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Chapter 6 & 7 Q&As
A DaneNagai

Chapter 6 (and 7):

wacko12: No, just a show reference called Community. Pretty great except for Season 4.

UltraZeta120: Thanks, had to blow off some steam. Those two really got on my nerves.

Rider126: In due time. ;)

ZILLAFAN: Not really a criticism, but acceptable.

Not sure they'll be a duel. A spar perhaps, but not to the death. Still got plans for him and Felix, though.

Guest: The U5 will appear, but they won't be a mainstay. Casts will change depending on the arc.

Doom King of Latveria: I assure you, my King. It will be GLORIOUS.

Rook435: Well, beforehand, I had a lot of trouble figuring out Malekith's character development as a plot point. I didn't want to suddenly give him a change of heart midway. So after taking some time off and reading other fics for the hell of it, the idea of Aenarion being a spiritual guide suddenly became the one final piece to the puzzle.

Malekith will still be the same asshole as usual, but with enough guidance, he will be a lot more heroic by the end of his arc, full circle.

As for Aliathra, I have been planning to expand her character besides sparing her. Sometimes, you've got to have some marshmallow feelings to balance out the horrors. She'll have her goofy moments, but not so much as to hinder the main plot.

Finally, as I've said before, Valkia and Wulfrik are just my favourites out of the Chaos Faction. Compared to the rest, they're pretty awesome and certainly less horrifying.

Guest: Valid criticism, moving them separately as of now.

Austin: Funnily enough, when I wrote the interactions for both Malekith and his father, it honestly reminded me of Tai Lung and Shifu. So much that I've decided to rewatch their scene together simply because it's emotionally heartbreaking. Malekith, for all of his villainy, is nothing more than a bitter individual looking up to his father and the legacy he left, only to make it worse by going down the rabbit hole even further partly because of his mother (sort of) and the unrestrained belief that he was the only one to unite the elves against the forces of darkness. Only made worse by the death of his wife, Allisara (nice going, mom), and his best friend, Snorri Whitebeard.

Or to make it short, he was Darth Vader before Darth Vader was even born. And that will be the start of his redemption arc. I hope to handle with the respect to his much-needed character developments unlike those jackasses at Geedubs' basements.

And yes: Ali is baby girl, baby. Mannfred = Evil Shit

As for Doomguy's position in YJ, he's at best an associate to the JL. How he got it is most likely due to VEGA's intervention and Doctor Fate's backing.

He still doesn't like the methods conducted by the JL (especially Batman; his sitcom arch-nemesis), but he is pretty chill about humanity.

Half the time at least. Looking at the worst scums (and that includes Joker).

Still, will probably be the most active guiding the YJ. Still hard on them but knows when to pull his punches.

And on the topic of Batman, I've been backpedalling my opinions on him.

I've recently looked back on the TAS series and completely forgotten why he prefers to subdue his rogues gallery. Honestly, TAS is the highest standard when it comes to Batman and it's something I would get reference from with his character. Baby-Doll is a great example that showcases his human qualities.

Every other depiction is half and half but mostly good. Doomguy and Batman will often buttheads but when it comes down to saving the Earth from existential threats, all bets are off that they'll be fighting side by side.

And Power Rangers, I never actually realized how well they've been treated by Boom Studios. I know plenty of good series from their catalogue.

Coda, Irredeemable (back when the author wasn't such a total prick), Judas, Klaus, Jim Henson's The Storyteller, and possibly one of my favourites, Once & Future. Also can't wait to check out Keanu Reeves' BERSERKER.

However, back to YJ, I will probably focus on the first season only. I'm in the middle of watching the whole season and planning to watch the rest (albeit barely due to my ADD) but I think season 1 is enough without overcomplicating things.

Although, that would be a lie in itself considering I'm adding more to the roster. Of the more ruthless variety who don't go for "half-measures". Deathstroke is already one example.

With that said, kind of hitting a dud on this one. Even after planning every scenario, it's introducing DG to the DC that I'm having trouble with. Irony at its finest. So for now, I'm just gonna focus on the one I'm currently working on.

Speaking of crossovers, Dragon Age (specifically Inquisition) is also a pretty good setting. And I even might do a mini-crossover with my Witcher/GS story (that is if I ever figure out how to start up again).

And on the topic of your suggestions: they all sound wonderful as always. But for now - as you've said - I will take the time I need and focus with what I have for now.

Pedro117: Gracias! :)

Alexandar-von-Cartein-Zarovich: Oh no, not Vlad. That seat is reserved for Mannfred.

Guest: well, they are physical manifestations of human emotions and desires. It's possible that there might be some positive traits they might have buried deep. It was probably somewhat unintentional mainly because some of them are absolute faves of mine.

SORAI SHINYA: Great recommendation. But if Batman were to stare down Doom Slayer, it would be just a staring contest. A really intense staring contest. Like the Unstoppable Force meets the Immovable Object. But not the yaoi kind, though (bleh).

