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Chapter 5 Q&As
A DaneNagai

Chapter 5:

war.28.03. .craft: Oh yeah, totally in the future.

FUELLED BY RAMEN: Yeah, the Microwave Beam was definitely out of Ghostbusters. Plus, they needed to be useful I guess. Which is great since it's pretty damn when you have unlimited ammo on you.

Now if only they could bring back the pistol, officially speaking. PC players are lucky, but us console players want it badly. :(

2. Well, you've got plenty to discover them. I've yet to see Machete, but Rutger Hauer kicked ass as the Hobo with a Shotgun.

3. As I have already I mentioned before (and I hope I don't keep repeating myself): YES, the Ubersreik Five will show up. BUT if I can't fit them in the story, then I'll seperate it as it's own spinoff.

4. Yeah, pretty much sums up Hayden.

5. Still thinking of a punishment.

And that's it. Thanks for the review, man! Really appreciate it.

Austin: Well, I've got good news and bad news.

The good news is that I found a universe where Doom Slayer could adapt to. With VEGA!

The Bad News is that'll be hopping on the Death Korps of Justice bandwagon.

No disrespect to the author, though. I like the story, but I feel like I'm plagiarising another's original concept.

But right now, I'll be focusing on this story alone. I have a WIP for the first chapter, but I'm leaving it on hold for another time.

Although, I'm planning to have him face Batman and Deathstroke in the introductory.

Especially Batman.

I hate him so much.

Wait, they were selling Thundercat toys?! HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?!

But to answer the great tragedy: S. J. DUBYAs and their safe spaces!

And please, don't remind of what Netflix did. Makes me feel like a grudge-settling dorf. GRRRRRrrrrrrr...

Guest: Well not really his dream. Just a girl looking for a connection, really. That's what I'm going for.

ASAMORI YUKIHIRO: Sounds interesting. I'll give it a try when I have the chance.

Guest: Been kinda giving the Wood Elves a share of the spotlight. The DLCs renewed my interest in them so taking the time to learn more about them.

RoyalTwinFangs: Not by a long shot, no. Lol.

none1066: He gonna get jackhammered to death, I'm sure of it.

Undeadlord22: Khorne could offer him that, but Malus got STDs (Slaanesh Transmitted Disease)

tamagat: Can't confirm nor deny. ;)


Doom King of Latveria: Haha Beam fight go brrrrrr!

Austin: I don't know where the idea that Malus is tsundere over his demon is coming but that is hilarious!

But time to answer some questions!

1. Honestly, I was planning on DG catch the spy in this chapter, but I decided to switch to other plans as Asya has demonstrated. The Great Communicator was involved and I'm certain Alith would've been alerted in some capacity. However, I suppose I can save that for another time. I think.

2. I'm talking about Young Justice, actually. Y'know, all that teen drama and sh*t that no one cares about. However, I'm definitely not gonna let DG be some sort of "sidekick" (he's a big boi, he's got a life and sh*t). Instead, I was planning to have him as a mentor/instructor to the kids. Occasional hardass but a cool uncle to them.

And maybe a father-figure to Superboy.

3. Okay, so this is a message to everyone that I have to clear up on this topic: Batman and The Death Korps of Justice.

First off, I have NOTHING against the Dark Knight himself. I wrote it off as a half-ass joke and sent a lot of confusion for readers out there.

I don't have any issues with him at all (Unless it's Crazy Steve we're talking). That said, speaking in a contradictive manner, the problem arises with how writers tend to portray him in the right, or how he is SOOOO unbelievably smart and awesome despite not having superpowers. That extends to every other superhero and supervillain as well, but Batman is what I'm gonna be focusing on.

Lately, he's just... paranoid. Sure, it's understandable that Superman may one day wreck havoc on Earth but did you REALLY had to attack him when he was actually being reasonable near the end of Injustice 2?! Or for that matter, thought killing Joker was the most horrible thing he had done?! HE'S A F*CKING MASS MURDERER FOR GOD'S SAKES!

You know what? Forget it. I just don't like superheroes simply because they're still kept in the status quo. Never changing and never evolving. Spiderman is still a teenager (except for that one story where he's married to MJ and have a kid together. Most likely because the Devil got sick of the bad press surrounding "The Deal"), killing criminals who actually deserve the death penalty (like Joker, Victor Zsasz, Professor Pyg, etc.) is still considered a no-no or just given the Joker Immunity, and Mutants are still considered pariahs despite superheroes being a thing.

