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Chapter 10 & 11 Q&A
A DaneNagai

COELACANTH: 1) Honestly, I'm using my shitty skills for now. If I could commission work when I have money, I'll find someone who could do just that.

2) Honestly, it'll be the last place I'm posting my work there. Ao3 and Spacebattles are the only ones I feel happy about posting as alternatives. Wattpad is just giving me an aneurysm.

3) Yeah, I've learned that bit in the first couple of chapters writing this. Hopefully, from now, it's just Doomguy going full 80s/90s action hero.

4) I've honestly been using it more often in my playthroughs. Sorry Mobile-Turret, I've found love in the Energy Shield.

5) Definitely a keeper.

6) Ah, you're just bringing up my misotheism just now. Though, manipulative bastards they are, they're still saints compared to the greek gods.

7) Don't think I have much to say other than a "yep".

Clown2107: I will not reveal that until some time after the Vampire Counts happen. But for what it is, I am retconning Chaos' relationship with Hell to something rather personal.

As for Familiar, yes, but not what you would expect.

Hey, that's a nice reference! Hope they make a reboot out of it! Definitely need some Lovecraftian horror in my life!

Jajo Camello: Well as I've said at the top, I'm ignoring questions about Ice Goblins (I'm so sick of them now), and I've already answered Clown's question. However, I will say that Wattpad has potential...but it is a straight-up, absolute GARBAGE of a website. Reminded me too much of my first fanfic on this site (which I am glad that I've erased it from the site!) and I've learned a lot since then.

Guest: Fufufu...H-Doom...fufufu

Austin: Hey, Austin! Been awhile!

Yep, I saw the trailer myself. And once we get around Katarin, she and Doomguy are gonna start making ice cream together. If you're catching my drift. ;)

Wow, that sounds really...dumb. The character Ai, I mean. Not the series. I'm a little full with my slot right now. I'm planning to post a couple of new stories after this. I'm a little overwhelmed as it is. And while story ideas have potential, wouldn't it better if you perhaps write these stories yourself? I'm not trying to force you and I recall a time you had a valid reason to avoid suspicion. However, I rather you, in my honest opinion, write a story instead of hanging for someone to do it. I remember a time when I found out no one did Witcher/Goblin Slayer before I did and I went out of my way to write it. Twice.

Look, don't take it the wrong way, I've enjoyed your reviews since writing this fic. You even got me to do a Doom/YJ story currently in development. It's no Tokusatsu/Sentai but it's close since YJ has that sort of formula in its show. However, I rather allow it for someone like yourself to do the story justice than someone like myself who doesn't have that same passion. I'd be more than happy to follow you and become a beta reader even.

But, you know, I won't force you to write it. It's a mere suggestion, really.

My god, that movie's still kicking? Huh. Great to know it's still smashing the box office.

Guest: LOLOLOLOLOLOL! I didn't think anyone would refer to Team America, yo! That movie was fucking hilarious! And to see that comparison made me chuckle! Props to you, mate!

Sora Akino: I am aware and will try to fix that. I've also answered most of the questions as of today so be prepared.

Chapter 11:

Netritias: I'll remember that. I am not used to doing fight scenes yet. I have to really read other people's stories and try to emulate the action in a good way.

Doom King of Latveria: I really can't open those links. Do they have a title that you could send? I'll do the rest of the searching on my own.

Orikuchi Hirata: Or possibly a Quake/Unreal Tournament. But that's for another time.

Jirou Hinzaki: Fair enough. The forums are always open to such a discussion.

Guest: Which is exactly what happened during the End Times! So much bullshit and cheesing for Chaos and Skaven! Well, guess what?! That shit won't work here. It's fucking Battle Royale for everyone!

Tempus Fuginaut: I am still hoping that they go with Image comics. I do not want Marvel to get their greasy hands on Doomguy. *SHUDDERS WITH CHAOS*

I'm quite surprised Dan Abnett had a part in some of the comics. Although the rivalry is probably because Geedubs doing jackshit with their series like their recent bullshit with fanfilms. FUCK YOU, GEEDUBS!

