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Chapter 8 Q&As
A DaneNagai

Chapter 8:

4dv1ct0r14m2017: I look forward to that at some point.

Doom King of Latveria: What kind of monster would I be to commit such a terrible sin?! I may go away for some time but I don't plan on ending so soon.

Zerothekitsune: Well spoken, my friend.

Alexandar von Cartein Zarovich: I plan on a different type of mount. A lot more probably.

TheDrkKnight12: Dude what did I say about spoilers? Some people here don't have the luxury to join in on that action. Glad I finished it though, so all is forgiven. Still, just remember that in the future.

Baseus: Fast as it is, I kinda wished ID delayed and polished it a bit more. But that's a topic for another time.

Back on topic, a lot of similarities between the two franchises, especially with Davoth's armor resembling a Chaos Space Marine armor.

Speaking of which: yes. Yes. YES. Someone out there actually knows about the DOOM/40K comic other than me! Same goes for the guest after this! It looks great! Unfortunately, the chance to read is blocked by a paywall. Glimpses of the story is great but it feels like I'm missing out on the complete version. Hope to make enough to get hands on the entirety of it.

Guest: Currently, yes but they don't play much of a role in the chapter. Small scenes, really.

Tekken Force: Oh it's nothing to worry about. I just take breaks on occasion. Though, thanks for mentioning the forum as I am transferring all the Q&As over there. I'll send a link at the top once I'm finish.

Guest: You're right but again still got other ideas.

And to the rest of you: Thank you! :)

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