Of course, there are exceptions and I'm willing to be proven wrong. Like The Immortal Hulk which, holy sh*t, is awesome. Or All-New Ghost Rider drawn by Tradd Moore, who also did the equally-awesome Luther Strode. Man, if he did a comic book series for Splatterhouse, then I'd be up for that sh*t.

Also, a shoutout to Akin2018 who actually shared some thoughts on Batman's "no-kill" rule and the government issues through my PM which are quite interesting and have given me some insight to brainstorm some ideas for another time. So thanks and I hope you're doing well out there.

That said, the comic book industry isn't exactly what it used to be. Like seriously, Snowflake and Safespace? Internet gas leak superpowers? That is f*cking insulting, right there. And the less I wanna talk about the direction they're doing with Conan the Barbarian and trying to cancel Punisher, the less likely I wanna burst my own testicles!

Moving on, I could say the same for DG, but I'm more forgiving at least because demons killed his family (yes, that includes Daisy) and attacked Earth, and now he's returning the favour. No complexities, just a simple revenge story.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" as the saying goes.

Now to the second part: Death Korps of Justice.

Let me make this clear, I do NOT hate it. Quite the opposite. It's one of the best 40K crossover fics I've read on the site (as did all of you). And it's cool that there are other authors implementing similar ideas with different characters working under different organizations. The Inquisitor and The Justice of a Tech-Priest are probably the two most well-known examples on this site.

What I said isn't an insult to the series. It's something I tell myself constantly when I wanna get creating. It's like trace someone's artwork. I don't wanna copy the other person's work, but I will use it as practice. Death Korps of Justice's concept idea is fantastic but it'd feel like a total disservice for me to try and follow the leader. And that's all I have to say on the matter.

As for the progress: kind of a dud atm. School and stress (as well as the story) are putting me at a slow crawl right now. Plus, chapters are probably going to be shorter as I focus on other projects. So for now, I'm just gonna focus on this story until I'm ready.

And possibly finish The Witcher/GS fic (or reboot it) if I get around it at some point.

4. Now that you mention crossovers, I have thought of possible series. Warcraft, Diablo, Darksiders and Devilman are top contenders. Warcraft especially because I would like to do a direct sequel for this story alone. Though I gotta be honest, I absolutely despise the storylines and retcons Blizzard has given us with each expansion. They're attempts to be a GRIMdark series is absolutely garbage. It's so bad, it makes the End Times and GoT season 8 look like The Return of the King.

It's F*CKING awful.

Diablo is probably better but once Diablo 4 comes, I'll decide on whether I should go for 3 or 4. If 3, then I plan on DG siding with femDH, femBarb, and ChadCrusader. 4 is probably for the better aesthetics and the mystery surrounding Lilith.

Darksiders because it's one of my favourite series (five sequels and a movie!) and I be up to see DG go toe-to-toe with Samael.

Devilman... alright, I'll have to figure that one out. Hopefully, I can have DG break the time-loop and save everyone in that universe.

Or I could write about him beating the shit out of Amon, Satan, and/or God.

Anyways, I hope those answer your questions.

ManwithaPlan113: Oh look, another legend! I keep forgetting you're the author of the MGE/40k crossover, Death Korps Quest. And that just pisses me off to no end for insulting you. It's a great story, I tell ya! MGE is on my hitlist of crossovers.

Up there with Kuroinu. Thank The Night Unfurls for giving me the boost to become a writer. And for giving me the catharsis knowing the original H-novel.


But time to answer your questions:

1. Yeah, I like his Fantasy counterpart better than his 40k one. Just the right amount of rage to go by.

2. Bestgirl as usual.

3. Thanks! It's a great story!

Guest: Yes, but DG is so much more. He is RAGE made perfect. Nothing will ever stop him from getting his vengeance.

Bobby Perez: Possibly, along with Malal. I suppose a mention will do, for now, methinks.


Enriks-Da-Writer: For a place called the "Land of Chill", it has no chill at all. Malekith will have his share of screentime so I need to somehow show his intelligence without resorting to full-Batman mode.

I'll admit, I still have plans for Morathi so the expiration won't be for a while.

That said, I'm planning to make her a punching bag of sorts. Along with anyone who's dangerously thirsty for DG.

Wood Elves will have some importance (but not the entirety, though). Same thing with the Ubersreik Five (Four, it doesn't matter!) Many of the arcs will have a revolving cast. So some will come and go, while others will remain doing other shenanigans.