Really, it's just these two being sitcom archenemies to one another.

Batman: Stop taking my stuff!

*Doomguy typing on his computer: Stop trying to use VEGA for your weird bat fetishes!

God, could you imagine if this was a COD Lobby? It will be LEGEN-wait for it!-DARY! Robin's gonna have one hell of a riot when he shares their feud online.

Now for the Lantern Corps: How did you read my mind?! Professor Xavier, is that you?!

Speaking of which: *scribbles down Doom Rider idea*

Lastly, for that one reviewer, I'm just gonna let them check it at their own pace and time. I was in a really sour mood when those two came up. But thanks for recommending me to someone who's gonna punch me in the gut like a freight train with a few simple words.

Sam Hill: The latter is a PERFECT fit. Saw a YT vid of a fight between Zeus and Adam. Oddly enough, I was wondering if this series had those two involved based on a cover. Checked it up then BAM! Mind-blown by the coincidence.

Same thing goes for BAKI the Grappler and Kengan Ashura.

To be honest, I have no idea what Akame Ga Kill is all about. People mention a lot of the times and I'm not exactly up to explore at the moment. Doesn't help that every time I google the title, all I find on images are a bunch of anime waifs posing with swords. Hard pass. Like my MCs full of testosterone and toxic masculinity. Rated M for Manly is where it's at.

EDIT: Oh shit, I almost forgot: if Doom Slayer were involved, why not bring Gotrek himself? Two slayers to make the realms tremble!

TopHatGuy: 0/10 = :(

11/10 = :D

Clown2107: That's why I love them so much. They're the villains you love to hate! Still have other plans on DG's increased arsenal.

Time Stop Brave: As I've mentioned in my responses to Austin; hitting a dud right now. Still a WIP as of now.

Visual Bliss: A little too early for that but a close one could happen.

*sweating nervously about the women's tastes*

SORAI SHINYA: A lot of good ideas but will have to figure it out another time.

The first one would be pretty funny to see Batman find out about it but it's unforeseen as of now.

As for the second one, I'm thinking of just sticking to one ring. I think we can all agree that there is one that perfectly embodies his RAGE. You know the one.

Gonna be a lot of casualties on the third one.

Fourth one remains to be seen.

Sam Hill: I think for now, I'm just gonna stick to what I have. And given that TAG2 was recently released, time will tell if I'll ever write about them.

Rook435: This was written on March 11 in a PM. Much of it is before TAG2 was released.

Yeah, I'm really sorry about the change of format. It's quite a b* to deal with but it's for the best as of now. I was planning to delete chapter 6 (the Q&A updates one) but I decided to cut the Blood in the Waters in two to make it feel less bloated and actually fill in the gap. Plus, I was getting tired of being trapped at number 7, so I'm glad to now move forward to the eighth chapter. However, I'm putting that on hold to finish some school work.

Also, with Chapter 7 out of the way, I can finally finish the AO3 spin-off chapter for once. Took some steam off writing while taking a full month to figure out the story progression as I hit a dud. Thankfully, 8000-word count sounds should be enough.

Moving forward, time to respond.

Yeah, I'm totally stoked for the new trailer. I'm really looking forward to seeing Valen and the Night Sentinels in action. And I'm hoping the Dark Lord has a second form as, while cool as his hulkbuster armor looks, it should mirror Doomguy's. Then, I want to see the final boss fight be a freakin' mirror match ala Quake/Unreal Tournament-style Deathmatch.

On the topic of Warhammer, yeah. That actually does sound like something that could work. All it needs is some scissors and glue and it's basically the same. From what I've heard, the artwork was actually based on a He-Man poster from the 80s. I checked it and it's pretty BOSS work. Still, I can picture Doom Slayer holding up Ghal Maraz in the air while the Order factions and the Night Sentinels fight beside him with RAGE, STEEL, and GUNS.


Alright, the magic stuff: I was actually making stuff up on the fly. I don't know the exact scale of how powerful magic is in Warhammer (it's crazy powerful, I know, but I'm real bad at math) so a lot of it is just me throwing things to make it seem to work somehow.

The duel, on the other hand, was sort of fun. I actually based the fighting styles from For Honor gameplay footages of Black Priors vs Valkyries. You can already guess who's who with just names alone. That said, I didn't want to prolong the fight too much. I honestly had a hard time focusing as I kinda felt spent writing it.

And to be frank, I feel like I put way too much Deus Ex Machina in this one. Doomguy's excused simply because he's a badass but the whole "Seraphon" and "Felicion" business going on felt off. Felt like I was pulling half-a* ideas out of nothing.

Related on the topic, I still have a lot of cards up my sleeve for Malekith. He'll get his redemption but the rest of the world won't forgive. He's gonna have to earn it to win people's trust.

