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Chapter 9 Q&As
A DaneNagai

Chapter 9

Guest: Don't worry, I have a few candidates on who becomes Doomguy's personal mount(s).

Guest: Russians and bears go hand in hand like Doritos and Mountain Dew.

Dontus-not-Donut-Powerus: Collected all the codices and read the lore, my friend. I am very well-versed in the Doom lore.

No, DG's is still OP. Just wanted Wulfrik to shine in the spotlight.

I have plans to use certain skins in the story. Some are for jokes, others added in the narrative.

(Chapter 10 questions) Also, thanks for helping me out with the links. Much appreciated, mate.

And I'll keep in to expand my vocabulary. As it is, I definitely need to think up more words.

And yeah, those asscheeks can certainly crush a Hellbaron's skull in less than a second.

Orikuchi Hirata: Man, my favourite comment bit is imagining yourself as an imp only to find a huge rainbow wall of "fuck you" coming at you. lol

1) That is worth mentioning. If things go awry, then DG will have to forcefully destroy the helm. If TAG has told me, it's to never step on DG's shoes, no matter how well-meaning your intentions are.

2) Considering the god-like powers he was subjected to, the ring would probably negate in terms of the downsides. It'll function still, but the ring will most likely not affect him overall. As far as interpretations go.

3) Alright, the issue I have with Marvel comics (not the MCU, mind you), is that they always seem contradictive and hypocritical. They praise superheroes like the Avengers or Fantastic Four, but when it comes to mutants like the X-Men, it turns into 40k all of a sudden.

That's probably just me. I'm not immune to this if it happens like Catch-22, but I would prefer to do something a bit better than that.

Although having Deadpool around does sound like a fun idea. But putting him in Marvel is just the Hulk wearing Iron-Man's armor and using guns like the Punisher and miming Deadpool. Fun idea if that becomes a team-up (but that would just be repeating the crappy era Frank Castle went through).

And while DC comes off a bit better, it still has its downsides. Death Korps of Justice, The Inquisitor, and The Justice of a Tech-Priest did a pretty good job illustrating the inherent flaws of living in a world full of supes. Superheroes are far too lenient with their methods, criminals are sent to prisons that they could get out of easily (although as pointed out by a past reviewer, that may have to do with government in-universe), and the worse ones usually end raising the body count if released; teen superheroes are...really, really, stupid (especially with the first episode) and are more likely suspect to screwing up in a life-or-death situation; speaking of which, should they fail, they usually just end up getting scolded...and that's it. They are still on training wheels and have yet experienced actual bloodshed (not actively but they certainly do not want to be in a body bag when a serial killer is involved). And that's just the few I could memorize.

Honestly, living in a world of superheroes doesn't sound too great when you're just a civvie.

RoyalTwinFangs: Chapter 6

Blasphemy for the Bored: Not dead. Just napping...with the fishes.

Austin: I was imagining among the lines of "bros before hoes". I can imagine him crashing into Morathi's crib and rescuing DG from her clutches.

Not the intended reaction. The Skaven actually infiltrated the strongholds (damn weeb rats). Sorry for the mix-up. I might have not been clear about their stances. They were pretty much on the side of Chaos. So no backstabbing.

And yeah, TAG2 was a mix bag for me. Still, it was a solid sendoff for one of the best video game protagonists of the last decade. For now, at least. At least we got a confirmed Quake reboot.

GvK was pretty damn fun. Human characters are a bit underdeveloped but it's good ol' monster-fighting so it's good. Still disappointed that monke didn't twist some lizard dicks, though.

And I finally got around to the issue. Apparently, FF hates links for some fucking reason and I'm a little pissed that this is a thing. Anyways, I found the solution and wrote it on the latest chapter. But if you want to try again, here are the links:

h-h-t-p-s : / / www . fanfiction . n-e-t / forum / Doom - End - Times - Forum / 232362 /

h-t-t-p-s : / / www . fanfiction . n-e-t/ topic / 232362 / 183657791 / 1 / Doom-End-Times-Q-A

Ignore the spacing and the dashes for h-h-t-p-s. Just copy it and then paste it on your search bar.

Deadzepplin: I would've done it but it didn't fit well at the time. Maybe until I get around a rematch, I'll throw it in.

Jajo-Camello: So this is from the PM but since there's nothing personal here I'll just throw it in: It's not so much the premise that's bad so much is the execution that was handled. Imagine the worst traits of GOT Season 8, The Last of Us Part 2, and the latter parts of the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

OOC moments, conflicting previously established lore, rushed-storylines, unsatisfying conclusions, Skaven and Chaos cheesing on everyone, and generally just paving the way for the Sigmarines fantasy.

