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A DaneNagai

A place where all your questions are answered or just a place where you some sort of pseudo-philosophical debates.

Just kidding! Doom and Warhammer-related shenanigans are allowed!

Free for all!

3/29/2021 #1 Report
Dontus -not Donut- Powerus

Hello, I'm here to stake my claim as the first man on this forum. And this is the first step of a Doom fan as I shall try and tell you all of how the Demons keep getting revived despite the fact that the Slayer can siphon their souls. It's Doom Hell. A realm of broken souls and negative emotions. Where there are units called the Possessed that can shower a Zombie in Hell energy. In short, each revived Demon in Hell is actually other souls using the same body over and over. And this is the one big leap for Doom fandom kind. From Ligra Sultagenta: VEGA DATA ENTRY Within the infinite conscious-matrix of the all-seeing Maykr God-mind, there exists every potentiality - every predictive variable of possible future timeline - each one known to the Maykr collective with omniscient, inextricable clarity. The God-mind surveys these timelines, watching them form and expand exponentially like fractal patterns in the fabric of existence. Among these infinite possibilities, only one constant appears among them, unchanged by the flowing data of endless variability - that of the prophesied Destroyer - the one who would bring about the destruction of the Maykrs. Also She's invulnerable while the orb is on her chest as Hayden claims. Her voice actress is Asaji Ventress' Voice actress as well.

4/23/2021 #2 Report
A DaneNagai

Don't forget Dr. Elena "Thirsty Thot" Richardson's VA.

4/23/2021 #3 Report
Dontus -not Donut- Powerus

To be honest with you, I don't mind the Slayer having coochies. Even from multiple women. He's had it pretty dang rough. Stuck in hell for Eons. Where 1 billion is equivalent to 1 Eon, with him also jumping through other dimensions and going in and out of different alien planets and timelines, it's like seeing a lot of your life time. Over and over and over. He didn't even have Daisy with him when he got sealed again... Even after killing the Dark Lord.

4/23/2021 #4 Report
A DaneNagai have no idea. B)

On a serious note, i found the issue with the link. The http and the site name were missing. I tried to add them to the update but the site won't allow me for some reason. Planning to send instructions to the review section. Hope it works. Fingers crossed.

4/23/2021 #5 Report
A DaneNagai

Dammit, didn't work at all.

4/23/2021 #6 Report
Dontus -not Donut- Powerus

I usually add a space bar between the T's and between the // and the : FF Hates links.

4/23/2021 #7 Report
Dontus -not Donut- Powerus

Don't forget spacing the . com

4/23/2021 #8 Report
A DaneNagai

Alright, it worked. Finally, it's been driving me nuts. Now to wait for the fish to come...

Oh, and answer those questions from the previous chapters.

4/23/2021 #9 Report
Dontus -not Donut- Powerus

Btw, Hell energy or Essence can be gathered by having a soul be so negative in emotion that it produces Negative or Hell energy. In which Warhammer has a lot of. And with the Screamers or Screechers codex entry, I suggest not dipping the icon in the warp. I have a Hell Essence, a Wraith energy, Ugh! Argent energy that gives immortality!

4/24/2021 #10 Report
Dontus -not Donut- Powerus

Fun fact! The movie "It Follows" basically explains how a Doom Demon works. Torturing you until you break to obtain hell energy.

4/24/2021 #11 Report
Dontus -not Donut- Powerus

Dontus-not-Donut-Powerus: Collected all the codices and read the lore, my friend. I am very well-versed in the Doom lore. I woke up and smelled the roses in the morning.

4/24/2021 #12 Report
Dontus -not Donut- Powerus

Btw, RIP reading in Wattpad. There's barely any content to read there and if you start typing instead of copy pasting on there, the words get messed up. I tried it for myself but, eh. I figured that I'm not a writer and my DB fanfic sucks ass. The Gundam 00 one (one where the protagonist is uh getting mixed messages about everything) made me stop because I felt like I just don't want to. *Stares at my DB fanfic* yeah... Anyway! So Doomguy's son is a Primevil then? (Because as we know Primevils look the same) Or we'll get Doomguy to cameo?

4/24/2021 #13 Report
A DaneNagai

eh, I'm sure yours looks fantastic compared to the diarrhea-fulled toilet that is wattpad.

As for your questions: maybe, maybe not. A little too early to tell. I'd rather wait until the next Doom game comes out. Don't want to jump to too many conclusions. Still, a good mention will do.

4/24/2021 #14 Report
Dontus -not Donut- Powerus

Thanks for the compliment! Anyway, here's Hugo's words about the Primevils: ht tps : / / youtu . be /7ZeQOzo_SLE (Please read after watching the vid) Yeah, the Slayer already has those blessings of the Divinity Machine. He just needs to be empowered for those hacks to be effective. Meaning, he can still be as strong as he was if he keeps killing and defeating foes left and right to gain strength. Huddle up in Remnant, kiddo. Papi's gonna clean house.