And with Kislev getting a spotlight now, looks like I have plenty of work to research. *sigh*

Winona: Alright, I suppose I don't much to offer as I've already answered Austin's questions, but I suppose I could say I'm a little bias towards superheroes. Moral superiority and status quo ruins it for me.

And what you said about 40k pretty much sums up my feelings about it.

Chillingbear: Alright, I had quite the chuckle when you wrote this. But you made quite a critique that I wholeheartedly agree with (unlike two certain reviewers).

I'll admit, writing intelligent dialogue is hard and I can't stand some of the stuff I've written for the elves.

And the schilling is starting to look noticeable now that I reread them.

As for pacing, that's an issue that I really need to work on. I'm really indecisive on whether should go full-action or leave some room for meaningful character interactions that were much needed after the sh*tty ending we got.

I can thank Majorkill for opening the way for improvement, and honestly, he did a better job at it than those sh*tty fanfic writers at Geedubs.

Satou Takahiro: That's... actually a really good idea. I can imagine him riding along with Ghost Rider, but time will tell if that will ever happened.

Asamori Yukihiro: That's a nice tidbit of trivia

Clown2107: Can't reveal much, but they will appear. It ain't Doom without Hell involved.

Alright, that's about every single question that I've answered.

Now here comes a rant that I've been holding on to since two reviews came out:

"Too much drama. We need war, blood and violence. Not this talking bullshit, soap opera and kissing ass. I am outta here. 60k word only yapping about how scary Doom Slayer is. Warhammer(action violence theme) Doom(action violence theme). Why the f*k it became twilight bullshit "war"." - xalmasyz

"...what the fuck kind of fanfic is this? Why would I read this when the bad guys just basically gave up just from Doomguy coming? I mean, what's the point of reading this fic, then? Literally no point. - exillion

...You know, I have no issues with criticism.

Constructive. Criticism. In fact.

The first time I had one was in The Goblin Contract in Chapter 3 when Evowizard25 (btw if you're reading this, send some reviews. I miss reading your thoughts and suggestions!) pointed out my mishandling of the brigandine and mace on Fighter's equipment (who is a monk by D&D standards) and that gave me quite a heart attack. However, instead of lashing out, I actually took into consideration of it and fixed my mistake (I think).

And I'm totally cool with people pointing out the flaws in my story. I know for a fact that my vocabulary sucks. I know for a fact the dialogue is janky as hell and has no rhythm. And I also know for a fact that my story...




And I do my best to try to improve myself just as much as I enjoy writing this not just for everyone, but also for myself.

With that said, these two have earned my ire. I've written this on the first chapter but I'm done pulling niceties. And we're gonna dive into them because I need to give out my thoughts.

xalmasyz: Alright, for the most part, you do make a good point. Nowhere near as bad as I remember it before. It's like what Chillingbear wrote and I can see the issue. Talking is something I'll have to defend because Warhammer is not just action (from my knowledge) but also politics. Have you seen the Empire's inner workings? Sh*t make Game of Thrones look like a kindergarten class.

So what exactly is my issue with this?

Four words from you: I am outta here.

...ok. Didn't really need to know! Was that supposed to evoke some form of sadness from me? You tell me!

I would've been alright if you didn't mention it at all! If you want to unfollow, it's cool! No one's stopping you!

In other words, valid criticism except for that part!

exillion: ok, this angered me more than it is considered "healthy" by Khorne standards. Are you seriously telling me that you read the entire story so far and then write it off as pointless?! That's the equivalent of spitting in a burger then telling me that there is spit in your burger which you just did in front of me!

Was there even an actual criticism at all?!

And then that bit about Chaos giving up after DG comes knocking? You could say the same for the legions of HELL itself but nooooooo, this story is pointless is all!

I've seen fanfics do that with any other crossover but this one gets your undivided attention? Brilliant. Just brilliant!

Granted, it's probably because of the pacing as Chillingbear delightfully pointed out that I haven't revealed anything but that's not even close!

This is just a complaint you give to customer service. And I'll be honest, this ain't Wendy's!

I apologize to anyone who's read the rant. I understand that this will get me in trouble and make me like a total egotistical loon. Understandable and I have nos issue with that assumption.

But stuff like this in my eyes is unnecessary. I don't need to read unnecessary. Give me criticism. Actual criticism. Actual. Constructive. Criticism. Positive or negative, point out the flaws in my story and I can improve upon it both in the present and the future.

It really helps. And I hope that this will be the last time I make a buffoon out of myself.

As always thank you for your time.

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