That said, I did enjoy Pat Mill's Shakara series. That series would fit right in 40k.

DISCO ELYSIUM: Great series, alright song I guess.

And I did indeed read that Lady Death crossover. Gonna be honest, the writing is a little cringey for my taste. It honestly sounds weird that Lady Death would call Doomguy..."Doomguy". I mean it would've been better if they went for names like BJ Blazkowicz or Flynn Taggart. Those names would've worked well. It's not helped that the story is based on the animated adaptation. Which is total garbage.

Still, I would be happy to read any obscure 90s characters like Lady Doubl-I mean Lady Death or Evil Ernie crossing over with popular works. It's kinda like eating ramen with kimchi. The kimchi smells awful but it sure as hell tastes great with noodles. Yum!

Come to think of it, ever since you mentioned her, I sort of want to pair her with Davoth instead. I honestly liked her ambiguously genocidal bitch personality (pretty certain Thanos and Deadpool will fall heels over her) and it would be fitting if Davoth took the reigns off of LD's version of Lucifer. But that remains to be seen.

And the family is actually Doomguy's wife and kid. So yeah, good plot element to be written.

Clown2107: I know he's not dead. I was honestly expecting something happier other than being buried again. Like bruh, that was a big emotional letdown for me. Thankfully, there's a chance he might return in the future.

Enriks-Da-Writer: Well, it's like any other orc in 40k. "DAKKKDAKKADAKKADAKKADAKKA!"

Guest: Yep, Nagash is making a return. In the novels, his return is the result of Arkhan the Black, Manlet Von Carstein, and Teclis (DUNDUNDUNNNNN!) working in secret to fight Chaos but at a price. That price being the sacrifices of The Fay Enchantress, Volkmar, and Aliathra. However, unlike ET he won't appear so early thanks to Doomguy's presence. But he will return eventually...

It's a shame that the orcs could've made potential antagonists if Chaos weakens. I recall a comment on Youtube that they could make an interesting faction if both the Order and Chaos factions were weakened to an extent, leading to them getting trounced by Grimgor and his lads. The orcs would make an interesting antagonist faction had they been given a chance.

And thank you for the kind words. Although, it's not really a recovery. Just...waiting for the inevitable outcome.

HOMARE: Thank you for the condolences. I do look forward to this job, thought. It's temporary, but the pay is hopefully worth it.

Weasselk: Well, I wouldn't say "scared". More like "off her fucking rockers", really. Still, you'll see more of her.

And Neferata will realize that shithole is going to be in deeper shit, real soon.

Austin: Yep, Hellebron's off her fucking rockers as we speak. And the Vampires will get a taste of their own medicine soon.

As for Kentaro Muira, well...if they plan to continue, I do hope they find a worthy successor. It's a big inheritance and a most difficult role to take. However, if it's the case, I hope the series receives proper treatment like the Wheel of Time. I have read neither series but the latter is well known for having a replacement author worthy enough to finish Robert Jordan's legacy. I hope the same could be said for Berserk.

thedark2: Yes, Kislev will be part of the story. Sort of if we're talking powers.

Dontus -not Donut- Powerus: I understand it may seem quite callous but the thing is, she's...past her prime. As in she's over 90 right now. And she's also suffering a bit of dementia as of now. And we have to keep hush about it to avoid her any more stress as it is.

It's like that movie, The Farewell. The one where Awkwafina (weirdest name to name your kid, really) and her family have to keep a secret from their grandma about her deteriorating health.

Also, my family's a bit...divided. Quite a few fights recently.

As for your story questions; yep, Hellebron's assistance is unwanted like a creepy stalker. You'll see more of her. Yay.

I'll try to publish more but I'm setting my sights on other stories I've wanted to do for some time. They've been on the backburner for a while now.

WINONA: Huh, never considered that. It's a great duology though but, man, did they do my boy, Bruz, dirty. Back on topic, Archaon will have prominence but not in the not for some time.

As for Nagash, sadly, that won't come to fruition. He'll be on Doom Slayer's death count before he ever meets Davoth.

