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Chapter 12 Q&A
A DaneNagai

Alright, so this is pretty much long overdue. I'll keep it short: life is kicking my ass and I am getting burned out lately. I will try to keep up and not give up because there is so many stuff going around my head that it's hard to focus. And while we're at it, here's a long-overdue Q&A.

Sortablepick: We'll get around to him at some point.

Guest: Pretty large. Haven't pinpointed the amount.

LUDOVIC BAGMAN: 1)...what he said.

2) Alright, the romance thing. Aside from them being exclusive to AO3 (and Wattpad since the last update), it's not gonna happen instantly. Nor will it be central. Even though it's been lingering in my mind, I'm not pulling that shit. I mean, I'm barely past the first arc by now! All things considered, it's NOT like I'm gonna have DG swooning over his harem. He's aware but he has other priorities. Like killing demons, playing on his PC, strumming his guitars, etc. He'll probably return the affection, though he'll be hard to get. I don't want him to be a walking sperm donor every time women come after him to sate their dick-thirst in the story. He's the motherfucking DOOM Slayer. Not PUSSY Slayer.

Besides, I'm not exactly in a rush even though Slaanesh keeps whispering that shit into my ear. So don't hold your breath about it.

I'm just going to Doom Slayer the way he is. Though I have been getting complaints about his passiveness so I'm trying to balance it out between punching assholes and killing assholes.

3) I'm not even going to plan that. We don't know anything about his life in Argent D'Nur save for codex entries. Won't touch upon it. Only his first family will ever be mentioned. Can't say a lot on the fic, though.

I'm just writing in what was shown in the reboot series while adding my own spin.

DISCO ELYSIUM: Ehhh, I moved on. It was food for thought but I lost interest after a while. I'll just stick to what I have for now.

Dr-.-fail (name kept getting erased while saving due to the dot): Your opinions are valid and I have nothing against it. As I said with Ludovic, it's not central to the story.

And no, I don't plan to ship Aliathra either. I've considered rewriting her character (and in a way, I will at some point), but I am keeping her personality in. She's impressionable, slightly immature and sheltered, but old enough to know her responsibilities. From the elves' perspective, she's young. From the humans' perspective, completely different.

Doom King of Latveria: Canon.

And thanks for the recommendation.

Buck Buckington: Took a photo of it before it disappeared. Wish I did the same with faves. :(

Guest: Ehhhh it's going to be quite a mess. Rotations are varying.

SOUKA ISHIHARA: Yep, I've made a villain appropriate of that contrast be more clear.

Guest: Yep, The Silence and the Fury is a welcome addition. More Beastmen content means more trophy displays on Doomguy's wall. And Oxyotl is up in the rotating cast.

WINONA: Don't worry, that Microwave Beam will be put to good use in the next arc. Just you wait...

chidoriprime: Unintentionally, but yes.

GETH prime: No. Just real piss about GW, that's all.

Da Greenest Git: Nah, I was just real tired. I always upload it here first before the rest. First AO3, Spacebattles, and then Wattpad.

Wacko12: We'll see.

Alexandar von Cartein Zarovich: It just gets worse with each year. Shame since I was looking forward to Diablo IV and II Resurrected Edition.

UPDATE: I stand correct, what a shitty way to go. Cinematics are good, though.

Ayman El Kadouri: That's an understatement. They didn't just shaved their beards, they skinned them. It's the equivalent of scalping. And no less horrifying either.

Imperial Fisting: I like your name.

Guest: That is pretty amusing in every sense. Cringey but more or less accurate. I actually had that idea for some time, though, and I've been meaning to delay the story (not deliberately) in order to see the other unseen factions. Hopefully, they get all the factions ready before I get past the first arc.

I can't go into detail about how it'll go but the way things go are usually circumstantial or beneficial at the time. The Ordertide are the most likely to align but other non-Chaos are in a grey area of sorts.

Guest: *Grombindal has entered the chat*

Eternicus: She'll be fine. And since the update, the rabbit's doing pretty alright.

We'll get around to Mannfred...

And I can't say Aeligor will expire. He will be sticking for a long while. And will probably be my favourite creation if I get around to moving the story.

Dontus (just gonna shorten the name because I'm too lazy): Mannfred* but I have a different fate for him. And the idea of Hell cultists in the Old World is within the realm of possibilities.

Austin: As far as the plot goes, it will be chaotic. And the dwarfs being so nice to Aliathra is only a minority. That said, I'd rather bend a few rules if it means exploring unknown territories. And with the canon granted (if a bit of inferior quality), I could make it work in some way.

And though, it has been a while, I still - to this day - cannot forgive Geedubs' greed and mistreatment of its own fanbase by literally bottlenecking fan content for the sole purpose of squeezing their own product while also destroying their investments. This WarhammerPlus (can't do the cross symbol) was just too soon of a power trip on their heads.

And oh god, why Kevin Smith? JUST WHY? I respected you before who the hell were you trying to deceive?! You're no True Scotsman! And ironically enough, the other He-Man show on Netflix was more faithful even when you had the animators behind Castlevania back your shit-story. Fuck you!