For example: Malekith becoming Phoenix King. Not a bad concept on itself, and I actually plan to make it happen. So what's so bad about it?

Here's why: Malekith, as it turns out, would've been king had he stayed in the FUCKING pool of fire for five. More. FUCKING. SECONDS!

And that the previous kings before simply cheated their way out by using their magic to protect their skin.

Do you have any idea how insulting that is to both fans of the elves? I assure you, quite a lot. And that's just one part of the whole fucking series.

Here's a video that better explains it all if you have free time to look at and are not too sensitive to the profanity and subject matter: /watch?v=oACyOtx22V4

It may sound like a drunk dude staying sober after chugging down dangerous amounts of alcohol, but once you get onto his level, you can actually understand it better than some long-bearded college professor.

As for the isekai story, I scrapped it entirely in favour of Doom.

Interesting as it was, I wasn't exactly sure where the story would go. The protagonist would've been in the body of the famed Slambo and accidentally end up becoming the Everchosen. And then gets the attention of everyone from rival races to the gods themselves.

But honestly, I looked at my first draft and found it to be

It admittedly went nowhere.

But then the Ancient Gods part 1 came out. And the rest is history.

Honestly, I'm not too crazy about doing Chaos as a protagonist since it sorta loses sympathy from the audience if they do some horrific things.

Strangely, I've been pondering about doing a different isekai where the protagonist ends up being a genestealer patriarch and goes out of his way to save the planet he's on from a Tyranid invasion while also avoiding imperial troops, the Inquisition, terminators, and Chaos. Still, he also has to micro-manage his cult and do some actual acts of goodwill without the kool-aid involved.

But we all know I'm never gonna do 40k. NO SIR, that shit is too much. I enjoy what I'm doing at the moment.

Doom King of Latveria: Everyone's been clamoring to see him do something. Might as well just throw the bone and give them what they want.

Drakengard: I don't think there's much I can say here. I'm kinda past the TV Tropes thing but Wulfrik is my Everchosen. Archaon can suck a dick for all I care.

sleeping-moon356: fufufufufufu...

Sirokuma: I'd say he's more like "inconvenienced" than anything. I mean he does have certain qualities of an isekai MC but he sure as hell ain't no pretty boy. He honestly fits well in Warhammer (both settings).

I can honestly relate when I read Waves of Armageddon. Gave me a fucking panic attack when he had the shield on. You don't do something like that to a guy like Doom Slayer.

Universal DOOM is fantastic. Honestly surprised to see that many crossovers. Especially in the horror genre. Probably my favourite chapters are the ones involving VEGA. I really love the fact that much of his scenes are primarily being quiet with the baddies in contrast to DG's loudness in terms of fighting. It's great content nonetheless.

I'm trying to get Remnant Inferis but writing, school, video games, and ADD are pulling me away from it. The one thing that I have to keep reminding is the Doomguy in this one is the son of Doomguy so I have to bear with it. I'm not saying it's bad but ever since Doom Eternal was released, it's become common knowledge is that Doom Slayer is Doomguy.

And thank you for giving support. Ever since writing this, I've become quite passionate about this story.

Rook435: Har Ganeth, actually. But in all seriousness, i so f*** hate how both Karond Kar and Clar Karond are spelled so damn similar. Clar Karond especially because I keep misspelling it as "Kar Clarond" or "Karond Clar".

UGH! It's annoying! I blame Matt Ward for this particular screw-up since he had a part in the 8th edition!

Seafang's head was something that I just wanted to spice up a bit for narrative. Plus it was an element that I..."borrowed"...from another story called "The Mountain and the Wolf." It's not a major one, but just something to enforce obstacles for Doomguy.

Still, everyone should check that out. Wulfrik takes a piss on the entirety of GOT Season 8 and it's fantastic.

As for Lokhir, I originally was planning to have a duel between the two, but I had so much difficulty figuring out how to get the story going so I just BFG'd the whole. Didn't want to linger too long for one city.

Had the most difficulty with this chapter tbh. Still, now that it's over I can finally move on to Har Ganeth. I've been wanting to write about Hellebron for some time. And I have special plans for her and the followers of Khaine. Guess who's going to be their next messiah? :D

As a whole, I didn't want to dive too deep into the battle scenes. Just wanted to move on to something that I am actually looking forward to.

Jirou Hanzaki: Now that you mentioned it, I was thinking of more in the lines Doomguy having careers similar to the Ubersreik Five. Especially with skins involved.

Eternal Default skin: Jack-of-all-stats, Mobile,

Praetor skin: Defensive Powerhouse, Access to Heavy Duty Weapons, Support

Sentinel skin: Berserker, Melee-oriented, DPS (equivalent to the Dwarf Slayer)

If anyone has better descriptions, PM me about and I could possibly set a forum about it.

diablohunter123: Ain't planning to.