I actually want to get around the DOOM/YJ fic, along with GS/Witcher as well. I'm thinking of taking a break from D:ET for a bit.

Evowizard25: Yes, yes, YES! It's coming to fruition. Just as planned. B)

But back to reality, I have plans to explain the origins of Chaos' feud with the Slayer.

The "alliance" I'd say would be uneasy. We all know Alith absolutely hates these guys with a passion as well as Doom Slayer. However, they did manage to get off of Hellebron's "mercy". For now.

I don't know if easing tensions is part of Hellebron's resume. That bitch is a bloodthirsty thot. If Doom Slayer becomes the Avatar of Khaine, she's gonna be a yandere simp for him.

Malekith's ascension will be addressed. Expect riots and Alith's secret police.

And thank you for the condolences.

Kingsman568: Sadly, as much as it is awesome to use them, I will not use the weapons of 40k. Most of them, at least. Potential but I would rather not do more research on 40k. It's...It's too much.

Guest: Thank you for the condolences. I appreciate the personal story. Hope your father is well.

However, I did not know who Urist was until I searched him up. After that, consider it a cameo from him for another time.

Guest: Well, she did hear the name "Hayden". However, she also assumes that's his name. That is if she even does remember while trying to escape.

Sallyelly15: Ooh boy! What a prolific list! And I'm happy to put them in!

Rook435: Hey Rook! Been a while! Gods, I had difficulty writing action sequence after action sequence. I would honestly prefer them short and sweet and go back to doing other shenanigans. But that's what you get for doing a crossover of two action-oriented series, eh?

Depends on how long Hellebron would be civil until she snaps.

Doom King of Latveria: Yep, Hayden's off his fucking rockers. That or he's getting more tired of inconveniences.

A quitter...

stylo1: You know, I don't have any issue with your criticism on the early chapters. I'll admit, they were slow as hell but tha was only because I was focusing on the world-building aspects. Take things slow before I get to the good stuff. Quite valid, totally understand it.


had you even read just one more chapter, you could've found yourself a LITERAL gold mine of action. You're that one dude in a picture who quits moments away from digging through a room full of diamonds. The next chapter will just be the aftermath but the rest of the chapters after is full-blown action. I even PM'd to give at least one more go.

But I guess your silence is valid enough.

And while I can admit the pacing is a problem because of me going tippy-toe on the action, you quitting is on you, pal.

But you know what? Your loss, buddy. I got 818 followers enjoying the story. I can deal with one loss.


Deathwing17 (YES, IT'S ACTUALLY THEM. THE AUTHOR OF THE 40K/YJ FIC, THE INQUISITOR! 8D): 1) Because i am a hopeless romantic at heart i have to ask: is there going to be a pairing for the Doom Slayer? Because for some reason i get the sense that either he's going to get a lover or a few unwanted admirers (unwanted harem for the Doomslayer perhaps). If you DO go the harem route i have a couple of suggestions: Neferata, Morathi, Hellebron (rejuvenated permanently into a youthful form of course), Aliathra, The Fay Enchantress and possibly Tsarina Katarina. If you go the only one lover route i highly suggest Aliathra.

A. Oh my! I guess I'm feeling quite confident about doing a harem! :3

But to answer your question, yes. And all except Aliathra (but we'll get to her later), along with Emmanuelle Von Liebwitz, Lucrezzia Belladonna, Dr. Elena Richardson (Doomguy's canon thot), Gwenivar (Bretonnian OC), Amazons, Norscan women, possibly Ariel and the Sisters of Twilight (that's right, I'm cucking that tree-humping asshole: Mel Gibson! (anyone who's reading this, I'm only joking. I'd still cuck him of his weapon, though)), Dwarfen Slayers, and a chainsword (yes, apparently it exists but only as Khorne's weapon. I'm considering a non-chaos build at the moment). Seven of them will just sexually harass, date rape (magic or drugs), and/or stalk him. It's some dark shit but we all know Doomguy will make it out alive.

I don't know how I feel about Aliathra. I was thinking of her being more of an honorary niece than anything. But then again, she's probably passed the legal age by now (possibly 120 or something). Hopefully, it's not statutory rape.