But other than that, I'm glad to see you again despite this message being over four months old. A lot has happened and I deeply apologize for not catching up. I really do wish we could speak more actively as I always did enjoy your reviews. If you have another way of continue our interactions let me and we could speak on proactive terms. Hope your doing well, my friend! :)

Pillar of Autumn: Oof, that's going to be a looooooong while till we get there. Worklife is draining me but I am aiming to get to them at some point. Right now, just on the paper chase but will get to update when I'm available.

Thedark2: Hot, yes, but I just taking acceptable breaks from reality.

SORA AKINO: Yeah, the cover art for his books is what spurred me to buy books on Warhammer Fantasy lore. It's a fantastic read and the author does some pretty good books on other characters like The Warriors of the Chaos Wastes and The Witch Hunter series.

Ah, the GW version...pass. The OG is where it was and the one that jumpstarted the 40k animation revival.

And it's Tullaris' Blade, actually. Not that it mattered to DG. As far as he's concerned, Dark Elves suck.

Clown2107: To be honest, it was intended quite early. Though not so early. I believe you were referring to the Night Sentinels as they would appear halfway into the story (which will be a looooooong until we get there). And your presumptions are correct but not entirely accurate per say.

As for Aeligor, he is visually inspired by the Heresiarch from Hexen, with influences of the Genestealer Patriarch from 40k and Desaad from Zack Snyder's Justice League cut.

Rook435: As always, it's nice to hear from you. As you have already read the subsequent chapter, some returning appearance were expected. I'll be brief with you but I will say that the greenskins will make an appearance. Just not the iconic ones you will expect. Of course, Sportacus will appear. If I can figure out if he's an orc or a goblin that is.

Guest: I'm pretty sure a jabberslythe will just be an animal rug for the Doom Fortress. Or trophy mantle on the wall.

Savior16: It's not the fact that they're only targeting fan animations. They're targeting fan works. If Disney were pulling the same trick, we wouldn't be having as nearly as much Baby Yoda as we would in the Galaxy. But enough talk, it's all in the past. Let the grudge be nursed for a bit...

Telepurte-fan: CA stands for Creative Assembly. As in the creators of the Total War games, who've done a much better job handling the Fantasy IP than Games Workshop.

Manwithaplan113: So I'm probably gonna stop answering these reviews since we're now in touch these days. They'll probably be a different catalogue of their own for another time, though.

Guest: Maybe if I could add in the joke. As for Morathi... sort of. Bitchy from the start until something-something happens.

Disco Elysium: That ideas kinda abandoned altogether.

BoredKing: Not to worry. We'll get to that someday.

Blazblade: Why would I not?

DRAGON LILY: I'll incorporate it when I come around to it.

SomeGuy300: Wulfrik's gonna learn the hard way when they meet again. So no surprises there to see you laughing.

Gamzo: Sure. If that's how you want to interpret them doing... :)

I'm slowly figuring out how to bring them into the story. Bit by bit. Not a lot but slowly getting there.

Dontus: As I've mentioned to SomeGuy300... yeah.

WINONA: If you want to, imagine Wulfrik being the "Small Name, Big Ego", "Overshadowed by Awesome" and the "Villainous Underdog" in combination. He's pretty much it (YMMV).

Guest 02: I'm not sure about the "Neverending Story" scenario. Based on the new lore, Cathay Dragons absolutely hate it when someone rides their back as they consider it insulting, and that extends to their Old/New World cousins. It's basically the equivalent of telling them to be their human chair.

Paul Reverend: Indeed. Considering IRL stuff on demons also has it's own depictions of a heirarchy like the Lesser Keys of Solomon (which Aeligor is based on), it's not too far from the truth.

Dark The Bunny: Eh, close enough. Let's not get into the little details.

xalmasyz: I wonder what happened Crimson? His works were fun.

And bokunowhat now?

Blackstone100:Oh don't worry. They get their own chapter.

Guest: Do you take me for a fool to let Ali die? Absolutely false.

Evowizard25: A major step to mending bridges for both races. Besides Aliathra as an ambassador of course.

Searcock: A thousand followers seem to think so. Otherwise, eat your heart out and blow it out your ass.

Anon69: Acceptable criticism. It is all over the place as I am setting up a lot of stuff for future arcs. A lot of the minor characters will probably get their own spinoffs or omakes once I get around to them.

As for the ship, it hasn't exactly happen... yet. With IRL stuff getting in the way and the fact I have been getting burned out lately, it's going to be some time before I finally get back on my feet again.

RandomPerson1223: Sadly, that is all too accurate about Wattpad. It honestly makes me feel happy to start off with FFnet.

CuppaCoffee: Valid point. Yes, shortening the names makes them less impact and oomph but it honestly feels repetitive to do them over and over.

As for the health and ammo stuff, that is a spoiler you'll have to wait for.

And that's about it. I hope to come back again next month. I have a WIP for the next chapter and I'm trying my best to get it. So until then, stay safe, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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