4/25/2021 #15 Report
Dontus -not Donut- Powerus

I can't remember which armor is BJ junior wearing, but if it's the Praetor version, then you could give BJ Sr. The Eternal one.

4/25/2021 #16 Report
A DaneNagai

But the issue I have is that since Davoth is dead, Stan's future bloodline would no longer have them. So wouldn't they just be, idk, normal?

4/25/2021 #17 Report
Dontus -not Donut- Powerus

Davoth is the first Primevil. He has no connections to the Slayer. He only created the Doom"Slayer" because he "empowered" the Slayer. (A.k.a. gave the Slayer tons of XP. Think of the Slayer and Davoth having the same class With the Slayer being a low level Primevil. The Divinity Machine gave the Slayer tons of XP. Hell, I could even say that he might have obtained more abilities, seeing as he picked up the Crucible like he's aware that he will fight the Icon. Like he foresaw it happening. The Intelligence, Mastery of Weapons, and a lot more things that you could notice if you watch his actions enough.) But BJ was a Primevil from the very start, man. How else could you even explain him being able to kill the icon on the wall with old fire arms and some futuristic guns? Fighting hordes of demons that some humans Literally flee in one space ship? He fought an entire invasion all on his lonesome. That feat is not reserved for normal men. If BJ could do this as a single soldier, then his colleagues could as well. But look at what happened? They died. And he Thrived. He should have died in Phobos, but he not only survived, but goes in hell and out then back in.

4/25/2021 #18 Report
A DaneNagai

Well, he kinda did. If I'm not mistaken, he wound up getting killed only to come back again in Hell. He just plops back in like nothing happened. He does have his priorities, though.

4/25/2021 #19 Report
Dontus -not Donut- Powerus

My guess is he died on the Comics. Haven't read it yet. Eh, that technically counts as not dying, either way. As the one that killed him is not a Primevil or someone of Higher power than a Primevil.

4/26/2021 #20 Report
Dontus -not Donut- Powerus

You'll have to get a new chapter up for anyone to notice this, I guess. It's too barren in here. (That or they're ignoring the Author's note and you need to stick an author's note in the middle of the chapter.)

4/26/2021 #21 Report
A DaneNagai

Alright, I made a short but carefully instructed piece just now. Had to make some precautions and added instructions for those looking for the forums. And to also vent out my frustrations on that one guy who keeps asking about ice goblins. Still, hopefully in a short period of time, we could expect some newcomers on the way.

4/26/2021 . Edited 4/26/2021 #22 Report
Dontus -not Donut- Powerus

I realized something. A suggestion. You could do the immortals (with the Omni man guy) with the Slayer as the next big project (Not in the sense of making a big fanfic, but in terms of making a new fanfic type for Doom). No one has done that yet. And since that series and your fanfic is just starting, you could move to it because you have the time in the world for your fanfic to finish. What do you think?

4/27/2021 #23 Report
A DaneNagai

i have considered it, but i was thinking it would work as a one-shot. Only involving Doomguy and and Omni-Man going toe to toe once the latter reveals his true personality at the "meeting".

That said I have returned to doing the YJ crossover. I am trying to watch the series and get myself a little bit familiar with the characters.

Currently doing a scene with Batman and Robin at a shipping bay. Plan to throw in Deathstroke and bring Doomguy in the midst of a fight.

4/27/2021 #24 Report
Dontus -not Donut- Powerus

I was thinking of along the lines of the Slayer getting his Tower of Doom stuck in a Dimensional loop after most of his weapons got blown up when a poor Marauder suddenly opened a portal WHILE The Tower was in the midst of teleporting when the Slayer was test firing his weapons (and the weapon that he was test firing at that time was the BFG) after cleaning. Sending the Marauder to Earth or the Flaxan home world (the planet that Omni Man destroyed. It's in another dimension btw.) with his Transdimensional doohickey broken. And the Tower of Doom stuck jumping between dimensions. . And as you could tell, this is between 2016 and Eternal as his only weapon available at the start of Eternal was his Combat Shotgun. . Spoiler: Omni Man is not alone. His race are stock up planet conquerors. A place where General Zod won and Krypton was never under an apocalypse. The Comics started in 2003 so the Animated one is lagging behind by years. . The story of the Slayer fighting in 2 fronts. Superman army and Demons . Btw, by looking at how the Praetor suit has this dash option, it's possible that he was used to flying and dodging mid air, adding a dash option to his suit would make it "Fun" for him. I mean, yeah he could just jump but you could tell by his movements that he can fly since the new Suit that he was using was really really new. (And probably Marauder inspired. But those guys could only dash on the ground) . We could even take this chance to give the Helmetless Slayer skin a spin to have its own Lore. But either way it's your choice, I'm just coaxing you to do a lengthy one because I sure as hell know it's going to be awesome with the writer of your calibre on the reigns. :P

