin: Yeah, I had that same feeling after I finished this chapter. God, this thing was a total drag! Glad I'm done with it!Still, I always wanted to introduce the Everqueen and Everchild with some sort of excuse. And that excuse was a cute little rabbit.

And when it comes to DG, you can bet he'll change his name to Thot Slayer because no women's ever gonna hold him down for good!

And, as great as the tokusatsu ideas are, it's going to be a looooong while for me to brainstorm such a thing until I've finally got out of my own brainfart. Like I remember growing up watching Ultraman and Kamen Rider right around maybe 6-7 before my interests expanded to something else entirely. And before them, there was Godzilla which I had SUCH a total obsession with along with the Kaiju rosters, starting with the shameful 1999 flick. But as I got older, I put all of my obsessions towards other things like Darksiders, old school 80's Horror flicks, 40K, and so forth. And much of my knowledge beforehand eventually fades.

And there's also the fact that I may end up scrapping the idea entirely because there's the chance that I may end up getting sidetracked and/or end up dealing with writer's blocked. Or maybe because I'm not good enough to make a cohesive story around it.

For example, I wanted to do a Star Wars story involving around the Rule of Two ideology and the sort of dynamic relations between two Sith characters because I was doing a CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) on Reddit at the time. Nowhere near as dark and unsympathetic as the Darth Bane series, mind you, but something among the lines of a twisted Hero's Journey with the sort of mysticism you can find in a movie like Conan the Barbarian (great film, by the way) or more akin to short stories like the early Witcher stories and Hellboy One-Shots.

Still, I'll keep on the idea in thought. It's just that I'm not ready to do it just yet.

And to answer your Thundercats question: yes, I'm well aware of the reboot back in 2011. And no, I wasn't able to get ahold on the series but I know enough on how it went. Quite a shame they didn't pick up on another season (I mean, seriously, CN was going on some weird-ass phase at the time and just wanted to do live-action stuff which was TOTALLY ridiculous) because it probably would've fit well during the Renaissance revival when shows like Adventure Time and Gravity Falls were becoming juggernaut hits.

And the less I wanna talk about that stupid Thunderc*nts "reboot" that was very recent, the better.

Doom King of Latveria: Well need not worry for your words have swayed my thinking, My Lord.

RoyalTwinFangs: Not gonna say a word of it. BUT there's definitely going to be plenty of weapons. Along with powerups as you've witnessed so far.

dethbringer66: I don't blame you for thinking that. Just some stuff that I needed to get out of the way until I felt comfortable with doing the action scenes.

So consider the new chapter as compensation.

Project Pseudonym: You're lucky as I don't have that kind of luxury. I really do want to get into the novels starting with Brunner the Bounty Hunter, The Witch Hunter and Wulfrik written by C.L. Werner.But back to Tyrion, yes I'm well-aware of his actual personality despite his paranoia and prejudice. I'm only writing him that way simply to give off initial impressions before going through character developement. And as you can see, I've planned this out with plenty of steps ahead.He's a good character held back by his own flaws. But that good outshines when it does in darkest times.

Rick12: Like the Ruler of Latveria, it's thankfully averted.

Stupid the Ork: Too early to say, but we'll get to him later.

EnriksD8: Yeah, sh*ts going to blow up if they don't starting getting their collective sh*t together. Druchii especially unless they want to wipe the floor face-first with Doomguy.In regards to Malekith, I honestly don't know if I'm doing him justice. Even as I try to listen to voicelines on YT and read other fanfics for references, I still have no clue how to approach his character without going hamfisted with his arc.

Still, I will continue to do research and get my sources straight.


Moving on, I do like both Valkia and Wulfrik due to their unique characteristics that stand out in a roster whose entire purpose is to murder-rape the world all because some dude is having an existential temper tantrum.

Valkia in her origin story isn't something that I didn't mind at all. However, I felt the need to emphasize her love for those around her simply because it's SO unique for a Khornate to actually have something besides the "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD" motivation (except maybe for the Slaaneshi but theirs is f*cked up beyond measure and I would start pressing down on the Exterminatus button multiple times without a second thought).

And then there's my boy, Wulfrik. Chaos Viking. What more can I say? The guy's a total fratbro when it comes to throwing parties and fighting. Just the energy around him will make your beard grow a beard! And I have plans for him as well, and he will have a much bigger role in the story later on.

Finally, there's also the fact that Norscans aren't entirely evil. Sure, the northenmost tribes are no doubt unfriendly (which is a given if you live in the Chaos Wastes), but the ones that live near the borders of the Empire are more willing to trade and negotiate for supplies. Skeggi's one such example if you know the backstory behind their settlement.

