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Hi again! hope everyone's doing alright:)

Iirc Vaul was blinded by khaine and made his servant, right?

Is there perhaps a chance that the slayer will knock the war god down a few pegs and free him?

7/21/2022 . Edited 7/21/2022 #271 Report
A DaneNagai

Ehhh, a little far-fetched. As it is I'm just gonna make them "iron-willed" more than anything. While the Night Sentinels aren't the same ones during the Unholy Crusades and the Civil War, they're still badasses in their own right.

7/21/2022 #272 Report
A DaneNagai

I'm not sure if I'll be able to explore that entry. Maybe in a small text, but I don't think it'll be played up as much.

Also, unrelated, I GOT MY OWN TV TROPES PAGE 8D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:


7/21/2022 . Edited 7/21/2022 #273 Report

Yay! congratulations man!

7/22/2022 #274 Report

So quick question; Is the slayer going to destroy the father's lifesphere like in canon, or are you planning to have him gain a physical form again and playing a more direct role in the story?

11/20/2022 #275 Report

Love this fic.

4/7/2023 #276 Report

Gamza is a fraud lol

4/13/2023 #277 Report
A DaneNagai

What? It's been a while so I don't follow.

Oh, and sorry for the late reply, Eternicus. The lifesphere will get destroyed more or less.

4/13/2023 #278 Report

Hello, it's been a while, I wanted to ask if, at some point in history do you think about giving the Slayer his own Chainsword? Since I have discovered in the wiki that in the days of Warhammer Fantasy there was a Chainsword but this was a Daemon weapon, besides being only a reference to Warhammer 40k. But just imagine a Chainsword made from Night Sentinel technology or even a Crucible-type Chainsword.

5/23/2023 #279 Report

Oh right, there is one quite important thing ixve been thinking about: What is doom slayer going to think of the 'good' gods, like Asuryan and his pantheon, the dwarf and human gods, etc?

7/17/2023 #280 Report

Oh, and if Cathay shows up in the story, I hope that the threat of chaos and hell will help the royal dragon family overcome their toxic relationships and character flaws, not viewing their subjects as beneath them, and start to reform their empire into something better.

8/7/2023 #281 Report

Like for example the constant backstabbing and murders in the royal court, and civil wars erupting whenever the dragon emperor and express aren't around.

8/7/2023 #282 Report

I could see the doom slayer or an incident (for example recieving a vision of the canon end times) making the dragons have a sort of heel realization of just how aloof, arrogant, and mired in constant squabbling they have been, and strive to build a better future for their people.

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