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Chapter 13 Q&A
A DaneNagai

Someguy300: Keep on laughing. There's more to come.

Gamzo: Perhaps. It was just pure luck. Who knows. The gods can be fickle.

And about Cathay, I had it figured out. Sort of. But given how given how much obstacles there jn my life, time will tell if I'll ever get around to them. Though, Zhao Ming's personality and relations could lead to plot potentials.

On the topic of Hayden, I totally get it. I FUCKING hate writing his dialogue. It seems I don't know how to channel "cold logic" in his voice as I would hate to admit. And the seraphim thing… well, I sure as hell won't be the immediate plot at the moment. As it is, I'm just giving him a few blank spots in his memories. Disappointing but doing my best to making it transition well. That and End Times.

Dontus: They weren't just shaved. They were skinned. If that's not worth in the Book, I don't know what is. Definitely a grudge to be settled.

Wulfrik, on the other hand, has a lot on his plate to fill the quota. "World-Walker" is hardly impressive now with Doomguy running around.

WINONA: On the plus side, that gives anyone - myself included - a chance to give our own spin on the Marauder character. Even though he's basically a jobber, I still enjoyed him. And I already set my sights on giving spin with a pre-existing character. I won't say who. Shhhh!

Wulfrik, if you hadn't noticed, is one of my top favorite Warhammer characters. Not only is he badass in design, I also can't help but feel bad for his story, despite the fact it was his own fault for being who he is.

Of course, since we're talking Doom Slayer, you can expect Wulfrik to lose. A lot. Every once or so in their matchups. The only consolation is that he's pretty much the underdog who's trying to survive the rounds as much as possible in the ring.

Drago The Firesword Dragon: We'll get to the Lizardman at some point. Just be patient.

Guest 02: A bit silly but it could be good material for an omake. Except it'd be like Peter Griffin in the Neverending Story.

Also, why would you wanna do Imrik dirty like that? This ain't Pokémon, yo. Can't catch every hoe, y'know?

I have narrowed down a few in mind, though.

Dragon's Dogma was good, though, despite me sucking at the progression. And the fear of romancing Fournival by accident. Anime sucked ass, tho. Dragon's Dogma? Pff. More like Dragging's Dogshit.

Paul: Indeed. In fact, I did base off Aeligor from his real-life counterpart. Adds a bit more flavor to the story, I'll say with my heart's content.

Well I do tend to have them operate similar to the Chaos faction: Brute/Spammer/Generalist. Although, I might add some unique stuff to make them cooler.


Guest: I will when I get to them.

diablohunter123: damn right.

Rook435: Been a long while, even I haven't heard from you this year. I miss you, dude.

And what better to bring in the Dwarfs, than to give them one Hell of a grudge. Well, as I said before, I have a soft spot for Wulfrik. He'll be having his own arc if I manage to get around the many other sub-plots. Same with Cathay.

But again, I miss your reviews. Hope you're alright.

Evowizard25: Well, Grombrindal is my favorite of the Dwarf roster, surprisingly. Plus, it'd be more cathartic to see him express his disappointment in Malekith with their reunion. End Times version was… a waste. And anti-climatic.

And yeah, took me quite a bit to get the vision done right. Not to mention, Hjordis as well. So glad I bought the book before copies sold out.

Anon69: What's that?! I can't hear you over the sound of dark elf cheeks getting clapped by a futuristic demon-hunting demigod that's literally too angry to stop!

johnstonrichard3: I'll be sure to write that down.

Austin: Hey, man. By the time you wrote this, it's been tough but managing.

In regards to your questions: yes on Kislev, yes on Cathay, yes on Ogres, and yes on the Dogs of War.

Second question maybe around the beginning of the next arc. I do want to leave some screen time for some villain VS villain action. Already set a scene in mind.

As for the advisor… well, much has changed since I've answered QAs.

Salad snake: Thanks, broski! Appreciate the words from ya!

Guest: Well, I've already narrowed down how it goes for Cathay, though, I'll take your idea in consideration. Kislev, on the other hand, is pretty easy albeit much less bleak compared to the original.

DreadTemplar-Fan: It does, indeed. One of the great things about posting my chapter is that I look forward to the brainstorming and worldbuilding responses from eveyone. It's fun and it makes me happy to hear everyone being so passionate over an under-appreciated setting that's only getting more and more coverage these days.

Guest: Hey now. Let's give the other factions some spotlight here…

They'll have to share Mannfred around.

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