So, all in all, I like to have characters full of morally gray attitudes and goals due to how interesting they are.

Moving on, I would say WFantasy doesn't fit the criteria of a GRIMdark setting. Sure, it's a dark fantasy and there's a lot of bad sh*t going on in the Old World (like everything wants to kill you just by existing in the first place), there's still plenty of good that's worth saving.And that means straight up ignoring GeeDubs' f*ckup.

Even Berserk went through this in the recent chapters. Things started out pretty bleak after the end of the Golden Age arc, but look at it now. Things are looking like they're about to come to an end, and Guts still holds on long enough to finally be back to being happy again.

And WFantasy, I believe, should have that same dignity that GeeDubs destroyed simply out of neglect and profit because why waste 30 decades of lore when you can expand it further?

Sure, it sucks you have to fight the overwhelming darkness, but fighting to protect the innocent times is worth doing than it is running away.

Finally, Russian Overkill:... holy sh*t is all I have to say by this point.

Guest: Ex-f*cking-cuse me?

Guest: Probably for another time. Enjoy a coastal raid gone wrong.

FUELLED BY RAMEN: Oh hey! Never thought I'd see you outside of Universal DOOM! Still hoping they bring it back again with a new chapter as well! I'll admit, that seems like a very surprising yet unfair comparison you're giving. Because StaffSargeant's dual Bloodborne works are vastly superior in every way. They're essentially Shakespearian tragedies that would win a frigging Hugo Award if they ever were printed on book.

Whereas mine is essentially something you'd fine in 80's to early 90's action B-flicks like Terminator 2, Demolition Man, and Die Hard or Grindhouse films like Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror and Machete or Hobo With A Shotgun starring Rutger Hauer (RIP to that man).

Which is what I'm obviously writing about knowing Doomguy's here.I mean, it's DOOMGUY for the love of god! What more can you say to that?! Moving on, about every series you mentioned but the third are the ones I'm still waiting on the most.

Now on, to your criticisms: Yeah, Hayden sucks compared to VEGA but he's the only guy to keep Doomguy company for now. And Hayden wasn't really an asshole near the end of Ancient Gods to begin. He was getting desperate and started to lose his mind as the story progressed, and only wanted to stop Doomguy from an omniversal collapse.

As for Morathi's punishment, I really need to work on that. I blame The Viscount Vampyre for making me like her with "Is it wrong to live with a Sorceress?" DAMN YOU FOR MAKING HER SO LIKEABLE AND FUNNY AND FOR MAKING ME LIKE HER!

Moving on, don't get hung up on spelling/grammar mistakes. I do that all the time with mine. The latest chapter still has them somewhere and I'm going back to re-editing them again.

Anyways, nice to hear from you, man. Thanks for the review!

It is ON: Well, now you can.

010101010101011: Yes. Quite simple.

Step 1: Gladiator Pits

Step 2: Divinity Machine

Step 3: ?

Step 4: Profit

Bridger Thomasse: You're talking as if I'm NOT supposed to be surprised by this. I still AM! I don't know even know how this story blew up so fast! I just wrote it because I thought I'd do an isekai in Warhammer Fantasy until I played Ancient Gods and, well, this happened.

I still don't know how even to this day! But thanks man! I really appreciate the kind words.

Mr. What If: Your wish has been granted.

Dafuq123: Don't know if respect is gonna get him any sympathy points. Extracting resources from Hell would definitely cast plenty of stink eyes from the rest of the WF rosters.

Still, I'll try to throw a bone his way from time to time.UndeadLord22: Saving that song for another time. Enjoy Rip and Tear and Slipknot.

Rook435: Thanks for the heads up on the grammar mistake. Fixed already.

And the thing about Slaanesh: honestly, I don't even know what I'm really doing. Like, everyone wants to picture them as these otherworldly eldritch beings, and here I am copying every 40k comedy with this one.

But you know what? I can only write what I know, so I'm just gonna leave it as that.And as I said to another reviewer, Wulfrik and Valkia are my two favourite characters out of the Chaos faction. So that's that.And I'm just gonna leave the battle under the dark for now. Like I can't just reveal everything now. Just going to leave it as it is.

Same thing for Hell, so you'll have to wait and see.And I do like putting pop-cultural references from time to time. It's really just silly stuff.

And you probably know what happens during the raid.And after The Twisted and The Twilight, I'm reconsidering. And just to hint: think of how the forest will react to his presence.

It is ON: yeah, it's weird, I know. I'm not gonna go on about it any further. I gotta move forward.

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