Tempus Fuginaut: I haven't read any of the comics as well so I'm not well aware of what's happening.

I don't think can describe properly, but here's a list of videos that summarize his recent behaviours:

h-t-t-p-s : / / www . youtube . c-o-m / watch?v=F-f6Q8jMcZs&t=20s

h-t-t-p-s : / / www . youtube . c-o-m / watch?v=icYNh8pyxAc

h-t-t-p-s : / / www . youtube . c-o-m / watch?v=3QvokbO8lZg

His recent years have been well documented.

Back to Doom, I could name a few. There's CODA, Once and Future, Big Trouble in Little China (though I think this one should crossover with Evil Dead), and Berserker (Keanu Reeves is blessed).

Speaking of comics, I do hope that Id Software collaborates with Image comics instead of Marvel. I don't want Doom be tainted with whatever the hell Marvel is producing just like they did with 40k. *shudders with Slaanesh*

KIZUKI ARUCHU: Yeah, I'm definitely using that for a recap episode, later on.

alith anar: Imma steal that quote. Thank you!

Chapter 10

Enriks-Da-Writer: Great to hear from you again! And oh, don't worry: there are plenty of threats I'm adding to the story alright. Keeping it hidden as usual.

It is ON: I suppose you have a valid point. The thing is it's very difficult to write about a silent character who's the MC. I gotta at least make him emote somehow. Maybe more anger through his fists. But still, I'll keep that in mind.

Sora Akino: I wish I had known better. Now, my eyes have been defiled.

Austin: As I said before, not the case.

But moving on, I have ideas on how Chaos and Hell are related. But as always, I'm mouth shut and lips sealed tight.

Yeah, Guyver...tragic really. The author, I hear, is having health problems. So any chances of a finale are very very slim. It's a shame, though. Probably one of my first exposure to violent animes of the 90s in my pre-teens. Right next to Berserk, Devilman, Genocyber (awful tbh), and Afro Samurai.

Back when I had virgin eyes.

I'm really shocked that they have yet to release GvK worldwide by now. It's awesome to hear the box office still going but it's been almost a month now since release. But who am I complaining about? Shit was awesome.

I don't know how I feel about anime adaptations. It's great that they're expanding their roots but I just kinda stop with the OGs. Pacific Rim, especially. The first movie was awesome, plain and simple. Del Toro was brilliant and it was awesome to know that Hugo Martin had a hand in the making of the Jaegers. Nothing could trump it.

Second movie sucked. Charlie Day? Really? And killing Mako sure as hell didn't win anyone favors.

I don't plan on seeing the anime...maybe. But that's a discussion for another time.

Anyways, nice hearing from you. Stay safe as always.

Rook435: The funny thing about Kell's assumptions was inspired by a video called "Playing an RPG for the first time" by Joel Haver. The humor kinda crept into my writing right after.

I honestly had to mentally prepare myself for the action scenes. It was so frustrating to get them right and I still feel them to be janky somewhat. Dontus had pointed this out already so gotta expand my vocabulary.

Still, I enjoyed it nonetheless. I at least finally got what I wanted in terms of the scenes. The music especially finally got around to utilizing The Only Thing They is You for this chapter. I was planning to add another song from Slipknot but I thought I save it for when the greenskins get the spotlight.

As for Tullaris, I can't say the plot armor will extend to him. I've honestly been figuring out his role in the story but so far nothing has come up. You'll just have to wait until I release the next chapter.

Still, I wanted to make a good impression so as to be useful and impactful to the story somehow. Time will tell.

The Chaos Wastes expansion looks cool. Would've been great except it's still Skaven. Yay. Can't get enough of them. B(

Still, I'll keep in mind about Franz Lohner's Chronicles. If I have the chance, I will get to the Ubersreik Five.

Guest: Honestly, after my experience with chapter 7, I am learning to curb the plot armor from time to time. Doomguy still has it, but everyone's playing Russian (or is it Kislevite?) Roulette for the time being. Still, you never know.

And thank you all for your patience. I am still pumping stories as usual and I'll never stop even when writer's block hits.

And thank you for easing my mind as I try to tolerate the abysmal cesspool that is Wattpad. So many goddamn self-inserts, male-reader, and awful harem stories.

Still, if any of you would like to see my responses further be sure to check out my forums. Just get rid of the dashes and spacings:

h-h-t-p-s : / / www . fanfiction forum / Doom - End - Times - Forum / 232362 /

h-t-t-p-s : / / www . fanfiction topic / 232362 / 183657791 / 1 / Doom-End-Times-Q-A

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