Finally, King Novik. Admittedly, I want to add him at a later chapter sometime around the Lizardmen arc. But since I had force ghost Anakin in it, might as well throw in Force Ghost Lemmy Killmeister into this one.

That said, the best I could explain is that as long as the Slayer remains, Novik will always be there to act as a guide.

And he won't be the only spiritual being besides Aenarion to be actively helping the Slayer.

That's all for now. Don't hold your breath on seeing a new chapter soon, though. If you know me by now, Quality over Quantity.

Austin: Well, it had been established that they were BFFs pre-Sundering.

I mean, this guy was Darth Vader before Darth Vader (but then paradoxically became the latter).

And as JL stuff goes, time will tell.

Also, stoked for Monke fisting Atomic Dino. Can't wait.

Guest: That's... actually a good point you made. Admittedly, I wrote that at 3am in the morning (wanted to be done with the chapter). Changed it already so thanks. And don't worry, DG will be the main focus in the next chapter.

Meiko Shiraki: Yep, and one that the JL's better off without.

Ghostly: Right now, haven't gotten to them yet. But I do plan a good krumpin' between the two. Just not right now.

The same goes for the Dawi. Have to wait until then.

Alexandar von Cartein Zarovich: Unless he's forced to, dragons are off-limit.

AZUKIKO: As far as both comic lineups go, I'm somewhat leaning towards DC. Marvel, for all its ups in the cinematics department, just fails at almost everything. I'm now looking at reviews of the latest trainwreck that is Children of the Atom. Tsk Tsk.

If it were MCU, I'd say "Mmmmmmm...maybe." I don't think there really much to add in there. I think it's perfectly fine the way it is.

Unless it's Deadpool. But might have to think up of a story for that one.

And let's talk about Catch-22 now that you mention it.

My god, I hate this. I. HATE. IT.

If there's one thing that I hate more than today's half-ass creativity, it's this fucking thing. It is a goddamn bane. And one where I am forced to accept that it is necessary for new authors (some of them at least).

Why? Because right after TAG2's ending (which I won't spoil for people who haven't played and cannot afford it and I'd rather you folks not spoil for them as well), I'm pretty much now forced to change up my plans. AND I HATE IT.



Ok, now to my complaints. I hate it because every time it comes up, there's always going to be some sort of unnecessary plot that forces the heroes to get back into the action whether by doing in the wizard and just pissing on the previously established worldbuilding. For example, Spider-Man losing his baby and marriage to Satan (found a new plot for DOOM by the way!) all just to save Aunt May from a gunshot wound that could have been removed by advanced technology or a Supreme Sorcerer. But nope! Instead, some jackass writer at Marvel thought Peter dealing with Satan was a great FUCKING excuse for a do-over!

Why? Just why?! You could have at least excuse the first two if they were being held up by some sort of disastrous event that's forcing them to cancel plans! It'd be more believable if that were the case! And even if Aunt May did end up getting saved, she'd only have a few extra years left before she expires! So it's all for nothing! Accept that fact!

I'm glad we got Spider-verse for that. Peter B. Parker is the Spider-Man that most...wouldn't admit relating to but one that illustrates the developement. That's how you do change! And guess what?! He's going back to MJ if the ending's to go by!

And that's just one area that I have faults with. Unless we're talking about time travelling like the Flashpoint Paradox (which is thankfully only an event), anything like that just pisses me off.

As for killing off characters, that's an entirely different story. I actually have no issue with this...if done properly. The biggest example for me at least would be found in Avengers Endgame. And that example would be Tony Stark.

His, I think, is how you do a proper send-off. It's tragic but impactful. Bitter but sweet. It pulls your heartstrings and you instantly feel at a loss. And as emotionally heartbreaking as it is, Tony's journey was going to end at some point, as it was with Captain America. It's not about the death of a character that I have an issue with, it's the timing. It hurts killing the characters you love, even for me, but it's better than dragging them for another movie or two.

And with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier now out, we can also talk about Legacy Characters. This is something that can be very, very, hard to do unless you've mastered this craft. Doctor Who, I believe illustrates this best because, while the Doctor never dies due to their regeneration, it's the actors that goes out of the picture. You still have the Doctor but it's not the same Doctor. And what the actors behind the Doctor do with the characterization is up to them. And I love it. That formula could work too if you have heroes taking up the predecessor's mantle in the future. Sometimes it'll, sometimes it won't. The Reign of the Supermen and Azrael illustrate the latter, but you also got Miles Morales who illustrates the former.

I'm not saying you should follow what I say, I doubt it'll stick to a lot of people, but this is something that I have to remind myself when it comes to avoiding the status quo in the future.

I hope that answers your questions. I am honestly a bit tired after making such a rant but I am glad to have this out of the way. For now.

Guest: That's the thing: they always never read the fine print.

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