However, I have given the thought of separating the romance into an entirely different section. Mainly on Ao3 and that landfill called Wattpad. I've certain reviewers not happy at the aspect of a harem. And to be honest, it's quite an intimidating process to doing one. On the same token, quite a few people PM about it and look forward to that idea.

Hell, I even have a Doomguy x Morathi as an unfinished doc. Which takes place roughly after the Druchii settle back in Ulthuan.

Still, I'm at the point where I'm really conflicted to do it or not. And considering my private works, I am NOT so subtle and slow-burning about it. However, I am learning to curb my basic instincts and try not to let them be the story's main focus.

2) Speaking of unwanted admirers, will Morathi undergo her own "break the haughty/humiliation conga" plus "heel-face turn/realization"? Because i actually think it might be interesting, perhaps even a redemption arc somewhere down the line as she follows the Doom Slayer around (assuming she isn't going to get killed off by the end of the Elf arc but it would be kind of a waste in my opinion)? Especially if she's ever shown a vision of what might have happened had she not influenced her son to do what he did to Bel'Shannar or become the head of the pleasure cults in Ulthuan.

A. Well, yes. And she's gonna get wrecked. A lot. Ever since reading The Viscount Vampire's "Is It Wrong to Live with a Sorceress", I've been infatuated her character. But just because I like her, doesn't mean she's getting away with all the shit she's done in the past. Along with every single named and unnamed druchii. Better watch out for Alith Anar and his secret police!

In all seriousness, she'll remain alive but I don't know where to take her character at the moment. She'll suffer a lot but not sure how to redeem her. Of course, Hellebron's gonna take away her toys and followers the moment Morathi falls from grace.

3) Will Gotrek and Felix make an appearence in the story? I mean i already saw that we're getting the Ubersreik 5 in the story (i remember seeing their names on the tags in the AO3 version but i may have misremembered) so i think that the ultimate dynamic duo of Warhammer Fantasy would be awesome to see fighting alongside the Doom slayer.

A. Yes. I've considered on how they should be introduced. I was thinking possibly during either Nagash's resurrection, the Skaven's assassination attempt and invasion in the Empire, or during the Dwarfen Arc where Doomguy helps Kazador Dragonslayer save his family from the black orc, Gorfang Rotgut. I've also considered the thought of Gotrek (or any other dwarfen slayer) being a melee weapon for Doomguy as well. Make of what you will on that idea.

4) i think that at some point you should have the Doom Slayer have to manage his ammo more carefully because if he just starts mowing down hordes with complete and utter ease it would start getting repetitive and boring. Besides i think that it would add more tension to battle scenes IMO.

A. Yeah, I'm considering that. Which is why the Undead and Greenskins make a good deterrent for that. Especially the orcs. And even then, Doomguy will just use his bare hands and dwarfen slayer to get the job donel

5) Several stories that have put in the resurrection of Nagash often only have the Everchild as the only sacrifice, i think that you should put in the other sacrifices as well, possibly even give them more character and weight as to add to the tragedy of the situation. I mean that's what i'm doing in the story i'm going to write for WH Fantasy.

A. I actually did my research now that you mention it and as it turns out, there are two other candidates: Morgiana Le Fay and Volkmar the Grim. But we both know that's never gonna happen. At least 2 out of 3 sacrifices are saved. One ain't so lucky but their final moments will go out with a bang. In the face. Literally.

6) During his time with the D'nurians did the Doom Slayer have a family of his own, i mean it wasn't stated how long he was there for and if he was there for several years, then i think it would be more than likely that he could have fallen in love and had a family, just to add to the level of loss that he suffered with Argent D'Nur fell to the demons.

A. I actually do plan to bring the Night Sentinels into the story quite early than the Ancient Gods Part 2 and they will have a much bigger role. They'll also have character representation with one who's especially guilt-ridden in his role during the Argenti Civil War. I think it's better if Doomguy just had friends whom he lost rather than a family. I'd rather not start jumping into conclusions with theories.

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