4/27/2021 #25 Report
Dontus -not Donut- Powerus

Ah yes, I can see it now, the Slayer acting all "nice and cooperative" because Vega told him to, and to not draw unwanted attention, pioneering as this weak super hero with a shotgun and power armor, waiting for a Demonic invasion and taking the Marauder's (or from any other Marauder because their tech is Sentinel Make, same as the tower) Dimensional Doohickey to fix his ship and go to Earth. And also getting simultaneously getting into shuffle with super Villans, slightly getting some form of notice by mad Scientists wanting to get ahold of his precious armor. . . While also being a Gun nut. Wait. Another perfect way of storytelling about how the Slayer obtained the Sentinel Armor skin.

4/27/2021 #26 Report
A DaneNagai

Y'know, cool as it, that is a LOT of research. I already knew the comics before the show so I know the general knowledge of it going on. Thing is, I need to buy an ENTIRE omnibus in order to try and follow the storylines. I won't do the entire series, of course. No, that would be too much. Maybe a couple of arcs and that's it.

Though, the thought of Viltrumites being invaded by the endless hordes of Hell can stirrup quite a storyline on its own. But I'm already working on other projects besides DOOM/WFB so my loadout is quite full. I'll let someone give a shot at it if that ever happens.

4/27/2021 #27 Report
A DaneNagai

I could do the same with the DOOM/YJ. Like that would happen as well when it comes to both the Justice League AND the Light as they try to play a tug-o-war with him in the middle. That said, I'd rather he be just an associate. He will still be on good terms with some members of the League like Black Canary and possibly Wonder Woman but will remain distant (and a dick) with certain people (*cough* Batman *cough*). And I do plan to still make him a mentor to the Young Justice. Especially Connor and Aqualad. I've recently begun to see Aqualad as a second protege due to his weak hold as team leader.

That said, I think he fits better with some B-class team such as the Suicide Squad. Covert Ops ain't his style but he certainly has the license to kill.

4/27/2021 #28 Report
Dontus -not Donut- Powerus

Someone else taking a shot would also be fine. But with Doomslayer in DC, he'll be making himself stuck in a hard place if you know what I mean. With all of the no kill rules that they impose. I hope Vega would enlighten them. The Red Ring will not corrupt the Slayer, but the Slayer will corrupt the whole red lantern corps, lmao. A Green Lantern Ring would also for sure appear. The Slayer is 2 in 1. Besides that, he's already green. He'll probably will the 2 rings to become a single ring. Although that's just my head cannon. And oh, Wonder woman, wonder woman... Yeah. Her. She'll definitely try to clear his mind of hatred (A.k.a. make him calm around everyone) by using her fancy lasso. BUT LOBO WILL SURE AS HELL LOVE EM! But either way, if he defeats (kill. But technically defeat) an avatar of Darkseid (in which he will) Darkseid would need to step up his A game. Because he just empowered the Slayer even more. Slayer's cave: Floating space cave. Batman's Cave: a literal bat cave. I can hear Flash now. Btw, read the chapter 5 of the Doom eternal art book, you'll see how insane of a computer Vega is. Well, he is the "father"... Bats would literally have no way of containing him. All of his secrets getting read by Vega in just a couple of Nanoseconds or more. But at least Bats would try to create his own SMART AI. But that won't even be enough :p. Flash would definitely want to crash in the Slayer's home at times though.

4/27/2021 #29 Report
A DaneNagai

Here's the thing about Wonder Woman: of all the JL members (not to mention the big three), she's the only one willing to kill. If you look at her rogues gallery, she has few in comparison to Supes and Bats. Of course, it may be because there are some who are too dangerous to exist, that doesn't hide the fact that she has a "bigger" body count out of any JL members.

And I was thinking among the lines of being "military" friends given their experiences as warriors. Of course, different ideologies aside, they still generally are on friendly terms. Same could be said with Black Canary.

Lobo, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. Which is an ups, by the way. Perhaps they will one day crosspaths if Lobo is searching for his bounty and Doomguy gets in the way since said bounty is under his protection (like a politician for example). However, miscommunication would resolve shortly no thanks to VEGA translating Lobo's language and DG will just let him do his thing. Maybe.

And guns. They'll definitely start trading information about guns.

Darkseid is a contender for "lasting five seconds longer than the demons".

I don't have the art book sadly so I don't have a visual of what he looks like. However, i wouldn't mind a description if that happens. Bats will definitely not get a hold of him, for sure.

4/27/2021 #30 Report
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